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I'm back!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well, I haven't updated all weekend. A while ago the keyboard on my laptop stopped working. I bought one that I could just plug into it and the past few weeks it hasn't been working good. Over the weekend it died completely.
Friday and Saturday I did good on eating. Sunday and Monday, not so good and due to the no keyboard, I couldn't log everything to see just how bad I really was.
Plus, I haven't been walking. It's been too cold and snowy. I guess I need to figure something else out for the days that I can't get out there. I don't know, I hate exercising inside. It seems too much like...well, exercise. If I am exercising walking outside then it doesn't seem so much like work. But I am going to try my hardest to push myself to do it.
I really, really need to power clean my house...relatives coming for the holidays, yay. Maybe I can work a little exercise into my cleaning.

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SHERI1969 11/25/2008 9:20PM

    You know, if you exercise while watching your favourite TV show, it is not like exercising at all. I ride my exercise bike while watching one of my favourites, and I find as the tension in the show rises, my pedalling increases and as it slows down, so do I. It gives me a good workout.
There are many dvd's and videos that are a lot of fun as well. Or go to a mall and walk inside the mall. There are plenty of ways to get your exercise in spite of the weather. If you let the weather stop you, you'll never reach your goals.

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Calorie cycling(CC)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok, here is what freedieting.com gave me for my calorie cycling program. It asked how much you exercise, but I wasn't sure if they only wanted intense exercising? So, even though I plan on walking almost every day, I only set the workouts for 3xweek.

For extreme fat loss:
M: 1520
T: 1520
w: 1824
T: 1520
F: 1520
S: 1673
S: 1520

For fat loss:
M: 1720
T: 1520
W: 2063
T: 1720
F: 1548
S: 1891
S: 1720

I think I am going to do the fat loss for 3 weeks and then the extreme fat loss for 1 week. Then I will reevaluate and see if these numbers are working for me.

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SHERI1969 11/21/2008 10:08PM

    I'm not sure what the site is you are talking about, but I hope it works out for you as much as you expect it to! emoticon

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First weigh in

Friday, November 21, 2008

My first week went pretty good overall. It wasn't perfect. I made some great changes but there are also things that I still need to work on. I really need to work on eating better and tracking my food. There were some days that I did great all day long and tracked everything but after I logged off the computer ended up having a pig out and didn't track it. No more of that! I'm not saying that I won't ever mess up again and binge out, I probably will. Two steps forward and one step back, right? But the next time I do that I am going to hold myself accountable and write it down.
On a brighter note, with the exception of one day I have walked every single day :) Yesterday I walked for 30 minutes with my kids. I had one in the stroller and one in the moby wrap carrier. There is no option in the fitness section for walking while pushing a stroller and having a 17 lb baby strapped to you, lol, but I am sure the added resistance boosted my calories burned by a pretty good amount!
Anyway, on the the point of this blog. The results of my weigh in...drumroll......
3 lbs lost!! emoticon I am super happy with that :)

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MJOHNS0912 11/21/2008 12:56PM

    Awesome Job! Keep up the good work, it will all pay off in the end. Great job walking everyday, keep it going!

Maria :)

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Yay for Thursday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, I didn't go on my walk yesterday :( I had to work the midnight shift last night and I skipped my walk so that I could catch a quick nap before work. It was my first time missing my walk since I started my diet/lifestyle change. I know it's not a big deal to miss one day but I really want to get in the habit of going every single day, plus I enjoy it and feel really good after.
I also haven't been that great about tracking my food. Starting tomorrow, if I bite it I write it!! I know that is the only way to make sure that I am staying on track. I am also going to try this thing called calorie cycling. It is supposed to trick your body into boosting your metabolism. I found this website that figures out how many calories you should be eating every day while you are calorie cycling. It seemed like it had me eating a lot of calories. But I am going to try it for 2 weeks and see what happens!
The reason that I am not starting tomorrow is because tonight is the Twilight release at midnight!! Yay. I am meeting a friend for dinner and drinks and then we will be going to see the movie. I am going to allow myself to have whatever I want to eat/drink just this one time because I NEVER get to go out! And I haven't had a drink in.... can't even remember how long, at least a year and a half, with being pregnant for 9 months and breasfeeding for 10! However, I will take my walk tonight before I go!
Will update tomorrow and post my calorie cycling schedule.

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SHERI1969 11/20/2008 8:51PM

    emoticon on your attitude and good luck on your goals that are coming up for you! I hope to hear good things!

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Another day gone

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Exercise has been going good. I have walked every day this week. Eating isn't going as well. I have been over my calories a few times. Oh well, we will see what happens on my weigh in day.

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SHERI1969 11/19/2008 9:30PM

    If y ou are ating nutritiosly, you are okay when going over the calories a bit. If you are binging on bad foods, then you need to work on that area. Other than that, you are doing emoticon

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GETTRIMNOW 11/18/2008 10:22PM

    Take it slow...don't make too many changes at one time....once you get your exercise routine down work on your food intake. Are you logging your food? That really helps me to see what I have eaten and to stay on track or to say "no" that extra snack. If you need anything drop me a line.


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