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Monday, December 08, 2008

I just have to share this!

OMG, OMG, OMG, I almost did it last night, I almost rolled 12 big ones in a row. But I didn't. I rolled 3 in a row, spared (left a 7 pin on the first ball, I was robbed, LOL), and then rolled 8 in a row for a 279 game. It is my highest game now. I followed it with a 220 and a 168 game, for a 668 series. Which is also my highest series to date.

I actually rolled 11 strikes in a row last night. 8 at the end of the 1st game, and 3 at the beginning of the 2nd game. It was also my highest streak of strikes.

The 279 was 103 pins over my average.

It was a night for big scores in our league, we also had one of the guys roll a 300 last night, and another one roll a 290.

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NEHI46 5/10/2009 8:55PM

  The bowling , is outstanding, fantasttic. I hope you hit the perfect 12 in a row.

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LEANNAL1 2/28/2009 10:03AM

    Wow way to go,,congrats, that is my highest too, wow so good and the thrill it is, wish I could do it again,,lol you will get your 300 sounds like it is around the corner,, leanna emoticon

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CLH4207 12/10/2008 7:39PM

    Way to go Bobbi! emoticon

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STARTSPARKING 12/10/2008 6:34AM

    Congratulations on your highest game! I'm so glad your league did so well. emoticon emoticon

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    Wow Bobbi,

That's it sooooooo awesome. I used to bowl 10 pin so I know how thrilling that must have been for you. I am positive you will succeed in bowling a perfect game. emoticon you had an wonderful night, enjoy the moments.

Donna emoticon

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COACHGIA 12/8/2008 11:58PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JETTANALA 12/8/2008 6:24PM

    you qualify for a trophy of some sort Bobbi!!!! way to go!

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SNOWJS 12/8/2008 11:57AM

That is impressive.

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RUTHIEBEAR 12/8/2008 10:22AM

    emoticon emoticon That is fantastic! You can make it to 300!
You go, girl!

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JAYCEE77 12/8/2008 8:17AM

    Woo Hoo Bobbi,

Way to go. You'll be bowling that 300 in no time! emoticon

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I am thankful for...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My family
My friends
My spark friends
For Spark People and the great features it offers
My car
My job
My house
Having freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it

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PUMPKINFACE73 12/4/2008 2:58PM

    I am thankful for YOU
love ya girl

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JETTANALA 12/1/2008 12:49AM

    great list Bobbi!

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COACHGIA 11/30/2008 7:35PM

    Hi Bobbi I like your list of things that you are thankful for, having the freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it is my favorite!


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STARTSPARKING 11/29/2008 1:59AM

    These are tough economic times, but they only make me even more thankful for all my blessings. Among them are supportive SP friends like you who have been encouraging me since the beginning of my journey. I am grateful for your friendship and your kindness. I hope you and your family enjoyed a memorable Thanksgiving, my friend. emoticon

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End of the summer

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time really flies! The end of summer is here, with that, new routines to be had, with school starting back up on Monday for my daughter, and my son going off to pre-school this year. Cheerleading has started back up, and now that the school year is beginning, she will be able to actually make the practices. I think that the new routine will be great for all of us. Just thinking of the things that are going to happen in the next couple of months, make me wish that summer stayed around a little longer, so I could have the relaxing weekends just for a couple of more weeks. I think this time of the year is our busiest time of the year.

By the end of Sept, I would like to lose 10 more pounds to make it to my next goal of 70 pounds.

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JETTANALA 8/22/2008 12:26PM

    I am right along with you... By the end of September alot of things are possible if we put our minds to it... thanks for blogging! I know you don't always love to do it, but now it is on the board so you can go back and review later! Let's do it!

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STARTSPARKING 8/21/2008 9:48PM

    I can't believe summer is coming to an end! Before you know it, there will be Halloween candies everywhere we turn. Then before my doorbell is rung by the first goblin or princess, I know Christmas displays will be in every store.

This year is just flying by too quickly. I hope your children will have a wonderful school year. Good luck reaching your September goal of 70 pounds lost. You are so consistent and determined. I have no doubt you will reach your goal. emoticon

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FROGSTYR 8/21/2008 5:52PM

    And you're off! And running! Gotta love the new school year. Hopefully you will still be able to fit in some quality "me" time. You are so inspiring, focused and dedicated.


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One year!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Well, a little over a year really, but I finally have time to sit down and write this blog.

It started off with me being really unhappy about my weight and just messing around looking at different things on the web. Actually, I was reading my local news, when I saw the banner for SparkPeople. So I clicked on it. I never would have in a million years dreamed that one click would have made such a big impact in my life.

I started off really slowly, looked around to see what it was about, and then thought, what the heck, it's free. So I joined. I read about the fast break thing, and was like, I can do that, so for the next 6 weeks, that is what I did. It was very amazing. I was able to stop drinking soda pretty much cold turkey, and I started watching what I ate and how much, and tracking it all. Very enlightening. During the first 6 weeks, I dropped 18 pounds! It was a very motivating time for me!

I stayed on stage 1 so long because of traveling and being a little scared to move onto the next stage. Also during this time, I really stayed to myself and didn't get involved in any teams or anything, I was just doing it myself. Then I found the game boards, and started going in there and posting. Then PlayfullKitty invited me to join Losing and Playing. I started interacting more with some of the other ladies on the team, got to know them, and had a lot of fun while doing it. We challenged each other to push harder, but to have a lot of fun while doing it. LAP is my favorite team!!!

When I hit about 30 pounds lost, people who have not seen me in a while started noticing the changes, but the people that were closer to me, really didn't notice, or if they did, they didn't say anything to me.

By the time I hit stage 4, I had already lost 45 pounds. (This is when the people closer to me started to notice) The weight was coming off pretty good. Then I got to 50 pounds, what a milestone that was! It was great. I finally broke down and bought some new clothes, as the one's that I was wearing were really getting too big. What a confidence booster that was. I went from a size 20 to a size 16, and it only took me about 5 months to do that. Then I lost 8.5 pounds more in 3 months, and I am stuck. The good news about being stuck is that I have been plus or minus a pound for the last 4 months, which means that once I do get to the weight I want to be, I know that I will be able to maintain it. In that time though, I have noticed other changes. I have been losing inches, and have gotten down to a size 14 in most clothes, and even into some 12's.

A lot of my exercising is walking. I walk anywhere from 8-10 miles a week, and wish I had time to do more. I also hula hoop, which is very good for the core. Now that it is summer, I swim as much as I can, and have even started riding bike again. Bowling will be starting again in a couple of weeks, so I will be getting exercise there too!

I did get to the point where I was starting to jog, but then my knee started acting up, and when I went to the doctor's, he told me if I didn't want to screw my knee up for good, I shouldn't run or jump. So now any activity that requires those moves are out. I don't want to screw my knee up to the point where I won't be able to exercise at all.

I also found another team which I like, Mupp invited me to check out Done being the Fat girl. This is a great team, with lots of members, and there is usually always someone from the team logged in. So if you are having difficulties, you can post a message, and someone usually answers within minutes. This team has lots of support, and you can offer your opinion without being judged.

I also took over as team leader on the Central PA team sometime in May. This has been a learning experience for me, and I am trying to get the team more active.

The year was not easy, there have been some really difficult patches that have cropped up in the last year. One thing that I did not do during those times was turn to food. Instead, during those times, I may have eaten a little more then I normally would have, but I watched myself, and I also made sure that I moved. It is amazing what a walk will do during very stressful times. It satisifies so much better then food!

The people that I have met here during my journey have been so encouraging! Frogster, Amyis200, Startwalking, Strawberrylass, Turtlekisser71, PumpkinFace73, Playfullkitty, Mupp1970, and so many others that have touched my journey! Of course there is PAGumby, my best friend, who I finally talked into joining, and who is now hooked on Sparks! We have had so much fun exercising together, and just talking about different things related to the site, and what we need to do to get to where we want to be! It is nice having someone who lives close to keep me motivated to keep moving. If I am having a day where I really do not feel like doing anything, I go to her house, and we just start moving. We walk alot, and also hula hoop. We just recently started riding bike too. Plus there is always some outdoor work that needs to be done.

My journey here is far from over. I love the changes that I have made over the last year, and will continue to learn and will make it to my goal weight eventually. One of the biggest things that I have learned over the year is that it really doesn't matter how long it takes me to get to my goal weight, but that I continue to eat right 95% of the time, and to exercise and move. That is what makes you healthy. The number on the scale is just that, a number. It does not define you. There is so much else to being healthy.

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TURTLEKISSER71 8/6/2008 8:33AM

    Great post!
I feel famous for being mentioned! You have always been an inspiration to me. I too am stuck on the scale but seem to be toning some. I'm starting to think PCOS may be some of the problem. Anyway, I have been getting up early and doing 10-15 minutes of mile 1 WATP to jump start my metabolism. I'm in my second week, so hopefully that change will start to show on the scale too. I feel the same way about staying the same, at least I haven't gained any back. Just call us the maintaining sisters!!
Love ya girl!'

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FEMFATAL 7/28/2008 9:15AM

    Thank your for sharing this story with us. It touched my heart and even got me to tears a little as I was reading and imagining my future journey to the same point, when my cloths start to go smaller and smaller and I finally get back to me I was few years ago. You are great motivation, and I truly love you as a friend, because you were here for me every time I needed support. Thank you!

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STARTSPARKING 7/28/2008 5:37AM

    You have accomplished so much in the past year. You have lost almost 60 pounds! That is truly amazing, my friend. So many people come and go on SP. You should be so proud that you stuck with it for an entire year even when things were tough. You are truly an inspiration, and I am grateful for your friendship and support. I wish you continued success on your journey to good health, and I'll continue to be alongside you every step of the way!

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JETTANALA 7/26/2008 7:48PM

    I so enjoyed reading your resume for the last year! your story sounds awfully familiar and fits like a glove.... I am with you through the resto of whatever it takes and am happy to be sharing the most amazing journey with you! Kathy

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FROGSTYR 7/26/2008 4:00PM

    Sweetie, you are such an inspiration to me!!! You have had some pretty tough times this year, and you can see the changes you've been making in the way you met and conquered every hurdle and every challenge. You have the drive and determination to suceed. I'm so glad PLAYFULLKITTY introduced us to each other!

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5/21/08 Boot Camp update

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have been doing really good with the bootcamp. It helps that my friend Patty is doing it with me, and pushing me to get it done. Actually, we have been pushing each other to get it done. I have been getting in exercise of some sort every day of the week, and have been enjoying it. I have not taken a picture every week, nor have I blogged every week like I said I was going to, but there has been some things going on, that I have just enough time to get the things done that I need to do.

Before I started this and saw that the requirements for the boot camp was a 10 min video and 30 min of cardio 5 times a week, I thought that it would be really easy! I mean how could 10 min be that difficult? Wow, Coach Nicole can pack a lot into 10 min. The first week that I did the videos, I did not think that I would be able to get through them. But I did it, and was feeling sore, but also proud of myself that I was able to get through them. The second week they still seemed difficult, but not quite as hard as they did the first week. And now that we are in the third week, I have been trying to do the videos twice!

I have had a little set back though, I started having problems with my knee again, and went to have it checked. (It has been an on and off again thing with my knee since I have been in Jr High.) So the doctor tells me that I have tendinitis in my knee. I went for an x-ray, and the dr's office called me today to schedule a MRI. He did not say that I could not exercise, but he did tell me not to overdo it. He did tell me that I am not supposed to do anything that has me down on my knees, unless I am using knee pads, but I tried to use knee pads, and it still hurt. So I have been modifying the exercises that have me on the knees. One thing that I did learn through doing that, is that I can do a regular pushup! I am up to doing 7 of them in a row!!!

I have enjoyed all the bonus challenges as well.

Thank you Coach Nicole for putting this challenge together! It came at a time where I was starting to lose motivation to exercise, and got me moving again!

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ELLIE-1220 5/26/2008 9:34PM

    WTG overcoming what you doubted you could do!!!

And YAY YOU on doing 7 REAL pushups in a row!!!! That's truly awesome!

Keep at it - you are doing great!!!


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TROISMOMMY 5/25/2008 12:48PM

    Way to go! I'm doing the Bootcamp, too! I love it! Keep up the good work!

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STARTSPARKING 5/23/2008 7:08PM

    I am so proud of you, my friend! It takes a lot of determination and diligence to keep up with the daily exercises, and you're doing so well with them!

I am very sorry to hear about your knee problem, though. Please know that there are a lot of variations you can do with the exercises. I don't have a chronic injury. However, whenever I pull a muscle slightly, I would always inform my group class instructors. Inevitably, there are always variations to all the strength training exercises.

Please take care, and I hope your knee will feel better soon.

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JETTANALA 5/22/2008 12:20AM

    I am so envious! About the time I was planning to join and participate in this team, I also said I would co-lead a new class... so this all got away from me... You sound as though you are doing awesome!!! Way to go! and good for you putting all the hard work in!

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FROGSTYR 5/21/2008 11:19PM

    I am so proud of you for sticking with it and finding ways to modify the exercises to make it work for you. You are such an inspiration to me....I was too chicken to join the bootcamp (didn't know if I would have the time to committ to it)...but, thanks to your example I have also been getting some sort of exercise every day!

You ROCK sis!

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PUMPKINFACE73 5/21/2008 10:06PM

    Girl I am so proud of YOU
saying my prayers for your FIL and your knee

Love ya

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