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2lbs a week

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today I have worked my way back to Spark People after a fairly long absence. I had a moment over the weekend when my switch went on. I saw a friend who I have not seen in a few months and she looks fantastic! I asked her what she is doing and she said she is counting calories, working out a bit more and staying away from junk food. By doing this she has been able to loose 2lbs a week and in total has lost 30lbs since I have seen her. As she was talking I wanted to hear her say she had started some new diet, or gone to some fancy doctor so I could do the same. When she said 2lbs a week I thought that was nothing and why bother until I did the math....I too would be down 30lbs if I had counted calories and worked out a little more back in February. (Daaa right) Thirty pounds is a lot and she looks and feels totally different. It made me realize that no matter how badly I want to be on the next fad diet or take a pill to have the weight" fall off", that simply is not the answer. It has NEVER been the answer and deep down I always knew it. Common sense will tell you that none of those things work because if they did, every anchorperson, talk show host and doctor would be spreading the word! This said while my many, many diet books stack up and my infomercial purchases collect dust under my bed. Indeed, it is going to take good old fashioned hard work and accountability (that is the part they can't sell on TV) to loose a meager 2lbs a week. Two pounds a week doesn't seem like it stacks up to "weight falling off" on TV, but I have seen the results first hand and I too am ready to embrace 2lbs a week!

I asked my friend why she decided to take this healthy approach to weight loss. She told me because she was desperate, already owned all the books and deep down knew it would work. I started thinking about my deep down... I thought about when I was complaining about being fat to a friend and she came right out and asked me why I don't just embrace the way I am now and quit trying to loose weight (easy for her to say, she is not overweight). I heard myself explaining that ever since I can remember I have not been comfortable inside my body, that the way I feel and the way I am do not match. I told her that I have been hiding and protecting myself inside my body for so long that I don't even remember what I am afraid of. I said that the healthy, real me needs to come out so the loveliness of my insides can match my outsides! Now I am ready to gradually, steadily and bravely come out of my fat suit 2lbs a week!

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JESSICA_STULTZ 5/17/2012 12:19AM

    2 Pounds a week doesn't seem like a whole lot.. but that is approximately what I am losing each week. I know it will be a long journey but in the end I will look and feel much better. Hope you get the results you are hoping for!

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    This is exactly what I needed to hear today! Loved your blog! emoticon

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