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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Well, Coco had her day out. She had her spa day and the groomer found a flea on her. She has been chewing on herself again. She is very sensative to fleas and she will chew her skin completely nude if I do not stop her. She is in her little onesey now and she does not chew then. She is so funny. She got into the car today when we picked her up and immediately smelled my breath to see if I had eaten anything of interest. Then she did the same to Hubby. We all started laughing. She thinks she is eating what I am but I have a few of her little treats laying by my food for her when she wants to taste.

Hubby is having to work a 10 hour day today and they wanted him to do a double tomorrow. He told them no. He could not get off at 2:00am and be back by 6:30 in the morning for a 16 hour day. Hubby is an 8 hour sleeper. You can tell when he does not get his sleep. This is one reason he will not work two doubles back to back.

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RASCALSMOMMA 5/7/2010 8:36AM

    Good for him; no need to wreck his health! I think my cat wants me (as he just rubbed himself on my legs!) so tell Miss Coco to get rid of the fleas and quit chewing on anything not smelling of (I was gonna say MEAT but what do fleas smell of??) Oh well you get the idea! Hugs Laurie and a "starving" cat!

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hubby worked another double today. This makes long days for me. I did get a few things accomplished today. The thing is I do not like to fix meals when I am the only one eating. I had to run to the Post Office. So Miss Coco went along for the ride I was not planning to go anywhere else so she would not be alone in the heat of the car for long. I waited until about 2:00 to run there as this is usually the slower time of the day at our Post Office. I was able to run right in and up to a postal worker for my package. A total of about 3 minutes so she was not in there long enough for the car to get hot. Of course, she managed to get someone's attention while I was in there. The car that pulled in beside me had a little child ab out 5 sitting next to the window and they were waving at each other. Coco was up at the window waving her little paws at the child. The mother was in the front and rolled down her window asking me questions about her. She certainly puts her personallity out front whereever she goes.

I worked on the clothes some today. I have many that are just too large for me and some I know I will never wear again. I got two boxes ready for the Goodwill and several really good items that I am going to sell at the market. I am gathering up purses that I will not use again to take to the market and sell for a couple of dollars apiece. A number of them are nice leather, but I have not need for them.

Hubby called and said they asked if he wanted to pull a double tomorrow. He said no. He has two doubles this week. One Monday and one today. Tomrrow would be back to back for 16 hours without enough time to rest in between. He would only have about 4 hours to rest. I want him to be around with me for a long time not shortening his life by overworking himself. We live comfortably on his regular hours so there is no need for him to push himself until he is sick. Several of the guys he works with have pushed themselves into corners and have to work as much as they can just to make it from payday to payday.

Hubby and I made an agreement years ago that we would always discuss our finances openly and neither of us would make a decesion of over $100 without discussing it together. This has worked out for us. I have worked all the time we have been married so I take care of certain expenses in our home and the rest are his responsibility. This has worked out well, expect if something happens to me, he will be sitting in the dark wondering why his phone does not work. He has not seen any utility bill at our house in 28 years. They have always been my responsibility. They would never cross his mind until he was cut off. He handles our other household expenses and we do not go into debt without talking about our needs and how it will be paid off. In other words, we live below our means so that we can be comfortable. Neither of us ever had the" keeping up the Jones" attitude. We were both married before and had spouses who believed in spending every peeny that was available with no thoughts about anyone else. We have had rough times making it over the years, but it has made us more aware of the need to be open about our monies and how they will be spent. Hubby tells me he wants something and we plan on saving for that. The same with me. I have really be fortunate to have a Hubby that is responsible and agreeable on these types of things. My X never considered me in anything he did. He would spend every last cent that we had. He would quite a job if he thought I had an extra $100 in the bank and he once told me he had figured it all out and I made enough for us to live on and he saw no reason to keep the job he had as he had to get up too early......so he quit. Of course, the next week, he told me he needed $20.00 for something and I tole him it was not in the budget, because for me to pay all our expenses, I only had $8.00 a week from my paycent and I needed that for the bus to get to work for my $8.00 the next week. Well, it was not long after that we went out seperate ways.

Happy to have a wonderful, understanding Hubby that does consider me in his life. I think maybe it took a rotten one for me to really appreciate what I have. I do not know if his virtures would be that important to me if I had not had just the opposite.

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VICIOUS421 5/6/2010 1:37AM

    I think you have a found a true gem for a hubby!!!! It is great how well you 2 fit together and work things out together.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Well, I tried to switch my plans for today to yesterday when I could not get my internet working. I ran a lot of errands. Hubby worked a double yesterday, so I thought he would sleep late this morning. But no, he was up, rushing me to get ready. I finially asked him what was the rush. He said he had to get blood work done today, pay about four bills, select something for his Mother and get it in the mail. I could tell that he had not intention of doing all of this alone. So I got dressed, We made all the selections for his Mother, went to the Post Office to get it mail along with some of his bills. He then wanted to go to the bank and pay on his credit card and loan there. It was great to find that only one more payment on the loan. He took me to a local seafood place and I had broiled flounder and shrimp, the lunch portion which was good. Hubby took half of it with him for his dinner tonight as I never eat as much as they serve even for the lunch size.

We got home and I had Miss Coco out running aroun d the yard. When she came in she started chewing on herself. I examined her and found two fleas, which were not there yesterday. Apparently, they are still in the yard. Hubby treated it over a week ago, but I am not sure about this product. I do know tht he Ortho that we used lasted year did kill the fleas for 3 months successfully , but they do not have that formula this year. Fleas are not even mentioned on the bag anywhere so we would not buy it.

Miss Coco just absolutely goes insane when she gets a flea. I am afraid to use certain things on herafter her reaction to the oral flea medication last year. I put Skin So Soft on her and put a little teeshirt on her and she has not chewed or scratched since. She will pull all her hair out where she gets a flea bite. I am going to a website in a few minutes that has natural cures for people and animals looking for something that will work for her without chemicals.



Monday, May 03, 2010

I got up this morning with lots of computer projects to complete. I tried to get on the internet with my DSL and it would not connect. I tried resetting it. Unplugging, replugging everything that I did not set it up, etc. Nothing worked. The DSL was a constant blinking. I then used my Air modium to connect. It would get me on the internet and open it up and then it would drop the signal to below the threshold of being able to go from place to place on the internet. I would disconnect the computer and reopen nothing worked. I started this at 7:30 then stopped at 9:00 to watch Racheal Ray. Got back to the computer when that went off and it still would not connect.

Finally at 12:30, I decided to run my errands on my list tomorrow as I was naking no progress with todays plans. At 2:00 oclock, I discovered my cell phone was not rining but going straight to voice mail and taking messages......The only thing I can figure is the atmosphere today as the storms are on their way to us and will be here to night. They were strong on the other side of the state I can understand the interference on the air card and the cell phone, but not the DSL which is hard wired. Maybe they had lines down somewhere that effected it, but my other phone was working and I did not check the phone that is connected to the DSL line. I have seperate phone line for the DSL and a phone that I can use in emergencies. I got home about 3:30 and everything was working. The DSL, the air card and the cellphone. Now I hope I can do todays projects tomorrow when the storms are moving across, but I do not like to have my computer going when we are having severe weather.

A little note, Miss Coco has become velco to me since I introduced her to a little puppy yesterday that I carried down to show Hubby. She was curious so I sit it down infront of her so she could check it out. Now I think she feels she need to be right on me so that she is certain I do not have this little puppy hidden on me somewhere. I was thinking about her, but I keep figuring how much more it will take to keep two little ones. Double the grooming, which is a once a week affair, double the food, vet bill and meds. I hope someone else took her this week so she will not be there this coming weekend. I may just forget it all. Miss Coco could use a companion (and I think she would adjust shortly as she is still young. She loves the cats and really wants them around her all the time. Of course, I do not know if she would want to share Hubby and I with another little furry to shaire the bed, the carand the treats.

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RASCALSMOMMA 5/4/2010 9:01AM

    Coco has cat buddies? That's probably enough! I worried about getting a companion for Ras but the same reasons popped up--minus the grooming. Let her see the puppies and have "play dates" with em. That should be enough! Many hugs and stay safe! Laurie

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, I have been selecting the foods that we have been eating for the last week. I told Hubby he could make the choice for one of the weekend days. He left the house this morning for a little while and came back with a pork roast to make barbeque, small pototoes for potatoe salad and a big pineapple which we both liked grilled when we have pork. He brought a bag of mixed spring greens and tomatoes for a salad. I guess he has been wanting the pork for a while. He did not even ask me to go to the store with him. I am sure when he comes in from work tonight he will season the pork and put in the frige to set until he is ready to grill it. He asked me to make the pototoe salad that he likes so well. (What he does not know is that I use Greek Yogart instead of mayo in this recipe and he really likes. I have a feeling that I will be blowing my choices tomorrow so, I will be having a smoothie tonight, in the morning and maybe even twice on Sunday to make up for the overload of calaries.

Little Miss Coco will not be happy, because she cannot have pork. I will just sit her little treats on the table when we are eating and slip her one when she gives us the soft little whimper to make sure that we know she is there and waiting patiently.

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RASCALSMOMMA 5/1/2010 2:15AM

    We all get "a taste" for something and pork isnt the worst thing, especially if done right. See if Coco likes the pineapple (Raw) she might like it; its different! Hugs Laurie

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