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I'm not feeling so good ....

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm not feeling so good this afternoon healthwise...I've got a bad headache and am a tad nauseous. I'm not complaining really, as it is a result of the insurance people coming in and finally finishing off the door frames and baseboards in the basement. I neglected to let them know that I'm allergic to chemical fumes, so when I arrived home from work...my house STINKS! The plus side...it looks real good and now we can actually move the furniture that belongs in the basement back down and Shy can start to put her bedroom back together. We made a start on it on the weekend, but ended up finishing another project instead! lol.

Tomorrow will be a long day at work as we are in meetings all day, so I will take a tylenol before heading to bed and claiming perfect health when I wake up. As I don't tolerant medicines well, I have to wait until bedtime to take a tylenol as I will get one of two reactions...either a close relationship with the toilet bowl about 10 minutes after taking the pill or it knocks me out. I'm asking my angels for the knock out!

Positives in my day.
Feeling unwell gives me such an appreciate for those who deal with illness on a daily basis. As a rule, I'm very healthy...no meds, no illnesses.
My basement is looking great and once insurance replaces the pieces of furniture we lost...I'll be ecstatic.
A beautiful sunny day and a new deck to enjoy it on after work.
Next reno project is falling into place...my kitchen!
Talking to Kaeli on the phone last night. Prayers would be appreciated for her quick and safe delivery of all her furniture and things from Vancouver. She has had them in storage for almost two years.
Quin, bless his heart, put up the closet organizer in Shy's closet for her today.
Garry who puts up with me!
God who loves me unconditionally and has been teaching me to love me too!

I was asked the questions "To what challenge will you 'rise' today? and How will you 'shine' today?"

I'm going to answer these questions in my blog, I limit the amount of time I spend on my computer once I'm home as I need time for my family and to exercise. Besides I work 100% of my time at work on the computer and frankly by the time I get home...I'm tired of the computer screen! lol

What Challenge did I rise to today....reminding myself that I am not perfect, I am only one person...although I am valuable...I can not do it all!

How will I shine....I focus each day on cultivating an attitude of gratitude and when I come across any negatives...I look for the positive in it. Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn and grow...I aim to grow inot the spiritual being I know God created me to be.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you Ramona for posing this questions for me. I'm always happy to participate...I just have to find ways that work for me.


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    emoticon I absolutely love your positivity. I can actually see the process in listing your positives and I think I am going to adopt this as a daily practice!

Thank you for your inspiration and for all the posts on my blogs I haven't yet gotten round to saying thank you for! May the tylenol knock you out and may you wake up tomorrow and bounce out of bed ready for an awesome day! emoticon

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BUSYBRE 6/3/2009 10:38AM

    Hope you're feeling better! I had to take a couple of aspirin in the middle of the night for gardening aches & pains - doesn't happen often but when it does and I remember that pills exist and can help, then I'll go to the medicine cabinet. Hope you have a good day. emoticon

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KATHEE3 6/2/2009 10:02PM

  As allways Wanda your blogs are an inspiration.

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KSNICKER 6/2/2009 7:49PM

    Wanda, I hope that your headache gets better soon... You are right it is not fun being in pain all the time... And sometimes it's hard not to complain about it... lol I've heard that moaning is a form of pain release... lol Truth... lol So moan all you want just for tonight... Tomorrow is a new day and you will feel good.

Good Luck with your busy schedule tomorrow.

"Yay" on the progress of the house...

Great questions that were asked of you... And WTG on the answers...



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_RAMONA 6/2/2009 7:29PM

    Hey there, energizer bunny! I'm sorry you're not feeling so hot... sounds like we have a few things in common body-wise... I'd probably have to sleep at the neighbours!

I can really appreciate your positives today... not so much in specifics, but in intention. My favourite... "God who loves me unconditionally and has been teaching me to love me too!" AMEN.

And I am all for people finding and doing what works for them first... what would be the point otherwise? We'd all be running around living someone else's life, and completely missing the opportunity to be who we are each created to be! Only once I am reinforcing who I'm supposed to be do I endeavor to share that in the off chance that someone else might benefit.

I also mightily respect anyone who manages to strike a balanced chord in their life... and even more so people who put their family ahead of all else! I don't think you'd get so much done in a day, if you hadn't already figured a lot of this out. I 'm still struggling to get the balance right.

As for the the computer and teams, I too am very selective about how/when I participate. I follow very few threads, and I rely mostly on my blog and page to connect with people. What helps me is that I will often blog and then just cut and paste my musings in to a post on whatever team to whom the information is relevant... great rising and shining, by the way... the whole 'perfectionism' monster reared it's ugly head on the Bootcamp thread today, and was subsequently vanquished... so you're right ion step!

You just keep on being your own inimitable self! It will always be enough!

{{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

You just keep on

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MAURIZIA 6/2/2009 6:45PM

    WANDA, hope the headache angels bring you rest this eve from the Tylenol! The reno is sounding so great...hope we get to see photos!

Meetings - ugh. I had one of those today...tho' it was somewhat productive - that doesn't happen too often in health care. Usually it's just people who want to hear themselves talk...I love asking the question before the meeting ends, "Okay. So what action steps are there for us?" Reaction is worth asking!
emoticon is me.

Blessings and a restful sleep this night,

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A successful day!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boy, we put on the miles with walking today! I think we hit every major furniture store in Edmonton. We were looking for two nightstands for Shy's bedroom. We saw everything from junk to ridiculous in price. How can such items differ so greatly in price, when the quality of many was identical????
Success was made though. We did find two very nice matching nightstands, right height, wideth and color for a reasonable price. We were even able to bring them home with us in our vehicle. Now Shy is busy putting the handles on them and setting up her newly restored bedroom.

Very windy here today, but sunny and that is all that matters! lol. Garry and Q have now departed for much deserved and waited for golf game. It is so windy, I'm not sure how they are going to be golfing, but I'm sure they will have regardless of where the ball flies.

My positives:
Half bath plumbing is now fixed with no more leaks!
Success with finding nightstands for Shy.
Sunny day.
Reclaimed some floor space in my family room, things are slowly making their way back downstairs. I had hoped to get it all finished this weekend, but I'm seeing that will not be the case. Oh Well...makes life interesting.
Lots of exercise walking.
Well within my calorie range.
God, who so wonderfully answers prayer.

Thanks for stopping by. This week's challenge has been posted, don't forget to check it out and perhaps participate.


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BUSYBRE 6/1/2009 6:00PM

    ... walking & shopping - good day and you've accomplished what you set out to do!

Can't wait to hear how your gardening goes!

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KSNICKER 6/1/2009 8:14AM

    WTG on finding those night stands... And on all that walking... Which is always a plus...

I will head over and see if this weeks challenge is something I can accomplish... I haven't been very good at it lately... managing stress is my main goal as BIL is back in Florida and should be arriving today... UGH! But no worries... some boundaries have been set and I am keeping an open mind and will not allow this to derail me again...

Wish me luck my friend...

Enjoy your week ahead...



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MAURIZIA 6/1/2009 6:57AM

    Wanda, nothing like a successful shopping journey! and think of all those steps you racked up! :)

Windy here, too, yesterday...but we had thunderstorms...so windy it took branches off the tree next door...and plopped them right in our driveway...Got my exercise in clearing them out for when my landlord came home!


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KNAUGHT61 5/31/2009 7:40PM

    Sounds like you were very productive today, and it is always nice to come home from shopping with what you actually wanted. I'm glad you are getting the downstairs put back together for your family to expand into. I am also looking forward to a new month, did not do well in May but there is always hope. I will stop in and check out the challenge. Thanks for everything, Kathleen

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YOYONOMORE1 5/31/2009 6:21PM

    Hi Wanda, sounds like you had a nice and busy Sunday, congrats on finding the night stands and getting in all that walking. Well, I didn't do so good for the month of May, but now a new month lies ahead and a chance to move the ole ticker down again. Have a blessed week.


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My busy weekend!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've a busy weekend ahead of me, yesterday the carpet layers came to install all the new underlay and carpet in the basement (replacing what was lost in the flood). I'm so thrilled with it. They even had enough carpet left over to do the stairs, which weren't originally done. I'm so thrilled with the results. So comfy soft now after the hard concrete floor.
Today will be spent moving things back down to the basement and regaining my house upstairs. We will once again have to clean out the crawl space and organize it, because much was just shoved into the space to get it out of the flood waters.

I'll post some pictures of our deck tomorrow if possible. Garry and Q have been doing a fabulous job of redecking and redesigning the deck. We had some friends of Q's over last night for a BBQ and it was so nice to be able to all sit on the deck without fear of anyone's chair falling off the deck. Garry is going to build me in some planters so that I will have some permanent spots for my mini gardening, woo hoo!

Our next projects are already to be started, they are just sitting in the wings waiting for completion of what we are presently working on. My kitchen is the next major one, painting while we can leave the doors and windows open and the Master bedroom bathroom. There are other reno projects even further in the wings, but those won't be started for another year at least. It's so nice to finally have some of the major stuff completed and underway in some cases.

My positives:
A beautiful big new deck, perfect for entertaining.
New carpet installed in the basement.
By the end of this weekend, I should have my floor space back upstairs and some organization happening.
Wonderfully sunny days.
Life...it's just filled with so many blessings when you take the time to appreciate all the little things.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Have a wonderful day/weekend.


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BUSYBRE 5/30/2009 11:42PM

    so nice to hear everything is coming along after the flood ...

AND Yahoo - permanent planters! Pretty soon you'll be doing square foot gardening (a technique in gardening where you can grow lots & lots of plants in very limited space)! emoticon

Have a Serene Sunday!


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KSNICKER 5/30/2009 1:13PM

    How exciting to be able to complete some of those things and to be able to enjoy your space again. Good Luck on all of it... Can't wait to see the deck. I need to get out to ours again and get it organized a bit... Then take a picture of all that Andy has done. I'm so proud of what he has accomplished so far.
So I can relate to what you are saying. And woo hoo on getting those planters too... That will be a wonderful addition to your deck. What a great son you have.

Enjoy your busy weekend... You'll love it when it's all done.



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May 27

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another beautiful sunny day today. We had lots of heavy winds and thunderstorms circling around last night, not a lot of moisture dropping, but boy that wind was something else.

My new deck is coming along. Our son, bless his heart is using his holiday time to do the deck for us. An early Father's Day present for his Dad. I can't get too close to it as yet. I'm allergic to cedar and of course the deck is cedar! Once it's sealed though, I'll be able to sit out there, eyes closed and listening to my magic ocean sounds as the wind blows through the leaves of all the trees in the back. AHHHHHH love those ocean sounds. It's amazing what a little bit of imagination can do your spirit! lol.

My positives:
Our deck is making awesome progress.
A trip out of town tomorrow as we head to Calgary for meetings.
Well within my calorie range.
No outside walk for me today, but 30 minutes of walking indoors while watching the news at least puts a dent in my exercise time.
A nice comfy bed to crawl into tonight.
Food on our table, love in our family, what more can a person want????

Thank you for stopping by for a wee visit. Tomorrow is Thoughtful Thursday....random acts of kindness day....do your part.


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BUSYBRE 5/28/2009 6:42PM

    Just wait until all your plants start growing - what a lovely deck it will be then too! emoticon

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KSNICKER 5/28/2009 8:50AM

    I picture myself sitting quietly next to you listening to those waves... lol Yep I am there...
Well as soon as that deck is finished... How exciting! Enjoy your day!



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NJMATTICE 5/27/2009 10:25PM


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CAMMIECAT 5/27/2009 10:16PM

    I'm glad that you were able to see the sun. We didn't get the wind and thunder. We got dumped on with the rain. Your deck sounds wonderful and what a great gift your son is giving his father (like you aren't going to use it too.) I can almost here the ocean all the way over here.

Stay positive.

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Another gorgeous day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Woo Hoo, what a beautiful sunny day today. Perfect walking weather, the sun was shining but there was a nice breeze blowing to cool you off.

Another busy day at work as well as at home. The deck is being dismantled in the back yard in preparation of a lovely big expansion. Garry and I headed to the home depot after I got off work to purchase and load up all the new cedar decking we will need. By the time I had helped to unload it into the garage at home, I was feeling the effects of contact with unsealed cedar! I'm allergic to cedar, once it's sealed though I'm fine! Go figure and we are putting in a cedar deck....yes, we really are crazy! lol

Got my exercise in for the Moving Monday...Shy and I walked for 45 minutes! I'm hoping to be able to get that kind of walking in every day. Thursday may be difficult though as I have meetings in Calgary all day, so much of the day will be spent traveling 3 hours there and then another 3hours back again. It will be a day of lots of sitting unfortunately. A very long day.

My positives:

A beautiful sunny day.
Arrangements have been made to rent a mini van to take us all to Calgary on Thursday.
Old decking under destruction.
New decking purchased and ready to go on. Yay! for our son who is lending a hand, as well as one of his buddies.
A lovely 45 minutes walk.
I'm reclaiming floor space in my kitchen and family room.
All of you who stop by and leaving me such warm and encouraging comments. Thank You.

Have a wonderful evening...tomorrow is Talking Tuesday....time to connect with others.


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KSNICKER 5/26/2009 7:55AM

    I'm so happy for you that you are getting some nice weather to walk in. I'd be happy to share some of that cool breeze if you wanted to send a little this way. lol It's back to being very hunid here... Yep Summer showers bring it... lol

Good luck with that deck. You should take before and after pictures and share when it's all done.

Have a wonderful Talking Tuesday.



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NJMATTICE 5/25/2009 9:05PM

    Glad that you some nice weather. Glad you had a lovely walk. I had an easy day at work and got to come home and take a nice swim. Now I'm ready for bed and I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. I am very excited about that. Have a great Tuesday. Talk to you soon.

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