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4 Years

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Today is my 4 year anniversary on Spark. It's been a rewarding, frustrating, enlightening, fun, tough, hopeful, and often disappointing journey. I've been super active, sorta active, sometime totally inactive on the site. But I'm still here. Still determined to win this battle. Sadly I've gained most of the weight back. There are multiple reasons for that. Some justifiable, some not. As I'm facing my 6oth birthday next year, I want to get there as healthy and fit as possible. So today I recommit to the journey. I can't do the things I could do 4 years ago. Knee replacement surgery is looming in my future. I want to put that off as long as possible. So I'm going back to the basics and trying to find new ways to do things. I will not be defeated. I still have a lot of living to do!! I WILL DO THIS!!

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INFLATED 10/13/2014 3:43PM

    My sister and I were born on the same day nine years apart. She is the oldest and I see her struggling to climb steps and she sleeps sitting up in a chair or with her head propped up on a pillow, sitting on a sofa. I spent time with her over the weekend and though she does not use salt or buy food with salt in it, she had a procedure and they could not even put a stent in to her kidneys. She has veins to them, but no arteries and her heart has to work much harder to push blood to them through the veins. She has very high blood pressure. She is 71, but it makes me think of what I might face should I live that long. At least, without knowing it, she did herself a favor by not using salt long before this condition was discovered. Her doctor thought he could cure her of the blood pressure problem by putting in a stent to her kidneys.

I am 62, so I am glad you are recommitting to working to being in your best health. I am so obese, it takes me a long time to see any progress.

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MILPAM3 10/10/2014 12:01AM

  Just met someone who had a knee replacement two weeks ago. They had her up and walking in no time!

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JAMBABY0 10/9/2014 8:44PM

    your doing well, good luck

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I turned my sister into a 5K junkie!!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

You may remember my sister and I did the Wine & Chocolate 5K in March. It was the first 5K she had ever done or had even thought about doing. I knew the wine & chocolate would reel her in. emoticon When we crossed the finish line, she burst into tears. She was so proud of herself. I was proud of her too! After that, she was hooked and looking for the next one. Last Saturday we did the March of Dimes with my company team. It was actually 3.5 miles. Today we did the Run/Walk for Hope 5K in historic Euharlee, GA. It was to support Loving Arms Cancer Outreach that provides all kinds of assistance for cancer patients. It was beautiful day and we had a great time. Her husband joined us as well as one of her best friends and her friend's son. I was even able to reunite with an old friend from high school who is recovering from breast cancer and had benefited from Loving Arms personally. It was very hilly course and we finished in 1 hour and 47 seconds. A fun day and a great cause. emoticon

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BABYSIS8 5/3/2014 8:43PM

    I did my first 5K (walk) today and I understand where she is coming from......I feel alive now and I will continue.

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NEWLITTLE1 5/3/2014 8:22PM


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MIZPAM25 5/3/2014 7:56PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HOLLYM48 5/3/2014 7:52PM

    emoticon emoticon
Great job!!!They do become addictive and what great causes you are doing them for!

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Productive Saturday

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I spent 5 hours in the yard today. We had pruned the crepe myrtle trees a couple of weeks ago. As well as cut down some trees, cut back a lot of vines. You know, typical yard work when the yard has gotten away from you. Last year I worked 55 - 60 hour weeks and it seemed to rain every weekend, so there was so much that needed doing. Well, the day after we got everything cut, it rained. emoticon But today was a beautiful day. Sunny skies, emoticon temps in the upper 60s. Perfect for yard work. My riding mower would not crank so I couldn't use the trailer to haul everything to the backyard to be burned. Fortunately my neighbor was home and willing to loan me his wheelbarrow. So ALL that stuff was either hauled back in the wheelbarrow or hand carried back. I couldn't find anything in the tracker to track hauling limb and brush, so I improvised and did the best I could. I actually counted the steps from the top of my front yard to the brush pile in the back. 85 steps. I made that trip back and forth at least 28 times. I may not be able to move in the morning, but right now, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. emoticon

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INFLATED 4/15/2014 11:22PM

    Great job on the yard clean up. I have mine yet to do. It was 83 here over the weekend, but the wind has been blowing and I have debris to rake up. It is no use to try to do it when it is windy. Tonight it is supposed to be in the 20's and windy tomorrow. As the weather warms up again, I will watch for a day when it is not windy to rake the leaves and debris from the front and back yards.

There is some sort of stuff I find that looks like white or light blue polyfill stuffing for pillows. It blows all over and I am constantly picking it up, but I have no clue what it is or where it comes from.

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HEALTHY_IN_2014 4/5/2014 10:44PM

    I love Spring and the extra exercise it provides doing yard work. I use "Gardening" for my exercise when I work in the yard. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Postponed Valentines Day Wine & Chocolate 5K and BJ Thomas

Monday, March 17, 2014

Saturday was quite a day. It started with the Valentines Day Wine & Chocolate Hybrid Half Marathon, 10K & 5K. Itwas a beautiful day. My sister and I as well as a friend of hers walked the 5K. We finished in about 52 minutes. It was my sister's first 5K and when we crossed the finish line, she burst into tears. She said it was the first time in a long time that she had actually finished something she started. I was so proud of her and more importantly, she was proud of herself. The wine & chocolate part didn't turn out quite like they had promoted. We got one small cup of wine and one, yes one, piece of chocolate. They said they had to be sure there was enough for everyone that was still on the course. This was the inaugural event for the new Lakepointe Sporting Complex that is being built in our area so there are still of lot of things to work out I'm sure. But the brunch was awesome. And healthy. It was a lot of fun and we will definitely do it again next year. A great time!!

Then, Saturday night, my cousin treated me to a BJ Thomas concert. It was amazing. He may be 74 years old, but he puts on a good concert! Lots of fun tripping down memory lane to my teenage years. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, I Just Can't Help Believing, Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song and so many more. And when he did Mighty Clouds of Joy, it was like being in church! So awesome.

So, it was a great day for me. And believe me, I slept great Saturday night. LOL My sister is already planning our next 5K. I think she's hooked.


Mandatory Stretching at Work

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First, I've been gone for a couple of weeks. Been busy helping my Mom & brother in the evenings and weekends as they got new carpet in their apt. Had to pack up all their stuff (knick knacks, books, china, etc) move it to their storage unit, be there the day the carpet went in and then begin the task of bringing it all back and putting it back out. (The carpet guys moved the furniture for us, thank goodness.) But, my goodness, they have a lot of "stuff." My son helped out on the really heavy stuff and making repairs to things that had seen better days. Between all that and working 10 hours a day, I had to let something go. Actually, several things. But they are now happily settled with their new carpet so I can try to get back to other things.

Today was the first day of mandatory stretching at my job. The outside crews have been doing it since December but us inside office folks didn't have our training sessions until this week. They were postponed twice due to our snowy/icy weather the last week of January and the 2nd week of February. So, the deal is, we are now required to do 15 minutes of stretching a day. 5 minutes when we get to work in the morning, 5 minutes before or after lunch and then 5 minutes before we go home. It's basic stretches, nothing fancy. Just something our Safety and HR departments have come up with. I'm sure it has something to do with the new healthcare requirements that are coming down the pike. Maybe we'll get lower insurance premiums if we are all participating in some kind of wellness program. They haven't said that, but it makes sense. So anyway, we got all 15 minutes in today at the meeting, but we start with the 3 a day tomorrow. Some folks aren't happy about it, but as long as I can do it in the privacy of my office, I'm ok with it. LOL And I got in a 20 minute walk at lunch. Something I haven't gotten to do in a long time. So it's been a productive day.

I'm so thankful for sunshine and warmer weather! It is absolutely beautiful here today. Although here in GA it can be 75 degrees one day (like today) and only 50 degrees the next (like tomorrow.) But I have had my fill of ice and snow. Between spending the night at work in January, falling on my face on the ice Jan 30th and spending 9 hours in the ER (after having spent the night at work) and then spending 2 nights at work in February, I'm done! emoticon Ready for better (and warmer!) things. My Valentine's Wine and Chocolate 5k that was scheduled for Feb 15th was rescheduled to Mar 15th because of the ice, so I have that to look forward to on Saturday. Just praying it doesn't rain. I don't mind cooler temperatures, but me and rain just don't get along. LOL Hurry Spring!!

I've missed all my spark friends the last several weeks. Hope you all have been doing well. I don't usually post alot, but I enjoy reading what you post. Take care and have a sparkling rest of the week!!

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SUSANBEAMON 3/11/2014 5:41PM

  I also am ready for warmer weather. it hasn't been all that snowy here, but March and April are snowy months and I'm done with the cold.

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