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12th April 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

hi, still very tired from the drive to Adelaide yesterday. Glad I went down there though but the heat has knocked me around. I also drove all the way down and probably half way back, a long way. I can feel it in the top half of my body. Arms, shoulders, top of back are very sore. I think this is due to holding the steering wheel for so long.

Still did some strength training and road my exercise bike for 5 minutes plus I did 5 of my push ups from the kitchen bench, wow I can feel them.

I did have a great sleep last night.

good night

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GOANNA2 4/14/2013 8:07AM

    Proud of you Wendy. You are doing amazing.
Glad you slept well. Thanks for the good wishes
on my blog. emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ARTJAC 4/13/2013 1:34AM

    emoticon emoticon

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    You must have been exhausted by the time you arrived home! Hope you can take it a little easier for the next week, to give your body time to get over such a trip.

I'm going to give those bench push ups a try, and will let you know how I go with them.
emoticon Chris

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MOTLEM 4/12/2013 7:55PM

    emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/12/2013 2:26PM

    Just take care of yourself! HUGS

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SUSIEPH1 4/12/2013 1:31PM

Hi Wendy .hope all went well love xx yes sounds like you did over do it. It's a long way to drive ... Try to rest up now .. Much love Susie xx emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FELINEBETTER 4/12/2013 12:15PM

    Take care, Wendy! You're doing GREAT!

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POSITIVEPAULA8 4/12/2013 7:38AM

    Look after yourself Wendy and don't over do it!

Sleep well emoticon

Paula emoticon

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MJRVIC2000 4/12/2013 7:25AM

    God is able to help YOU! He is more than able! God Bless YOU! Vic.

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11th April 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hi everyone, home safe and sound from Adelaide, another long day. Of course it was hot for travelling and my air conditioner in the car does not work.

All went well. One of my appointments was with a exercise physio and she is going to send me a heap of information about exercising. Gave me lots of suggestions.

All the information I have gained from all of you has helped a great deal also. I now realise that I was aiming too high and would have burnt myself out.

The exercise physio did tell me to use heavier weights as I have only been using 2kg (4 lb) for a while. She recommended 3kgs weights and also to use more of the bands.

When you use your brains there is such a range of different exercises that you can do. I do wall push ups quite a bit, she suggested trying to do these from a kitchen cupboard as these are a little harder. So tomorrow I will start at 5 and build up.

Will keep you posted.

Nearly time for bed.

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ARTJAC 4/12/2013 2:12AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOTLEM 4/11/2013 10:26PM

    Yes, variety is the spice of life. Try to always mix n'match your exercises to keep the body guessing. Sure beats the dreaded plateau.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/11/2013 8:30PM

    Good job! Glad that you are back safe & sound.



Hi! Just a shout out to congratulate you!

You are the recipient of the Beautiful Woman Award!!

"Once you've been given this award, you have to paste it on the page of 8 women who deserve it. If you receive more than 3, you know you're really beautiful! If you break the chain, nothing will happen, but it's always good to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out!"

Again, Congratulations Beautiful!

Thanks for spreading a little beauty, love, friendship, and support into my life!

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    Seems to me that long, hot drive was definitely worthwhile. I'm sure you were glad you saw the exercise physio.

As for wall pushups, I find if I'm not up to doing any other form of exercise, I can always manage to do at least a few of those. I always imagined they would only help strengthen my arms and shoulders, but I was having a really good day a few days ago, and managed to do 100! I expected my arms and maybe shoulders to be feeling a little sore next day, but it was my abs which reminded me what I'd done!

I've found a lot of simple exercises online, some from Spark People, some from Youtube. I loved the exercises for seniors, it was the first time I've been able to manage to find a full body exercise routine which I could cope with - and it was all done from a standing position. That in itself was a first.
Chris. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRUCKERWIFE2 4/11/2013 10:54AM

    Sounds like you got some great information and you can start exercising smartly and hopefully with better results. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Keep up the good work. emoticon

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LIVINGFREE19 4/11/2013 9:47AM

    Glad to hear you got some extra help!


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POSITIVEPAULA8 4/11/2013 7:43AM

    Sounds good Wendy! emoticon

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RSSSLHB 4/11/2013 7:22AM

    emoticonjust take it one day at a time it will come emoticon

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10th April 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

hi everyone, thank you for your comments on my last blog. Yes I do think I was aiming to high.

The good news just keeps on coming I had a blood test yesterday and rang today to get the kidney levels for the creatinine and it has improved again. So happy about this. I am now further away from dialysis again. Back to were I was in October last year.

In the next couple of days I am going to sit down and work out some harder workouts for variety so I can mix this all up. I am going down to Adelaide tomorrow for some appointments at the hospital and hope to get a chance to see if I can get some heavier weights.

I really need to do quality not quantity. I still plan on a total of 2 hours per day. Again today did too much walking as it was shopping day. Over 9000 steps. Plus strength exercises.

Did you see this daily blog about how much exercises you really need to do per day.


Be back on tomorrow night. Talk to you then.


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POPSY190 4/11/2013 4:17AM

    I hadn't seen the blog so thank you. Take care on the drive and keep those good test results coming!

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ARTJAC 4/11/2013 3:04AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RDEE22 4/11/2013 2:09AM

    Great news on keeping the dialysis at bay Wendy. emoticon

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SUSIEPH1 4/11/2013 2:03AM

    Great to hear kidneys are doing good again .. That is proof that you are doing the right thing and eating well and healthy.
Now you just have to concentrate on working out a exercise regime that isn't going to tire you to much..
I reckon 10 mins intervals twice a day of cardio just to get the heart rate up is plenty .. The Strength can come from walking or your bike maybe even exercise bands,
Love you and hope the trip to Adelaide go's well .. Safe Journey love ..
Thinking of you xx love Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOTLEM 4/10/2013 8:36PM

    Great news about the improved kidneys. emoticon

SharlotteJ's comments on 'that' blog are interesting and she weighs 280 lbs. But I still think it's too much exercise every day for everyone. So I'm one who does not agree with what I call 'over doing it'. Just my tuppence worth here.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POSITIVEPAULA8 4/10/2013 8:02PM

    That is great news for you all round! Keep it up Wendy emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon to you.

Take care,

Paula emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/10/2013 4:44PM

    WooHoooooooOOooo on the improved kidney values! Way to go. HUGS and have a safe trip to Adelaide.

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CLAIRE_LEFT_SP 4/10/2013 1:35PM

    Wendy, I'm so glad you are loving your kidneys! You have remained focused on your goals at a consistent rate - back sliding doesn't seem to defeat you. I have a lot to learn from your example.

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FELINEBETTER 4/10/2013 11:48AM

    Your commitment is paying off! Good for you that you've managed to change your "numbers." emoticon

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TRUCKERWIFE2 4/10/2013 10:21AM

    Congrats on your ever improving kidney numbers. You might check into getting adjustable weights. My kids bought me some and I find them easy to change.

Working on quality work-outs vs quantity will be a good change. Good luck to you and emoticon

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APED7969 4/10/2013 9:21AM

    Enjoy your exercise! I'm sure if you listen to your body and are flexible with your workouts you won't overdo it.

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9th April 2013

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

HI everyone,

I have had a day off today only because I woke up at 4am and could not go back to sleep. This means that I then have the wobbles all day, this is from the problem I had over 3 years concerning my brain which needed a major operation.

I am not going to let this upset me and actually I must be taking note of me as I usually still try to do some things. Really is not worth it as I came close to having a fall again this morning.

So yesterday was a really good day with my exercises in the morning then the walk to school to get the kids. I again did over 10,000 steps. Did not ride my bike last night as I knew I did enough.

I am still doing my approx. 2 hours of exercises (except today) but probably only 60 minutes of it is harder than before. So I am very happy with that.

I am still going to play around with my exercises to find the right combination for me to do everyday. I enjoyed doing the 25 minutes of hard exercises yesterday morning.

I might try some of these 10 minutes blocks of exercises and see how that goes. I would rather not be doing so much walking. Also when I walk further is when I get more problems with my legs at night time, as in swelling and cramps. I am very aware of not wearing myself out to the point that I get tired again. Which is no good for the kidneys.

So this is what I am wondering 2 hours of exercising per day.
20 to 30 minutes of hard exercises in morning to get the heart pumping.
then 10 minutes every hour but one block easier and then one block heart pumping.

The plan is to do a maximum of 60 minutes of heart pumping exercises per day
approx. 40 minutes of easier exercises Total for both 100 minutes.
Then just smaller amount of steps. Which would only be 20 to 30 minutes per day.

By doing the other exercises not the walking as much gives me more choices as there are the sit down videos on Sparks that I could do.

Is this being realistic? Love to hear some suggestions.

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ARTJAC 4/12/2013 2:26AM


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1CRAZYDOG 4/9/2013 10:30AM

    Great advice you've been given! I have to say dividing it into increments has worked for me for sure. Keeps the metabolism revved too.

Listen to your body as you've been doing . . . that's KEY!


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WENDYJM4 4/9/2013 8:24AM

    some very good suggestions here. You right I think I am aiming to0 high. Okay different format. I did handle the 17 minutes of cardio yesterday but can I do this everyday? Need a better plan. keep the suggestions coming.

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SUSIEPH1 4/9/2013 8:01AM

    Darling, to be honest I think you are doing to much exercise ..
You need to pace yourself.
Trying to do to much Cardio can be dangerous.
Try to relax a bit and look after your body ..
Always in my heart xx Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POSITIVEPAULA8 4/9/2013 6:27AM

    In my honest opinion I think you are trying to do too much in one day. for me with my slight Osteo Arthritis in both my hips if I did more than 10 minutes cardio in one day I would be sitting down for a few days unable to walk without lots and lots and lots of agonising pain. So I know 10 minutes a day is all I can do for cardio per day.

I can do strength exercises e.g. Tai Chi QiGong for up to 40 minutes no more. So I try to do cardio one day strength exercises e.g. Tai Chi or spark people DVD or some such the other day so as not to over do it.

What I have come to truly understand and I now get it is this: We are aiming to live a healthy lifestyle not be on a diet for the rest of our lives. So we have to do things that we feel we can manage to do long term for the rest of our life.

The type of exercise has to be something you will enjoy if you do not enjoy it you won't continue with it for the long haul. You also have to have variety so it does not become mundane and or boring or you will not want to continue with it.

I have stopped calorie counting and tracking as I just knew long term I could never continue with it and that it was probably something that would put me off track with my weight loss healthy lifestyle goals. But I do watch my portion sizes and I don't drink any soft drink and hardly ever have anything with sugar any more and to tell you the truth now having been likes this for ages I don't miss it and if I do have it on the rare occasion while out at a friends or to lunch or some such I just don't enjoy it any more.

You have to find though what will work for you. what works for me or someone else may not work for you. but definately don't over do it too much or you may be sorry and then not able to do any exercise for ages is my suggestion. Hope this helps in some small way perhaps.

Good luck I am sure you will work it out and succeed with all your weight loss goals. Let us know what you decide to do Wendy.

Take care emoticon ,

emoticon Paula emoticon

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    Wow, you certainly do expect a lot of your body! If you feel better for doing so much, then go for it - you obviously know how much suits you. I like the idea of small exercise sessions scattered throughout the day. Much easier to recover from, as I discovered myself.

I know I haven't been Sparking long, but I'm pleased with my efforts if I can manage to cope with 45 minutes of exercising on a good day. Most of mine is made up of a variety of seated workouts, no longer than 15 minutes each. I may focus on the one video each day, but the video usually works most areas of the body in those 15 minutes.

Like you, I can't do much walking, unless I'm prepared to cope with a sleepless night thanks to very painful knees. I'm gradually adding some gentle standing exercises to my routine, and finding if I don't try doing too much at once, I can do them with no ill effects.

Hoping tomorrow is a much better day for you Wendy.
emoticon Chris. emoticon

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GOANNA2 4/9/2013 6:08AM

    Don't push yourself so hard. Muscles need time to
recover and so just ease up one day and do harder
exercises the next. You are doing great but don't
push yourself to exhaustion. emoticon

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DUSTYPRAIRIE 4/9/2013 5:19AM

    I, too, need exercise but not to the point of exhaustion. I need to mix things up too. Today I'm trying some yoga. It may not burn calories as some exercises do, but it strengthens and relaxes.


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MOTLEM 4/9/2013 4:14AM

    Wow Wendy, be careful and take care. emoticon

To me, that seems an awful lot of exercise every day. Just my thoughts. I do 30 - 45 minutes every day and make sure I never do the same exercises 2 days in a row. I think mixing and matching is the key and never let the body get too familiar with an exercise before changing it. emoticon emoticon

Good luck with it all. emoticon

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8 April 2013

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Hi everyone, I have had so many amazing comments on my last 2 blogs from yesterday, thank you all so very much.

I think I forgot all the achievements that I have made in the last 2 1/2 years and for a little while just was focusing on the weight loss. However, I have improved so many other things in my life. I do have a life now.

The most important one is I am still not on DIALYSIS. which is amazing, even the Nephrologist has faith in me.

As I said I started doing the Australian Biggest Loser DVD yesterday which lasted 62 minutes. Today I only did bits and pieces of it today, some of the strength (8minutes)and the cardio (17 minutes). I actually sat down and worked out all the times of the different segments. Also I plan to ride my exercise bike tonight.

I have walking planned for this afternoon. I have to walk to the school to pick up the grandchildren from school and then look after them for a few hours.

So, I have had my heart pumping the last 2 days now and feels good.

I have also realised by doing this DVD how I can increase the cardio at the exercise class I go to. As I do not huff and puff at the class anymore I was thinking that most of this class was strength but a lot of what we do is cardio, just need to put more effort into it.

Talk about a light bulb moment. I can do this.

emoticon emoticon m emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POPSY190 4/9/2013 3:36AM

    You have worked hard for all your success. So pleased to hear about the lack of dialysis.

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1CRAZYDOG 4/8/2013 5:56PM

    That is wonderful news about not being on dialysis. You deserve to be very proud of that for sure! Keep up the phenomenal work.

HUGS! Hope your journey continues as well.

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FELINEBETTER 4/8/2013 10:25AM

    Never, & I mean NEVER underestimate the greatness & power of Wendy!

You go girl!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GOANNA2 4/8/2013 7:58AM

    You put me to shame Wendy. Good on you! emoticon

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TRYINGHARD1948 4/8/2013 6:09AM

    You are amazing and a phenomenal role model in affirmative action. emoticon

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ARTJAC 4/8/2013 1:32AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GODS_TEMPLE 4/8/2013 1:07AM

    Yes, you can! emoticon

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POSITIVEPAULA8 4/8/2013 1:04AM

    Wow you are doing so good Wendy! You want to be able to make sure though that you do some sort of exercise everyday without over doing it and getting burnt out or too sore that you are unable to do any exercise the next day! But I'm sure you're well aware of this!

emoticon on your successes so far! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon And the good thing is: emoticon


Take care,

Paula emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/8/2013 1:05:42 AM

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SUSIEPH1 4/8/2013 12:36AM

    emoticon Hi Darling ..
Of course you can do it!! .
Just try not to do much at once. Lol ! .

We need to pace ourselves and listen to our bodies..
So very proud of you and your determination to look after yourself.
You will be amazed at just how you are helping yourself be well.
Much Love Susie xx emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRUCKERWIFE2 4/8/2013 12:08AM

    I'm glad to see that you are seeing the bigger picture. Still no dialysis, instead of being worn out by the Grandies on a short visit you are walking with them and caring for them on a regular basis. Doing more and more on your exercises. It's amazing on how much you ARE doing and I'm sure the scale will follow suit. Keep up the good work Wendygirl and you'll see more and more of your life happen in a positive light. emoticon

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MOTLEM 4/7/2013 11:30PM

    Yes, no dialysis is the greatest news, Wendy. Keep up the good work and say NEVER dialysis!!

You go, girl!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/7/2013 11:31:10 PM

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