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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Although I wouldn't dream of abandoning my weight loss journey altogether, I find I have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to fitness. I missed a couple of days of cardio and strength training this week and rather than pick up where I left off, I chose instead to wait until next week so I can "get it right".

I realize this attitude is one of perfection, not progress. I want to share my struggles as well as my triumphs in my blogs, but I'm afraid I'll be judged. But maybe I can get some support this way. My DH thinks I'm abandoning it all. Only time will show him that's not the case.

Writing this honest blog with my shortcomings has given me the motivation to do a full-body workout today, something I only "thought" of doing this morning. It's perfect: I did a full- body workout Thursday and I'm "off"on Sunday. "Don't put off until tomorrow (or Monday) what you can do today." Unfortunately, it's too hot outside to walk in the park this afternoon and evening (108*). Early mornings are really the only times to walk outside here in deep South Texas. So, I'll stick with strength training today and then have a veggie and protein packed salad for dinner.

Whoever said blogging didn't help?!

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MENNOLY 6/19/2012 6:51PM

    I hope you followed through on your goal. The reason I write my goals and review them is that it gives me the incentive to do what I say I will do. It is all very public and I am competitive. Probably why this couch potato is trying to turn herself into a runner emoticon

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DZDAZR2BGR8T 6/16/2012 5:48PM

    blogging can in a way become one's conscience & therefore can motivate us when just 'thinking about' it can't...you've made yourself vulnerable by being honest, but don't think you're alone....so many of us 'argue' with ourselves that if we haven't logged food one day or if we've been unable or unwilling to exercise for a couple of days, we'll 'just wait for a 'NEW' week'....
Good to know you kicked yourself into gear and are planning on a healthy meal....108 is way too hot for me to even think about!!!

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I Re-Read My Jun 10 Blog

Friday, June 15, 2012

I had to go back and re-read my last blog because I've been feeling down lately. I set fitness goals, but have a hard time meeting them and I reset them more times than I can count. I'm a "perfect" perfectionist. I need to get out of this and just be happy with my baby steps. I guess I am just a brand new Sparker trying to do too much at once. I've made a lot of progress. I sure am glad I re-read my blog.


My Progress in the first 6 Weeks May 5 - Jun 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm making progress and I've met some short term goals. I went from an obese BMI of 33.2 to just overweight at a BMI of 29.2. I've lost 3 inches from my hips. I've lost 24 lbs and 2 pant sizes. I can cross my legs at the knee. I can walk 2 miles at a moderate pace. I can "fit" into my shoes. I went from sedentary to doing cardio and strength training with resistance bands. I have tons more energy and I'm stronger. My back hurts less. I can walk 2 miles without stopping to stretch my back. I've learned to eat healthy. I've sparked 3 people that I know of and have the attention of others. I'm happy, less depressed, and less bored. I'm learning a lot about healthy living every day. My husband calls me "skinny". I've become interested in health and fitness. I've become interested in things I was once interested in again. These are but a few of the changes that have happened since I joined SparkPeople.

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MISSCUS 6/12/2012 10:26PM

    You will live longer and healthier. This comes from this RN who has worked in nursing homes. Believe me, this lifestyle is the best choice. You can do this, day by day!

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DIANE214 6/10/2012 9:34AM

  Great job!!!! Do you have the Sparkpeople cookbook? Thinking of buying it but wanted some opinions.

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My Biggest Problem (HELP)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

My biggest problem since joining SparkPeople is I can't seen to eat ENOUGH. I'm consistently under my calorie goals, sometimes by a little and sometimes by a lot. I eat lean protein, lowfat or nonfat dairy, and lots of fruits and veggies, but they just don't have enough calories in them. By the time I eat them, I'm too full for anything else. I'm trying to find denser calorie foods to make up the difference. I eat peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, or protein shakes trying add healthy calories to no avail. Any healthy suggestions? I'd be really grateful for some input. Thanks.

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MISSCUS 6/12/2012 1:20PM

    At the bottom of the nutrition tracker it gives ranges for each, protein, fats, carbs, see where you are low and try to add in foods that are in that category. I have the same problem and usually I am low in both fats and carbs since I am diabetic I have to limit those sugars and fats. Usually my calories are around 950 to 1050 which is also below the range of 1200 to 1450 but I just stick to my plan. The other thing I do is eat a dessert like banana half and half cup of yogurt, greek type with a packet of Stevia sweetener when my calories are in the 900 range. That helps. I also will have a bit of low fat ice cream. Dessert on a diet, who knew?

Hope this helps a little bit. emoticon

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I Changed My Workout Routine

Friday, June 08, 2012

Today I swapped out my upper body and lower body workout routines to exercises using resistance bands. My core exercises remain the same as they are still challenging to me. I also changed my fitness plan to work out full body MWF. This way I can get in 3 workouts per week instead of the two I had planned last month, in which I alternated between core, upper body and lower body MON - SAT. I love my new resistance bands. They challenge me and there's lots of room for increased strength. I also decided to add a half mile (or 10) minutes to my 2 mile cardio routine so that I can warm up and cool down and walk 40 minutes at my target heart rate. I'm making progress.
emoticon emoticon

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MISSCUS 6/12/2012 10:24PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DAZZEEDOO 6/8/2012 6:54PM

that you've found exercise that you like to do.

Continued SUCCESS

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