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Positivity for 10-23-12

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Realizing I don't have to obsess over the shoulds. I don't have to sit there thinking I have to do a 30 minute cardio routine, eat salad every meal, etc. No, instead I have my two 30 day challenges. One is to do more yoga and the other is to plan my meals for work. After that, I can up the ante and SLOWLY build healthy habits. Whoop! Whoop!


Positive #1

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello Sunday,

I have really been studying in a consistent way I never have before. In regards to my health, I got good numbers for my blood pressure and for my blood sugar and I kept some weight off. Been climbing stairs despite the cold and found a plan to tackle the after work munchies: eat healthier versions of my favorite comfort foods.

That last bit was very important. I tried so hard for perfection, that when I fell off the wagon, I fell much harder than if I had just used moderation rather than deprivation. My absolute healthiest lifestyle would be if I ate a low carb diet with plenty of veggies. Well, just like exercise, I have to work my way up to it. That never occurred to me. Taking off the pounds has to take as much time as it did to put it one. I learned perfectly how to turn to food for any joy. Doing the reverse is a fine art too. Have a good week!!


The positive

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I have really fallen in love with listing the positive when it comes to a to do list. Someone suggested it and it really energizes me. I don't really plan too much but I end up pushing myself without even knowing it. I look forward to being able to say, I did A, B and C. at the end of the day.

Well Sunday,

I went swimming, washed my swimsuit, shopped for healthy meals for the week.

Saturday, I cleaned the kitchen, put brake fluid in my car and cleaned the trash out of it. I picked up the house, wrote out the weekly menu so I knew exactly what my options were. I tend to stand in front of the refrigerator thinking, "I have nothing to eat!" Then I get a hamburger. So hopefully, this helps.

I did all this while sick with a little cold/flu that I got from the flu shot I got on Friday.


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SHEYLANGEL22 10/8/2012 12:02AM

    I'm same way on looking in the fridge and think forever and end up getting the first frozen option. I think its great you planned and got that step done. Besides so many things done. I need to start planning myself, great work.

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Shoring up the weak spots.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Okay, I am going slow. For a week or so, I have just been doing a little at a time and focusing on the positive things I do day to day and not on the should do. The things I should do to lose weight like daily running, daily salads. There is a lot I don't do but I am taking a suggestion from one of you to just list the great things I HAVE done.

In terms of eatings, I plan and make available good snakc options. For exercise, I am taking the stairs and cleaning. Just moving. It all counts as my sore legs and sides attest. So two things I need to address are stretching and evening eating.

In one week of stair climbing, my achilles are stiff and it aches when I have to get up and walk somewhere so I have to hobble everywhere. So stretching is not a big deal to me. I like yoga and stretching. For now, I give myself permission to just do standing moves or moves on my bed. Anything that wants to get me on the floor, automatically decreases my motivation.

My real big challenge is eating after work. When I am busy during the day, it is easy to just eat healthy foods since I am not paying attention. But afterwards, when I am on my way home, I just want to cuddle up next to a burger. I am not even really hungry all the time. It is a response to daily stress and tiredness so I am trying to think of things that will redirect me. I guess I just want to get my comfort elsewhere when I am too tired to do anything else. What can I look forward to at 5 pm everyday that doesn't involve food? Will research.

Found suggestions on spark for this:
tracking foods while drinking a tall sugar free drink,
healthy versions of my junk food favorites
sweet milky tea
go to bed with a book
big fruit salad



When I am awake

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I am not sure if it is because I am bright eyed or bushy tailed at 11 am or if it is an actual epiphany. I just feel like I am high in the sky and have a good lay of the land in terms of my mental health status. My mom called and we cleared some things up in terms of my trying to distance myself and why. She understood, agreed and admitted I was a burden. That's what I heard. I was the actual person who said I was an emotional burden but did she have to agree so heartily!?! It hurt but because it was true it was a shadow of pain.

But this morning I feel the need to say I am learning social skills, learning stress coping skills. I fail and fall and get back up again for big and little things. That's life. I have made friends, I am reaching out tiny bit by tiny bit. I am a smart ass, funny, stubborn, controlling, hopeful, afraid, aware. I am smart, a procrastinator and becoming every day. Yeah, I think I am just REALLY wide awake today. emoticon Have a good day. emoticon I love emoticons!!


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