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December 29

Monday, December 29, 2008

The countdown is on now to the end of the year, wow, where did it go!

I discovered that I have a hidden talent today! I was doing my ironing (not my most favorite chore), I decided to turn on some very up beat music and lo and behold...I can dance and iron at the same time! lol. What a difference in my attitude and enjoyment of ironing with just a little shimmying and shaking. !LOL. Good thing I was in the family room, no one could see me!

I'm really enjoying having this week off work, so many things that I plan on getting done. Although, Kaeli is home still (looking for work) so we decided to head to the city to walk around Edmonton South Common. We got some exercise in as well as being outdoors. Yay us!

My positives:
I was super motivated today...I even got Writing Wednesday assignment posted. Of course, I had major help, all I had to do was cut and paste, so certainly can't take all the credit!
Exercise done. Both walking and dancing LOL.
Ironing all complete.
Another load of laundry on the go today, I got mud splatters all over my coat while outdoors today.
Shepherd's pie (minus the crust) baking in the oven.
Dusting all done.
A start made on my New Year's letter!

What a great day, so many blessings, from a cheery hello to chores complete! Woo Hoo!

Have a wonderful evening everyone,
Tomorrow is Talking Tuesday, so get those fingers primed for typing and those jaw muscles lubricated for talking! LOL.


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POLLY20 12/30/2008 1:09PM

    Sweetest Wanda My Spark Sister, sounds like you are getting so much accomplished & even dancing to the tunes while taking care of your task.. Keep making it happen & find the Cheer in whatever you are doing.. You are doing great~ Love You & Hugs Always Polly xxo

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LMSW55 12/30/2008 8:45AM

    I want that recipe for Shepherd's pie!
I am enjoying the visualization of you dancing and ironing! What fun!
Happy 2009!

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Serenity Sunday December 28

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh boy, serenity Sunday, was not what you would normally describe as serene around here today, but it was fun! We spent the day today being very busy making sure all those year-end chores and unfinished tasks were complete before the New Year rolls around. Seeing as I am the only one that doesn't need to go to work tomorrow, we all chipped in and now the bulk of list is complete! YAY, New Year here we come! lol.

I still have a few things that need to be done, but they are sort of last minute items, like making sure all the laundry is done, dusting and vacuuming will need to be done again and bathrooms cleaned. Rooms tidied up again. Nothing major. All bills are now paid, yippee, nothing outstanding! I love the start of a new year. Such a wonderful opportunity to start fresh and be excited about what the year will hold.

My positives:
Family helped out and we made a bit dent in the "to do" list.
De-cluttered some more. The Goodwill people are going to know us by name soon!
My trucking brother phoned as he was heading through town and we met up with him for a wee visit at the truck stop.
Life is just plain exciting and I'm filled with anticipation.
Tomorrow will be the day that I write out all my intentions for 2009, put it away and then bring it out next year end to see what was accomplished.
I will also create my New Year's letter.

Have a wonderful evening all,

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NUPATH 12/29/2008 2:02PM

    Great that you accomplished so much! You can start out 2009 clean!
Thanks for the information on Boxing Day. Loved the afgan-how long did that take to make? I belong to a knitting group and need a new project...just curious.....
Looks like this will be fantastic week-time to reflect on our accomplishments and joys and to give thanks for coming so far!

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KSNICKER 12/28/2008 7:13PM

    WTG on getting that to do list handled... and for getting ready to welcome the new year...
I'm no where near ready for that to happen... but will look at it as most of this unpacking was supposed to happen NEXT YEAR... .LOL Then I'm ahead of schedule...lol



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December 27th

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I spent the day tromping around City Center mall with Garry and Shyra. Burned lots of calories and just generally looked at things. We had gone just to get out of the house and have the opportunity to do some walking. Mission accomplished!

As promised, a picture of the afghan that I knit for Shyra. Her favorite colors and she is so pleased with her new warm and comfy afghan.

Quin is not the most accomplished of gift wrappers! We laughed so hard, he took it all in good spirit. His gifts didn't even need name tags as we knew just by looking which ones he had "wrapped".lol

Garry was thrilled with the rod and reel case that Quin had made for him. The case will keep his fishing equipment safe and sound!

Garry phoned a wee bit ago to say that he would be late for supper. A computer
chip of some sort went on his car and he had to get it fixed....ouch! $1500.oo was what it would have cost, but fortunately one of the repair persons where Garry works offered to fix it for free. He said these parts rarely go, so he was interested in seeing how it was fixed. Garry is getting the part for cost, still a hefty bill at just over $500.00 dollars. Thank you Lord for taking care of the little details.

My Positives:

Being able to get the car fixed quickly and relatively inexpensively! Not the greatest bill to receive right after Christmas, but the plus side is that it is not costing us what it could!
A day spent walking a burning calories.
Family time.
I'm getting better at uploading pictures to my computer and then to SP! lol
A beautiful day weather wise today, a balmy -6. Woo Hoo!
God who blesses us and is teaching us to let go and let God.

Have a wonderful evening,

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KSNICKER 12/28/2008 7:09PM

    oops I'm behind again in the blogs...

I love the afghan you made for Shy... it's beautiful... I used to make them all the time for everyone else and then one day decided it was time for me to have one... I made it to fit my King size bed. That was a lot of work... lol But it turned out nice... I will take a picture to share sometime...

BTW you are getting good at uploading those pictures...

You daughter has a wonderful smile...


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MAURIZIA 12/28/2008 7:09AM

    Wanda, it's nice to see that positive energy sent out comes back - sometimes in the form of car repairs!

Okay...I'm loving that afghan and would love to know whether you did this on your own or with a pattern???!!! I miss knitting so much...and could use a new afghan! Mine are so old that I hold my breath every time they go to the laundromat!!! I LOVE the colors!! Purple's my favorite color!!!

What a talented family you have!! And I love Q's wrapping - he and I could enter a contest and it would be a close win!! Wrapping's not my fave thing to do so I put no energy into it! :)

Have a serene Sunday!

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Boxing Day and Fabulous Friday all rolled together!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm back!
The past few days have been busy, fun and filled with family time.

We had our big celebration supper on Christmas eve and I'm thrilled to say, not only was the meal great, so was I! I mindfully ate and what I did eat, I enjoyed without any feelings of disaster!

Kaeli's boyfriend joined us for Christmas eve supper. After supper Matt hooked up the Wii for us to the TV in the family room (Shy and I hadn't been able to!) and out came the bowling and the guitar hero. We had such a fun time. As Garry said, it was more fun watching the faces of the guitar hero players than it was watching the TV! They were so serious about it and very talented.

Christmas day was wonderful, talked to my two brothers briefly and exchanged greetings. Then off to open stockings and gifts. Garry and I received Wii Fit, so no excuses now for either of us to not have fun and exercise at the same time.
We all received very thoughtful and wonderful gifts. We giggled and laughed over Q's lack of talent for wrapping gifts...lot's of packing tape was used! At least it wasn't "duct tape"! lol.

Today we have been invited out for dinner and an evening of visiting. Boxing day sales are on, and we are heading out to the Christmas store to see what new ornaments we might be able to pick up on sale for next year!

Enjoy your day, count your many blessings, don't fret if you ate more than you should have over the holidays, just make the choice to get back on track!


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WANDAH3 12/27/2008 11:15AM

    Boxing Day, I didn't realize that the US doesn't have boxing day! I guess growing up with it,and it's always been part of the Christmas season, I assumed it was a North American thing. This is a website explanation:

Boxing Day originated in England in the middle of the nineteenth century under Queen Victoria. December 26th became a holiday as boxes were filled with gifts and money for servants and tradespeople.

Also, poor people carried empty boxes from door to door, and the boxes were soon filled with food, Christmas sweets, and money. Parents gave their children small gifts such as, oranges, handkerchiefs, and socks. People also placed old clothing that they didn't need anymore in boxes, and they were given to those in need.

Today, Boxing Day is a holiday in the United Kingdom, Canada, and many other Commonwealth nations. It is spent with family and friends at open gatherings with lots of food, fun, and the sharing of friendship and love.

While government buildings and small businesses are closed, the malls are filled with people either exchanging gifts or buying reduced priced Christmas gifts, cards, and decorations.

Throughout the Christmas season, many organizations follow the original tradition of Boxing Day by donating their time, energy, and money to fill the Food Bank, provide gifts for children who live in poverty, or to help an individual family who is in great need at the time.

Even I learned something, it is a Commonwealth country celebration!

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MAURIZIA 12/27/2008 8:23AM

    Wanda, so happy to have you back!! Sounds like a wonderful family Christmas! I still can't believe I got through Christmas Day with no desserts!! Not a one! Amazing!! Only had bites here and there at the Open House buffets we attended at my cousins' and John's cousins' homes! Surprised myself!

A belated Happy Boxing Day to you!

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KSNICKER 12/26/2008 8:11PM

    Your holiday sounded wonderful... Ours was very nice as well... Spent the day with friends... And I did eat to much... lol But not worried about it... lol

I have been very busy... between unpacking and all... And then end of the month and end of the year is coming... Yikes ... More work... lol

Talk to you soon...

Love and hugs...


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TERSIEFROG 12/26/2008 7:58PM

    Yay! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! And Boxing Day! I used to think that had something to do with boxers, you know. LOL!! I'm glad I have my 15 year old to hook up electronics for me. She got our Wii up and running. The kids and I have been playing it since Tuesday. Now I'm waiting to stumble across a Wii Fit. I can't wait to find it in stock somewhere! Until then, the kids and I have been having lots of fun with what we have available to play. It's a lot of fun.

And I'm ready to get started ... again. New year, new me ... and I'm not waiting for January 1 ... it starts NOW.

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CAMMIECAT 12/26/2008 1:01PM

    I think I am one of the few Americans that knows what Boxing day is. I used to save up all of my Christmas calls until the day after so I could wish everyone a happy Boxing Day. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. I really appreciated your comment on not feeling guilty about what we ate. It is a holiday after all. I have this weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family and then it is right back on track for the new year.

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NUPATH 12/26/2008 12:49PM

    So glad you had a great holiday! Enjoy Boxing Day....exactly what is that? It isn't an American holiday.

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BABSDOTTER 12/26/2008 12:07PM

    Sounds like you had a great holiday. Yea!

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Serenity Sunday December 21

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yesterday I never made it on to the computer until evening time and then I discovered that for some reason I was not able to log onto a couple of sites that I usually check each day. If I use a different browser (firefox) I could access them, but the page would not display when I used Internet Explorer. Yet my daughter could access the sites using her computer and IE. I've tried everything I can think of, scans, defrags etc, have no clue why my computer is denying access. Something must have changed overnight as I was able to access them the previous day.
Today I tried again...no luck. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!

I had a busy day yesterday. Finally got all my homemade gifts finished, wrapped and some of the ones that need to be sent are all ready for Garry to deliver them to the person that is going where we want the gifts to go. They have offered to take Garry's parents gifts with them rather than us having to mail them. What a blessing.
Shy has been patiently waiting for me to finish the promised fringe on her afghan that I made for her. I will finish that today and take a picture so you can see the finished result. It ended up taking a back seat while I accomplished all the other homemade gifts I was making as well as the birthday celebrations that present themselves in December.

My positives:
My gifts that I was making are all done. I only have a couple of things to buy now!
Shy's afghan will truly be finished when I get the last of the fringe added to one end.
It's a snuggle indoors day today...the temperature is -32 and a wind chill on top of that! Hot tea and homemade soup kind of day!
Laundry is all done, only the ironing to complete.
Garry and I took some time yesterday to run some errands and have a lunch out together. We tried a new restaurant called Burrito Libre and WOW! What an enjoyable experience. We both had the vegetarian burrito bowl (very inexpensive) very filling. You basically went down the line and pointed to all the things you wanted in your bowl. It was like a nice big salad with rice on the bottom and spicy salsa and lettuce on top. Various choices of veggies layer in between. We will definitely head back there at some time. I figured that the calorie count was likely around 200 calories, mostly due to the rice and dab of sour cream on top.
Time today to finally make a start on my yearly Christmas/New Year letter to family.
Phone call last night from Kaeli's best friend. Julie is like another daughter, she has been in our lives since she was 8 years old. She calls us Mom and Dad and always starts her call off with "Hi Mom, it's your favorite of the daughters!" Makes me giggle every time. So nice to hear that she and her husband are doing well .
Finally a good sleep last night. My nights lately have been very up and down sleepwise. Too much going on in my mind I guess!
God, who loves me unconditionally.

Take time today to reconnect with your inner self. Remind yourself of your beauty as one of God's creations and that you are right where you are meant to be.


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YOYONOMORE1 12/22/2008 2:36PM

    Hi Wanda, sounds like you are doing very well with your homemade gifts. Your dinner out with Gary sounded very nutritious and healthy. Yesterday I mulled over that Stampin Up catalog for quite some time trying to decide what I wanted to get with my gift certificate, I am like you, if I could I'd get the whole darn thing. My pin came out today and I can start gradually weight bearing, woo hoo. Will be looking for the picture of Shy's afaghan. I had been having trouble being able to post on some of the threads on our positive blogger's team sometimes. Our stamp club Christmas potluck is tonight, not sure how many will show up, we'll see. Hope this is a marvelous motivational Monday for you.


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TERSIEFROG 12/22/2008 1:35PM

    Thank you for the sweet card, by the way. It arrived today!!

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KSNICKER 12/22/2008 11:19AM

    Psst... just a quick hello... I noticed that I was not getting any notices of blogs and figured I better go check on you... and will attempt to check on the others as well... Miss you very much and will be back when I can...

Merry Christmas my Friend... Can't wait to see the Afghan...


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MARLA7 12/22/2008 8:58AM

    Wanda - Your dinner out with Garry sounded yummy! I'm trying to keep in touch with everyone. It's hard to do with so much to do at this time of year plus I'm tired, tired, tired. Take care. Love you, Marla

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MAURIZIA 12/22/2008 6:42AM

    Wanda, do you use wireless internet? It could be weather related. That happens with my digital cable sometimes. If the weather is too extreme the signal has a harder time...and I'm guessing -32 is pretty extreme (which is -25 or -26 F, if I calculated it correctly)!!

Glad you got so much done! Today I do cookie trays. Gave myself a serene Sunday to relax my leg muscles! Mom always sat to do cookies, but I can't. Must be the 5 inches difference in our heights!! :)

Hugs, Mauri

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NUPATH 12/21/2008 1:27PM

    I had that very same thing happen with internet explorer. I was so very frustrated for a few days. My man friend put Firefox on for me and I used that until he assessed the problem and fixed it. He is out of town today, I'll bug him when I speak with him and see if I can find out what he did. I wonder if it is a Bill Gates bug. Are you using Vista? Because I am, and I wonder if it is Vista thing.
Sounds like you have it all together for Christmas. What a lovely time to connect with those you love and to remember all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for.
Blessings to you and your family and friends.

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INNERPUPPIE 12/21/2008 12:02PM

    I've heard over and over that "we are right where we are meant to be". Sometimes that is really a rough and tough concept, especially in this day and age when there is so much pain all around us. But right now, this very minute, I am happy where I am, and thanks for reminding me to embrace that thought. I may not have a lot in the bank or a vacation house in the woods or three cars in the garage, but I have all I need right this minute. I am warm, and fed, and loved. I have people and pets to love and to cuddle and memories to cherish. Thanks, thanks a lot for reminding me to open my eyes and to see, really see, all of my blessings.

Comment edited on: 12/21/2008 12:03:12 PM

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