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P90X Days 74 and 75

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Since I spent yesterday and half the night at work, I didn't get in a workout like I hoped I might I didn't sleep well because I was sleeping on an air mattress and not at my house I just did not have the energy to put into a workout so I'm putting yoga off til saturday that way its kind of like a rest day even though yoga is hard, but it will get me all limbered up for week 12 OMG can't believe I am getting this close to the end. I would say its been a success because it has really got me moving again I've had decent results would have like to see more but its definetly the step in the right direction that I have needed and should get me started out right for the new year! I am starting round 2 on January 3rd. I suppose time to get off the computer and get my workout in. The 42 hours of work in 3 days kinda wore me out so I've been lounging on the couch with the dogs all day since I got back from running a few errand.

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HEZLIZZIE 12/13/2009 11:13AM

    My goodness, that's waaay too much work! :/ I hope that you were able to get some rest, and that Yoga X helped to stretch out your hard-working muscles. We're almost to the end of the 90 days....we can do it!! :D


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THEQUEENBEE333 12/11/2009 2:00PM

    Take some time and get a bit o rest! You earned it. I couldnt sleep like that and work that long in a row w.out a rest either. Have a good weekend!

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BENJAMINSBABY 12/10/2009 10:20PM

    It's good to hear that you're getting results! I just bought P90X and I'm kind of afraid to start. Congrats on your hard work and I wish you the best for the rest!

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Bloodwork came back and...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Blood sugar is good, and Cholesterol is great!!!! In my opinion this shows my doctor that I am not just eating cheeseburgers and garbage. I happen to be a fat healthy person.

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HEZLIZZIE 12/9/2009 1:56PM

    Great news!!

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THEQUEENBEE333 12/8/2009 10:52PM

    Great results! I had a Dr once when I was just a LITTLE overweight said I had side aches from weighing too much! When I asked him what he suggested to lose weight and he was like, cut out candy, and sugary stuff, etc. I WAS PEEVED! because at that point in my life I didnt eat much crap at all...and he didnt ask - just assumed. Never went back to him again. I see a PA most of the times at my Drs office and he is very supportive and helpful. Dont assume they think the worst! He probably thinks you are in great shape and could whip his butt if he made you mad! :-) You are a tough girl and you are doing great - far from someone who looks like they eat cheeseburgers, cut yourself some slack!

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MOONANGEL23 12/8/2009 3:07PM

    Congrats on the great numbers! emoticon

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AMYLT82 12/8/2009 2:35PM

    That's terrific! I had a neurologist that should be thankful I am a nice fat person, because the first thing he said everytime he said, EVERY time I went to see him, is,"Are you a diabetic yet." Once or twice didn't bother me, but after 14 or 15 times I think I was ready to punch him in the nose. The problem is, the way I am I would have been more upset about having done it, than he would have about having it done to him, and he probably would have gotten 10 new shirts.
Now what is your next goal? Are you going to be satisfied with being a fat healthy person? Or, are you going to surprise your doctor and next time the doctor sees you, will he see less of you? I tell the doctors about my diets, Even when I have lost weight, they don't believe me. Does your doctor believe you or are you going to have to prove it to them? I am definitely going to have to prove it to my doctors, all three of them, my family, and just about anyone else. I am not so sure that while I have more confidence in me, than almost anyone else, I might have to prove it to me as well.
Well, whatever you think, and do, I am sure you can do it well. You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you. The support from SPARKS friends, is terrific, and can't be beat, so More Power to You! Your Friend, Amy emoticon

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EVVYSBABY 12/8/2009 2:26PM

    Glad your results are good. It pays to be healthy!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tomorrow evening I will come into work and be here for 24 hours we are camping out in order to have enough staffing for Wednesday night due to our Blizzard 09. Gonna have to figure out how I am going to do Wednesday's workout in less than ideal situation. I am thinking that I could double up today, or double on Thursday, or shift the workouts a day and just call it rest day. The thing is I want to do something it. Yoga is the workout on Wednesday, I could totally work it, but I'm just wondering how confident I am going to be trying to do it in a room full of my coworkers. The majority of whom are male. Another thought one that I would be more comfortable with is doing the legs and back workout I could do this without having to set up a video and I'm more confident in my abilities in this workout than the yoga. Not sure how or where I could set up my bands for the pull up portion. I have to get a workout in especially because I don't think that I will get decent sleep. The other thing I have to do is pack 3 days worth of healthy food that I can eat, I'm not eating MREs (if you've never been in the military these are the most awful things on the face of the planet think that I may get sick from smelling them).That is a lot of food well I guess I could get away with something fairly small for Weds. during the day since I'll be asleep for most of it. So I just have to cover Tuesday night, small snack weds, and Wednesday night if I end up having to stay. Hmm a lot to do when I get off work and get home. I better do my workout for today before I go to bed too I think, I may have to leave for work an hour early.


P90X Day 72 Back on track in a big way

Monday, December 07, 2009

Had plyos today went well but I've been adding more biking into my workouts so my legs were a little spent by the end I was pretty well wiped. The best news is since I went to the doctor and I made the changes we discussed along with taking the medication. The weight has been steadily dropping, stepped on the scale today and at the risk of putting a hex on it, it read 274.4 a pound lower than I had gotten to and 7 pounds less than the day I had the big meltdown. Seems I just have to continue what I am doing and perhaps avoiding dairy is what i need to do. Overall very happy except for our impending snow storm.

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MARKAMURKA 12/8/2009 6:03AM

    happy for you, too.

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BEEBOP11 12/7/2009 5:59PM

    I'm glad the scale is starting to move for you! Yeah!!!!

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GODDESSOFHOME 12/7/2009 5:20PM

    Yay! You gotta love when changes show progress for you! I am so happy for you!

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DEUSMACHINA 12/7/2009 4:52PM

    Oh, congratulations! I'm so glad it's working for you again!

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P90X Day 71 Its a new week. Week 11

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Feeling good so far about all that I am doing and had discussed with my doctor. I'm excited to start a fresh week, last week seemed to be such a downer for me. Although right at the end of the week when I really took charge of myself I felt good again. I think sometimes we have to be down, it helps us look for different solutions. I am doing well with my no dairy which I thought might take me down, but I found a vegan cheese that isn't too bad that I can add to things that need a little something. I've been pushing the water and really focusing on my diet. Haven't really noticed if i have a suppressed appetite from the pills yet or not. Made a bunch of filling healthy dairy free meals last night so that I can take those during the week as well as the Chicken breasts that I cooked up.

Yesterday at my Army drill it was great I had gotten up early worked out and packed a lunch. Well come lunch time everyone else went for the Army chow cheeseburger probably some potatoes of some sort, a veggie lets just say this not healthily prepared anything on the menu. Meanwhile I ate upstairs and enjoyed a salad with a good mix of veggies and a little dab of guacomole for a dressing, and my Rosemary Chicken Breast and some grapes. Guess who's food everyone wanted. Everyone was like that smells so good. I had gone to wipe off my lunch box knife, and the others in the platoon office were like if she doesn't get back here soon I'm eating it. So I stuck to my diet and made everyone jealous in the process.

My friend is coming over and we are doing up the leg of lamb today. We were both too wiped to do it last night. So we decided to do an early dinner late lunch thing and get a walk in while it is cooking. I've been slacking all morning on the computer on facebook and spark, but sometimes I enjoy doing that although I really need to get back to cleaning Yuck! I've got laundry in lol... Saving my P90X for the evening it will keep me from any boredom eating or any other bad habits I may want to engage in. Have a feeling since its been about 2 weeks I'm due for the ex to show up on my doorstep so I have a feeling I will need a stress relief after that. Talked to one of my guy friends at length about him last night (he's friends with both of us) it made me feel better about what I'm doing and the fact that I don't really want him back even if he would want to come back. I did come to the realization that I'm still not ready to date, so I'm not actively seeking anything but if someone would come along I am open to it. I still need time to get my head right about the ex 2 years is a long relationship and that kind of love doesn't just disappear in a month or 2. It was good to finally talk to one of my guy friends about it sometimes they can let you in on the secret world of men. Although he has know idea what my ex was thinking, he was like what a dummy! lol

Anyway overall feeling good today and looking forward to a good week.

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THEQUEENBEE333 12/7/2009 1:51PM

    Great job on packing your lunch! Go you! Made me hungry reading it :-) I need to plan and cook ahead more. Keep telling my husband that, but he doesnt listen and he cooks the most. Need to work on that! Have a great Monday!

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