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The Dashing Dish Books are available for pre-order!!

Friday, October 03, 2014

If you've ready any of my previous blog posts, I'm sure you've heard me mention Dashing Dish.
Katie Farrell is the creator of Dashing Dish, and she has a blog, healthy and clean recipes, helpful videos, and more!
I've been so blessed by Dashing Dish and was so excited to learn last year that she has two books coming out: a cookbook and a devotional!!
I just had to pre-order both books and I can't wait for them to come out!
Plus, when you pre-order the cookbook, you'll receive a FREE 1-month meal plan!
All you have to do is email your confirmation to the email provided in the blog post, which I'll provide at the end of this post.
Let me tell you, the meal plan is worth getting the book alone.
There are many membership recipes included in the meal plan, which is so neat because unless you're a member on Dashing Dish you don't have access to those recipes (since Dashing Dish is a ministry, that is how she funds the website. The minimum is $5 per month, or whatever you can afford, which is a great deal! )

So, check out Dashing Dish: dashingdish.com/
Pre-Order her books!!! dashingdish.com/dashing-dish-cookboo

I really hope you enjoy the Dashing Dish site!

God bless!



Bridesmaid Challenge!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

On August 19, 2014, my friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year.

I was so shocked and I'm so honored that she would ask me, of all people!
It's really special because there are only going to be two of us: her maid of honor and me, her bridesmaid.

As soon as she asked, I thought, I have to lose weight.

I sure as heck don't want to be a fat bridesmaid (although I will still be, but just a little lighter lol).

So far I've been doing decent.
I've been writing down what I eat and I'm done with sugary drinks because I have to start somewhere!

I'm still struggling terribly with food choices, and I'm not sure how to change this.

But I must buckle down because before you know it and I'll be trying on dresses and honey, I want them to fit!


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SEATTLE58 9/15/2014 5:55PM

    You have an awesome reason and that makes for awesome incentive! Just keep thinking every day why you're doing this. emoticon

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KIM22211 9/15/2014 4:29PM

    good for you just remember how wonderful you are going to feel and look in the wedding pictures!

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EMMACORY 9/15/2014 4:20PM

    emoticon on being a bridesmaid. You have a focus and goal. Continue to make one choice at a time. As all those good choices add up you will see results. emoticon

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Birthday Challenge....

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today I turned 21 years old YAHOOOO now I can participate in 'grown-up' things such as drinking, gambling, etc.


I'm a kid at heart :) emoticon

I remember last year at this time I said I would lose 50 pounds... nope
I said around January I would lose 21 by the time I turn 21... nope
But I'm not disappointed, why?
Because I didn't even try.
I have a gym membership, and I only went once- once!
I went on January 1st, 2014, and I have not been there since.

I don't know; something has come over me where I just don't even think about weight loss anymore. I used to love weight loss success stories and going on SparkPeople and everything, and I guess it's still in the back of my mind but it's definitely not at the forefront of my brain! I think there's something wrong with me lol!

March 11, 2014 marked the 2 year anniversary when I officially began my weight loss journey and was totally into it.

Also, I've been busy with school, my part-time job, and also my sister had her baby on March 14, 2014!!!!

This is my niece, Isabella and I! She's about 6 weeks old in this picture. She's just the cutest, sweetest thing on planet Earth I tell ya!

I know, I can't wait for the 'right time' to start, and I do want to lose weight, just not bad enough, which I can't stand because I wish I was super motivated all the time and wish I just wanted to lose weight badly enough to do something about it!!!
I just need to stop talking right now, so I'll let you go as I finish up a 5-page paper that's due tomorrow.

I hope everyone is doing great on their journeys to becoming healthier and better!
God bless and good night!!!

emoticon emoticon

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SEATTLE58 4/30/2014 9:59AM

    You're still thinking about it and that's good! That's a terrific start! emoticon emoticon

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I'll be honest

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I was reading through someone's blog posts and she gave tips on how she lost weight.
One of them was being honest with yourself, and to the people on Sparkpeople.
Quite honestly, the only one I'm fooling is myself.
I've mentioned this before but I do think I have an addiction to fast food.
It's really hard for me to eat it only once a week, because, quite honestly, I really don't like to cook/don't really know how, and I don't even know what to cook.
Fast food is tasty and convenient (not really cheap though because I buy food for my sister and I, and it adds up!)
But I consume thousands of calories worth in one sitting!!!
I wake up with fast food on my mind, trying to find ways I can get it.
And the dollar store! oh my, cheap foods everywhere!!
But I know I'm doing my body a disservice, quite frankly, I feel like I'm treating it like crap.
I swear, I'll probably have withdrawals, no kidding, trying to cut back on fast food.
I'm so not used to eating healthy foods.
And we haven't been to the gym in a while.

The good news though is that on January 17th, I went to the Doctor's and I lost 4 pounds!! That has to be from cutting out sugary drinks! So I'm excited about that. :)
I told him that I still struggle with eating out, and again his advice was to eat out only once per week. I have to look at the positives- eating out only once per week will save me money and calories...and fat, sodium, and lots of things! He also said to start off with simple recipes, since I'm not much of a cook!
I also think today marks my 1 year Sparkpeople anniversary!!
Thanks for allowing me to be honest with you and God bless you all on your weight loss journeys!

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SPARK-PPL-GIRL 1/26/2014 7:58PM

    Congrats on one year here! Even if you have not lost any weight.. this place has a ton of support and motivation .. I challenge you to dig deeper and make more connections :-)

Fast food gets me too! I haven't had McDonald's in a month and I'm proud of that :-) You have to actively make the choice everyday .. one food choice, one exercise choice at a time and when you get bored and you will .. you have to switch it up to constantly keep making the right choices to get to where you want to be.

I'm hoping for a better year two for you :-)

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DO4FIT 1/26/2014 7:48PM

    Some of the things I have implemented along in my journey is bulk cooking. Chili, spaghetti, soup... they are simple to make and you can get many meals out of them. I cook spaghetti for dinner and can eat lunch (or dinner) for a week or more off the left overs. Recently made some shepherds pie for the freezer - also an easy dish to make.

If I was going from eating out every day I would add up how many meals a week I ate out... so say you eat dinner and lunch out every day that is 14 of your 21 meals a week try to make it only 10 or 12 of your 21 meals then the next week cut down 2 or 4 more days and then try to get it down to maybe only 2 meals or once a week. Cutting out something like that pretty much cold turkey can be hard especially if you are not a cook nor enjoy it. Try looking for maybe some crock pot meals or one pot meals that you really don't have to do much but chop and watch the time or swap a chicken and a salad from the grocer, or canned soup and a sandwich! Finding something easy and quick yet filling is your best friend! I wish you luck!!!


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SEATTLE58 1/26/2014 2:07PM

    Well, you know what the old saying is, "Honesty is the best policy". And that's so true and you just did it! I've written honest blogs too, I think that about the last 4 of them have been how I've caved way too many times. I know that when I first started SP, that I joined the 10 min. exercise per day spark team and that was the first change that I did and little by little, I've increased my minutes and have added other changes all along the way. We're transforming out bodies little by little and not overnight. You made a change to decrease your sugary drinks and that's awesome. You can do it! emoticon

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VSCHULER 1/26/2014 2:06PM

    I don't think it's so far-fetched that a person could be addicted to fast food, I've even read articles on how some of the ingredients in these foods could have the same effect on a person as heroin! It's been really hard for me to cut out fast food, I've literally had to talk myself out of it some days and drive the extra 20 minutes home and make something for myself. The thing I keep remembering the cruddy feeling that lasts after the momentary "bliss" from the fries, burger, etc. We're worth the extra effort!

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BABYSOX 1/26/2014 2:05PM

    Happy First Spark Anniversary! emoticon

Thank you for sharing and being so honest. I understand about being addicted to fast food.

Before starting Sparkpeople and getting healthier, I spent many years eating fast food 10-20 times per week. I craved the salty, greasy, quick fix that it was. I started by using a lot of convenience foods and slowly adding in healthier foods. I remember the first time that I noticed that I no longer wanted fast food and that it actually made me feel yucky the next day.

I now go to a restaurant about once per month and my health has improved. My diet is still not perfect, but it is way better than before.

Congrats on your 4lb loss. You can do this. The healthier version of you is waiting out there.

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BELL1973 1/26/2014 1:56PM

    I do wonder if going from eating out daily to eating once a week is a bit lofty for expectations. Sometimes I feel going so drastic leaves me open for failure and depression.
I wonder if you could limit to a specific meal per day. And then make smarter choices when eating out like choose subway without fattening dressing. Or pick up the burger with ketchup or mustard - no dressings or mayo packed with calories and fat - but take it home and pair it with baby carrots instead of fries.
While I agree ultimately a diet of fast food has to go I just wonder if you could shave 500-600 calories a day of at first and that wouldn't help motivate you without the feeling of failure if you cave on Monday.
This has definitely helped me - hope it does you
Best wishes! emoticon

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21 by the time I turn 21

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I was reading a weight loss success story (you gotta love those!) and a lady wanted to lose 50 pounds by her 50th birthday

that gave me an idea: lose 21 pounds by the time I turn 21 this April 29th

I made a birthday blog on my b-day last year saying I wanted to have lost 50+ pounds
and I'll be honest
that's just not happening

but 21 pounds by April 29th?
that's about 5.5 pounds lost a month
it seems doable, attainable

The thing I need to work on the most is eating out
Never having fast food or going out to restaurants ever again?
Maybe when I've learned how to cook good food :)

But making better and healthier lower-calorie choices?
Yes, that I can do

I've always had this image in my head where I'm ordering food somewhere and having exactly what I'm going to eat written down on an index card and just sticking to that, almost like a script

But one thing I don't want to do again is cut out all my favorite foods at once because
the last time I did that it backfired on me and I binged like crazy!

here's something I thought of this past month:
'I may not see results right away but I will eventually see the results!'

if you're eating less and exercising, the weight WILL come off
keep that in mind any time you feel like caving in

P.S. My sister took before pictures of me and I can definitely see how much weight I've gained. It's a little depressing and disappointing because I'm HUGE! But I need to let that be a motivation to get goin' and get movin'
plus if you do that it'll be a visual reminder of how far you've come each month or each time you take pictures

P.P.S. The People magazine Half Their Size issue is out this week so pick up a copy and get inspired! That's where I first heard about Sparkpeople and I'm glad I did

emoticon emoticon

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STR458 1/6/2014 1:33PM


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SEATTLE58 1/3/2014 12:36PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SIMPLYJANE2014 1/2/2014 9:56PM

  I think you can do it! I read somewhere that it is more about ADDING to your diet, like more water and fruits and healthy options instead of eliminating items. Naturally, by adding fruit, water, etc. you won't be as hungry for the lesser options as you've filled up on the good stuff already! If I tell myself I can't have something I end up wanting it sooo much more. Small actions add up in the end!

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 1/2/2014 9:54PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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