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It's been a while

Sunday, February 16, 2014

For a couple years now Spark has crossed my mind and life is so busy I forget again. Home now from a small surgical procedure and found my way back.

I am happy to learn that even after a 15 pound weight gain from my change in exercise habits when the days got shorter, I still find myself down 20 pounds from my last weigh in here on Spark. That's exciting and inspiration. I know I can stay in the groove now through spring and watch the pounds fly off as fast and the wheels on my bike are spinning.

Reading one of my previous blogs talked about wanting to get to long summer bike rides. I found them again last year, better than ever, flying down the trails, bumping over rocks, splashing through the mud on a beautiful day with my boy by my side. It feels like living life and I'm so excited to get back to it.

It appears my biggest challege at this point is finding an activity I can commit to and enjoy through the cold winters of upstate New York. Thankfully at this point the days are longer and that is becoming less and less of an issue.

I am here to get my eating back on track and keep motivated. I also hope that my success will be documented and I can help inspire someone else along the way, just as I have been inspired by so many wonderful people on this site.

Happy Sunday everyone.... let's get it!!

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VANGO79 2/16/2014 8:52AM


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MAUREENREDUX 2/16/2014 8:48AM

    I'm relatively new to SparkPeople and I find that sharing struggles and successes is so helpful. I'm in the northeast ad well and with my daughter's encouragement, joined a gym and have been working out regularly. I don't count on it for weight loss, but there's no question that it has helped me stay in focus.

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Return from afar :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Almost 2 years away from Spark!! Checking in as I almost joined weight watchers and figured there really was no need with such a spectacular site as this. My weight has remained stable with the exception that I lost 10 pounds last summer and then gained it back when I started a new job this fall :( My biggest challenge is just keeping up the exercise momentum. I haven't seen my bike in over a year and I miss it so. Just ordered Zumba fitness and am hoping it might be a fun way to eek my way back into a routine. For now I am happy not to find myself back at the top of that range I started at 2 years ago. I will go from there.


Feeling Good - Feeling Fine :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I want to thank anyone who reads this and has offered support to me or anyone else here on the Spark network. Tt's because of the encouragement of great people like yourself that I am happy to feel strong and commited to slaying this beast. I have set a few new, better defined goals and look forward to a successful road ahead. I even look forward to the struggles, for I know they are waiting. I feel stronger now and ready to face them head on.
That strength comes from my Lord above, from within and from my Spark energy.

Thanks everyone and best of luck to all of you each day!

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HPLANDER 3/6/2009 12:25PM

    I love your attitude. You can do this. Just one step at a time. When you slip, don't worry, just get back up and start again. Don't wait until tomorrow. These battles will get less frequent as you become more proactive.

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Scared to fail

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hello Everyone,

First let me say I am so thankful so this community and somewhere to turn when I am feeling this way. I am scared of failing yet again in my attempt at a healthy lifestyle and future. I am 100 pounds overweight, diabetic and tired of falling off the wagon again and again. My biggest problem seems to be finding easy and enjoyable meals to make for my now small family. I am a single mom of 3 with just my 3 boys at home. We started including a salad with healthy dressing in our evening meal over 6 months ago so I feel good about that. My youngest does great, he always heads for a salad late in the evening or a piece of fruit now. However, the past month I have started to become bored with a salad at dinner and I don't want to take away the strong example I have set for him. I did find the parmesan tilapia recipe today which sounds great and I plan to try. I am still down about 5 pounds for the month of February, its just that I was down 10 but have put some back on because of bad eating last week. I actually went to a buffet yesterday... a buffet!!! Quite honestly I didn't even enjoy it when I was there and it was overpriced. Reality is it didn't make any difference to my body whether I enjoyed it or not, the calories are all absorbed the same way. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I managed to lose 60 pounds mostly through great exercise habits about 7 years ago and maintained for a couple years, then I let the exercise slip and slowly started putting it all back on. I miss that girl.. she was happy and fun and full of life. This is starting to seem like like more of a blog than a post, so that is what I will do, I am copying it to a blog on my page. I am really, truly looking for meal ideas. I am a pretty strong exercises when I put my mind to it and have done fairly well this past month. I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables during the day (mostly veggies) and an occasional sandwich on light bread. We don't eat a lot of fish but will eat some shrimp, orange roughy, tilapia, haddock, etc and are always looking for great ways to prepare. New ways to make chicken fun and interesting would be great and anything else healthy.

Just looking for your inspiration so I can conquer this beast once and for all and learn to live and cook healthy.

Have a great day everyone and Thank you. emoticon

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DEBIKAY00 3/6/2009 4:36PM

    Thanks for the encouragement, it went from bad to worse today though, lol. The doctor got my lab results back and decided I have to start taking shots twice a day. Yes, I get tired of salads too and we don't have them but a couple times a week.

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JENRAL 3/3/2009 6:26PM

    Don't think of it as a failure - think of it as a learning experience. We all learn as we go along. When you learned to walk, you fell down a lot, but you didn't let it stop you. Lots of things in life are hard, and this is a major lifestyle change you are working on. The weight didn't go on overnight. You didn't start your bad habits all in one day. It took time to get here and it'll take some time to get to where you want to be.

Remember, if Edison hadn't failed a whole bunch of times, we'd all be reading by candlelight! emoticon

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COWGILLE 3/3/2009 2:17PM

    There are many good recipes on SparkPeople! As far as salad - try steaming some fresh veggies instead. Season them with your favorite seasoning. I also like to roast veggies in the oven during the winter and when the weather is warm - we grill all veggies! They are delicious when grilled outside! We also grill fresh fruit.

You can do this! We have every confidence in you!!

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CHUBERASER 3/3/2009 2:00PM

    I know how you feel, girl. Alot of us here at SparkPeople know that feeling. Just know it will pass. I , myself, am bound and determined to make this a permanant lifestyle change. But, I'm taking baby steps. If I tried to do it all at once I would surely fail.

Meal planning can be really hard. My husband and I sit down at the breakfast table on Saturday and try to plan our meals out for the upcoming week. He's a coupon clipper (go figure) and so we look for sale items to incorporate into our weekly meal plans. Maybe you and your sons could do some meal planning together! Or, incorporate a new recipe each week and see how the boys like it. If they do...great! Keep it. If they don't...go on to something else. Either way, you've done it together and made them feel part of the process.

I know you will do great! Don't give up!

emoticon Deb

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MCHOPPER 3/3/2009 1:50PM

    I get really sick of having salad. If I had to have it every day my diet wouldn't last the week. Have you tried substituting raw veggies and dip/dressing? If you slice some carrots super thin they are actually quite good. Brocoli and cauliflower are good raw as well. Alot of people like peppers raw, but they aren't my thing. I am one of those people that can't just stop eating the things I love. I still have pizza and chocolate and all the things that I love. If I didn't I would end up bingeing. I make my own pizza so I can control the ingredients and the calories. I make a diet chocolate pudding with skim milk for my chocolate fix and its only 80 calories. There are some days when I meet my caloric range just fine, but my food choices aren't the best, but I try not to dwell on it. Most days I get my fruit and veggies in just fine. What are some of your families favorites? Try to make lighter versions of them and then add the salad and veggies. Too many changes at once just doesn't work well with kids. At least not mine. I have three sons as well. Good luck. Lori

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    Sounds to me like you have a lot of things going for you already!! That's wonderful!

Sometimes it is hard to have them all going for you at the same time. I know .... I used to weigh 300 pounds. I got in a routine of cooking on the weekends and I exercised a half hour every morning before work. I didn't have any foods in the house that were triggers for me and my daughter made her way through it ok.

Use the tools we have here to keep yourself on track. Be sure to journal your feelings and what makes you want to eat so that you can fix those things. Come back and post every time something comes up that you need help with. We're here for you!

Search the recipe database for recipes that will be things your family will like and add them to your own recipe book.

You are going to do this! It is a lifestyle change and you are on the right path!

So glad you are here!!

Cathy emoticon

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New Month/New Week Going For 10!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm so excited to be here on Spark! The last 2 days weren't so great with eating but with all the support I know I can get back at it. My exercise has been great and I was actually down 5 pounds but didn't log it because by "bad girl" eating stole it away. That's okay .. I only need about 2.5 for my 10 pounds monthly goal which I think is healthy and reasonable for a girl of my substantial size! That's all for now. I ready to get at it!

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MCHOPPER 3/1/2009 9:37PM

    Sounds like you are off to a great start. I have been doing this since Jan 1 2009 and managed to drop 18 pounds. The first 15 came off in 3 weeks and I was so excited then nothing. I have only lost three since then. I know it will all even out soon, but its still frustrating. I keep upping the cardio in hopes of a 2 pound week. I think you are going to do great. Lori

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