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CLX weeks 4-6 and ytd numbers

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just an accountability blog, to keep track of my workouts.

Year-to-date numbers (meant to post this since October 1st)

Jan= 6,774 calories burned / 864 fitness minutes/ 45.82 miles (started half marathon training)
Feb= 7,839 calories burned /1,015 fitness minutes/ 53 miles
Mar= 8,559 calories burned / 1,203 fitness minutes/ 78.6 miles
April= 8,373 calories burned/ 1,113 fitness minutes/ 67.1 miles
May= 9,722 calories burned/ 1,295 fitness minutes / 82.5 miles
June= 6,345 calories burned/ 863 fitness minutes/ 57.6 miles (did 1st half)
July= 10,097 calories burned/ 1,353 fitness minutes/ 91.2 miles (16 miler training)
Aug= 7,179 calories burned/ 926 fitness minutes/ 58.8 miles (obviously I left out one too many long runs)
Sept= 8,027 calories burned/ 1,285 fitness minutes/ 32.2 miles (no serious race training! Started Chalean Extreme!)

CLX Re-cap

Week 3- actual done!
Sun 9/19: rest
Mon 9/20: burn circuit 1, 2-mile treadmill run
Tue 9/21: 5-mile treadmill run
Wed 9/22: burn circuit 2, recharge (yoga)
Thu 9/23: Burn Intervals
Fri 9/24: Burn circuit 3, ab burner, my own 30-min circuit
Sat 9/25: water aerobics (50 min)
Sun 9/26: 5-mile run outside

Week 4- done! End of burn phase!
Mon 9/27 : burn it off, burn circuit 1
Tue 9/28 : burn circuit 2, 2-mile treadmill run
Wed 9/29: rest
Thu 9/30 : Burn Intervals
Fri 10/1 : off
Sat 10/2: burn circuit 3, 3-mile treadmill run, ab burner
Sun 10/3: Rest!

Week 5.
Mon 10/4: 5-mile run
Tue 10/5 thru Sat 10/9 OFF. Bad week at work and at home. I was a tired and emotional mess and I let it get to me physically. I’ll call this recovery week!

Week 6- start of Push phase! Finally going heavier!
Sun 10/10: Race for the Cure 5K (Ran/walked it)
Mon 10/11: Push circuit 1, 5-mile run outside
Tue 10/12: 3.1-mile run outside, 20 min my own circuit
Wed 10/13: Burn it off, Push circuit 2
Thu 10/14: Burn intervals, Ab burner
Fri 10/15: Push circuit 3, an easy run
Sat 10/16: Water aerobics, walk
Sun 10/17: Maybe run and recharge (yoga)

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IDAREU 10/14/2010 10:25AM

    That's what I call leading by example!! My plan is more like: Sleep, Sofa Computer & Eat. I think I have to make some serious adjustments! Congratulations girl! You know what you have to do and YOU DO IT! I know what I have to do! And I AVOID IT!...That's the difference of why some people succeed and others don't! emoticon

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HEALTHYLES 10/13/2010 6:02PM

    Perdona la ignorancia pero que significa CLX?

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JENN26POINT2 10/13/2010 11:00AM

    Looks good. Way to keep at it!

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CLX Weeks 2 & 3

Monday, September 20, 2010

CLX weeks 2 & 3

Week 2- done!
Sun 9/12: rest
Mon 9/13: Burn it Off (25 min), burn circuit 1 (32 min)
Tue 9/14: 3 mile/31 min (out), Recharge (yoga, 20 min)
Wed 9/15: 2 mile/24 min (tmill), burn circuit 2 (35 min)
Thu 9/16: 2 mile/23 in (tmill), burn circuit 3 (29 min)
Fri 9/17: Burn Intervals (44 min)
Sat 9/18: water aerobics (45 min), burn it off (25 min)
Week’s calorie burn: 2,125…!!!

Week 3- plan...
Sun 9/19: rest
Mon 9/20: burn circuit 1, 3-mile run
Tue 9/21: burn circuit 2, other cardio
Wed 9/22: run, yoga
Thu 9/23: Burn Intervals, Ab burner
Fri 9/24: Burn circuit 3, other cardio
Sat 9/25: water aerobics, run
Sun 9/26: Rest!

I seem to ‘carryover’ at least one workout to the following week- but haven’t missed a workout yet, and not planning to either. As for running- easy, quick runs are all I can manage for now so I re-set my weekly distance goal to at least 8 miles a week. A.M. workouts are out of the question for me. I have a life too! So this is my plan. One I can DO. Barely- but I CAN! And WILL! I seriously NEED new, heavier weights!!! And NEW circuit training sneakers! My old running shoes are NOT cutting it. Nutrition has been decent. No binges to report. Allowed myself a treat on Sunday.

Have a great week SparkAmigos!!

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PINKBEANBOO 9/20/2010 4:00PM

    I love they way you lay out your workouts. I started doing mine like this, too.
I hope your body loves the change up. It should be fun!
Get Extreme!

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CLX Week 1

Friday, September 10, 2010

9/4 Sat: water aerobics (50 min)
My first time ever, and I loved it! Much harder than I thought it would be. I had to use the floating tube to finish water jogging. And I’m a runner! We worked legs, arms and abs.

9/5 Sun: 10K race! Made it in 56:35, again! Placed 1st in my age category and got a cash prize of $75! Say what?!? It was in my parent’s hometown so I had a huge crowd of family cheering me on. Super FUN! In fact throughout the entire route there were LOTS of spectators cheering. It was awesome! The route was good (except for one hill- OMG!). The weather was perfect. It had rained just before the start so it was really cool and not humid. All the participants got a medal and t-shirt and dinner, too!

9/6 Mon: Rest

9/7 Tue: Burn Circuit 1 (34 min), Elliptical (20 min)
I used 5 and 8 lbs dumbbells for this one. Being my first time I just wanted to concentrate on the moves and form. I know now that I can definitely use my hubby’s 20 lbs for the leg work.

9/8 Wed: Burn Circuit 2 (35 min), 2 mile (26 min) easy run on treadmill
Brought out the 20 lbs but not a lot of leg work here. More arms and shoulders. Still an AWESOME session. I will need to move up to 10 lbs and 12 lbs very soon. I love Chalene!

9/9 Thu: Burn Intervals (44 min), Ab burner (10 min)
Whoa! Killer workout! Lots of reps can still BURN! And Ab Burner- DAYUM! Who knew there were so many ways to work the abs! I had to pause quite a lot due to that knot-in-the-stomach-I-feel-like-throwing-u
p sensation.

Burn Circuit 3 (30 min) is on schedule for today, 9/10 Friday, along with a 2- 3 mile run.
Tomorrow, 9/11 Saturday, water aerobics again. Maybe a run.
Sunday, 9/12 Burn it Off and Recharge planned. Run if I can’t do it on Saturday. I think hubby has to work on Sat. Monday is REST day! Woohoo!

I’m getting extreme baby!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Have an awesome weekend SparkAmigos!

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LILY_SPARK 9/10/2010 12:06PM

    I absolutely love CE!

I'm in my 4th rotation after 3+ months of being on doctors' orders to do nothing, so I'm starting out slow and easy on that torn rotator but working the lower body normally.

It works SO well, just do as she says and don't cut yourself short. Work to FAILURE, where you can't lift that weight another time (if you're going to increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat--some ppl go easier on it for general strength, whatever!).

It did amazing things for me when I worked it as presented. I found BIO and BI easier after the first rotation was done. That got me back into running more with the increased cardio. It looks like you're already running, so maybe it'll up your running, too? Hope so! Rock on!

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JENN26POINT2 9/10/2010 10:53AM

    Your workouts sound great! Keep it up!

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PINKBEANBOO 9/10/2010 10:51AM

    Glad to hear you are liking CLX! Her Burn It Off & Burn Intervals are KILLERS. No Joke. But, I say: Kill Me Chalean, Kill Me. Love it!

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September plans...time flies!

Friday, September 03, 2010

First, 2010 in numbers….

Jan= 6,774 calories burned / 864 fitness minutes/ 45.82 miles
Feb= 7,839 calories burned /1,015 fitness minutes/ 53 miles
Mar= 8,559 calories burned / 1,203 fitness minutes/ 78.6 miles
April= 8,373 calories burned/ 1,113 fitness minutes/ 67.1 miles
May= 9,722 calories burned/ 1,295 fitness minutes / 82.5 miles
June= 6,345 calories burned/ 863 fitness minutes/ 57.6 miles
July= 10,097 calories burned/ 1,353 fitness minutes/ 91.2 miles
Aug= 7,179 calories burned/ 926 fitness minutes/ 58.8 miles (obviously I left out one too many long runs)

September plans:
4th – While my 4 year old is in swimming classes I start aquaerobics or swimming myself! Every Saturday of this month! Woohoo!
5th – 10K in my parent’s hometown. YAY for family support along the route!
6th – I go Extreme baby! Starting Chalean Extreme! Just following the plan as is. There’s cardio, plyo, strength and even yoga.

-Continue running at least 2-3 times a week. Depending how it goes with CLX, I may have to squeeze 2 – 3 miles in the a.m. or before or after CLX. Just DO IT! I have plenty of sparkbuddies that continue to run while doing other programs, so why can’t I?? But since I am not on a formal training plan, no more long runs!!! Unless I suddenly feel like it of course. My next half is in February 2011 so I have a little over 2 months to train after I finish 90 days CLX.

-Blog often about CLX progress.

-Control binges and mindless snacking. More fruits and veggies!

-Track food a couple of days this month (thanks PINKBEANBOO for the idea!) Curious to see what my calorie intake is these days since I haven’t tracked a bite since January 2010 yet I’ve been successfully maintaining around 130 for over 8 months! (Give or take 2-3 lbs normal fluctuation).

-Take the traditional before and after pics for CLX program.

-I feel I should take on a challenge of some kind……Pushups? Abs? Go veg? ....Hmmmm…..maybe at the end of this month or for October. I’ll be thinking about this one.

-At home, get more done! I have a notebook for tracking this stuff. Need to get on it!

I CANNOT believe it’s September already!! Makes you think. Where the heck does time go? We can’t get it back. What have you done with it? Are just letting time pass you by or are you making the most of it? There’s still plenty of time left in 2010, so LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LANGEROSE 9/6/2010 3:18PM

    You started over a year ago, where I started last month 158.2 to be exact for me. It's great to see how much it can pay off. I've never been athletic, but am working on C25K now and hopefully increase distance from there. Just like you, my baby weight was gone in a month but it just went up after that. My son is now 4 1/2 years old. Thank you for the inspiration!

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    I love that quote and the image as well! Fun blog, time sure does fly, and I am grateful that I have had so much time to spend with my family, especially my children.

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JENN26POINT2 9/3/2010 9:23AM

    I hate that I spend about 12 hours of my day either working or driving to and from work, and 7 hours sleeping... that leaves me with 5 freaking hours to get ready for work and clean my house up, take care of my kiddos, etc... So, unfortunately, I feel like I'm letting time pass by. :(

Great goals and I believe you can do it!

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DPTHEIS 9/3/2010 8:51AM

    Great focus on your goals! You've motivated me to keep better track of my calorie/time/distance numbers each month now, too. Good luck with Chalean Extreme! I've heard good things about it, too.

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PAISHAR2 9/3/2010 8:48AM


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Sabrina's 16 miles (25K) race DONE!!! (w/ pics)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First—for accountability’s sake, here’s the last 2 weeks of training…which I’m not particularly proud of because I didn’t give it my all. I had planned for more but it didn’t happen. Whatever now!

Training Log
Week 7
8/16 Mon: 35 min circuit (BL LCW)
8/17 Tue: 2 mil/24 min Treadmill
8/18Wed: 3 mil/35 min Treadmill, 20 min ST (BL LCW)
8/19 Thu: Off
8/20 Fri: 30 min elliptical, 20 min ST (BL PS)
8/21 Sat: Off
8/22 Sun: Last long run of 10 miles scheduled—NOT DONE. DH got injured so I had to take him to the hospital.

Week 8
8/23 Mon: 5 mil/53 min out
8/24 Tue: 35 min circuit (BL BC), 20 min TJ Ab Jam
8/25 Wed: 3 mil/35 min Treadmill
8/26 Thu: rest
8/27 Fri: rest
8/28 Sat: rest
8/29 Sun: Sabrina’s 16 miles (25K)!

Race day
Went to bed around 8:45 pm the night before. Got up at 2 AM on Sunday, Race Day!!!! Most races in Puerto Rico are in the afternoon/evening. So, TWO AM!! is kinda crazy. But I was hyped! Had my coffee and a mini-cinnamon/raisin bagel with cream cheese. My friend picked me up. She was running the 5K and a couple from the neighborhood was walking the 5K. We left around 3am, got there around 4am. I had a banana and some Gatorade on the way there. There was bit of traffic in the area given all the hotels, clubs and restaurants in the area. It was funny to see all the clubbers, decked out in their outfits, visibly drunk. We registered, got our stuff. Of course it was still dark. The starting point was at a track very close to the ocean. In fact the entire race was along the shore. The smell was very pungent. But the sound of the shore was very relaxing. Until we took off and I put on my headphones. The stress and pressure of a race immediately went away. I had told myself that these 16 miles were just a long easy run. I said I would enjoy the pace and the sights. From the beginning I said I was doing this race solely for the experience, to get it done!

Me at the start waving bye!!

We started in Isla Verde, then through Condado (both hotel and beach districts), then up to Old San Juan – yes UP. There was a moderate hill right before the capitol building and just when I was recuperating from it, as soon as we passed El Morro Fortress, a steep hill!!!! Shorter but steeper! It took the air out of me but not as much as the view when I reached the top. Here’s an image I searched for on the web. What I witnessed was even more beautiful.

And here's the pic my friend took after her 5K near the track at Isla Verde.

Shortly after, the turn around point. Down the hills we went. At this part (and in a few others) we looped back so I got to see those ahead and those behind. It's entertaining and helps pass time. Some bits of this part of the course were on the cobblestone roads of Old San Juan. Uncomfortable for sure. It had also rained before the start of the race so the roads were wet. At mile 7 I had my pack of sport beans. We went back through El Condado, passed the start point (that’s when my friend took the pic at mile 10) and through Isla Verde strip of hotels.

I walked a little at 3 (of the many) water stops to get the Gatorade down without a mess. At mile 13, I was getting anxious and my legs were starting to feel like bricks. The scenery was no longer nice either—just cars, hotels and stores. Where the eff is the turnaround!!!!!!! It felt eternal!!! We turned around practically at the end of the strip. At mile 15, I clapped and woohooed!! And tried to speed up. Finally the beach and the track!!!!

almost at the finish line!

I DID IT!!! 16 miles in 2:47:15!!! I’ve never, ever run so far or so long!!!! I’ve never felt my legs so heavy! All throughout the race my breathing was in control, my heart rate too, no cramps, it was just my legs (and my mind) after mile 13 and I think that is normal. So I AM SO PROUD, SO HAPPY! I can totally DO a full marathon. I know I can!!! The only question is when, and I would definitely incorporate more scheduled walk breaks. I want to do this one again next year. I must say-- anyone who attempted and finished this race is a TROOPER!!! I saw all kinds of folks-- young, old, big, small-- and we all had one thing in common- TO FINISH. I loved the course and the camaraderie. Next year I’m packing my bathing suit and hitting the beach after!!!!!
This experience embodies one of my favorite running quotes:
“Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of." Patti Sue Plumer

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PSSN4FITNESS 9/8/2010 2:45PM

    Wow what an inspiration! I have really been struggling with my run training lately. It's great to see that you pushed through and had this wonderful accomplishment!

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IDAREU 9/2/2010 4:00PM

    Que Brutalll!! Yo me canso de ver las fotos nada mas jejeje! So proud of you! Keep it up! Great Job! emoticon emoticon

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HEALTHYLES 9/2/2010 11:47AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Otra meta mas! FELICIDADES. Inspiración para muchas mujeres de que si se puede!

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VEGALEGARRETA 9/2/2010 10:18AM

    nena! eres una mostra!! wohooo!!

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LOREENYK 9/1/2010 4:33PM

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I am doing my first 1/2 marathon on September 12 as part of my marathon training schedule (March 2011 in Rome - you should check that one out)! You posted an AWESOME time! I am hoping to do my half in 2:20 or less!!!
Cheers, Loreen

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LOVEUNOT55 9/1/2010 4:31PM

    Wow soo cool...Nicely done congrats emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CURLSPR 9/1/2010 3:58PM

    I told you that u could do it!!!!! Im proud of you always...next year i will do the 5k with you!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENN26POINT2 9/1/2010 2:17PM

    Great blog! I love the pictures. Beautiful! 16 miles is a long way... very daunting to me at this point (furthest I've gone thus far is 3 miles), but I'm confident that someday soon I'll be able to do it. :)

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    Great job!! That is fantastic!! Lovin the pics =)

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    Awesome time, and great pics! Thank so much for sharing, I love that it was dark when you started.

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PROJECTFIT4LIFE 9/1/2010 12:43PM

    the course looked like it was beautiful! good job and thats a great time!

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JNEGRON1 9/1/2010 12:39PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Felicidades, otra meta debes estar muy orgullosa de ti. emoticon

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PINKBEANBOO 9/1/2010 11:56AM

    You live in such a beautiful part of the world.
16 miles is a LONG distance. That is so awesome.
I've started 10k training. You are making me want to get out there & go go go.
Great quote - I think that applies to every runner - beginner or experienced.

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SEEAMANDARUN 9/1/2010 11:34AM

    Great Run! emoticon

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MUSICALMAGS 9/1/2010 11:30AM

    Great Job!! Really inspiring for me as I am training for a half marathon. emoticon

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