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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I stepped on the scale at the Y today and my weight was down 3.5 pounds. As usual, I didn't believe the scale. I assumed it was a mistake even though I believed it completely when it said I gained 20 pounds in three months!!

I realized as I got off the scale how much I need other people's encouragement in my weight loss journey. In the past I got that from Sparkpeople and so I'm back.

A lot has changed since I blogged in 2012. The biggest being my acceptance that I have a food addiction. I told myself for years I just really loved food and then agreed I was an emotional eating. However, in December of 2013, I started attending Overeaters Anonymous meetings and found my people - people who had the same extreme emotional and physical reactions to food as me.

I suspect I am specifically addicted to sugar, so I am working on being abstinent from sugar which for me includes processed sugar found in things like pasta and bread.

I am on day six of my abstinence, and it's been up and down. I've not noticed huge differences yet in how I feel, but I am noticing it's been easier to say no when I'm tempted to go through the drive-thru or eat something that is not on my plan.

I hope to become active on the site again and find my old SP friends and meet some new ones!

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2BROKEN4U 7/12/2014 3:45PM

    I am still here and so happy to see you back!

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MARYALICE411 7/9/2014 7:06PM

    emoticon emoticon

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TEMPEST272002 7/9/2014 1:21PM

    emoticon I've only returned to SP recently myself. Glad to find you here. SP is awesome for support.

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It's Been a Long Time

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I haven't blogged since July. I haven't felt a huge draw to come onto the site. I got tired of making big plans and then everything falling through because I didn't follow through. It's almost embarrassing as I look back at my big plans.

I'm in a good place with my weight. I don't feel desperate to lose weight. In fact, for quite awhile it wasn't even a thought of mine. A wise person told me either I have to work hard on losing weight or stop obsessing about it. I chose to stop obsessing about it.

I have lost about 25 pounds in the last year without trying. I think my portion sizes have been smaller, and I'm in a more supportive environment relationship wise.

I am starting to get the itch to focus on getting healthy again. It's crept up over the past month. I have no extravagant plans. I'm just going to do what feels right on any given today.

I was proud of a small victory this morning. Usually I want to grab breakfast from a fast food place or the school food court before I head to class. Well, today I grabbed two cheese sticks and some snap peas out of the fridge and ate that instead!

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ILIKECACTI 12/13/2012 9:30AM

    Oh i totally know what you mean about big plans and failures. that's exactly where i am now. i'm trying again, but my effots are certainly tapered in light of my numerous unsuccessful past attempts. anyway- 25lbs down is something!! so way to go for that!

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SUGARSMOM2 12/12/2012 2:15PM

  how wonderful to think if you stop worrying about weight it will take care of itself . good job . . the time has come for all of us to stop .

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FREETOWANDER 12/12/2012 1:34PM

    emoticon on your little victory this morning!!! Every little step adds up as you saw through this past year :) Keep on keeping on and keep on NOT obsessing about your weight! It's working!!

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MKELLY72 12/12/2012 12:19PM

    So glad to see you back! Small victories are important, and I think it's a great idea for you to start small and celebrate your accomplishments as you build new healthy habits. Before I finally began this most recent (and successful leg) of my weight loss/ health journey, I had also finally stopped obsessing about my weight and learned how to be more accepting of me-This is the beginning of great things for you!

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A Little Nugget of Wisdom

Friday, July 06, 2012

I can't believe it's been two months since I've blogged. I still check Spark regularly, I've just not taken the time to blog. A big part of that is struggling to find balance with my new job. This is my first salaried job, and for the most part I create my own schedule. This is good and bad. I love the flexibility, but I often work long hours. The good news is I work the long hours because I enjoy my job.

I am using my job to get healthy, though. I'm the director of a drop-in center for homeless and at-risk youth. This summer we started a program called Wellness Bingo. The kids, staff and volunteers all have a bingo card where each square is filled with a healthy task like exercise with a friend twice this week for 30 minutes or drink 8 glasses of water three days this week. My favorite is sing in the shower three times this week. I keep forgetting to do that. I've hung all the bingo cards on the wall, and when one of us completes a task, we put a sticker on that square. There are prizes associated with getting a bingo.

Also, we are a part of the YWCA and have access to their facility. Beginning this summer we have been going to water aerobics twice a week and doing free swim on Friday. I have to go; if I don't the kids would be upset with me. We are also talking of starting a weight lifting program with the kids. They are very interested. I just need to take the time to do it.

I also have a free membership there since I am an employee, so I've gone over and swam laps a few times during the day. I hope to increase that.

I wrote this blog, though, to share a piece of wisdom I heard recently. I was listening to the radio and came across an interview with a major league pitcher who apparently almost drown at some point. Prior to his near-death experience, he was not doing well as a pitcher. After the event, he improved dramatically.

The interviewer asked him what he accredited this to. He said that instead of thinking of every pitch as part of one big game, he began thinking of each pitch as its own pitch. He didn't dwell on the past pitch, and he didn't think about the next one. He just pitched that ball, and viewed it as a single event.

I reflected on this with regards to my life in general and in relationship to my journey to lose weight. We all have had the experience of making one mistake during the day and then calling off the whole day and eating whatever we want and not exercising.

What if we looked at each mean, each snack, each workout as its own thing? What if we didn't group things together as a whole? It seems like getting healthy might seem less overwhelming. It seems we'd be more able to forgive ourselves for a misstep. It seems it would be easier to do better at the next meal.

It makes a lot of sense to me, and I hope I remember it as I continue on my journey.

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MKELLY72 7/9/2012 10:09PM

    I like this perspective. I have noticed that I am most successful when I follow a path like that.
Thank you!

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WOLF-SPIRIT 7/9/2012 2:27PM

    You are blessed with great wisdom and a warm heart. Thanks for sharing this awesome bit of advise. emoticon

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ILIKECACTI 7/6/2012 10:48PM

    Sounds like you're doing great! So glad you found a great job!!

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    emoticon emoticon

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CHRISBEM 7/6/2012 12:35PM

    It's what I keep hearing in a lot of diet advice columns - if you have a bad day dieting, don't let become a bad week, bad month, until you stop dieting. If you fall off the horse, you gotta get back on.

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DEEDAYE 7/6/2012 12:33PM

    emoticon emoticon

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A Goal and a Reward

Saturday, May 05, 2012

That dress is my reward! I love it.It's $139, so how do I earn it?

I think I will put a dollar in a fund for reaching different goals each day.

1. Exercising at least 10 minutes = $1
2. Eat 5 servings of freggies = $1
3. Drink 8 glasses of water = $1

I imagine it will cost around $150 with tax and shipping. So, I could get it in as soon as 50 days. We'll see!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MKELLY72 5/6/2012 10:17PM

    I love it!! Great idea. That has been a great strategy for me, so get ready to reach that goal!

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BTVMADS 5/6/2012 7:30PM

    Gorgeous dress! What a great way to push yourself towards your goals, too. I can't wait to see how you look in it.

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TEMPEST272002 5/6/2012 3:28PM

    That is a really pretty dress! You're going to rock this challenge. I put a pic of the Vibram's I'm working towards on the fridge door to help me remember that I have a goal I'm working towards.

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LALMEIDA 5/5/2012 10:59PM


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It's No Longer About Losing Weight

Monday, March 26, 2012's about feeling better.

As I wrote in my last blog, I have been a member of Spark for four years now and have gained quite a bit of weight. I don't follow through. I know what to do. I just don't do it. I assume those things work for other people, but they certainly won't work for me.

Yesterday I felt AWFUL physically and emotionally. I had a headache, my stomach hurt and I cried for a good chunk of the day. I realized toward the end of the day that my diet and lack of exercise are probably the main contributors to the headache, the stomachache and the tears.

Yesterday I ate two pieces of sausage pizza, a fried fish sandwich, onion rings, grape soda, diet Pepsi, a piece of fried chicken, some corn, a biscuit with butter and honey, a can of Dr. Pepper and a brownie. I think I had some shortbread cookies, too, throughout the day.

Yep. Is your jaw on the floor? Mine is. I hadn't written it all out before. That is INSANE. No wonder I felt like crap. I don't even think I drank much water.

I realized I want to change my diet and exercise habits so I feel better physically and emotionally. I don't even care anymore about losing weight. I thought about it yesterday, and being overweight hasn't prevented me from reaching my goals. I just started my dream job. I have wonderful friends and family. I love my house. I love my church. I love my cat.

What's slowed things down, though, is my lethargy and lack of motivation. I believe these things are a direct result of diet and exercise. I know they are.

I'm not making huge plans to completely overhaul my diet just yet. My main goal now is to start to cut sugar out of my diet. I struggle with depression at times, and I've heard cutting out sugar has helped a lot of people with their mood. So this week I'm just going to avoid obvious sources of sugar -desserts, candy, soda, etc. I'll see how I feel at the end of the week and then perhaps go a little further next week.

As far as exercise, my new job comes with a membership to the Y, so I am going to start swimming again. I love swimming. I'm also going to go for walks on breaks and in the morning.

I hope the change in focus will be the change that I need.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BTVMADS 3/27/2012 9:56PM

    You know, it's funny. I've been really struggling to lose the 10lbs I gained this past fall/winter. I just let myself eat and drink way too much JUNK (especially alcohol!). I decided to "get serious" in Feb. but none of it ever took, and I couldn't get myself over the "just this one treat" mindset. Of course, one treat would turn to three and the next day I'd wake up feeling guilty and gross.

This month... I just decided to focus on feeling good and being a better runner, because that's what makes me happy. And magically, the pounds just started MELTING off. I think that our bodies KNOW what's best for us, even when our brains don't. If we do everything we can to honor our bodies, we can all reach our goals so much easier.

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TEMPEST272002 3/27/2012 11:04AM

    Focusing on how I feel, not what I weigh, has been a great motivator for me. Daily exercise + eating 90% REAL food (ie if it wasn't considered food 100 years ago, it's still not food!!) has been more effective for managing my depression than any other treatment (counselling, drugs, etc) has ever been. Focus on making yourself feel good & it will push you forward. There are a lot of foods that help manage depression: walnuts, flaxseed, salmon, etc. Try doing a google search & then incorporating some of those foods in to your daily diet.

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MKELLY72 3/26/2012 6:07PM

    It's really great that you are looking at this from a health perspective, and that you are willing to start small. We aren't meant to move mountains in's meant to take a while, because there is so much to learn about ourselves on the journey. Small, sustainable changes are far better than huge unrealistic ones, because they are too difficult to maintain.
It's great that you have a job that you love, and the opportunity to swim that comes along as a perk! What a great opportunity to relax and reap the health benefits of swimming.

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TDEVONA70 3/26/2012 3:09PM

    I totally understand where you are at. This was a real eye opener. I've lost weight on this site before... but I ended up gaining it back. I never even thought to use this site not only for weight loss and health but also as a motivator for other things in life. (Like lethargy and motivation) It seems pretty straight forward but if I hadn't read this I would not have even realized. Thank you and good luck!!! emoticon

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