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New blog

Friday, February 22, 2013

I just started blogging over at
dpress.com !


Getting closer...

Monday, October 15, 2012

To the day I get to meet my niece and see my whole family!:) THURSDAY 18th.
I have mixed feelings. I am disappointed I gained instead of lost. I have days where I catch myself worrying about the family dynamics, the tension, stress, emotional ups & downs and overreactions we tend to have - we are all very opinionated and protective and get defensive and voices get louder...! But I'm also counting down the days where we can all just laugh, take pictures, watch a movie and eat my dad's popcorn!
I have supportive friends and my husband here who all know that I've been working hard towards my goals (eating slower, not interrupting, working out a lot, eating less, etc.) so that my family won't criticize or pick me apart.;(
They're FAMILY they're the ones who are supposed to support you but I tend to get nervous - remembering harsh words from the past (but I need to just put it behind me, let it all roll off my back like water off a duck's back, put up my protective shield and play bingo: "Oh got one! He corrected me for this. Oh that's two, she just got particular about something and had to bring something up!" haha!
Through my work's insurance, I email with my health coach (at Delta Health systems) and she has been very helpful. I wake up early to read, pray, meditate, journal, and then to go work out. What could be wrong?!
No really, I am excited! I'm a peacekeeper. My strengths can also be my weaknesses.
Thnx for listening!


One week!

Friday, October 12, 2012

I was counting down the days til I get to see my family, then realized I gained 3lbs:( I'm so frustrated. I felt better (clothes felt looser, Felt leaner) when I was running but that's usually what caused my headaches:( I've been working out so hard and trying to eat healthier, not late, and eating slower and eating less, and what do I get?:( I'm pretty discouraged. I hate the cold rainy weather cuz of headaches and neck pain, back pain, but I came home to my husband heating the house and comforting me:)
I hate the political debates everywhere(I'm still undecided). I just want a blanket and hot drinks. Rant over.

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JUDYHELP 10/12/2012 12:15AM

  emoticon sorry for the weight gain but you can get back on track. emoticon emoticon glad that your husband is giving you comfortable. I'm with you on the debate... Sometimes a rant is all it takes. Enjoy your family and success on your journey. Judy

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11 days!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I'm trying natural green coffee bean extract, acidophilus, yogurt, and Pearls(the digestive kind:)) all to try and see if it helps my bloated stomach. I'm working out 90min. A day. I drink lots of water. Eating a low carb diet, and I have 11 days til I see my family. I first was emotional thinking the family dynamics and tension would rise, thinking the worst. I was worried they'd correct and criticize me, and I'm married and I'm 30. They know I'm happy and content, yet it's like they find something to pick me apart. I don't eat it, I love and accept them, but I've been burned in the past. If I go nonchalantly and excited, they might hurt my feelings. If I assume the worst, I'll be surprised they are so sweet! Haha! I won't mention all I've been doing, I won't bring up nutrition, I won't talk about my looks, and hope they will notice the good. Yes I compare myself to them bc I've always been the bigger sis(built like my dad). My 7siblings are slender like our mom and they don't have to work as hard. Or they're unhappy or OCD about it, which no one wants that life! Yes I should be more self disciplined but shouldn't I also get 1 soda/week and maybe an ice cream or something once in a while? If I never ate potato chips that's all I'd crave. My 4 sisters get to look great in bikinis but I can't pull it off. I want to look nice for me, for my husband, but why do I care so much what they think of me? Is it because I know they're right?:/

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WIFEOFDAVID 10/8/2012 12:13AM


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BOOKWERME 10/7/2012 7:54PM

    Nope...not because they are right. It is more likely your own insecurities that have been allowed to bloom. You are YOU...and you don't match any of the 7 siblings...and no matter what they have or do, you are YOU. Embrace your good qualities...and do what you can reasonably do to change things you don't like about yourself...but YOU and everyone around you will be happier if you can relax and just be the woman your husband loves...the sister and daughter your family loves...and the YOU you can enjoy living with. You will have fun and be happy...and that is what makes YOU fun to be with and beautiful inside and out. Judging from that little icon pic..you ARE beautiful already! You go, girl! emoticon

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MAGGIEVAN 10/7/2012 7:53PM

    Is all of this "coffee bean extract, acidophilus, yogurt, and Pearls(the digestive kind)" helping? What can I say about family dinamics? It could be painfull but it will be less painful if you don't allow yourself to get hurt and that is something only you can work out.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I think I get distracted and tempted and excited by ads way too much. One minute it's, "oh that looks good! And it's only ...$..!" But really I could be that girl who wastes money impulsively all bc she wants to be healthy. :/ I've tried jumping on different bandwagons, only to fall flat on my face and forget I even started. I conveniently forget my own rules(such as low carb or slow down and stop eating when you're full!) I'm still bloated bc it's not just gluten, it's all the beans, fibrous veggies, oatmeal, yogurt, a little brown rice, etc thinking I'm eating healthy but probably had more than the serving size. Just cuz it's healthy does not mean you will lose weight!

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MIZINA730 10/8/2012 6:31AM

    Hmm...fiber can cause bloat. Since you may have had more than a serving size, why not measure to see exactly how much you're getting? Then note how you feel after beans, broccoli, etc. When you notice bloating feelings, anazlyze what happened around that time to determine factors such as time of month or nerves. Stress can bring on bloat too. I just read this recently and realized that for me, it is the factor at times.

As far as your belly, though, I think you look great. Your family must have very high standards. I think part of the influence of your family is the size of it. One of my friends comes from a family of 15 kids, and she is deeply affected by them. She even compares her furniture to what they have and wonders all the time what they think of her and her life.

I don't know your views on gluten, but more people seem to be having problems with it. Wheat has changed enough the last 20 years that it would be worth a trial without it to see what happens - after you get to know how your body responds to fibrous vegetables.

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BOOKWERME 10/7/2012 8:00PM

    Absolutely right...just because it is a healthy choice doesn't give us free rein to eat ourselves to oblivion. (I did a dose of that tonight with a delicious butternut squash soup...just didn't want to stop at a reasonable amt!!!)

I have struggled with a bulging midriff for years...finally decided to try changing ONE thing...I dropped wheat from my diet...pretty much ALL wheat (not trying to be gluten free at this time). I have been off the wheat for three weeks and have dropped five pounds...and my midriff is shrinking. I feel SO good about this. After on week of wheat free, I also gave up diet sodas..I know that is just a chemical brew that has nothing redemptive about it. By changing things one thing at a time, you can analyze what is working for you and what is not. It is so hard not to be sucked into every advertizement we see and that tries to convince us we will get instant and perfect results.

Hope you find some relief from the bloating. Is it possible you are consuming too much salt and retaining water? Could this be hormonal changes? Keep looking and you will eventually unlock the mystery. emoticon

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CHICA_BORICUA 9/26/2012 7:19AM


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