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Facing it

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's nearly four years now since I first logged onto SparkPeople. (Holy cow, is that right?!) It's been a tumultous journey for me, with prioritizing my own health and happiness turning out to be a huge catalyst for change in every aspect of my life. But truly, maintaining weight loss over the long term is just freakin hard. I lost 85 pounds originally, and have kept 50 off for more than three years. (I kept 80 off for over a year, and then slowly started to gain.) But that means I'm up 35 pounds from my lowest weight, and that depresses me. My life has gotten so busy, and with the challenge of losing so much weight somewhat in the distance, I stopped prioritizing my nutrition and fitness... and the weight crept back on. It didn't help that I started working as a nurse (a career notorious, for very good reason, for encouraging weight gain), fell in love (happy relationship weight!), and have been fighting an awful plantar wart that has kept me from running for several months now. But it's time to stop making excuses and rediscover the energy I brought to my health the first time around. Now, I realize that my lowest weight a couple of years ago (132 pounds) was too low for me -- and with two kids, a happy marriage to maintain, a job, and full-time school, I probably won't be running 6 times a week or getting myself up to 8-minute miles anytime soon. Really, with my foot pain, I may have to accept that running at all in the near future may be too much to hope for. But that doesn't mean I have to settle for being out of shape and not fitting into my clothes. I want to get back to around 140-145 lbs, with muscles. :) I love the way I feel when I am fit and active. I love the way my body, my mind, my spirit feel when I am truly prioritizing my health. And that's where I need to be again: not making excuses. Not making exceptions. I see patients every single day who are dying of preventable illnesses. Besides smoking (and maybe even including smoking) obesity is the biggest killer I see as a nurse. It breaks my heart to see patients who have given up on themselves, and I see it every day.

So the creep stops today. For real, all you Spark People. Here's my public promise. I am back at it, I am logging and exercising and eating more vegetables and fruit. I am drinking my water. I will NEVER give up on myself. Gaining some weight back does not mean it has to stay, or that I am the same girl I was four years ago. I am not, and never will be. Now I know that it is possible, and how it feels, to put myself first. To make choices, every time I choose something to eat or drink, that speak of my greatest desire in life: to be alive and to be well.

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BETZYGIRL 7/25/2011 8:09PM

    Way to Go! Good to see you recognized the need to get back on track early on:)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Just realized that I've been maintaining my weight within 2 lbs on either side of my goal (135) for the last 6 months!! I reached this weight on May 18, and here I am Nov 18 still holding. :) I'm almost more proud of that accomplishment than I am of the original weight loss -- since I've lost weight before, but have always had it creep back on. I can't wait to make it to the 1 year mark at my current weight, and now that I've made it this far, I have no doubt that I will. The key has been to continue to make healthy choices -- although I have much more flexibility with myself than I did with the losing phase -- and to continue running at least 3x a week. This is definitely something I can keep up for the long term.

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WINNA01 11/17/2008 2:42PM

    Good for you! I agree that it seems to be more difficult to maintain! You are doing an awesome job to be holding on for 6 months!

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WENDYESM 11/17/2008 1:31PM

    Yeah, I find that I have to weigh myself every day to keep an eye on where I am. If I skip more than a day, I worry that I'll stop paying attention and let the weight creep up again. But if I weigh every day, I'm keeping it in focus and then I don't find it too hard to continue making healthy choices. Hang in there!

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JERI1952 11/17/2008 1:27PM

    Don't you find this actually harder than losing? I am on maintenance too and I find it more work than losing. I am not gaining and I have a window of pounds that I stay within but I find I must monitor it or it's easy to move out of my window. I just had a very bad week - my husband and I ate out every night except one and I was disgusted with myself because I was out of my window, but one day back on track got me back. Maybe it had to happen to jerk me back to reality a little. I was so bad yesterday that I didn't exercise - I have never been like that before. I read your sparkpage and I had the same attitude as you, when I exercise, my mantra was go slow if you have to but do not stop (treadmill/elliptical). Your journey has been miraculous. So nice to read about someone who "got it". There is no half way to losing weight - it's all or nothing for you to be successful. Keep up the good work.

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One year anniversary

Monday, October 06, 2008

Today marks one year since I first logged onto SparkPeople and decided to change my life. I can't believe, looking back, how much it has changed. In the past year, I've lost 80 pounds, walked and run almost 1000 miles, including 13.1 in a half marathon a few weeks ago. And it all started with the first step, the first meal I logged, the first day. So if you're on SP browsing today and thinking about doing this -- do it. Take the first step. You will never regret it.

Today I am thinking about what my goals are for the next year. I have not been using the SP site very much lately, and I'd like to get back to it for a while to be sure that I'm keeping my nutrition where it needs to be. I also need a new goal now that I've achieved all the ones I set for myself last year. I'd like to plan another race or something else to keep me motivated and striving. Now that I'm in school full time, it's difficult to find the time to continue running as much -- but I have to make the time and keep my health the priority. I have a new rule for myself in the busy-ness of nursing school: no matter how busy I am or how much studying I have to do, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and exercise are NOT negotiable.

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CHEEKS1177 12/29/2008 12:43PM

    I just LOVE your attitude!

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MARTIA01 10/28/2008 7:44AM

  And now....more appropriate than ever!!! The congratulatory mullet...


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AMOELBA 10/22/2008 10:42AM

    I am SO proud of you! Congrats! emoticon

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CEEDEELIGHT 10/13/2008 9:46AM

    Congratulations on your 1 Year anniversary with SP!

Your progress is AMAZING!

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CLANG18 10/6/2008 9:43AM



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Ran my third 5K this weekend

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I ran the Race for the Cure yesterday, and was thrilled to have shaved 4 and a half minutes off my previous time (from February, 33:42), finishing in 29:05!! A pretty respectable time. :) It was a hot and crowded course, too, so I feel really good that I met my goal of running an under-30 5K. I am officially starting my Runner's World training plan for the half-marathon tomorrow, and am psyched to be getting started with such an energizing run. According to the race pace calculator on the RW site, my 5K time should mean that I can shoot for a 2:15 half-marathon, which would be amazing. So that's my goal! Philly in 2:15.

I haven't been logging my food in quite a while, and should probably be getting back to it. It's so hard to get that disciplined again after not writing everything down for a while. But I'm actually thinking it's important not because I'm tending to *overeat*, but because I may not be eating enough. I'm finding it's hard to shift out of the "don't eat too much" mode into the "make sure you eat enough" mode. So tracking again should help me stay where I need to be.

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KOKARMA 6/15/2008 9:01PM

    Yeah, Wendy! Fabulous time. Too, bad, though, that fabulous time of yours kept you from running another "slow" 5k with me. Wimp ;-)

Good for you, and I *so* look forward to sharing in your half marathon journey!

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Still here!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just wanted to write a quick blog so all my spark friends would know that I haven't dropped off the planet or quit my program! I've moved, and don't have regular computer access, but I'm still watching my nutrition and running, and I've continued to lose without really trying. I'm in a maintenance mode, but my body has continued to shed what it doesn't need, apparently, and I'm now down a total of 74 pounds! Unbelievable.

I really haven't begun my half-marathon training schedule yet, so that's next on my agenda. I am so excited to begin!! The half is on Sept 21st in Philly, so I've been running to that song, "Do you remember... the 21st night of September..." by Earth Wind and Fire. :) It's been making me smile and visualize myself finishing my first half!! I know I can do it.



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