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P90X Day 90 and beyond

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today is my first official day of my week off before I start round 2, rode the bike for an hour. I am planning on doing yoga a couple days this week and some strength training but low key stuff it is my recovery week after all. I'll be posting pics soon data cable for my camera is on order. Completing the program what a great christmas present. I am feeling in much better shape and while I didn't reach my weight loss goal I know I am going to reach it in the coming year. P90x helped me find that part of myself that enjoys working out and looks forward to working out instead of the me that dreads doing it. It has helped me find the part of me that likes eating healthy and doesn't sacrifice fitness for a night on the town. I have lost 11% body fat in 90 days when I have battled all year to lose anything and keep it off but now I know what motivates me.

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HEZLIZZIE 12/27/2009 11:33AM

    You are fabulous!! Congrats on achieving your goal of completing P90X! :D

It's amazing how much focusing on strength training really affects your body composition - losing 11% of your body fat in 3 months is so fantastic! And having a motivated mindset and looking forward to exercise is a HUGE success!

Rock on, my friend, rock on!

emoticon emoticon

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P90X Day 89

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Workout is already done for the day, healthy breakfast eaten, shower-after this blog, and off to celebrate Christmas with the family as long as the roads aren't too bad. Tomorrow is the last day of P90X until the new year. I am actually looking forward to round 2, I have also decided that I am going to buy Insanity another Beachbody product at some point during the new year I think it will be good to do a hybrid to continue to get the results I am wanting, I think that I will start to need more intense cardio than what comes with P90x, although I am going to stick with the yoga and strength dvds. Yoga will probably become my rest day and during the week I will do the insanity. That is a ways off probably round 3 but I am ready for anything this year when it comes to getting back into shape.

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DANNIELLEFIT 12/25/2009 7:10AM

    Good job on completing P90X. I am going to start Chalean and then do Power 90, then P90X, and then end the year with Insanity. My sister has that program and she says it works. The program gives information on who should and should not do the program. I watched the first DVD and I knew that I needed to work myself up to that program. I think that if you survived P90X, then you just might be able to survive Insanity. Good luck in your weight loss quest!

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MARKAMURKA 12/24/2009 9:08AM

    Nice Christmas present, you can be so proud.
I've heard that Insanity is a knee killer. Ask around if your knees aren't perfect.

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CUBANJELLY 12/24/2009 8:57AM

    Will we be seeing some progress pictures? I'm proud of you for sticking to it. I've heard it's a killer program!

Have a wonderful holiday!


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P90X Day 88 Winding down and new year goals

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost to the end of round one the light is at the end of the tunnel. Thought this would be a good time to make some goals for the coming new year.

1. Use the nutrition tracker daily I keep a journal now I just need to input it.
2. Continue with P90X plan (3 more rounds) and add in cardio through running and/or Insanity
3. Most obvious reach goal weight.
4. Continue daily blog to keep myself accountable and vent so I don't emotionally eat!
5. Continue to improve nutritionally, it could always be better!

Think I may have located a data cable that will work with my camera so pics will hopefully be posted soon! Here's to a great workout today and some super healthy eating, its pay day so its also grocery day which means I 'm gonna be a cooking fool.

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THEQUEENBEE333 12/23/2009 9:25AM

    Good plan! You will do it, you have been doing it. You rock!
have a wonderful Christmas... stay warm and dry! Its going to be icky here in C/R I am afraid. B

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Online Dating and a Healthy Lifestyle?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So I joined one of those online dating sites and now I am kind of regretting it. Granted it has only been a few days but I haven't gotten any messages sent to me or any responses to the messages I send. I am starting to wonder what is scaring people off my picture or the fact that I am adamant about living a healthy lifestlye and wanting someone who shares this goal, I know for certain I don't want a beer guzzling, pizza downing guy. I'm just really frustrated I know I am long overdue on finding Mr. Right but I don't want someone in my life who will sabotage my successes I would much rather have someone who embraces and encourages me and lives that kind of lifestlye too. I suppose I am too picky, I mean it would be one thing to have someone who didn't share my goals if I were at my ideal weight and thought I could live only a partial healthy lifestyle, I will never be able to go back to that I have seen what even one day of slacking does to my body. I don't know at least my frustrations are out but I am so cancelling the stupid thing at the end of the month. I wish I had found someone earlier in life now that I am older it seems the choices get few. The whole thing sucks I would just like to get one message from a decent person

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WENDALL125 12/22/2009 9:02AM

    i don't do the web dating thing any more, but i met some nice men (and some weird ones) who i am still friends with a few years later.

based on your description of yourself, i'm wondering how you described yourself in your profile on the dating site. you say a lot about what you DON'T want (and it's all justifiable) but if your self description on the dating website is negative, it's a turnoff. (at least i found myself drawn to people who were positive and upbeat)

just trying to be helpful. i had fun with the online dating thing and hope you do too.

btw, i have decided that the olnine dating was more effort than it was worth and that the first dates with strangers grew quite tiresome. i'm still single. but online dating has worked very well for a two of my good friends (one marriage, one 5 yr relationship).

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CAPECODDIN 12/22/2009 8:35AM

    I tried them about 10 years ago.. and there's good and there's bad.. and then there's really bad.. all I can say is go with your gut.. and always meet in a public place.. I used to meet at a local starbucks.. it was funny because the workers finally figured out what I was doing.. I had a lot of fun.. scary thing is you'll see people out there you know.. and yeah some of them are married.. I've taken a break from the dating scene because my kids are 15 & 17... I've met guys at the car wash.. in the fruit section.. open your heart and see what happens..

GOod luck!!

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MARKAMURKA 12/22/2009 6:48AM

    My best friend found his friend- now husband playing netball.
She isn't keen on sports, nor very athletic, had misfortune with men several times, and she is a very nice person. I advised her to take up some sport in order to make some new acquaintances. We tried running and net ball.
I really like her husband.
Choices are few you're right, but she got lucky this time. Maybe you're next.

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GOING2LOSENOW 12/22/2009 4:19AM

    I actually found my hubby on a dating website! It was Christiandate.com. I was hesitant about it, but fortunately for me it did work out. This was a free site.

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DIDMIS 12/22/2009 1:59AM

    The dating sites have all kind of people. Most men want either sex or money and I have had men wanting both. They usually want to know if you have a webcam so they can see more than you want to show. You don't know who you are talking to on them. One guy I talked to seemed so nice. He lives very close to where I go to church and went to church with me and took me to lunch. Then he showed me his house and his cars (he had 2) and the house seemed so generic. He said he had just moved from a nearby town. Then he began to question me about my finances.
Well, he wasn't the one for sure
Another I talked to for a long time and he finally told me I would have to send him money so he could come to see me. I could tell you story after story so maybe you are lucky no one has contacted you.

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SW33TG33KGIRL 12/22/2009 1:50AM

    Online dating sites can be so ruthless, I don't know how women are but most men (not all) but the ones I encountered were very superficial, they wanted to know how much I weighed and a full body shot. God forbid I put average or anything above athletic. It seems more acceptable for a man to have a few extra pounds and not a woman.

I found my Mr. Right in an art community website, I would try that instead, try getting on websites that have some of your hobbies maybe you might meet someone there, also I have heard of people meeting on here too.

But I know what you mean about having someone that will be supportive of your goals, and not try to do you in. I have went through that before.

Well good luck & Merry Christmas ;)

Pop by anytime :)

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P90X Day 86 Recovering

Monday, December 21, 2009

I had a little bout of the stomach flu over the weekend still worked out each day but today instead of doing the core synergistics workout I just biked I just couldn't bear the thought of some of the moves and the resulting twisting pain on my insides. An hour on the bike is just as good and puts a lot less pain on the stomach

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HEZLIZZIE 12/22/2009 12:37PM

    Get well soon! Great call on modifying your schedule due to how you're feeling.

We're both almost P90X grads - yaaaaaaaaaayyyy!! :D


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DKAB55 12/21/2009 7:45PM

    Smart move..feel better!

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SMILE2HAPPINESS 12/21/2009 7:25PM

    I hope you feel better. I hate being sick, because I just don't exercise and then it's hard to get back to exercising when I get better. emoticon

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