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I need accountability

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hi everyone. As you can see on my ticker, I'm well over 300 lbs and I love myself. But lately I've been having this huge urge to lose weight, not necessarily to make myself happier with myself, but to have a more fulfilling life. I'm single, always have been and I want to have a family some day. I also want to be able to be more comfortable doing the things I love. That would be outdoor activities. I love playing sports, hiking, walking (can currently go at least 2 miles in one go), kayaking and just what ever else I might have the inclination to do.

I also like to travel and used to travel for work. But lately the thought of having to ride on a plane bothers me because I know who ever has to sit next to me will probably be unhappy/uncomfortable. It has been almost a month since I've stopped drinking pop and I drink primarily water now, sometimes I'll have juice or tea. I also walk like crazy. To be honest, I haven't weighed myself in months because I know based on how my clothes are fitting that I had gained weight over the last 8 months and I don't want to get down when I see that number.

Since I have stopped drinking pop and walking a lot, I haven't notice much difference in my clothes. I do feel better every time I walk and feel like I can go further. But I know my biggest problem is my eating. Since I live alone and not near any family, I don't really have anyone to help keep me accountable. How can I do this? All of my co-workers and I are on rotating shifts which means we sometimes see each other very infrequently at work and hardly never outside of work. I recently found a church I like but don't get to go as often as I would like between my work schedule and personal trips. Does anyone have any advice on how I can keep accountable and not stray from a healthier diet?

Another concern is I'm on a tight budget and I see some of the meals and recipes that are posted on here and all I see when I look at the ingredients list is dollar signs I don't have. How can I get past this? What are some good options that I can do on a limited budget?

This topic has been weighing on my mind a lot over the last week so I just wanted to get it out there.

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CHUBBEGONE28 9/1/2013 1:29AM

    Girl, I understand completely how you hope to lose weight so that you an experience the activities you enjoy more comfortably! :) As for eating healthy on a budget, I plan meals ahead of time, look at weekly store sales, make (and stick to) grocery list, and do all of my prep once a week (chopping fruit and veggies and pre-portioned baggies/tupperware). This way, you aren't tempted to eat out because you have things handy. I also make a big batch of shredded chicken that I use throughout the week with wraps, salads, tacos, etc.

I also agree with the importance of tracking. I like to pre-log my meals when possible so that I am more likely to stick to the plan. :)

You will get in your groove. Cheers to a journey towards living life to its fullest! You are WORTH it. :)


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PINKYYSUEE 8/31/2013 6:39PM

    Its good to have a way to be accountable...I have been struggling with my weight for most of my life but for the last 16 years or so I have been over 300...I am wanting to be able to have an easier time getting around too...

One thing I suggest that I have found is really helpful is to track EVERYTHING you eat. Be completely honest with whatever you put in your really does help!


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UMBILICAL 8/31/2013 2:58PM

  I am over 300 pounds and live alone as well. I have more trouble exercising than sticking to healthy eating. I shop at Walmart, the dollar store and Publix. They all have great deals on food. I cook in bulk and freeze the remainder for later meals - that way I have healthy food ready to heat and eat.

I feel you concern because I share the same thoughts. I feel lazy and useless unless I'm at work.

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Work out equipment

Saturday, August 24, 2013

So I have some resolution to the whole exercise machine drama. I heard back from the manager that I spoke with and he was able to offer me the upgrade with some cost to me. They would obviously give me credit for the purchase price I already paid, then they will give me an additional $700 off, free shipping (which turned into a flat rate $20), and tech service to assemble the machine at 50% off. All in all, I will be paying just under $600. Plus they will remove the original machine from my house included in the tech fee. I'm seriously considering this, especially since I will have some money coming in here within the next week or so.

Honestly, I have heard really good things about the next model up and by doing the upgrade I will receive a brand new warranty that lasts 2 years. Plus if I make the purchase completely out of pocket then I will be able to sell the machine if for some reason I don't like it.

In other news, I've been doing great on drinking my water. I actually get cravings now for water, which makes me happy. I'm still tempted to drink pop but haven't done that in over two weeks. This is good. I need to get back into my walking though. I'll probably get started with that on Monday.


Back from vacation

Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm officially back from vacation. Tonight is my first night back at work and it's almost over. So I'm just dropping by to say hi and that I will write more tomorrow (possibly). I will mention that I've been doing great at not drinking pop, it's been a little over two weeks now. I've pretty much been drinking water, juices, and teas (with one cup of coffee in the morning while I was on vacation).

Now to get a move on with changing my food diet. I know I can do it.

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SPARKLINGHOPE 8/24/2013 12:15PM


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Follow Up

Thursday, August 08, 2013

So this is a follow up to yesterday's blog. First off though, I was able to get in some of my walk this morning. As soon as I started, I realized that I needed to cut the grass before I go on an extended vacation tomorrow. So I was able to walk for about a mile today, which made me happy. Then I cut the grass. When I got done, I still had about an hour before I needed to get ready for work.

I decided to call the company back and talk directly to a manager. I was able to stay much more calm as I explained the whole situation to him and he listened very patiently. When I got through everything he said that he understands where I am coming from and that he doesn't think I'm being unreasonable abut asking for an upgrade given the issues. But he mentioned that it isn't their fault that they couldn't fix it while I was in the transition and my machine was in storage.

He asked if he could take some time to talk to his supervisor about my request and get back with me. I said that was okay. I also told him about the things the customer service rep said yesterday about just selling the machine and buying a new one. He said that he was embarrassed to hear anyone even suggest that and that he would be addressing it. He was hoping to call me back today, but that didn't happen. So I expect to hear from him tomorrow. He did give me his direct contact info so I can call him back. I hope this goes well.

Other than that, I'm getting ready to go on vacation and I just hope that I will be able to keep up my motivation. I probably won't be getting on SparkPeople all that much for the next two weeks though. Good luck all.

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    I hope yoou hear back and get it resolved. Haave a great vacation.

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Obstacles Today

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This morning I had an appointment set up for the technician to come out and fix my exercise machine. He was scheduled between 9am and 1pm. I didn't start walking because I didn't know when he was going to be there. I finally decided at 11:10 to get ready for a walk. When I was just about to start, he called and said he would be there at 11:30. So I went and got changed. I waited and waited for him to get there. He didn't show up until 12:45. It turns out he meant to say 12:30 but accidentally said 11:30. That's understandable. But I was frustrated because I had to start getting ready for work at 1:30 and I knew he wouldn't be done (he knew it too so he didn't even start...but he was a very nice guy and was apologetic). I waited that whole hour and half, thinking he was running late and never got my walk in. I was also extremely frustrated with the company because of the issues they have put me through over this machine. I just want a working machine, not the glorified dust collector I have had for the last year.

I called them today and said that I either wanted an upgrade or for a technician to come take it away and give me a full refund. But with it being a year since I bought it, they won't give me a refund and they "are not authorized" to give me an upgrade. But they will send me a new assembly that is done in the factory. News flash, this one was assembled in the factory and it has never worked. But I had to agree to it because they said it was my only in I could take action against them if I wanted but it would look bad on me that I was given a "reasonable option" and I declined it. I didn't think to ask to talk to a supervisor. I might call back tomorrow and ask for a supervisor right from the get-go. I was told (and done research) that is is the worst possible model they have and that admittedly the others are much better. It was recommended that if I asked for an upgrade, especially given my history of difficulty, that they would probably do it. But this representative said she couldn't.

I then asked what I do when this doesn't work and she said that she recommends I sell it locally and then they will do the best they can to give me a discount on a new machine....REALLY? If it comes to that, would they seriously expect me to buy another machine from them?!?! That would just be asking for another nightmare. I told her that I have been burned by them before and if I try this new assembly and it doesn't work, then I will get burned multiple times. One because I trusted them (which I don't but had to do something after being on the phone arguing for 45 minutes), two because I will have to sell the machine for a fraction of what I paid for it, and three because I won't be able to afford another machine and I spent over $1200 on this one. I will be telling the supervisor all about this when I talk to them and refer them to the recording for evidence.

I was even very polite. Anyway....I have been frustrated all day over this. Because I haven't been able to get any progress on this and I missed my workout and my lunch, so I bought fast food for lunch on the way to work, which I didn't finish so I ate the rest for dinner (that was about the only positive). I also didn't get in as much water as I wanted too yet, but I still have several hours for that and 4 glasses left. I should be able to get it done.

I totally didn't mean to spew all of that on here, but it is very related to this website and I'm sure others can relate. I'm looking forward to using a machine in the long winter so I can still walk. That's all, I'm done. I hope everyone else had a better day.

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FITFRIT 8/7/2013 10:09PM

    I'm almost afraid to ask but what machine did you buy?

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