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Doctor's Orders

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

:( Noah had his 4 month check up today and had only gained 1 lb. in the past two months. The doctor immediately asked me how often and how much I was feeding him (breastmilk) and then, what I was eating. I didn't tell him the truth that I sometimes skip meals because Noah needs me or that I am trying to limit my calories some so I can lose some of this nasty weight. He told me I needed more fat in my diet, good fat of course. Try telling a new mom who is trying to lose the baby weight to add more fat in her diet! I am so frustrated right now. I feel like if I keep trying to lose weight, he won't be getting all the good stuff he needs but I so badly want to get this weight off. We are not having any more children until I lose the weight from this one and then some additional weight from before. I'm just so mad at the moms who shrank down to their pre-pregnancy size or smaller while breastfeeding. I'm stuck and I still have at least ten pounds to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. I have 40 pounds until I get to my ideal weight.

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WALEB1002 4/26/2010 1:22PM

    he's only 4 months old...don't be too hard on yourself...you'll get there...but for right now...do what's best for him and what the doctor is telling you....you'll lose those 40lbs. Maybe not right now...but you will. I learned this lesson too...being a mom means putting your kids first and what you want comes after....hope he's doing better...have a great week!!!

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My Second Week

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My second week back and I'm not really making any lasting changes. I finally worked out today. Ten minutes of kickboxing and then I quit. My muscles were hurting and I didn't have the energy to go on. I'm sure I had the energy in me somewhere, it was just easier to quit. I tried to make myself drink more water today, I'm not even halfway there. I did eat healthier with the exception of skipping breakfast. I made a conscious effort to not overeat at lunch and I think I succeeded. I need to make one of my goals be to get up an hour or two before the baby wakes up so I can get my workout, shower and maybe even breakfast in before he needs me for the day. That's just so hard, late nights do not equal early mornings to me. :( "I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy." If I try to be skinny, I will get discouraged and give up before I even get started. I just want my next blood screening results to be better than last year. I have a couple of months to get a head start on that.


Big Life Changes!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is me just putting into words how I feel and what I need to do to reach my goals. Ok, last time I tried this I was a working girl with easy access to a gym. This time around I am a new mom that stays at home and for the moment it is too difficult to get to the gym so my workouts are going to have to happen at home. For now. Maybe in the future I will have the courage to take the baby to the gym with me but to get started I'll have to try to push myself with everything I've got and hold myself accountable. I'm home all day, there HAS to be some time in there when I can work out! Cooking is easier now since I'm home all day so if we don't eat healthy, it's my fault. I don't want that on my conscience so I have to do well! When the weather gets warmer, Noah and I can go for walks in the park in town. I should make a promise to myself and to Noah to make sure this happens. It would be awesome to get him out to experience nature. That's all for now.



Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ok, so, I'm accepting that I may have fallen off the boat...so to speak. But I'm ready to get back on and I didn't gain all the weight back that I lost so that's good. My husband has left for a month long deployment where the only recreational activity he will be able to do is go to the gym. Hopefully, he will come back a few pounds lighter and I want to greet him with the same success. My first day went OK. I did a lower body workout in the morning, drank my water, but didn't make it to the gym to do the cardio (stomach issues). Today hasn't been so good. I woke up at 5:00 feeling like I never slept (after 8 hours, that's an awful feeling) so I went back to sleep until 6:00 which means no time for workout this morning. My S-I-L wants to catch a movie tonight so there will be no gym tonight. I guess if I hurry, I can get in a short workout this morning. But that means I have to go now. I'll update again later!


One foot in front of the other, I am DOING this!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If you can see my fitness log...I went to the gym tonight. It may have been 9:00 pm but I went and I did 65 minutes of cardio while watching my favorite show "The Cleaner" on A&E. My goal right now is ten pounds by October 25th. We are going to a Halloween party and the theme is 80's prom night. I dug up an old prom dress of my sister's, yeah my proms were in the late 90's, the dress fit. Sort of. The way it's cut it will work but if I lose a little it will be more comfortable. By the way, the dress is a 7/8. I've never worn a 7/8. I had a brief shining moment where I wore 9/10 jeans but never anything smaller. That is also the size I want to get back to. I gained weight when I started college and then went through a "bad" relationship a couple of years in. I lost all the weight I gained but it was because I didn't eat. Plain and simple. I was stressed and had stomach problems so it was easier to just not eat. Well, when I got happy again, guess what, I piled it all back on. When I got happier, I added some more weight to it and that is where I am today. Still happy but I want to be healthier. I get blood screenings done each year in the spring and the results have been progressively getting worse and I want to change that. OK, I'm rambling now so I'll stop for tonight.


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