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Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, today was really interesting. I am working at an office in a town in the next county for a couple of days. I really enjoyed it and the customers were great. I would not mind working there more often. If they have an opening I may try to get a transfer. I will have to drive a little further, but I think the change would be good for me.

Well I came home and Miss Coco was watching out the window for me. When I opened the door she flew out. Apparently she had her little legs crossed today. Hubby took her out before he left for work and I took her out when I was getting ready to leave. She had herself a ball today. She pulled down all the towels in the kitchen and made a little bed in the middle of the kitchen floor. She had pulled the pillows into the center of our bed and made herself another bed. She had drank all her water today. Of course, the house was not hot so that was not the reason. I had rinsed out her water dish and filled it with fresh his morning before leaving. She usually does not drink all the water like that. I could tell that she had taken a nap in Hubby's chair today. She must have had a hard time getting comfortable or she was just bored as this is the first day of the week that she has to stay home alone. She is always with us at the market on Saturday and Sunday.

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VICIOUS421 4/15/2010 12:17AM

    Awe, sounds like she missed Mom and Dad!!! What a little doll LOL making a bed out of paper towels in the kitchen!!!LOL She is a little cutie!!!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Market was busy today. We worked in our booth and I would run next door to help the propiertor on the side when she had more customers than she could handle. Hubby would go to the other side to help the man there when he had lots of customers and they would fill in and help us. We were all exchanging money here and there. The lady next door sold a 30 dollar item for me when I was busy. I sold 3 small items for her and the guy next door was working with one customer and hubby collected the money from 3 more. It is great to have the people around you pitch in when the going gets busy.

We all keep an eye of each others merchandise as to shoplifters. It is strange, we have a few but not really that many considering. I worked in the mall for 5 years and shoplifting was really a problem. It seems our customers are a little above the regular mall shoppers. Three weeks ago, a person ran out of my booth with a 5 dollar lotion. It was not worth the hassle to run after him. When he appeared at the booth today, I walked up to him and told him he would not be welcome to come in as I knew what he had done. I advised him I would not give him the opportunity to do it again and that I was pointing him out to my neighbors so they would be aware of his tendencies. He looked at me and said he did not believe I would do that. I said just push me and see. At that the neighbor on one side was coming up to me for some information and I advised him of this guys past. He looked at him and said well you are not welcome here. I am calling the office for security to have you removed. He walked away from us. The security officer came by and talked to us. I told him I had proof as I had him walking away with the lotion under his arm on my phone camera and showed it to him. They had me send the photo to the office for future ID. It is so amaxing what people will do. If he had ask and told me he needed it and that he had no money, I would have probably given it to him.

Last week a lady came over and looked at the clothes I had on the rack. She took down a jacket, put it on and liked it. She asked how much and I looked at the tag telling her $5. She shook her head and took it off. I told her today I would run a special for her for $2. She just smiled and counted ot $2. in quarters. It made her happy to have something new to her. .

As I lose weight, I take my clothes that are in good condition to the market and sell them. I can aways tell when the buses are there from the retirement homes. These are usually the ladies that love my brightly colored clothes but are really limited on money. Hubby has beomce one of their heros. He is so good with these ladies and wants them to feel good He will give them a lip balm and come over and tell me they are looking for bargains. He knows what he can discount for them and they just really love him. They all know Coco and spend time talking to her. They usaually ask Hubby if he will bring her to see them. Of course he works and cannot do that. I have thought about getting her certified so I could take her to see these ladies and others in the homes near us

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VICIOUS421 4/15/2010 12:24AM

    Your market sounds like a really great place, I love how you all work together and the way you handled the shoplifter and the way you treat your customers! I think Coco would love being certified and going to the nursing homes, she would brighten so many peoples day and she would love it!!

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BUTEAFULL 4/12/2010 2:18AM

    so uplifting, the cooperation like teamwork, and the charitable effort for the poorer folk, I would probably have prosecuted the shoplifter if it were me but again your charitable nature let him walk with a warning, I too like to wear bright colors (I'm the eccentric one in my family)

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I had to work until 2 this afternoon an then went to the Market to join Hubby and Coco. They had been really busy today. I could not believe how well they had done. There were a number of people there that sell knock off merchandise and the Custom Agents raided them today. They confinscated merchandise and took several of the people to jail. I have purchased some of the better stuff for myself. This merchandise comes in 3 to 4 grades and you have to really check it out. The top grades are really hard to tell from the real thing.
Hubby always fusses me for buying this, but I took him to a store that sold the real stuff and picked out the bag that I wanted. I thought we would hve to pick him up off the floor when he saw the price. He was planning on purchasing me a real deal until the sticker price hit him. Back in the car he commented that the one I have looked so much like the real he understands why I was so excited when I got it. I know not everyone feels this is a good practice, buy I enjoy wearing and carrying the fakeouts. I have read in several of the women's magazines that you should not put your money in the real thing, but get the fakeouts.

I am also a big jewelry person and Hubby noticed I was wearing a new ring. He would not ask me about it but I could tell he had noticed it. Do not get me wrong, I love the real stones set in precious metals.....but.......A customer came in and commented on my ring. After she left, he finally asked me about it. I told him it was a fakeout. Good quality fake stones set in sterling instead of white gold or platinum. He knows that over the years, I have collected great jewelry, bought and sold many items. He has learned to recognize a lot of things when we are out shopping. At least he knows I would not have walked into a retail jewelry store and purchase a ring like this. He finally started laughing and told me that he knew if it was real it had to be a deal for me to buy.

It's great to have a person in your life that understands you and does not complain when you spend a little money. ONe day a lady commented on my purse and he remarked you want to buy it, everything is for sale. He has seen me take jewelry off my hand, wrist or neck and sell to people.

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RASCALSMOMMA 4/11/2010 12:33AM

    Not only are you a hard worker you seem to know the value of things which is really important! Hugs for a great day! Laurie

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Well, my schedule has changed for the fourth time for next week. I guess I am just going to go with the flow. I am being switched from different offices that they know are going to be busier than the one I am in at this time. I have worked in four offices this week and was called this afternoon to pick up the slack in one of the stores until closing time. I was clocking out from my store and they called and asked me to come to another one and work until closing.

Well, when I got home, little Miss Coco was at the door with her legs crossed. She rushed past me and out the door. Hubby had a double today so he left at 6:00am and I left at 8:30 as I need to go by the store for lunch items and the post office to get some mail out before opening at 10:00. I did not get home until 8:30 pm. She rushed into the yard before I could check things out. Some people have moved in next door to us and have a large male pit. He has jumped the fence into my yard already 3 times that I know of. The lady was taking him into the house when she came out. I am concerned that he is jumpting the fence. I did tell her that I am not happy about this situation and she is going to have to keep him in her yard. He was chasing my cats the first time he jumped the fence. The gentlemen that lives behind her informed her that if he came back over into his yard, he was fair game. We have not had any problems with dogs for a long time in our neighborhood and I hate to see this situation developing. Well, he people next door are renting and I have been friends with the owner for 30 years. She called me and told me who was moving in, but I do not think she knows about the dog. She lived there for the first 15 years we were in our house so I know she will look out for us that live here in the neighborhood.

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NAKIOMA 4/10/2010 7:32AM

    The dog situation could become horrendous. Keep a close eye on it and your little girl - sounds like you and your DH both manage to keep a little busy...................

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FABRICGIRL1 4/10/2010 1:16AM

  It sounds like you have a busy time at work for sure! I suppose that is good in this economy. I hope you have time to plan and take care of yourself too.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Well, today is my day off. Hubby and I took Coco for her bath as she has some fleas. I am putting her on Advantage, which I hoped I woul d not have to do, but she is so allergic to them that we have to do someting. Hubby stopped and got the Ortho for the yard in the red bag that kills the fleas for up to three months. This worked really well for us last year. We are keeping a close eye on her putting this on her. She was not having a reaction to that when we used it before, but after all ther reactions to the others things the vet put her on, I am concerned.

We went to Whole Foods and had lunch there. We enjoyed it. Hubby got his Acai Juice and he got a sallin soulution for his allergies. We also picked up some wonderful looking olives off the olive bar, some cheese that we do not find elsewhere and we were looking at the fresh fish. We did not get any today as we would not be able to cook it until Saturday evening and I do not want to keep it that long. I will stop by the fish market in our area and pick up whatever is fresh Saturday. We have discussed that we need more fish in our diet and we need to really pay attention to this. We have been cutting down on the red meat and pork and I am not really a big chicken eater so we need another way to go.

I saw some fresh salmon burgers and crab cakes while we were there today. I told him that we could do some salmon burgers on the grill every couple of weeks now that the weather is more to cooking out. We also bought fresh star fruit and avocadoes while there.


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