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I get so emotional baby...

Friday, July 16, 2010

My problem lately emotional eating. It seems I have been an emotional wreck a lot lately, little things setting me on a downward spiral of attempting to eat everything in the house in one sitting. I am taking back control, one solution photos of my food I think the action of having to stop, take a picture, and then eat will either make me have second thoughts about the plate full of garbage or at least make me see a pattern of destructive emotional garbage. I will be taking timeout prior to putting anything in my mouth and declare why I am eating it (outloud if I'm alone at work ppl might think me a bit crazy if I were doing that). I will utilize exercise as a buffer before I open the fridge, an example would be 50 crunches before I open the fridge. This will give me time to think about what or why I want to eat and will help me work on my abs which I neglect far too often. I will ensure that I am eating my meals regularly and frequently enough so emotions and hunger will not be confused.

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THEQUEENBEE333 7/21/2010 9:05AM

    Thats a good idea. I emotionally eat a lot too. You can do it! You are doing it! Have a great week!

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JACKSMIMI2 7/18/2010 8:30AM

    I love the 50 crunches before opening the fridge... but I'm afraid I might never get off the floor :)

Good luck w/ your run today and remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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LINDATHOME 7/17/2010 11:33PM

    you are an amazingly strong woman

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DROPPINOS 7/17/2010 2:44PM

    great idea~ full steam ahead emoticon

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PINKBEANBOO 7/16/2010 7:14PM

    Hey, those are some good ideas. I think I might need to try some of those.

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July 15th Plan O' Action

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get done with work 6am, get home strength train session 1 Chest and Back along with the Ab Ripper, sleep, wake up, strength training session 2 Shoulders Arms and at least part of Ab Ripper (the parts I hate). The reason for the double strength session is that I am still slacking on ST right now I'm killing the cardio with the running but am often tired or unmotivated to do ST, which people who know me best know that ST is the type of exercise geared to my physique. I think that the reason that I have low motivation and energy for ST is that I really have to concentrate and motivate to do running since it is not a natural form of exercise to me. I am working on both being equally motivated and "natural"

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THEQUEENBEE333 7/15/2010 9:14AM

    Great plan as usual. Have a great day!

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MARATHON_MOM 7/15/2010 6:54AM

    I have done Chest and Back and Shoulders and Arms on the same day! Not easy! And Ab Ripper TWICE! WOW! You rock!!!

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First 14 miler complete and I was still able to workout today

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesterday I completed my first 14miler I am officially on my way to 26.2 it was definitely a challenge even though I have done 2 half marathons this year, I have a 16 miler coming up and I am going to follow Galloway method through that whole workout while I am working up my miles it is about finishing and nothing more for me I just have to prove I can do the distance. Today I managed to do some light jogging about a mile and a half and then I walked another 5 miles the lactic acid has not been allowed to settle!

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LINDATHOME 7/16/2010 10:20AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Galloway method. You are truly an inspiration to me - I love reading your blogs, and reading about your progress. I wish I had found my drive and determination when I was your age ... would have made so much of my past 14 years so much different. You keep pushing girl - and I'll keep reading, who knows, maybe we'll run into each other on a trail someday! I bought the interval timer from Jeff's website, makes doing the run/walk intervals way easier.


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LEFTCIRCLES 7/14/2010 10:41PM

    Dang you're a nut!!!! Love it Kara!!!

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FRENCHYFEVER 7/14/2010 7:06PM

    Wow, good for you! Keep up the great work!!


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Got a mountain to climb...literally

Monday, July 12, 2010

Talking to a friend this evening and I have decided that if I survive the marathon my next insane thing on my bucket list is to climb a mountain!!! Gonna start researching the logistics and cost of it tonight!

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KLEONIKI 7/13/2010 5:35PM

take some pictures when you reach the top of your mountain, for us, dear!
Good luck1

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THEQUEENBEE333 7/12/2010 12:54PM

    Go for it! Have an awesome week! If we always think of a new challenge, we should keep moving forward! You are doing it!

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CUBANJELLY 7/12/2010 7:23AM

    Wish I was close enough to do it with you! I love rock climbing at the gym!

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HAPPYNHEALTHY15 7/12/2010 6:42AM

    That is an amazing goal!!! Please keep us updated on the logistics and progress of it all!! Way to go!!!

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Relax Power Glide

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Using Jeff Galloway's words of wisdom, today for the last mile of my run I utilized the magic marathon words. This was just a 5 miler but I figured I would try them out so I started by saying them to myself and pretty soon I was actually saying them out loud. Guess what they worked my pace picked up and for my last mile I ran 10:30 which is 2 minutes faster than my normal pace! I proved to myself that I have the wind to go faster and I just need to convince my body to follow!


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