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I have a confession to make!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being on spark has been about a journey for me. My journey has ups and downs and I think the reason I have been successful is because even when I have a down a pick myself up and keep moving until my next up. I also pride myself on being pretty honest about my successes and failures because it doesn't help anyone by lying or not telling the whole truth. Which is why I have to confess. I haven't been on my A game lately and I was scared to be truthful on here because I didn't want to let anyone down. That's selfish of me and more importantly I am hurting myself and others because I'm not showing the real me with my failures and all! So here goes. The scale is up. Not a lot but more than I wanted to admit. This morning I weighed in at 155.7, which is almost 8 lbs up from my lowest weight. I'm ok with this because while I was training for the half I was maintaining right around 155 and that's a normal weight for me especially with the food intake I had. I was running a lot and needed to fuel my body appropriately. This is where confession number 2 comes into play. I must confess I haven't worked out in awhile. While training for the half I was running 3-4 days a week and averaging 25 miles a week which is a lot of cardio and is super time consuming. Because of this training schedule I pretty much stopped going to the gym and towards the end I was definitely feeling the running burn out. I kept saying to my husband "I can't wait until I can run because I want to not because I have to" When you are training you feel guilty for skipping a scheduled run and I definitely missed the spontaneity of running because I wanted to! However since the race(10.16.2010) I haven't gone to the gym or run. This is for several reasons 1. I was definitely burned out and feeling run down 2. My IT band so painful I could barely walk, stretch, stand without it hurting and knew it needed time off and 3. I just didn't want to. I have been super tired and stressed at work and as much as I know working out will make me feel better I just didn't want to. I have to admit it felt good sleeping in this weekend and hanging with my nephews instead of rushing around going to the gym while everyone else was sleeping in. I'm confessing all this because I want everyone to realize we are humans, we don't need to make excuses for our actions we just need to move forward and make better decisions. I have been eating great- trying to cut back on food since my training has slowed dramatically and I am ready to shed these last 12 lbs now!!

Moving forward this is my realistic plan
Strength train 3 times a week(I lost the most when I was doing this)
Cardio 4 days a week-running, elliptical, arc trainer, walking puppies
In general I would like to be excercising at least 5 days a week, I sleep better and feel better when this happens

I want to get back to tracking more and putting less bites in my mouth. All those single bites add up and if you don't track them you'd be surprised how much they add up to.
I need to cut back on caffeine and coffee specifically( ie Starbucks)

I want to try my best to be more active on here. It's a balancing act trying to maintain a healthy marriage, work and life in general and I want to be here for those that need me. Weeks when hubby works nights I will be more active on here and weeks when he's not he and I will spend those nights together.

I hope you all are having a great week and feeling good about yourselves. Share some of your recent successes and failures with me so I can see that we all are human!!

Here are a few pics from family weekend:

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SUGIRL06 11/2/2010 7:03PM

    Wow I feel like I wrote this! I have definitely been "off" too lately but am starting to feel the motivation again! And I was definitely tired of running for training rather than because I want to. Its time to start afresh. We can do it!

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YOURJONES 10/26/2010 9:51PM

    Sometimes we need a little break to come back with our A game. You'll get those last 12 pounds off, because you ARE a rockstar!

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NEWNOEMI 10/26/2010 12:07PM

    How funny, I just blogged about stopping to smell the roses. Looks like that is exactly what you did. Only difference is that I am in the beginning of my journey and one day off makes me feel guilty, even if I only walk 3 miles a day. Hope you enjoyed your time off and glad to see you back on track.

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APMAC_D 10/26/2010 10:34AM

    Ok so you owned up to it and you have felt some guilt- now press on with the changes you want to make. You are right, we are all human and sometimes we take a break from things. I don't think it's terrible at all. You needed time to have fun with family, sleep in, relax, unwind. Now you are back at it.
Right now I am proud of changes I am making in so many ways. I have been steadily going to the gym. I have been pushing myself to have the best workouts I can without slacking. I have even been going to the gym twice most days.
Things I should be owning up to- my diet needs to make changes. I am great all day and then fall off the wagon at night or on weekends. Saturday I ended up binge drinking, last night I got home and scarfed two big pieces of pizza mindlessly. I know these are the contributors to my plateau, and I hate myself a lot for it. I have ten weeks left in a challenge that means the WORLD to me- I feel stupid for not being able to keep my diet in check. So that is what I am not proud of.

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MRSSIBRAT 10/26/2010 10:33AM

    you can do it girl....its ok to take some time off...just don't get too far off track!! we are here for you!!!

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PARKERB2 10/26/2010 10:29AM

    Looks like you guys are having fun. One of my failures is getting the Weight Watchers foods and then overeating them. I think just because it's just 1 point I can have several. They add up over time and cause me to gain weight. I'm going to try to get a handle on that this week. Hang in there, Keep Sparking and hope you have a good day. emoticon

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ALEXIA17LOVE 10/26/2010 10:27AM

    NICE PICS!!!! :)

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ABC's of Juliene

Thursday, October 21, 2010

THE ABC Survey.
Whatís your age? 25 (almost 26)
What annoys you? Inconsiderate drivers, loud chewing, messes.
Do you have any allergies? Unfortunately yes, I am allergic to a ton of raw fruits- apples, peaches, nectarines, cherries, raw nuts, raw veggies- carrots, potatoes, sprouts, peppers(I can eat any of the above cooked though) I am also allergic to cats, certain pollens and a few meds. Yikes I sound like a sicko.
When is your birthday? 12/11/1984
Who is your best friend? My mom and Andrea!
What was the name of your first boyfriend? Stephen, and that did not end well for either of us(he is gay and probably always was and made me feel like an idiot)
Whatís your favorite candy? Do fruit flavored Mentos count? In all truthfulness I go through candy spurts sometimes I like chocolate sometimes chewy so currently itís chewy.
When was the last time you cried? Saturday after running my first half marathon, I cried throughout the race thinking of how far I have come this year.
Have you been out of the country? Yes, Japan.
Do you daydream? I donít have the time.
Whatís your favorite kind of dog? Dachshunds!!.
Name a trait you share with your dad? We have similar hair, I donít remember a whole lot about my dad anymore(he passed away 11 years ago).
How do you like your eggs? I prefer egg white omelettes but if itís a whole egg I like it fried on a sandwich.
Have you ever been in the emergency room? Only once that I can remember, when I stapled my own hand with a construction grade staple gun.
Whatís the easiest thing to do? Weird question, sleep?.

Have you ever flown a plane? Nope. Scares me
Do you use fly swatters? No and I canít even remember the last time I owned one.
Whatís one thing you love about your family? We are all a little crazy but we are super close and I couldnít imagine not talking to or seeing them as often as I do.
Have you ever pet a goat? yes.
Are you a giver or a taker? Probably a good mix of both, I like to give gifts especially when I know someone will love it but I have never turned down a gift either.
Do you like gummie candies? Yes, I went through a gummy bear phase.
How are you? Pretty good today, itís almost Friday and the fam is coming to town tomorrow.
Whatís your height? 5í9.
Whatís your hair color? Brunette
Favorite ice cream? I like anything chocolate based and especially if it has peanut butter or nuts mixed in.
Have you ever cheated the IRS? I hope not.
Have you ever ice-skated? Yes, I have.
Whatís your favorite jelly bean? Easy question, juicy pear Jelly Belly Beans.
Do you wear nice jewerly? Engagement and wedding ring, tear drop diamond earrings, watch everyday and then vary it depending on outfits.
Do you tell jokes? Iím terrible at jokes, I can never remember the whole thing and usually blow it pretty quickly.
Do you want to kill anybody? No, I may say I want to kill someone when Iím in traffic but never would.
Do you want to have kids? Yes, I donít know how soon but yes.
Where did you have kindegarten? Carnegie Elementary School
Are you laid back? I really try to be but I have a type A personality which makes that difficult.
Do you lie? I try not too, but Iím sure I do from time to time. Human Nature.
Whenís the last time you sent a hand-written letter? Sent a card and letter this week to my sisterís mother and father in law whose 16 year old dog died. I am not a letter writer but love to send cards.
Ever talked in a microphone? Yes, for work here and there and when I was in school much more often.
Do you like mangos? Love them. I wish you could eat the skin of the mango because it would be easier to eat them like an apple!
Do you still watch Disney movies? Yes, just had the husband buy me Beauty and The Beast last week and watched it while I was recovering on Saturday.
Do you have a nickname? Since most people hack my name I usually get called Jules or Jul, my nunny(grandma) always called me Bug or Julebug.
Do you perfect night or day? day
Whatís your favorite number? 13.
Are you an only child? Heck no. I have 2 sisters and a brother. My mom got remarried last year and now I also have 2 stepbrothers(only 1 of whom we have a relationship with)
Want this to be over? Eh itís helping pass the time at work so itís ok
Do you like the color orange? Yes, I love all things fall, leaves, pumpkins YES!

What are you paranoid about? Bugs getting on me. Sometimes I see them on tv or in the house and can feel them all over me.
Do you think you are pretty? Yes without sounding conceited.
Do you play any instruments? No I am the least musical person alive.
Are you quick to judge people? I try not to be, I found myself judging people a lot and have tried to stop doing it.
What do you keep quiet about? I usually let someone hurt my feelings and donít say something about it although I should.
Do you have any quirks? Doesnít everybody? I am neurotic about how my socks are once I put them on, I have to pinch between each toe and itís a whole long process and probably why I donít wear socks often.
Do you think you are always right? Haha ask my husband and he will say Yes.
Do you watch reality TV? Yes love me some Jersey Shore
Do you like rice? Could take it or leave it
Are you a social person? If Iím in the right mood.
What states have you lived in? Pennsylvania and now Maryland. Hopefully we migrate somewhere south and warm soon
Whatís your favorite season? Fall.
What time did you wake up? 7:45 AM.
When did you last sleep in a tent? A long time ago, I havenít camped in years
Do you like tomatoes? Yes, love them.
Do you listen to Usher? Yes and I usually make Tom sing along with me. The first song we ever slow danced to was Burn!
What kind of underwear are you wearing? Ehh wearing a dress with tights today so none, I canít do panties and tights it creeps me out..
Do you have an umbrella in your car? Yes, I hate getting wet.
Whatís your next vacation planned? Tom and I are going to Disney in December to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and to see my sister who is interning there!
Do you like movies with violence? Depends, I tend to shy away from action movies but love horror movies.
Whatís the worst veggie? Brussel sprouts, they taste like urine
Have you ever wakeboarded? No but I have kneeboarded
Do you wish on stars? No, I donít have faith in things like that. I feel like you have to work to make your dreams come true.
Where do you work? A fundraising company in Maryland.
Have you ever had an x-ray? Quite a few, just none recently.
What do you think of X-rated movies? I donít think about them one way or another. To each his own I guess.
Have you watched the X-games? No I donít watch many sports at all but especially X games since I know nothing about them
Do you like the color yellow? Not my favorite, my nunny used to say that Yellow made her cry and I can never see a yellow painted room without thinking of that.
What year were you born? 1984.Great year!!
What did you do yesterday? Worked, cooked mahi mahi on the grill for the first time ever, baked my ass off(chocolate chip cookies, salt and vinegar chickpeas, sweet potato fries, pumpkin muffins) and watched tv with my hubby!
Do you believe in the Zodiac? Not really.
Have you been to the zoo? In Maryland no, but in Pittsburgh yes a ton of times.
Has your bank account been to zero? No, thatís scary.

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APMAC_D 10/26/2010 9:52AM

    Wow now I really know a lot about you LOL I LOVE jersey Shore too, not sure why but it's awesome hahaha You are pretty tall, I thought I was tall at 5'7".I wish I was going to Disney :(

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KELLIE881 10/21/2010 9:08PM

    Fun! I learned a lot about you!

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Uh hello where did August go?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Since it's the last day of August I figure now is as good a time as any to recap the month.

August Goals:

First I want to work out 24 of the 31 days- actually worked out 22 days so goal not met but really close.
Run weekly mileage for half marathon training- total scheduled miles was 65 and I ran 70 so emoticon
Eat within calories 6 of 7 days- definitely focused on eating more nutritious filling meals which cut down on mindless snacking and ultimately emoticon
Eat out only 1 time a week- This is always a trouble area for us, we can get lazy and especially me since I do ALL of the cooking so no we definitely went out more than once a week
Save money- goal this month is to put away $400- put about $500 this month so emoticon
Follow the debt busting plan hubby and I outlined- we have been doing great with this, we are down to just a small amount of credit card debt and I can't wait until it's GONE so yes emoticon
Do 1 nice thing for the husband a week- I love my hubby and now that his schedule has changed and we are working similar schedules I couldn't be happier. I'm glad to have more time with him. I have done a few things for him this month including cooking his favorite dinner, took him out for sushi, wrote a note for his lunch on his first day at the new job, bought a subscription for his favorite magazine so emoticon

Overall the month was a success, I am under 150 lbs for the first time in forever and I am thrilled. I am well on my way to 143 and can't wait to achieve my goal. I hope everyone else had a great month and is ready for September!!

I'll leave you with 2 pictures from my nephews birthday party. The first is the cake I made for him to smash- it's a monkey since we call him Monkey Max.

And this is a picture of my little sister and I with mustaches I bought for my older nephew. (He was obsessed with having a mustache for awhile there and any time he could get his hands on a marker he would draw one on himself- he even gave himself tiger stripes and a mustache once with permanent marker!!)

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BELLALUCIA 9/1/2010 11:46AM

    You look beautiful! I can't wait to be where u are at!

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KELLIE881 8/31/2010 10:15PM

    Love the pics!

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A new month, new goals to accomplish

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

here were last week's goals

Run all the miles for the half training plan- 15 miles this week emoticon (I actually ran about 18 miles last week!!)
Workout while away for work- going to Charleston for 3 days emoticon (used the elliptical in the gym and even did some laps in the pool)
Make smart choices while eating at the airport and at the show emoticon ( I packed food for the airport and lunch the first day of the show so I avoided snacking on junk)
Clean closet- get rid of some of the old junk in there emoticon (Donated some of the hubby's old tshirts as well as rollerblades, and other misc items to the Vets)
Practice the cupcakes and cake I am making for my nephew's first birthday- didn't do since Friday I came down with another illness!

That's right you read it. I am sick again. I got over the strep and then contracted some other sickness. Head cold is what I am calling it although I also have the aches, and a tummyache. Nothing too severe though and I am pushing through it. I actually ran Sunday and today but mainly because I just need to be active. I couldn't take lying on the couch or in my bed for another minute!!

I'm glad August is here, it's back to school season which is also busy season at work. I love busy season, gives me something to do otherwise I feel like I have to fill my day with "busy" work or facebook and neither of those are all that fun.

I have a few goals for the entire month.
First I want to work out 24 of the 31 days
Run weekly mileage for half marathon training- 11 weeks to go eep!
Eat within calories 6 of 7 days-
Eat out only 1 time a week
Save money- goal this month is to put away $400
Follow the debt busting plan hubby and I outlined
Do 1 nice thing for the husband a week

These are easy and doable I just have to stay focused. I think if I put these plans in motion I will be at 143 very soon. 143 is a weird number but I am shooting for it because it marks 130 lbs lost. I would be happy with 145-147 so we will just wait and see how I feel when I get there.

Other than the sickness nothing new or exciting to report. My nephew's first birthday is coming up on August 9th and my sister is having a party for him on the 14th. I am making monkey cupcakes. They are so stinking cute. I have done other cakes and cupcakes for birthdays so it's nothing new I just want to practice these since I am attempting a new frosting recipe. I traditionally use a hand me down recipe from my mom that is a cross between a whipped cream and buttercream frosting. It's super delicious and soo sugary. Most people love it but it's white and the thought of changing it to brown with a crap load of food coloring does not sound appealing. I want to try a chocolate version so I will keep you in the loop when I test it out.

That's it for today. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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BALANCEDLIFE4ME 8/9/2010 12:51PM

    Hope you feel better soon and can get to the root of why you've been getting sick so often. It sounds like you are right on track with your goals and are realistic. Awesome!

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UVAGRL928 8/9/2010 10:26AM

    I definitely want to see pictures of those cupcakes too!

Your goals sound great for the month... I really like the one about doing something nice for your hubby. I like when I read through peoples' goals and see that they are taking steps to do things in their life that make them happy other than weight loss!

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KELLIE881 8/4/2010 12:06PM

    It sounds like you have a lot of great goals!

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JODIANN421 8/3/2010 8:44PM

    Great goals! You will do fantastically! Share pics of those cupcakes!

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RACHELLTAYLOR81 8/3/2010 12:22PM

    Great job on meeting all your goals for last month...I know you'll do fantastic this month as well!

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Last week's sickness and moving forward

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday Sparkers.

Wanted to check in on last week's results and give this week's goals.

I would like to work out 5 of 7 days this week - goal not met. Got strep throat and spend 4 of 5 weekdays in bed. Ultimately I worked out 1 day
Focus on strength training and do 3 strength training workouts- negative for obvious reasons
Complete our budget for August- emoticon I wanted to make sure we were saving extra money for new flooring and the new car payment.
Pick paint so we can finally paint the kitchen emoticon bright yellow it is, now I just need the hubby to actually paint
Eat out only 1 time all week- emoticon we had dinner out Monday while my sister was in town
Pack nutritious lunches for the husband- emoticon i made him chicken and hard boiled eggs, and a few other goodies(cookies and cupcakes to share with coworkers) overall he was happy.

Goals for this week
Run all the miles for the half training plan- 15 miles this week
Workout while away for work- going to Charleston for 3 days
Make smart choices while eating at the airport and at the show
Clean closet- get rid of some of the old junk in there
Practice the cupcakes and cake I am making for my nephew's first birthday

I had a rough week last week. I had strep throat which makes me miserable, when I get it I get it bad. I literally could not even swallow my own spit for 2 days(gross sorry). I basically ate liquid Tuesday-Friday and hence did not weigh in on Friday since I knew that weight was a tease. In any case I am looking forward to this week. I am travelling to Charleston for a food show and some appointments and I am looking forward to running around a new city, hopefully! Other than that hubbs and I have a picnic on Saturday for his job and we are just cleaning house and trying to get some stuff done since he's off all week!

Have a great week all!

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KTKATRINK 7/29/2010 1:54PM

    Good luck on getting the hubby to paint. We also are working on fixing up our house, but I think the excitement has worn off. Maybe seeing other people doing it will entice me to start on it again. Have fun in Charleston, it's a great city!

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UVAGRL928 7/27/2010 11:52AM

    I hate being sick, but I swear I must get sick about once a month. The doctor is talking about taking out my tonsils... and I'm not happy about this! Hopefully it won't come to this, but it really sucks to feel sick all the time. Glad you are starting to feel better!

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VERYREADY 7/26/2010 3:26PM

    It's great you are better!
Just take it easy.. your body needs a lot of rest... emoticon

I'm sending you some vitamins :-)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUGIRL06 7/26/2010 12:44PM

    I'm glad you are better! I have had strep and its the worst! You did great on your goals considering your were sick! You will do great this week!

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JODIANN421 7/26/2010 12:08PM

    I am glad you're feeling better! And awesome job on completing all of those goals while you were sick! Also, I love Charleston! emoticon

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