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Is there a runner in me?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I've been running for a few weeks on and off and esterday and today I got up at sunrise to rune three and three 1/2 miles. I think I may take up running. If I'm not in Egypt in April, I'm going to try the 5K (3.107 miles) in the Hogeye Marathon. I tried running in highschool and always quipthat the only time I didn't come in last in the cross country meets is when Bobby Tudor had an asthma attack and fell behind. Now I may have the wherewithall to really be a runner. I'ts convenienct and free.....



Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just put my favorite pair of pants on the pile today. They were a 16 and fall down even when they're zipped and buttoned - right over my hips! This is really good. I really can't believe that I weigh 156 pounds. I never thought I'd ever be this light again. My 12's fit like my 16's were fitting 4 months ago. Just a few more pounds and I'll be a solid 12 and on my way to 10. People comment on how little I am. I'm not little. Yes, I'm short, but I have a long ways to go til I'm little. I have to remember that.


Purple Pants Fit!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I bought a pair of purple courdory capri pants from Old Navy after my comprehensive exams for the PhD in October of 2004. They were a size 14 and they were pretty tight, but I thought they were cute and I needed something more comfortable to change into for a party I was going to, so I bought them. They've been on the shelf about ever since because I couldn't even button them. Today I saw them on the shelf and said, "I'm just going to use them as a gauge, hopefully I'll be able to button them. I'm not going to let it ruin my day if they don't fit." Well to my complete, utter, and pleasant suprise, they just slid right on and I could button them and even squat in them! I feel like jumping for joy! I'm going to wear them tonight to my friend's labor day get together. YEY!!!


Heart Rate Info

Monday, August 21, 2006

Just needing to put this down somewhere. I just read a bunch of articles about aerobic exercise and have figured out that my resting heartrate is 72 BPM and that I should stay between 140 and 160 BPM during at least 20 minutes of aerobic excercise (the time EXCLUDES the warm up and cool down times). That's between 23 to 25 beats per 10 seconds (that's how I usually count). So I need to stay at 25 beats per 10 seconds for at least 20 minutes a day. Easy, right??!?!?!? The articles said to give myself one day off a week. Oh Boy!!


Physical changes

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm only 8 pounds down but I think my body distribution is changing completely. When I did my toenails the other day, I didn't have a problem bending my leg close to my butt. I've always been really flexible so I know it was just the girth that was getting in the way. I suppose when I start yoga again I'll do much better. I hop up the stairs now instead of dragging myself. I can sit with my legs crossed much easier than before. Some of my favorite clothes are falling off and I literally can't wear them without hiking them up. So even though I've only lost 8 pounds, I think I've lost ALOT more fat and gained muscle which I'm assuming takes up less space so I'm tighter all over. Very nice feeling though I'm gonna miss that Lewis & Clark skirt!!!


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