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An update on my training

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've lost track of what number day it is...I just know that I'm checking off the boxes on my grid when my training is complete. emoticon

I'll back track to Sunday--long run day--8 MILES! I ran the whole thing and did it in 1 hour and 25 minutes, so I averaged 11 minute miles. It was hot & humid, and my training schedule said to shoot for a pace of 11:55...so the good news is I didn't go too fast & run the 9 minute mile pace that I had been right before I went into my funk; but I still ran it faster than I was supposed to. I can't believe I'm going to type this, but the 8 miles was almost *easy* emoticon AND NO, I never thought I would EVER say that. If I would have had to, I KNOW I could have done 13 Sunday. It's been a huge boost to my confidence to feel STRONG and capable!

I felt so good after my run, that I ended up going on a bike ride that afternoon with my family. We covered nearly 11 miles. I fully expected to be unable to walk on Monday morning, but I felt surprisingly good!

Yesterday was another short run--3 miles. I knocked that out during my husband's lunch break in just under 30 minutes. Since I've laid off racing every time I run, I'm finding that I am enjoying my runs more and am actually performing better!

Tomorrow is speed work. I'll be heading to the high school track tomorrow night & I'm hoping that the weather cooperates.

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OBXFIREGUY 7/1/2010 7:12PM

    My coach always says, " You have to run slow to run fast!" I am always under pace and he fusses at me every week about it. You are doing great. I know what you mean when you say 8 miles is "easy". My short day of the week is now 5 miles and medium day is 8. I can do them like it is a normal day and not be sore at all. It is great when we hit the point and realize that the race is just another day in the park. Stay at it, you are doing great.

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LULUTHELEO 7/1/2010 5:40PM

    YAY Jess! Great Job on the training!!! I need another race to keep me motivated.... :)

So proud of you!

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CHUBBYSISTER1 7/1/2010 9:30AM

    So glad you found your running mojo again! You are doing awesome! You are just going to rock that half. I'm the same as you....since I stopped racing every run I did, I feel soooo much better and actually look forward to my runs. What training program are you using?? I'm running a race on Saturday, so I am going to call that my speed work for the week. You're doing so great, Jess!!! I'm so proud of you.

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ROOT4HOME 6/30/2010 11:10PM

    You're doing so AWESOME!! Aren't you glad you went and signed up for that HM? You'll SO be ready for it!! emoticon

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GODIVADSG 6/30/2010 10:28PM

    Sounds like your training is going really well! Good job on your pace! Isn't it great to have a really good run? Nike has a great quote... "Training is the opposite of hoping." You go Girl! Here is to an easy 8 miles! emoticon Can't wait until you post an easy 9 mile run! And you will!! Run on.... Dana

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CKAYT56 6/30/2010 8:44PM

    Wow...you are so committed! Good for you. I am still just thinking about a 5K! Ha! At my age, I am just glad that nothing hurts during or after my every day workouts.

And yes, I too feel so good after working out.

Keep it up, staying fit at a younger age will really help when you get to my age.

Have a good evening!

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Day 4 of HM training complete

Friday, June 25, 2010

I DID get back out there and run another 3 miles last night to get my total 5 miles in...if you read my earlier blog yesterday, I ran 2 miles with a new runner in preparation of his first 5K. It was HOT!

I was initially supposed to do 5 miles with 1 mile warm up, 3 miles of speed work, and 1 mile of cool down.

It ended up going a little different than that, but at least I got the total distance in! Last night's 3 miler was a really good run for me...I SO NEEDED THAT! I dropped the motion traxx and just ran to music I enjoy instead of BPM. I ended up running a little over 3 miles in 29:34--I didn't even worry about beating a time, I just ran according to how I felt.

This weekend is another big run--I'm slated to do 8 miles by my first training schedule; the revised schedule that I've been toying with using has an 11 mile run. I really don't know which route I'm going to go yet.

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TAMPATASHA 7/7/2010 2:19PM

    So awesome!!! I can HEAR it through your words how great it felt. :) Keep up the good work - and keep sharing with us! I'm anxious to watch the progression and hear how fantastic your HM will be.

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ROWDYRILEY 6/25/2010 4:57PM

    You are kicking some butt!!! Way to go!

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NICOLE12-01 6/25/2010 2:30PM

    Keep up the great work! I find that I'm enjoying running on how I'm feeling much more than when I'm worrying about beating a time. Great job at listening to your body! I'll be anxious to see whether you go 8 or 11!

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ROOT4HOME 6/25/2010 1:26PM

    WTG on getting the 5miles in - esp how your 3miles felt so great!! You're going to do great this weekend on your long run!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! emoticon

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BEAR2009 6/25/2010 7:51AM

    Sounds like you're doing an awesome job on your training! We all have off days when we don't feel like running, or when our bodies don't cooperate with what we want it to do. Sometimes it is nice to just run by feel, not following any directions.

Out of curiosity, which training plan are you using?

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SORT OF HM training....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So yesterday I was supposed to do a 5 mile run with speed-work. Supposed to.

Due to my "funk" it didn't happen. No matter what I did, I could not get myself out that door.

I figure I'm entitled to one of those days every now and then. This morning I ran with a coworker who is getting ready for his first ever 5K. This guy has come MILES. He has lost 240 pounds in the last year. He's been running on a treadmill and had expressed some interest in a road race but didn't think he could do it--I've been working on him for about 2 months--and now we're running a 5K in July!

Today we went for an easy 2 mile run. He did great, and it felt really good to be helping and motivating someone. We started out nice and easy at about an 11:30 pace for the first half mile and then gradually increased. I let him be our guide and told him he just had to tell me if we needed to back off. We ran the next mile and a half around a 9:30-9:40 pace, and kicked it down at the end to finish at 9:15. It was HOT but we did it.

I needed something like this to get me re-focused on what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm planning to do 3 more miles this evening to make up for last night. I realize I'm not getting the speed work in, but I WILL be getting the distance.

I'm not sure what my deal has been...I've been feeling like I might have taken on too much with the half marathon, and am afraid of not finishing. I know I need to get my head on straight and get past this mental roadblock.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!


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FOOFIT1 6/29/2010 1:05AM

    Geez! 240 lbs in the last year? That's incredible! He should be on Spark for inspirational purposes!

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AMYSUE20 6/27/2010 9:24PM

    isnt helping someone else SO gratifying??? And how about a great motivation for yourself in return??? Who cares if there is truly no selfless act! We all benefit emoticon And I have been doing P90X (rather successfully) but I have really missed running so I have gone more now due to your involvement here. I hope you can realize how much you motivate me with your status updates and blogging...I ran 5 miles Friday night and it kicked my booty but I felt so good afterwards.. oh yeah and I LOVE motiontraxx! I am going to look for a run2/walk1 track to do 11 miles this week sometime... a local lady runner I really respect (she's quick) told me that's what she does to keep up her training during the summer here...thanks for being you! emoticon

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MEGHAN2012 6/24/2010 7:11PM

    great job

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Day 3 of HM Training: 7 miles

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yesterday brought me to my second 7-mile run. I was still on vacation, so I was struggling a bit to find my motivation. At 7AM I was out the door (with my new Camelbak on) and greeted by a wall of humidity as soon as I stepped outside. I decided to hit the trails again. My training schedule had me running at a pace of 11:55 but that just felt like crawling to me...I started out at about a 10:45 pace to warm up...after reading an inspiring blog from one of my spark friends, Amy, (Chubbysister1) I decided that maybe I shouldn't be quite so hung up on my Garmin watch and just listen to my body to determine my pace.

The first mile for me is always rough...I have an internal struggle about just getting GOING. I know my body is strong enough to do it, but just getting into a rhythm is hard for me. I heard the garmin beep so I knew I was one mile in. I decided to pick up the pace a bit, but didn't pay attention to the garmin except to check my mileage. I ran on the trails for the first 2.5 miles and then got off to run on a straight-a-way....HOLY HILL! The next mile was was uphill...I thought the hill was never going to end! I turned a corner to go downhill to hit the 3.5 mile mark to turn around and go back...at that point I had to go UPHILL AGAIN to get to the top. The good news was I was going downhill for the next mile. I can't get over how different it is to run downhill...completely different muscles ached afterward.

I was so thankful to have the Camelbak! I didn't have to worry about water except to suck it through the straw/hose. I forgot to bring my shot blocks along so I really hit a wall around 6 miles, but still had enough in me to finish...it was a mental game for me for the last mile. I kept chanting in my head "Just keep moving...just keep moving...almost done...just keep going".

I was SO HAPPY when I hit the 7 mile mark...I had about 3 blocks to get back to where we were staying and I walked it. It was early morning and already in the 80s with TONS of humidity.


I'm looking forward to my 2 mile run tomorrow!

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GODIVADSG 6/23/2010 9:04PM

    Jess WTG! I remember when I first started training for a half marathon and all my runs would not be ideal... it was so frustrating. You are doing great at getting the job done! Hang in there.... it will be worth it and YOU are worth it. These challenging runs make the great runs that much sweeter. I say challenging because I feel like I have to learn all over again how to run in the humidity. And you did a MONSTER HILL!! WTG!! Keep up the great work. Happy running! emoticonDana

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NICOLE12-01 6/21/2010 1:14PM

    AWESOME JOB! You're so dedicated to do a 7 mile run while on vacation! That's just totally amazing!

I ALWAYS struggle the first mile or two as well. I also struggle to find my pace in the beginning, but then once I hit that groove, it's all good!

Keep up the great work! You're such an inspiration!

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ROWDYRILEY 6/21/2010 7:40AM

    emoticon I am totally impressed with you! Humidity is a total killer just by itself but to add running to it. Wowsers! Rock it SB!!!

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ROOT4HOME 6/20/2010 11:29PM

    WTG Jess on your 7miler!! What an awesome time w/all those hills and the humidity too!! So the camelbak worked well on this run? Thats great!! How much water does it hold?

Keep it up...you're doing great in prep for your HM!!! emoticon

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CHUBBYSISTER1 6/20/2010 11:24PM

    Wow!! Sounds like a tough, tough run...the hills and humidity. Way to rock it and what a great time. I love the garmin, but man it is really hard for me not get caught up with times. I play little games with myself when I run....like how far can I run before i look at it! :-0 You are doing so well with you half marathon training...keep it up! You are inspiring me!!!!

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Day 2: Half Marathon training

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today my training schedule said 5 miles: 1 mile warm up, 3 miles @ 10:19, 1 mile cool down.

I'm still on vacation, so I'm not really familiar with the area. I headed over to some trails that I know go on forever. Last night watching the weather I knew there was a chance for some rain today, but I also know that it seems like if I DON'T run, it doesn't rain. I decided to chance it even though it was cloudy.

I started out at a nice easy 12 minute pace for the warm up. About 4 tenths of a mile in, the thunder started. I decided to cut the warm up short and get to the heart of the training. Off I went! I discovered that when I'm trying to maintain a certain pace, it's difficult! I seemed to stay around 10:10 pretty well, but if I'd try to back off to 10:19 I'd go too slow--like 11 minute miles...so then I'd kick it up a notch and find myself at 9:50. UGH! Any tips on maintaining pace is appreciated from my runner peeps! Well as I was really getting into the run the LIGHTNING came in to play...I can deal with thunder, but the lightning made me nervous. Plus the thunder was getting louder and it was starting to rain. Even though I wasn't to 2.5 miles yet I decided to turn around; I figure since I cut the warm up a little short, I'd just be cutting the cool down short.

On the way back it completely opened up. There is a lot of tree cover on these trails, so to this point I wasn't very wet. That didn't last long. I was soaked. My iPod stopped working. Rain was rolling off of my visor. I had to keep hiking my capris up because they were totally drenched. At this point I wasn't watching my pace; I just wanted to get back to my car and away from the lightning!

I'm not going to lie, the lightning was scary and I was nervous, and YES I did cut the run short but I think I got the bulk of it in.

Final time 48:24 for 4.71 miles. When I checked the Garmin from the safety of my car, it said I ran the last mile at an average pace of 8:45!

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LIFE-FAITH 6/19/2010 2:38PM

    Keep up the great work!
You are doing awesome!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FOOFIT1 6/18/2010 1:15AM

    Whew! You rocked that last mile eh? You're awesome!!!


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AMYSUE20 6/17/2010 8:13PM

    You are so fast! How long is your training? I live in Florida and I am just not willing to train like that in the heat and humidity we have but I was thinking my first half marathon should be in November and I could start training after I finish my P90X 90 days that I am doing now. I have 60 days or so left and I still mix it up with running..anyways you inspire me! Its so awesome how you have grown to love running so much and I can really relate to that. When I reach my goal weight (or my birthday whichever comes first hopefully the weight, I have 9 pounds to go) I want a Garmin!

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DEEJACKSON 6/17/2010 5:35PM

    Jeez, you're fast! Good work!

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CHUBBYSISTER1 6/17/2010 1:26PM

    You are running like lightning!!! Look at you....on vacation and running like a rockstar in horrid weather....you're making the rest of us look bad! :-) So proud of you.....I think your new nickname should be Lightning! Way to rock that last mile.

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ROOT4HOME 6/17/2010 11:43AM

    Wow!! I'm so glad you got back to your car safely!! I give you props for attempting the run despite the weather...I would totally of stayed home (and you're on vacation?!?!)...YOU ROCK! Woohoo!!

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OTTAWABOUND 6/17/2010 11:05AM

    Running with Lightning! Sounds like a good book title. Congratulations.

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KARVY09 6/17/2010 9:24AM

    You're doing amazing!

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CWESTMORE 6/17/2010 9:23AM

    You have inspired me. I ran/walked the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathan in May. I need to start to train for another Half Marathan that I will be doing in September. I admire that you are running so fast. I am at about an 11 minute mile. The older I get the slower I am. But you have encouraged me with your perseverance and determination. Good Luck!!! emoticon

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