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Monday, January 25, 2010

I have been having a weird go of things lately. I have been feeling down for no real reason and although I haven't binged too much or at all really I just haven't been in the mood for calorie counting or working out. I do it anyways and always feel better afterwards but I guess I am experiencing something a lot of us seem to be going through. I just feel fed up some days. I'm not ready to throw the towel in yet because I have had a ton of success I just wish all the days were easy or at least easier than they have been.

I think alot to do with my mood has to do with some of the girls in my life. I have a few girls that I work with that haven't been the best friends in the world when it comes to weight loss. For example 1 girl who is 6 years older than me never gives me a straight compliment, everything is done in a backhanded manner. For example she'll say "You are doing so great, but of course you can you're only 25" or "I'm proud of you(and then muttering under her breath "You skinny B". Normally this wouldn't bother me, let the haters hate, but there comes a point when I realize I am the 25 year old, I should be the one acting like that and I'm not. She should be acting better and setting a better example and she doesn't. To top it all off she has the nerve to ask me for advice on losing weight so she can get pregnant. Part of me wants to sabotage her and part of me(the bigger person part) is helpful and encourages her. It just sucks when I get treated like crap but always let people do it. GRRR

The other girl at work is actually a close friend outside of work as well. She and I get along great, our husbands are good friends and the 4 of us go out often. They were the only friends invited to our wedding, so they are very important to us. However this woman all of the sudden has been making me feel bad about myself. She will make offhanded comments about what I'm eating, especially if it's something I wouldn't usually eat- candy, cookies, pizza, you get the point. The thing that kills me here is that she eats this crap all day long but has the nerve to say something to me. ANNOYING. Just like my other frienemy she also wants advice on dieting and has started this new phrase "I will lose the last 50 lbs with you" WHOOOAA WHOOOAAA WHOOOAAAA I don't need anyone to lose the last 50lbs with me. I lost the first 90 on my own and I certainly can lose these last few all on my own. Not to mention I don't even have 50 left to lose. She should lose the weight for herself, not to compete with me and that;s what it is. It's not like she wants a diet and excercise buddy, she wants to compete and she doesn't do it the right way. She'll take Stackers, eat no dinner and work out like a nut just to win and I am not interested in getting sucked into that terrible cycle with her. She's done it before and obviously gained it all back which is a sign that it doesn't work. I dunno maybe I just let too much of this get to me.

Let me tell you about these crazy dreams I had last night. To begin with anyone down in the MD/DC/VA area is probably having the outrageous wind going on currently. This wind was so strong it has pulled trees down all over my neighborhood- big healthy trees. In any case it also happened to pull a shutter off of my house at 3 am and bang it against the house for a solid hour. I was freaked out because it sounded like someone had broken into our home and was rummaging through drawers. I wasn't aware how windy it was outside, hubby works nights so he was gone and it was just me and the puppies in bed. They were freaking out too which is what really sent me into a panic. Needless to say I had a restless sleep after that and I had to pee but was too scared to leave our bedroom so it didn't make for the best night's sleep. In any case when I did fall asleep I had 2 terrible nightmares. The first was actually about people breaking into the house. I dreamt that they took my engagement ring(I can't wear it currently because it's too big) which was in it's box on my bureau(it's now locked in our gun safe). They also took misc items like hubby's Playstation 3 but not his Xbox 360 and in my dream I rationalized this by saying that everyone already has an Xbox so why would they steal that? It was just weird and made me uneasy. That's one of my biggest fears on the nights that Tom isn't home. I don't know many neighbors and I doubt they would come running if they heard me screaming anyway.

My second dream was worse. I have a beautiful long haired dachshund, Sophie, that hubby got for my birthday 2 years ago. She was hit by a car July 2008 and had to have her back leg amputated. I treat her like a princess because I feel bad for all that we put her through but I couldn't imagine my life without her. In any case in this dream my mom convinced me that Sophie had Sepsis and that she was going to die a painful death. She encouraged me to put her out of her misery by stabbing her with a butcher knife. I did it but didn't kill her. The rest of the dream was spent trying to find someone to help me finish killing her, finding out that she didn't have the disease, and then ultimately damaging her spinal cord so she partially paralyzed. Yikes what a dream. I think I watch Snapped too late at night or something. It was weird because I could never put that dog to sleep or hurt her. That was why we opted to amputate the leg, they encouraged us to save the money and put her to sleep and I couldn't do it. I am very attached to our pets. All this led to me waking up in a crummy mood.

On a brighter note, we did adopt a new dog about 3 weeks ago. He is too cute for words. He's a 5 month old Papillion mix and we named him Remington- Remi for short. He and Sophie wrestle all day long and still bicker a little but are learning to love one another. He doesn't have too many bad habits to break and so far we couldn't be happier to have him. Adopting him was one of our new year's resolutions and I'm happy to have one checked off before the first month is even over.

I think I need to blog more that way every entry isn't this long.


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SUGIRL06 1/25/2010 1:31PM

    Wow scary dreams! I hope those stop quick!!! I'm sure it was all the lack of rest that got to you. The puppy sounds cute! At least you have the pups to keep you company when the hubby isn't there!

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New Year New Me

Friday, January 01, 2010

I am taking a cue from everyone else, although mine is a little late, and putting my New Year's resolutions out there. A friend of mine once told me that she believed that in order for things to happen you needed to put them out there in the universe. The best is obviously paper and pen so that there is something to hold you accountable to so here goes.
2010 Resolutions

1. Weight loss- I want to continue on the path that I am heading and get to my goal weight and maintain it. I want to focus on truly becoming a healthy person, with a healthy mind and body. Tom and I both made this a focus this year and I know that we will accomplish this together.

2. Money- pay off as much debt as we can this year- hopefully about 1/3 and also start saving money. I want us to build up our savings, which we depleted when we had to put Sophie through so many surgeries. I know that we can pay this debt off we just need to buckle down and do it.

3. Wife- work on building our relationship as husband and wife. Take time each week/day to show Tom my appreciation of him and all that he does. I want to spend time doing the little things that I know make him happy, even if it's just making him a delicious dessert. He is a great man and an awesome husband so far and I don't think I tell him often enough that he is amazing.

4. House- finish painting the rooms of the house and work on hanging things up so this looks like our home and not a rental. Determine what changes we want to make this year if any- flooring, appliances, etc. We have lived in our house for almost 2 years and have only 1 room completely finished. Sometimes working on the house takes a back burner to other things going on, so I want us to make this a priority. I will never consider Baltimore my home, especially if our house doesn't feel like it's ours.

5. Puppy- adopt or purchase a dog and get them adjusted to our home life. We have been scouring the ASPCA websites as well as contacting breeders. I would love to have another mini dachshund, mainly because as silly as it sounds, Sophie does recognize other dogs of the same breed. She gravitates towards them, probably because they are on her level. I really want to find a puppy friend for her to help us make this family more complete.

6. Baby- start trying for baby Seftick #1 before the end of the year- begin the process in October 2010. October is a tentative date for us. We know we want to start a family we just aren't ready at this moment. Tom wants to make sure he is secure in his job, he is always so practical and we want to make sure we don't rush into anything, especially since we have been married less than a month. Regardless I am excited to bring a baby into this world, especially if they look like him, I think he's gorgeous.

7. Dates- really make good use of the time Tom and I have together. Plan dates, vacations, weekends away so that we can spend quality time together. We have limited time together. Since he works nights his schedule is weird and we don't often end up with 3 weekend days together. I really want us to focus on having quality time together even when the quantity isn't much. We often just spend a night on the couch watching movies and I think we should focus on getting out more, especially since we haven't done much exploring of Baltimore.

8. 5k- run at least 1 5k this year and encourage Tom to run it with me. This is self explanatory. I have been upping my mileage on the treadmill and have been running 3-5 miles at least 3 days a week so I know I can do it, it's a matter of committing to a date now. YIKES

9. Housework- get better at managing my time and housecleaning so that I donít have to spend an entire day cleaning. Truly strive for the clean 1 room a day plan so that I donít have to spend 8 hours cleaning on a Saturday. This is something I worked on for awhile and when it was getting done it was beautiful, but then Tom started working nights, making it me cleaning all the time. Not to mention when is home I would rather sit and cuddle with him than run the vaccum. This will be a big one for us this year, working on balancing it all.

10. Family and Friends- be a better friend, daughter, daughter in law, sister, aunt, etc. I didn't get to spend nearly as much time in Pittsburgh in 2009 and I want to spend more in 2010. My family and I are very close and when I only get to see them 1 time every 3 months it takes a toll on me and my relationship with them and Tom. I want to encourage them to come visit me more often as well.

This is a lot to strive for this year but I know that I can do it. Looking back at all that I accomplished in 2009 proves to me that I am ready for all that life has to give me. Good luck to everyone and their goals, it's time to get fired up for a great 2010.

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MJSPARK 1/1/2010 7:51PM

    You and I share many common goals this year. I know we can do it!

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I am officially a Mrs!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

We are officially married. I still can't believe it. For the past 3 days both of us have just continued walking around saying Husband and Wife. I can't believe I let all of that stress of planning almost take away from one of the happiest moments of my life.


Thursday Tom and I spent the day in Pittsburgh with my nephew. I had to do some last minute wedding shopping as well as finalize hair and nail appointments. We took him to McDonald's so he could play and in general just hung out and enjoyed out last day before the wedding. Thursday night he slept at his Aunt and Uncle's house while I stayed with my mom so that we could have the traditional night apart.

Friday I went and got my hair and nails done with my mom. It was all very last minute which stressed my mom out but I felt fine. I wasn't nervous more antsy that things were not going to be as smooth as I had wanted them to be. After my beauty appointments it was time to get dressed and head to the magistrate. Of course I was the first to arrive and Tom was very close to being late.
We had quite possible the quickest marriage ceremony ever but it was funny. Our friends and family that came with us joked with us and the JP and it made it that much more memorable. Finally it was time to kiss and my new husband decides to be a jokester. I was wearing tall shoes so he reached up on his tip toes to kiss me. This started a giggle fest for everyone. It was something I will never forget though.

After the ceremony we headed over the the place we choose to have dinner. They did a wonderful job of setting everything up the way I wanted. Our cake looked and tasted delicious and the food from the restaurant was great as well although I didn't eat much.

We had such a nice night. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. I am so glad we finally just did it our way and stopped worrying about everyone else and making them happy. We had a beautiful hotel room to stay in Friday and Saturday night. It had a great view of the rivers in Pittsburgh with tall 10 foot windows.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast with my family and my friends from Maryland who were about to leave. We made a ginger bread house with my nephew and then had my birthday dinner with Tom's parents.(did I mention that Friday was also my 25th birthday?)

Sunday we woke up to an ice storm in Pittsburgh which doesn't happen often so we got to spend the day iced in. We cuddled watched movies and ate like pigs.

Overall the weekend was perfect. I weighed myself this morning and I only gained 1.6 lbs which is great considering that Thursday night I literally ate 4 pieces of buttered Italian bread from our favorite bakery. YIKES. Definitely a carb loaded weekend but I am back and focused.

Everyone had such positive feedback about my weight loss and how I looked that now I am more determined than ever to get rid of this last 45 lbs.

Here are some pics and I hope you all enjoy them
emoticon exchanging rings

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IDAATJE 12/21/2009 1:19PM

    You two look so beautiful! Congrats!

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WHITEJM11 12/18/2009 9:21AM

    Thank you thank you. We had a fantastic wedding and I am sad that it's over. After all that stress it blew by

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TAMBERTRAND 12/16/2009 6:57PM

    CONGRATS!!!! You look amazing!

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PACKY62 12/14/2009 9:25AM

    congrats you look good together wish you many years of happniess

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TAZZYM150 12/14/2009 9:01AM

    You looked beautiful. Congrats.

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Wedding Dress Help

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OK so Tom and I had intially decided to have a destination wedding in Jamaica. Recently I have been soooo stressed about wedding planning. He and I are paying for the wedding and yet I still was trying to please everyone but myself. Ultimately I have gotten so frustrated and been in tears so much that I decided I didn't even want to get married. I didn't see the point. We have been together for 5 years and have bought a house and have a puppy. If we didn't want to be together we wouldn't and a silly piece of paper isn't going to keep us together. In any case I knew that his parents(mainly his very religious mother) would not be happy with us continuing to live in sin and possibly bringing Bastard children into this world. Although I disagree with this whole line of thought I do want to be married to Tom. I do want us to share the committment a man and wife share regardless of the stress.

Long story short I woke up a few weeks ago and said why don't we just have a justice of the peace ceremony. He has been joking about this for weeks but I always blow him off because I did want my mom and his parents to be there and they can;t just pick up and come to Maryland at any given moment. The more we thought about it the more we realized the marriage isn't going to be about 1 day of our lives, but rather a journey that begins when you say I do. We are quite ok with having a small ceremony in a courthouse and then having a nice dinner with family and friends(maybe a party this summer) so plans have evolved and it looks like we are getting married in the next 60 days in Pittsburgh(that's how long your marriage license is valid until you have to get another).

This is where my dilemma begins. JOP weddings are small and relatively inexpensive- which works fine with me. We are upgrading my band with the money we saved on skipping the big wedding. My girlfriend here in Maryland went out with me on Saturday to look at dresses and get an idea of what I wanted. I think I may have found "The one" problem is that the dress is $400 not including alterations. This is very inexpensive for most wedding dresses but I am unsure of whether I want to spend that much on a dress for a wedding that may only cost $1000 total. I know it's only 1 day and I should wear what I want and blah blah blah but I am also concerned that this is a little more formal than I was looking for. This is why I can't be sure that it is "The One". The other slight problem is that I have to order it ASAP for it to get here and be altered in time for the wedding in December. I am so puzzled and need to make a decision before the end of this week 1 way or the other. The pic is below so tell me what you think please?

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WHITEJM11 11/11/2009 9:06PM

    Thanks again for all the comments you guys. The dress came in on Monday and it is sooo cute. It even needs taken in so go me on that one. We made all of the final arrangements in the last few days, so it is official I AM GETTING MARRIED IN A MONTH. Actually 1 month from today to be exact on my 25th Birthday of all days. I can't wait for the day

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    Finding "the one" is important no matter the cost of the wedding itself. Besides, it looks like you might be able to use this type of dress later on at a different function maybe? Like later anniversary celebrations? Congrats on the wedding!

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SUGIRL06 11/6/2009 2:18PM

    :deleted: :-P

Oops! Just saw your note that you ordered it. I know you will love it!!! Congratulations!!!

Comment edited on: 11/6/2009 2:19:59 PM

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DAKOTANMISTY 11/6/2009 2:01PM

    The dress is adorable, and you look amazing in it! Every bride deserves the dress of their dreams, no matter what type of wedding......for example; a friend of mine had a destination wedding, ceremony on the beach--she wore a white bikini and a sarong. Congrats on getting married emoticon

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AOGOAE 11/6/2009 1:53PM

    Cute dress...but it looks to me like you could get something similar at a department store for less. Of course you'd probably have to wait until Spring, I don't know when your wedding is, but it's hard to find short white dresses in the winter!
My 'the one' dress was over $4000 retail, and $2500 if I bought it from oncewed.com or ebay. I decided to go for a sample sale dress for $400. No it isn't 'the 'one' but when I tried it (AFTER buying it online) on my fiance said 'that is going to look beautiful on you'. That makes it 'the one' for me.

oops, just noticed your wedding is in December. I would look online for something similar, overstock.com, ebay, and the various wedding dress sites are all helpful.

Comment edited on: 11/6/2009 1:54:57 PM

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MANDAO97 11/6/2009 1:50PM

    I too love it! You look amazing in it. It still has that wedding dress feel but since it is shorter it isn't too formal. I say go for it. You can splurge a bit on the dress since you are saving on the wedding. Make sure to get some great pictures of the day! You will be looking at those pics for a lifetime so you should definintely love your dress. Congrats on the wedding and on deciding to do things your way!

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WHITEJM11 11/6/2009 1:46PM

    Thanks for the compliments ladies. I ordered the dress and it should be here so soon. I am so excited. Hopefully it will need taken when it gets here instead of taken out.

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AWOLF24 11/6/2009 1:45PM

    That dress is super cute and is really flattering on you. If you love it - go for it!

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DOLL2THEWALL 11/6/2009 1:44PM

    That is a *fantastic* dress... when my husband and I take anniversary pictures at our 5 year (we lost a lot of weight since our wedding in 2006 so I want some smokin hot professional couple shots with me in a white dress, heehee), this is exactly the kind of dress I want. :)

Best of luck with the upcoming wedding!



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ANEWMACK 11/6/2009 1:39PM

    I LOVE IT!

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TAMBERTRAND 10/28/2009 11:36AM

    That is a very cute dress! It looks great on you. If it is "the one" then you should just do it. If you are having doubts at all then go back to the dress shop and keep looking. Like you said, it is a small wedding and how long will you really be wearing it? You might try some places that sell homecoming dresses. You can find a really nice dress for way cheaper than a bridal shop. Bridal shops inflate their prices a lot. Would you rather spend $1000 on a dress that you'll wear for a couple of hours and never wear again or put that $1000 into your ring that you'll have forever OR on a honeymoon.

Just my thinking. I wish you luck in your life and marriage!!! Congrats. Oh and the Bastard children comment made me laugh...love it!!! The world has changed from when our parents and their parents were doing things. Good for you for realizing that it's not a piece of paper that makes a good relationship!

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DAWNWS1 10/28/2009 11:28AM

    I think the dress is lovely and not too overly formal. I know we have a wonderful consignment shop close to me that actually has wedding dresses of all types, and they are sooooo much cheaper than retail. I didn't end up getting my wedding dress there, but my bridesmaids got their dresses there, and I think they were all under $50 (now this was quite a few years ago, but still...) Anyway, just a thought, something you might want to look into. BUT, that said, I still think the dress is beautiful and if you feel like it's THE ONE, and you can afford it, you should get it.

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Everyone wants to blog

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It seems like a lot of people on here write a blog everyday. I guess it's my turn to jump on board.

I will recap my questionable weekend and crappy start to the week.

Saturday Tom took me shopping at the outlets near us. I was so excited to finally buy some new clothes. All of my work clothes are huge and quite honestly embarassing to wear. I am a firm believer that you feel good when you look good. Although it feels nice to know that clothes that were once too tight are now huge it doesn't feel good to think you look sloppy and unkept. When I began my journey I was squeezing myself into an 18-20 (I really probably should have been wearing a 22) and was excited when 18's I haven't worn in over a year became too big to wear. This all seemed great especially when I considered clothing shopping. It did not turn out that way however. Within an hour of arriving at the outlets and trying things on I became discouraged and gave up. It appears that I am in between an 18 and a 16 now(YAY) which is great on the surface but crappy in general. I refuse to buy 18 which are already a little too big because I KNOW they will be too big soon enough and 16's are too tight to make me feel comfortable. After going to the Gap, Banana Republic, Levis, and countless other clothing stores and finding nothing that I thought looked "good" I gave up. Needless to say I didn't leave the outlets with much in hand, which is rare for me because I always find deals.

Sunday Tom and I went to the Renaissance Festival. I was not looking forward to this at all. I had been forewarned about the types of people who frequent the festival and although I applaude them for living in their own fantasy world I just do not get it. I knew there would be people dressed up and getting into and it is not my cup of tea(I hated playing Barbies when I was young) Regardless I put a smile on my face and got out there with Tom. The weather was fantastic and we were out in the woods with the sun shining. Tom had some beer and turkey legs while we watched the Joust- which was awesome. We walked around and browsed the shops and other food vendors before I chose to eat a piece of chicken on a stick and a pickle. Tom then ate regular chip french fries(I ate some-yummy) and funnel cake french fries. He drives me crazy eating whatever he wants all the time. Regardless after a few hours even he had had enough of the festival and we left. There wasn't much in the way of entertainment, it was mostly shopping and that wasn't the kind of shopping I enjoy.

Monday would have been fine if I wasn't up almost 2 lbs from my Friday weigh in. That started me off on a bad foot and made me cranky. I generally do not like Mondays as it is but especially not when I am up in the lbs. Work was busy as it always is on Mondays and everyone- I MEAN EVERYONE is sick breathing their germs all over the place. I hate being sick, most people do, and can not figure out why everyone doesn't stay home when they are sick. No no they would rather come to work and blow their noses and germs all over the rest of us who are not sick. It's gross. I don't feel sick yet- knock on wood and hope that I do not catch these nasty germs. Last night we went over to one of Tom's coworkers house for a cookout and to watch the GreenBay/VIkings game. I do not typically watch or follow football other than keeping an eye on whether the Steeler's won or not so I don't know how I got roped into going. I baked cupcakes to take with us for their kids and thought it would be good for us to meet other couples. Needless to say besides the hostess I was the only other female. Apparently the other ladies backed out, which would have been fine but seriously who wants to watch football with a bunch of guys. Especially when the guys were seriously into the game and I was more concerned with the fact they were wearing pink for Breast Cancer month. We left at half time and that was already way past my bedtime. I was tired and cranky this morning because I didn't make it to the gym and now I just feel blah.

I was hoping this would get this blahness out of my system and make me feel better. It did help a little. I am looking forward to getting home and getting some heavy duty cleaning done. Cleaning always makes me feel better. It gives me a sense of control and I love having a freshly cleaned room. Tonight is also catch up on Girly TiVo Tv shows since Tom is working. YAY for Gossip Girl.

AT least tomorrow is HUMP DAY

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TAMBERTRAND 10/6/2009 3:50PM

    Hang in there girl...you are doing amazing!!!!

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  I'm glad you're dropping the pounds! The rest will come soon enough, hang in there!!!

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