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Day 2/51 - Food and Fitness Blog

Friday, June 22, 2012

I was down to 152.0 this morning! Yay! Haven't seen this number in a couple of weeks or more.

Breakfast: ViSalus shake with strawberries and Banana Energy mix-in

Snack: 1 slice Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread with 2 tbsp peanut butter
1 pear

Lunch: 1 ViSalus shake with strawberries and Strawberry Phyto mix-in

Snack: 12 almonds; 1.5 hardboiled "deviled" eggs

Dinner: 9 oz. chicken with 4 tbsp. Kraft honey BBQ sauce

My calories were kinda high, a bit over my 1550 limit. I am OK with that, because they were only 1100 the day before. I don't wanna go into "starvation mode." Plus, I am still down a pound!

emoticon Exercise: Walked a bit over a mile outside, and did an interval training walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes; 40 minutes total.

I watched a documentary called "The Weight of the Nation," which talked about obesity and being overweight and how those who have lost weight have kept it off, and I found my problem. In the documentary, the doctors studied metabolism and everything involving weight loss. They monitored the people at the beginning, when they were overweight, and as they lost weight, and as they reached a goal weight. Their metabolism became less efficient as they became smaller, so it was slowed down. This means that the calories they can consume will always be less than that of someone who has always been thin, even though they are at the same weight. Interesting. I always eventually allowed my eating to creep back up on me, and therefore, I regained all the lost weight over the years.

Over the years, I have also "dieted" myself up to my highest weight ever. So I feel like this time is going to be different! I am armed with the knowledge that my body is working against me, and so is my medication. I can subvert that by being extra diligent about my calorie intake, and keep on Sparkin'!

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FITGRL124 6/22/2012 11:29AM

    You go girl! You've got this!!!!

Thanks for the information - I may have to find that documentary. It sounds interesting!

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SUPERKHAN 6/22/2012 10:44AM

    Girl! You got it. It's awesome to kick in the extra knowledge you learned from the documentary. I'm going to check it out myself. Congrats on your weight loss! Keep on truckin and sparkin!

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CARL-ASCHLUGE 6/22/2012 10:12AM

    Thanks for the interesting information. Keep at it and burn those calories!

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Day 1/51 - Food and Fitness Blog

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I did pretty well for my first day.

Breakfast: Special K Protein Plus, 1 cup; .5 cup 1% milk

Lunch: ViSalus Shake with 9 strawberries emoticon
1 packet Banana Energy mix-in
1 slice 100% whole wheat Pepperidge Farm bread, 2 tbsp. peanut butter emoticon

Snack: 1 Babybel light emoticon

Dinner: McDonald's Southwest Salad with grilled chicken, no dressing
1 Fruit N' Yogurt parfait

Snack: 1 5-oz glass of Sangria

emoticonCalories: 1,147 Carbohydrates: 138 g Fat: 44 g Protein: 79 g emoticon

As you can see, I did have a glass of wine, but I had half a bottle left from earlier in the week. I was low on my calories for the day, so I splurged. I stayed within my ranges for everything. My sodium intake was around 1,200 mg. Overall, pretty good!

emoticon Exercise: 15 minute walk, .76 miles. I know, not much, but the heat was too much to bear.

Today, so far, I walked a bit over a mile. I plan on walking more later today and working in some strength training. I am going strong!

Also, because I was so excited, I did weight myself: 153.0 down 1.5 lb. from yesterday. It is from all the sodium, I think, because I haven't been eating right until yesterday! But I will take it!

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FITGRL124 6/21/2012 7:33AM

    You had an emoticon day!! I think being able to fit in a glass of wine if you want it is better than telling yourself no. When you cut out things from your day or tell yourself you can't it tricks your brain into diet mode and then you overeat.

Keep up the emoticon work Whitney!

Girl - you are SO going to fit into that emoticon


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Countdown to the Big Day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I just wrote a long blog and inadvertently deleted it. So, to recap:

Today marks 51 days until the big wedding. My husband and I are going out to Iowa for his brother's wedding. I have a dress to squeeze into, which only zips halfway up as of right now. Hopefully, I can spend the next 51 days sticking to my diet and losing some of this weight I have put on. At this point, I'd be happy to be at 140 lb. I am 14.5 lb away from that goal. So, for the next 51 days, I am incorporating ViSalus drink mix into my diet and sticking to my ranges.

I just read a great blog by JENSFITJOURNEY, and it has motivated me to do a daily blog on my day, including diet and exercise. I start tomorrow morning, blogging about what I did today. I am not going to blog on the same day anymore, because knowing myself, anything could happen between now and midnight.

I am currently a size 8/10 with the 8 being really damn tight, so probably just say a size 10 dress. I was like 136 or so when I fit into the size 6 dress that I need to wear. I know 2 dress sizes in 51 days is a lot, but I am striving for it with all my might!

emoticon GOAL 1: Walk every day, even if it is just for 10 minutes. I plan of getting up earlier than I did today, and exercising before it gets too hot. I only did 15 minutes today, or 3/4 mile. Every step counts! Plus, I am on my feet for my work.
emoticon GOAL 2: Drink lots of water!
emoticonGOAL 3: Weigh in only 1x per week, on Wednesday. Post weight in here.

emoticon GOAL 4: NO drinking, period. It isn't worth it! It is half the reason I am where I am at.
emoticonGOAL 5: Drink at least 1 ViSalus shake daily, as one of my meals. I like it for breakfast, preferably. I want to up that to two shakes per day and 1 reasonable meal, but I am flexible here due to previous issues with consistency.

My current weight: 154.5 lb. as of this morning.
My goal weight: 125 lb.
Pounds to lose: 29.5 lb.

For the next 51 days:
Goal weight loss: 15-20 lb.

Wish me luck. I will check in tomorrow with the results of

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HOPEFULHIPPO 6/20/2012 3:19PM

    watch out world...she is focused and determined! Go girl go girl!


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FITGRL124 6/20/2012 1:29PM

    I think you can definitely do this! I would try to incorporate as much strength training that you can because inches lost will make a huge difference in fitting into that dress! I'm off now to google your shakes. They sound interesting!


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Hello, Monday!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Another week has elapsed, and that means I am another week closer to the big wedding day. I am the same weight as I was last week, which I guess could be worse. I know now that it can always be worse.

I am on track today with my food so far. I went for a short walk, but had to turn around because I couldn't take the heat! I am feeling motivated, so hopefully I CAN stick to it.

I feel like today could be a new beginning. I like this feeling. I know that slip ups happen. I can keep bouncing back. I am bouncing back.

I feel like I can totally meet my goal of losing 15-20 lb. in the next two months. I WILL fit into that damn dress!

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FITGRL124 6/19/2012 11:26AM

    You're doing awesome! Keep it up and YES you will fit into that dress!!!

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HOPEFULHIPPO 6/18/2012 4:20PM

    You CAN do it...what is that saying? "whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" Henry Ford I believe said that. Or was it Roosevelt..


you get the point


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LETSSTARTWITH10 6/18/2012 12:23PM

    Your doing great! emoticon

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ALLIEALLIE2 6/18/2012 11:34AM


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ALICIA214 6/18/2012 11:16AM


emoticon Keep up the good work!! emoticon

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New and Improved Me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have had a major motivation problem lately. A week ago, I tried on the dress I was supposed to wear to a wedding in August and it only zips halfway up! I have exactly two months until this wedding, so today I went for a walk and ate an Atkins Advantage bar for breakfast. I am going to eat a healthy lunch of salad with pork chops and a light dinner at work. I am going to go back to a semi-Atkins state of watching my carbs, but not dieting per se.

I am making a lifestyle change. Saying NO to alcohol on the weekends, NO to mindless eating, and NO to the endless excuses.

Today I weighed in at 153.5 lb. The most I have ever weighed in my life, again! I am maxing out on my weight. I am short, so the 15 pounds I gained this past month or so have really made a bad look for me. It is all fat, and my clothes don't fit. Like, none of them fit, even the bigger ones I'd previously gotten. I am so ready for change, it is not even funny.

So wish me luck! I am going to eat only when I am hungry, exercise, and I hope to fit into that dress by August.

Starting weight: 153.5
Goal weight for August 5th: 138.5

I think 15 pounds is a reasonable amount to aim for in two months.

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 6/14/2012 1:35PM

    You can do this! Even if you don't get the 15, I bet if you get close the dress will look great! I have never lost 15 in 2 months but I am a SLOOOOW loser! Sounds like you're taking good steps. PS I LOLed a little at your 153 only because that would be a dream weight for me! But I know it's different for everyone and it's all about how you FEEL. emoticon emoticon

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ZMILENA 6/14/2012 6:34AM

    Hey girl! You know you can do this. You did great on the last challenge you are like my idol now. No bad feelings about yourself. You can do anything you want! emoticon

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MRSKATWAT 6/13/2012 3:02PM

    you can do this! try the dress on every week and take a picture so you can see the results. I do this and it really helps me x

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HOPEFULHIPPO 6/13/2012 2:29PM

    time to get serious!!! I'm on the 5% summer challenge too (the determined underdogs) Hoping for 165 by Aug 18th

we can dooooo this!!! (my dress only zips halfway too!!)

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BEATLETOT 6/13/2012 1:45PM

    Hey, Summer Challenge starts June 23! You can still sign up, I think. Hit up m'SparkPage, it should be the first group there.

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EICHSWIFE06 6/13/2012 12:37PM

    you got this! you sound like you have the same body type as i do. carbs are evil lol. good luck! emoticon

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FITGRL124 6/13/2012 11:33AM

    Let's DO this! We can encourage each other. My goal for August 15th is 135. I am going to do everything in my power to get there!

WE CAN do this! It's all about mind over matter.

Comment edited on: 6/13/2012 11:34:20 AM

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