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Thanksgiving Day Race!!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day!
Can you believe it's December already?! I can't wait until it snows!

This past Thanksgiving morning, I walked (and also jogged a little bit at the end) the Manchester Road Race. This has been something I've always wanted to do, but of course I would say, maybe next year... when I've lost weight.

So I decided to quit that excuse and signed up for it this year, and I'm so glad I did!
The race is 4.748 miles and I finished with a time of 1 hour and 37 minutes.
The only bad part about this race was that I didn't really train for it, so for the past couple of days I was a tad sore in the legs, but it seems to have gone away now!
It felt so long while walking it! I couldn't help but think, where's the finish line?
But now that I know what it's like, I know what to expect next year.
It'll definitely become a tradition for Thanksgiving.
I recommend a race to everyone; it's so much fun and especially seeing people of all different shapes and sizes walking/jogging/running; it's inspiring.

You can do it!

Who knows, maybe there'll be a half-marathon in my future!

From left to right: me, my grandpa, and my cousin after we finished the race :)

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DO4FIT 12/1/2013 8:28PM

  that is an awesome tradition to start! Get yourself moving on a notoriously non moving day! Way to go with kicking your excuses!

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Who wants to take a weight loss quiz?!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

You can take this Weight Loss Persona quiz here:
emoticon healthdivas.tv/weight_loss_persona_q

It's really fun! I'm a 'Planner'
I like that for the quiz, she lists what works and what doesn't work for you regarding your weight loss persona.

Take the quiz and let me know what you got and if it's true to who you are!

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SUNSET09 11/7/2013 10:00AM

  emoticon and emoticon as I'm a Doer! emoticon

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DO4FIT 11/7/2013 9:52AM

  Thanks for sharing! I am also a planner... and it is totally true to my personality. I tend to shove my weight loss needs aside for to accommodate every one/thing else. Thanks I have a bit more of an idea how to work things out!

hope you don't mind if I share it as well!

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The coolest success story EVER!!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Long story short, last saturday I met a lady who has such an incredible weight loss success story. I'm so thankful to God that I met her!!

Get this: she hasn't had McDonald's in 20 years!!

Also, she's kept off 100 pounds for, anyone want to take a guess?

35 years- 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She'll be 72 years old soon and by the way if you ever saw this lady she looks so good for her age, she looks to be in her fifties!)

I was astounded!!
I had to ask her how she did it.

Here's what she did to lose the weight: Every 6 weeks, she would try a new diet (i.e., a liquid diet) and would stick to it rigidly.
She lost 100 pounds in 1 year that way.
Even she admitted that it wasn't the healthiest route to go on. But it worked for her!
Also, she goes on the treadmill, does Pilates and lift weights (if I remember correctly) to keep the weight off. She also eats about 1400-1500 calories a day.
Another good thing she mentioned is that you'll get used to eating healthier.

Her biggest weakness? Candy, which she does still eat. (I think we all have our own food weaknesses. Mine are carbs, and not the good kind!)

Her top tip? Stick with it-no matter what!
Stick with it, even when you don't feel like it.
Stick with it, even when all you want to do is give up, and quit this thing because it seems too hard.
Stick with it, no matter what, and you will see the results!
Because it can happen and you can do it. It all starts with a thought.

I hope this story has encouraged you and inspired you wherever you are on your own weight loss journey.

Keep going, keep moving, and keep on doing what you know is right!

Before: 220 lbs.
Lost: 100 pounds
After: 110-119 lbs.
Took 1 year to lose 100 pounds, and has kept it off for 35 years (that still amazes me!)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HEALTHY4ME 10/27/2013 6:49PM

    yea last time I was at mcdonalds my kids were 3and 5 they are now 33 and 35. I HATE any of the fast food other than I will go to wendys if need be but there hasn't been a need in years. you may be interested in a blog I just read...will send it to you.

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It's been a while!

Friday, October 11, 2013


It seems like it's been forever since I've been on here!
This summer has zoomed by, and December is right around the corner. (Have you noticed in stores there's already Christmas merchandise out? It's crazy!)

Anyways, my friend gave me the idea of starting a blog, to post book reviews and such, I also want it to be an extension of my sparkpage.
I think it's taking me a while to get started because I have no clue what to name it!
I'm not a creative person, so I was wondering if you guys could help me come up with a cool name.
Should I just name it after my sparkpage? (WhyWeight552)
or I was thinking -Blog a Book
but that makes it seem like it's just for books.
I think my blog will be a little bit of everything.
Any ideas would be so great thanks so much for your time and help!!


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STR458 10/20/2013 4:43AM

    emoticon its whatever you make it on a day to day basis, you got my attention to see what you do emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/20/2013 4:47:14 AM

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    sounds interesting; best of luck! I'll keep an eye open for it. I love my Kindle; I've been reading much more since I bought it.

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AJB121299 10/11/2013 4:13PM


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Memorial Day Race

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

No I didn't compete in a memorial day race, but I did get to watch on the sidelines before the parade began.

And let me just say it was so cool seeing people of all ages in the race- young, old, middle-aged, really little.
It was so inspiring to see them running!!
Plus it was a gorgeous sunny day outside.


I was like, I have to do this next year!
I also want to walk in our thanksgiving race this year as well
I have always wanted to be in a race and I think it's about time I actually be in one instead of continually saying I want to be in one.

5Ks here I come!

How about you guys?
Have you ever been in a race?
How was it?



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