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Frustrating stupid foot

Friday, June 06, 2008

This has been a frustrating week for me. There is something wrong with my foot and so I can't run/go to Curves/or really do any cardio at all. So instead I've turned my attention to getting some really good strength training in and paying very close attention to my food. This week's goal was to eat a lot of produce and I've done that everyday so that is a great success. I have not gone over on my calories at all and have mostly stayed in the lower range. I have had NO sugar and no snacky food. I really feel so great. My body is really happy this week aside from the lack of cardio. I can't wait to pair cardio with my eating patterns this week.

I'm trying to focus on letting my foot heal or whatever it needs to do. I start my new dance class on Tuesday so it HAS to be better by then. After that, I'm getting new running shoes that are fit to my feet. I've alternated a lot this week between being really whiny and sad and frustrated about my foot and being peaceful and patient and letting it heal. The best part is that with this stuff going on it's made me focus on God more this week (which may have been his plan...hmm). I've spent more time with him and crying out to him as a result of my problem and it's been great. Maybe he just needed to slow me down and redirect my attention on him and let him be part of my goals even more. I dunno. It will be interesting to see what the scale says on Monday after this very interesting week. All in all, though I would call it a success.


Weekend success AND vacation success

Monday, June 02, 2008

I wrote this whole long blog and then it wouldn't post and I lost it so this is a record of it's existence at one time in abreviated form.

Friday: Culvers - salad instead of cheeseburger
Whole weekend - didn't eat the chips!
Sunday - ordered salmon off the guiltless menu at chilis instead of steak.

YAY! Down another pound!


Getting stronger

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's so excited to feel my body getting stronger. I ran yesterday and today and still felt stronger today. I even managed to run almost all the way up the big hill on my last running interval both days. I lost the pound that I had gained back during my setback week so now I'm back to 166. That's good news. I was hoping to lose two pounds last week but I'm trying to focus on what I did do and not feel disappointed about that. Mostly that's going well. =)

I've discovered that I run better and have less of an "is it over yet" attitude when I have a new fun tune to listen to on my ipod so I'm looking around for fun new songs I can add to spice it up. Also this morning I discovered a better way to run that doesn't tired my legs out so quickly. I even kept running after the song I was supposed to run through ended. What I do is rebound my steps which seems like it would be obvious but I just figured it out. So I try to make the end of each step the beginning of the next one and imagine that my body belongs in the air more than on the ground. It helps me even if it sounds silly. =)

I also went to the grocery store today and ot a whole bunch of fresh produce. mmm.... =) I'm going to try to shift toward eating mostly protein and fresh produce and a little bit of whole grains. Cherries were on sale so I got some of those as well as a bunch of apples, bananas and a cantalope. Yummy!


New goals

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here are my new goals:

Exercise goals:

Dance class
Curves 3x/week
Jogging 2x/week
Pilates 2x/week

Weight goals:

145 by October 4 (MY BIRTHDAY!)

By July5: 162
By August 2: 157
By September 6: 152
By October 4: 145

Wish me luck!!! It's for real this time!


Going strong for two months!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok, so after we got back from our trip to visit my family in AZ I jumped back on the wagon of my new lifestyle. It has been going very very well. I started going back to Curves 3 or 4 times a week and added jogging and a pilates DVD. I think the combo of different exercise styles keeps my body guessing. I started at the beginning of April at 166.4 and by the end of April was up to 168.6 which was very frustrating because I was doing so well with food and exercising. However I think the gained weight was all muscle because of the sudden increase in activity. This proved to be correct when the first week of May I dropped 2 pounds. Yay!

So I'm slowly making my way down but the best part is that I feel better about myself and am genuinely starting to enjoy exercising and mixing it up with different work outs. I've already met one jogging goal and this week I exercised all 5 days! I'm interested to see what happens with the scale when I weigh myself on Monday.

I feel like I should be able to tell the difference in my clothes, but I don't. That is frustrating. My body feels different to me. It feels leaner and even looks a little different but my clothes feel the same. I feel like the weight is just moving around. Weird.

I really do feel like I have a whole different perspective on life, though. Even though I haven't seen much of a change yet I look at things different and have started thinking things like, "What does my body need at this point in the day for a snack" rather than "what do I feel like eating." That is a huge thought pattern change for me. And I'm noticing my triggers, when I feel like eating just because I feel like eating not because my body needs something. I'm able to resist much more often and when I do give in number 1 I don't beat myself up about it and number 2 I have at least recognized a pattern which is the first step. I no longer feel like if I have a setback week it's the end of the world and I should just give up. Life happens and changing the way you live life takes time. In general I am very pleased about how I'm doing.

I've started taking a jazz dance class which is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do so I'm pretty proud of myself about that. It is my favorite thing in my life right now. I leave in such a great mood and it's an awesome workout. I only have one class left, but I'm looking into new dance classes I can take when it's done. I'm thinking I'll take a combination ballet/jazz class that's 1.5 hours. I have to get tights and a leotard and all that. =) Definitely wearing a ballet skirt.

Anyway, I think journaling about this process will be very helpful for me so here's to my first blog entry!


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