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My Motivations, revisited

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Thursday, January 28, 2010 I posted my list of motivations; all of the reasons why I was trying to lose weight and get healthy. I thought it would be interesting to revisit this list because some of these things have been accomplished.

1) Wear a swim suit on the beach
Well, I'm definitely not there YET, but I'm significantly closer to this goal than I was on January 28th.

2)Stop avoiding mirrors
*DONE* I no longer dodge the mirrors. My husband even caught me checking out my own rear end a couple of weeks ago LOL

3) Look better naked
Again, moving in the right direction...I'm not to where I'd like to be, YET.

4) Have my clothes fit better
*DONE* My "skinny" jeans are now loose. This has motivated me to work even harder to lose even more.

5) Play & be active with my kids
*DONE* I have much more energy than a I did at the beginning of 2010. We're playing tag, having "dance parties" and doing lots of other physical activities.

6) Be a good role model for my children in regard to diet and exercise
*DONE* My 5-year old is asking me if snacks are "healthy" and my 2-year-old is loving all the fresh fruit we have in the house--she's even willing to try ANYTHING new that we put in front of her.

7) Do more "active" things with my spouse
*DONE* We are running a race together on 10.30.10 which I never DREAMED I'd be doing. He's a lot faster and a much better runner than me, but the fact that we're DOING it is huge.

8) Run a 5K--maybe someday a marathon
Close to being DONE. On the 5K end anyway. I have registered and paid for 2 5Ks. The first is Friday May 14th, the second I mentioned in #7.

9) Have more energy
*DONE* I've seen a HUGE change in my energy level. Eating healthy, getting rid of the soda, and committing to my workouts has made all the difference.

10) Live longer
Well on my way here, too!

11) Be more confident
*DONE* I feel like I'm not the "Fat Girl" in the room...it's amazing, but I feel like when I talk people are really LISTENING now. People NOTICE me now.

12) Look on the outside how I feel on the inside
Well on my way...nearly 30 pounds is nothing to shake a stick at!

13) Prove that I CAN DO IT!
See #12 emoticon

14) Not be the fat sister
Not quite there yet, but I will be soon!

And last but certainly not least:
15) Be able to donate a kidney to my son if/when he needs it.
DONE!!!! Gavin had a living-donor kidney transplant when he was 11 months old. now 4-years later he's doing extremely well. The only thing is post-transplant life can be uncertain. We know several kiddos who were transplanted around the same time as our son who are now rejecting and need another kidney. I am officially ABLE to donate if need be because I have lost a significant amount of weight and my blood pressure is LOW! I don't ever want to see my baby back on dialysis if I can help it!

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RAVEN2FEATHERS 3/12/2010 5:13PM

    Wow Congratulations on your successes ! You have what it takes to succeed ! Can't wait to see the outcome ! I hope your son doesn't need that either, he's sure got a great mommy !

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BONJI40 3/12/2010 5:09PM

    What a great idea to revisit your list of motivations! I will do that one of these days too! You have come a long way in a short amount of time, and you should be very proud!! How exciting to see all these wonderful changes that not only effect you, but your family as well! WOOHOOOOO!

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NUOVAELLE 3/11/2010 1:42AM

    I am proud of you Spark friend! You have accomplished so much and for the right reasons. You are truly an inspiration to all.

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CANDIKAN 3/10/2010 9:44PM

    This is great...what an inspiration!! emoticon

Keep up the great work..in due time you will have all of them checked off!!

Great Job!! emoticon

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SUGIRL06 3/10/2010 9:43PM

    I really love this list. It covers everything important and even maybe a few extras (like looking good in a bikini!). You are doing so great!!! Keep up the great work!

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LULUTHELEO 3/10/2010 9:17PM

    I love all your goals, and how cool is it that you can check some of them off!!! Amazing.

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FOOFIT1 3/10/2010 7:41PM

    How awesome! Very inspiring post. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!


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    I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! You are an inspiration to many of us, especially ME! I hope you stay with SparkPeople after you reach your goal, because I love reading your blogs, and your comments on other blogs. You are such a nice person, and so encouraging! Keep up the good work, you are doing SO GREAT! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENNY_BILLOT 3/10/2010 5:19PM


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Stepping up the exercise.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I've been so encouraged by my slow and steady losses, but I'm a little concerned that as the weight comes off I might hit a plateau. Since I'm feeling more energized, I've decided to try 2-a-days this week. Sunday I did my "No More Trouble Zones" DVD and then walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes later that evening.

I was really feeling tired, so I took yesterday off.

Today I did the DVD again, and tonight I'm going to do a walk/run on the treadmill for about 20 minutes--longer if I feel up to it. I need to start getting ready for the 5K coming up in May, so I figure I need to step up the running, too.

My biggest problem (guys, you might want to stop reading here)

is that my TOM is coming up and I'm just cranky, irritable, bloated, and HUNGRY. I can't explain this uncontrollable need to stuff my face. The good news is that so far I've kept it within my calorie range. I'm trying to choose filling, low-cal snacks, and lots of veggies at meal times.

So far, so good. I'm hoping to continue to keep this up for the whole week. Sunday is my weigh-in day and last time it was TOM I had hardly any loss.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FOOFIT1 3/9/2010 10:01PM

    I wouldn't worry about the ravenous hunger! I tend to think that our bodies are extremely forgiving for overeating when we're ACTUALLY hungry! If your body is processing the food fast enough to get it out and get your tummy grumbling again, I bet your metabolism is taking it up a notch as well! And here are a few articles to support that idea:

I read three different papers and found these conclusions:


Conclusion: This study showed that phases of the menstrual cycle affected energy intake and Resting Energy Expenditure.


Conclusion: These data demonstrate that substrate metabolism and exercise performance are influenced by the menstrual cycle phase, but ingestion of glucose minimizes these effects. (Basically, EATING minimizes metabolism and exercise performance effects.)

Here's an old paper on the subject:

Conclusion: The writer’s data indicate a distinct rise in basal metabolism
within the week or 10 days prior to menstruation. Furthermore, the basal metabolism variation due to the menstrual cycle is greater in active individuals than in sedentary individuals. (Meaning because you work out, you probably experience a greater increase in basal metabolism around your TOM!)

Interesting eh? It looks as though we probably *should* eat more just before TOM. OR you can at least eat more and not worry about having a significant gain! Any gain you see will certainly be due to water weight. Good luck with your weigh in this week!!!

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RANDOM00B 3/9/2010 7:57PM

    TOM is a killer, but I do remember reading that one needs a few extra calories (like 200) during that time. You're doing a great thing eating veggies and low-cal snacks. I personally have a difficult time staying away from chocolate.

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SUGIRL06 3/9/2010 7:48PM

    TOM is so mean. He is always teasing you with sweets and then he bloats you up and skews your weigh ins! Ugh. I wish he would go away sometimes but he has to visit every month!

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MFPRINCESS 3/9/2010 6:59PM

    TOM can do so much change to your body so I bet that when you get the 'release' you will see a big difference in the scales.

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Another week of CHANGE.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I was super nervous to weigh in today because I was SO HUNGRY all week. I ate on the high end of my calories all week, and even had one day where I went over my calories by 12. I decided I wasn't going to beat myself up because I was legitimately hungry--not bored or eating for no reason. I'm thinking that maybe with the increased exercise that I need to re-evaluate my calorie needs. Low and behold I was ecstatic when I stepped on the scale and saw a 3.8 pound LOSS for the week!

I'm continuing to make small changes in my diet that are adding up big. I'm finding it easy to walk passed goodies and treats. Resisting soda is no big deal anymore. I'm excited and feel EMPOWERED by these changes in me.

Another big revelation for me this week was unveiling a photo of myself at my heaviest. Thank you to everyone that commented and offered your support. I feel so supported here at SP. And amazingly I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that that photos is out there. I'm working on taking another "progress" photo to post to show how far I've come. I think I'm even going to go back and add weights to the captions of some of the photos on my Spark Page (another HUGE STEP for me)

Again, thank you SP for all of the support!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LULUTHELEO 3/8/2010 8:59AM

    Yay!! Way to go!!! What a great feeling!!!

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CGREEN717 3/7/2010 12:34PM

    Awesome job!!! Spark people is a wonderful place to get support.

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FOOFIT1 3/7/2010 12:12PM

    This is fantastic! 3.8 loss?? That's amazing! I've actually been trying ot reconcile the true hunger/staying within my calorie ranges thing as well. If your stomach has the grumbles, I definitely think it's better to eat! Are you tracking your fitness?? If so, have you ever gotten the "You've significantly gone over your calorie output for the week" message? If so, you *definitely* should re-evaluate your calorie needs. This time around I'm definitely experiencing the "eat more to lose more" thing I often hear people talking about! When I allow myself to go hungry, I don't lose. When I loosen up a bit and eat a little more, I LOSE! Looks like you're experiencing something very similar this week! Keep up the awesome work. I'm definitely cheering for you!!


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MFPRINCESS 3/7/2010 10:36AM

    You are doing great!!!!! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am for you!

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SPIFFYCAT 3/7/2010 10:25AM

    Oh well done on your weight loss, if you are stepping up your exercise enter it into the fitness tracker it will re work your calorie allowance, it may just be that you need a little more protein in your diet to help those muscles build...

Don't start me on the "before" photos I forced myself to have mine taken and post it and it really show on the piccie, but then I thought I want to see where I have come from after all I'm (and you) have no intentions of staying there so they're just history anyway...

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This is a big step for me.

Friday, March 05, 2010

This is a photo of me taken at my heaviest non-pregnant weight. *Gulp* 255 pounds. emoticon

After I first saw this photo I cried. A lot. This photo also made me systematically remove myself from our family photos. That was what really made me want to change. I'd run and hide whenever the camera came out because I was afraid of what the photos would look like. I don't have many pictures of me with my children when they were really small because 1--I'm usually the photographer in our house, and 2-- I hated my body SO MUCH.

The community here along with all of my wonderful Spark Friends have made me feel like I can share this "secret" with you. I'm very close to revealing my current weight. My tracker only shows "pounds lost" because I'm still embarrassed of where I'm at.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    I don't even have any before pictures, which I now find unfortunate since I can't compare the old me to the new me. All I can use is the fit of my clothes. I look at other SPs pix and am sort of wistful and wish I had "old" pictures so I could see a difference. I agree with Borainbow that you are beautiful no matter the size, and kids don't see adults they way we see ourselves. I think you'll love having those old pictures so you can compare periodically to stay motivated, and to see how worth it all this work is! emoticon

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NUOVAELLE 3/6/2010 2:04AM

    Well done on your decision to share this picture. Sometimes sharing, in this case, is a synonym to realising. I can't wait to see the "after" picture. I'm sure you'll be the same, smiling, beautiful person in both of them. And start taking more pictures with your children. They don't care about numbers. For them you are their mother and you are their most favourite person in the world no matter the size. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

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CKAYT56 3/5/2010 8:33PM

    Pat yourself on the back today! Heroic and brave for putting your picture out there. I, too, do not like to be in the picture. I am working on changing my life for the better and will soon be the photogenic one in the family and you will be too! You were right, it is a big step...but it is a big step towards being healthy.

Char in Minnesota

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STACI388 3/5/2010 8:03PM

    I had a similar revelation. I know how you feel but just know that no matter what your weight is you have decided to be a healthier you and that is great. This is a lifestyle change and it takes time and energy but the rewards are amazing:) Keep up the great work.

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WANT2BEFIT10 3/5/2010 7:58PM

    Thank you so much for all of the support! As my SP friend FOOFIT1 put it, this was liberating! emoticon

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FOOFIT1 3/5/2010 6:53PM

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I hope you found it liberating to share this with the SparkPeople community. When I posted pictures of myself at my heaviest weight, I felt better (oddly). All of us are on here because we struggle with weight and being healthy. Isn't it nice to know you're not alone?

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KEENTINA 3/5/2010 6:53PM

    I'm a team lead and I show pounds to lose on my tracker. I'd much rather aim for a size right now. I'm losing steadily, not quickly so I don't even change it often. You have a great smile and when you meet your goals - or come closer, you will be glad of this picture.

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CJSARGENT1 3/5/2010 6:43PM

    You are very brave to post that photo and you are very pretty. I also hate pics of me and I have torn up a lot of those thru the years. I have lost and gained about 300 pound in the last 40 years. I am hoping this is the last and a whole lifestyle change. We are all in the same boat but we are not sunk yet. hehehe It sounds like you are doing very well so keep on keeping on. I can see your goal ahead, can't you?


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TURBOAMIE 3/5/2010 6:41PM

    Look at those beautiful eyes and that beautiful smile! Focus on those things right now and keep moving forward toward your goal. We're here for you!

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BLUSTAR 3/5/2010 6:38PM

    You are beautiful.... dont ever forget that!!

You will do great!!


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QUIKSYLVER 3/5/2010 6:37PM

    Great job taking the step to post the picture! emoticon I know how hard it is to post the "fat pic."

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First Big Goal Met--here's my reward!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am feeling downright GIDDY right now! This morning on the scale I was down 2.2 pounds, which means I OFFICIALLY hit my first goal to lose 25 POUNDS!!!

As a reward to myself, 2 new pair of yoga pants from Old Navy because my old ones are literally falling off my body when I work out!

One pair is black, one pair is gray, and I can't WAIT to break them in!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FOOFIT1 3/4/2010 7:04PM

    How EXCITING!!!! Congratulations! 25 pounds is a HUGE feat to accomplish!

I'm so happy for you! Keep up the great work!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LINDA25427 3/1/2010 6:48PM

    Great reward .Congratulations !!! emoticon emoticonjob.

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LIFE-FAITH 3/1/2010 2:57PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Keep up the great workouts!

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NUOVAELLE 3/1/2010 6:40AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Keep up this great work!

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WANT2BEFIT10 3/1/2010 4:26AM

    Just wanted to add that I tried out the black pair...I LOVE THEM! I highly recommend them if anyone is looking for some good pants!

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CKAYT56 2/28/2010 12:29PM

    Congrats on meeting your goal and more importantly...rewarding yourself! See...we can do this! I am happy and proud for you.

Char in Minnesota

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KRYANPRINCESS 2/28/2010 12:18PM

    WOO HOO!!! I love Old Navy Yoga pants!! They are the best in the world! CONGRATS on meeting your goal and rewarding yourself! emoticon

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ANG76H 2/28/2010 10:50AM

  Great job!!!!!

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BEKAHWHITT 2/28/2010 10:50AM

    Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment! I love your reward! Those pants are fabulous!

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BETH115 2/28/2010 10:18AM

    Good for you! Thanks for sharing your success! emoticon emoticon

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CGREEN717 2/28/2010 9:58AM

    Congrats!! Love your choice in pants.

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STEPHANEFANY 2/28/2010 9:52AM

    That's awesome!! emoticon emoticon

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SUZEQ09 2/28/2010 9:38AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Way to reach that first goal! Keep up the fantastic work!!

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HAPPILY_HEALTHY 2/28/2010 9:25AM

    Way to go, enjoy!!

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ABBYLU 2/28/2010 9:24AM


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LEEPFROG95 2/28/2010 9:21AM

    great REWARD!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ROWDYRILEY 2/28/2010 9:16AM

    That is OUTSTANDING!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUGIRL06 2/28/2010 9:12AM


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STACI388 2/28/2010 9:06AM

    Keep up the great work:)

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1HLTHYCHICK 2/28/2010 9:03AM

    emoticon emoticon
That's fantastic!!! Keep up the great work!

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POETCHIK 2/28/2010 8:59AM

    Way to go! Keep up the good work!!! emoticon

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CRANBYRRE 2/28/2010 8:58AM

    YAY, you did it!!! Congrads on hitting the big 25 lb mark!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MFPRINCESS 2/28/2010 8:58AM


That rocks!!!!!!!

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