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A perfect day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3 of my best Angel Blessings

Up at 5 am this morning and raring to go! Almost scared myself, I had so much energy! lol. Got all my strength training in before leaving for work. In fact, my cat was rather annoyed with me this morning. As far as she was concerned, it was dark out , that meant we should still be sleeping! I ignored her and started my lying abductions. I got a few nasty little sounds out of her before she very indignantly left the bed and the room. All was forgiven though by the time I came downstairs...it was breakfast time! She really is very funny. Strange cat though, she will only eat if someone is in the kitchen with her. If you leave she quits eating and follows you around vocally telling you to get your butt back in the kitchen as she hasn't finished eating. You go back in the kitchen and she marches over to her bowl and begins eating again! She's always been that way, not sure why, but it is very entertaining.
We are planning a surprise birthday celebration for our supervisor. Her 40th is on Saturday, but because we don't work on weekends, we are going to do her celebration on Friday. Good thing I get to work Friday about 3 hours before she does. There's all kinds of decorations to strung around before she gets to work. My co-workers headed for the dollar store this afternoon to make a bunch of purchases. I'm not sure exactly what they got, but knowing them, it will be good. I'll give you an update on Firdays blog.

My Positives:
Another beautiful summery day today, too bad I was indoors most of it working!
Pets that give you unconditional love.
The crabapples I brought home yesterday are in the process of become juice. A very simple juice recipe was included with them yesterday. I washed them all, removed the stems and placed them in a large bowl (has a lid) poured the boiling water over top of them and covered them. Now they sit for 24 hours and tomorrow when I get home I will drain all the liquid into a pot and slowly heat (not boil it says!) until hot. Add any sugar I think it needs, although the recipe says very little is needed. Pour into sealers and seal or just put into the fridge. I love simple recipes...we'll see how this one turns out!
Claire (Sportzfan) who's joined our team. So now that's Gerry, Claire and Nancy all from the Beehive dorm on GBFU. It's so nice to be among all these lovely teammates.
Feeling like I'm back into a routine again.
My guiding angels.

"Love each day ~ as if there were no tomorrows"

Have a wonderful evening everyone,

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MAURIZIA 9/17/2008 8:02AM

    Wanda, they sure do look like angels!! How beautiful they are!

Have fun with the party! We try to have as many as we can! We have country western props & island props! So, we decorate desks with hula skirts, hang palm trees and drink from glasses shaped like those trees! Fun!

And the kitty! How funny! Gracie is like that...as long as I'm in view she'll eat, otherwise she crackles (like Rice Krispies) until I move into view again!

Hugs, Mauri

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GERRYD8784 9/17/2008 7:45AM

    Wandah, yours DOES sound like a perfect day! I'm glad for you. Thanks for stopping so often at my blog or spark page. You're helping to keep me motivated and accountable.

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ALFREDIA 9/16/2008 9:39PM


I love the picture of your "angels". Looks like they are full of mischeif. LOL Your day sounds so "positive". Thanks for sharing.


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KSNICKER 9/16/2008 9:19PM

    Wow sounds like you are still full of energy... lol But it is earlier there... lol (yawn) lol

Glad that you have some of your team mates joining the team... Makes it feel more like home...

Enjoy your evening my friend...

Tiem for me to relax a bit...



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POLLY20 9/16/2008 9:16PM

    Wanda, You sound pretty pepe.. I like the sound of that.. You do have some very special Angels in your life.. They are so Handsome & Beautiful too.. I know that you are Beaming with Pride & Love for all of them.. I started posting my comment on the other blog.. I must have hit the wrong one.. lol
Here I am again.. Your Supervisor is one Lucky Lady to be having her Birthday on Sept 20th.. What a great day.. Why because it's my Birthday too
I'm pushing 60, so 40 isn't that bad.. 60 isn't either.. I know that she will be so excited.. Enjoy & Get rest, you & the Kitty were up very early this morn.. Love Ya Polly

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Snoopy dancing!

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is what I felt like today...Snoopy dancing! The sun was shining...it's summer again! At least temporarily!

First day back at work and pleased to say that my desk was not snowed under with paperwork. I should be all caught up by the end of the week if not sooner.
Came home from work with a large bag of crabapples from a co-workers tree. Even included a very simple recipe for making juice. Now I just have to get them done. Garry loves his juice, so hopefully this will turn out well.

My Positives:
Snoopy dancing to the nice warm sunny weather.
It's good to be back at work.
Not so much work has accumulated, so should be caught up quickly.
Even though I didn't have this weeks challenges posted before going to work, I was able to do them when I got home.
Time for a nice walk after work, so got some exercising done today.
Random conversations while waiting in line at the grocery store. Always enjoy those.

A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never ceased to be amused.
Shirley Maclaine

Have a great evening.

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POLLY20 9/16/2008 9:12PM

    Wanda, You sound pretty pepe.. I like the sound of that.. You do have some very special Angels in your life.. They are so Handsome & Beautiful too.. I know that you are Beaming with Pride & Love for all of them.. Love Ya Polly

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POLLY20 9/16/2008 5:18PM

    Snoopy Dancing Wanda.. You are enjoying all of the laughter & moves.. So very good for you.. I'm sure that you'll be caught up in no time.. I'm so far behind in things that I will have to put in all of my time to catch up to myself..
Always something.. I love doing the little things, but don't do them any more.
Crab apples, I sure hope that they won't make you & Garry Crabby.. No way.
With such a Positive attitude as you have, you will always feel the joy & happiness.. Take care Hugs For Now Always Polly

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NJMATTICE 9/15/2008 10:21PM

Snoopy dance without the Snoopy. I'm off to make the healthy bedtime! Sleep well.

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KSNICKER 9/15/2008 9:41PM

    So I see you too are doing that Happy Snoopy dance... lol What luck that there's not much to catch up on at work... You trained them well... lol

I need to check out the challenge for this week... but agree with the others... You are doing a great job of leading this team... WTG my friend...



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ALFREDIA 9/15/2008 9:25PM

  It's a great day when you return to work and you're not snowed under.

As Marla said you are doing a very good job for this team.

Glad your day was so great.


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MARLA7 9/15/2008 9:10PM

    Wanda - Sounds like you're in a good mood today! I love Snoopy, by the way! Nice choice! I think you're doing a great job with this team. Thanks! I appreciate you! Love Marla

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Incredibly lazy relaxing day!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I must admit, I had an incredibly lazy relaxing day today. Most of my day was spent outdoors at my imaginary seaside. Soaking up the warm sun and letting it warm me to the core. Listening during my meditation time to the wind blowing through the leaves and just being at peace.
Made an attempt to read a great book, but found that my mind was wandering and pondering more than actually making head way with reading. Not a bad thing as there is much to ponder in the book. Love books like that, they make you think and re-evaluate your thinking.

Garry took Shy out to practice her driving skills. She has to get her license, but really doesn't care if she has one or not. She has no real interest in driving, but like we've said to her ....just get it! lol.

My positives:
A very lazy and relaxing day.
A great book to read.
Sunshine and warmth.
More knitting accomplished on Shy's afghan.
A very easy supper, left-overs!

Back to work tomorrow...back on schedule and working to a time table again.

Have an awesome evening everyone.

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NJMATTICE 9/15/2008 10:12AM

    When I read your blog, I realized just how difficult true relaxation can be. Also, how absolutely necessary it is to find a way to truly relax. Phew, thanks for shining the examination light my way!

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POLLY20 9/15/2008 9:20AM

    Wanda, I'm so glad that you found some peace & comfort.. It's so nice to take it easy for a change.. You had a very nice week off.. Time to catch up to yourself.. I know that Shy will be happy once she goes for it.. Love Ya Polly

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ALFREDIA 9/14/2008 11:48PM


What a wonderful serene Sunday.

I don't especially like to drive. I do because it's necessary but not my thing ..........although when I was sixteen thought it was a must. LOL


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WANDAH3 9/14/2008 10:19PM

    Kathy, Shy's had her learners since she was 16, but just doesn't like to drive! She's a strange one! lol

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KSNICKER 9/14/2008 9:55PM

    Sounds like you had a Serenity Sunday to me... Wonderful...

But I don't understand about Shy not wanting her drivers license... I know in Alaska that they fly more than they drive... is it like that by you too? I can't imaging not having a drivers license... We drive everywhere... And there are way too many cars out there too... I had my license when I was 16... and a learners permit before that... hmmmm Or is it just her not wanting to do it?
Curious minds want to know... lol

Enjoy your evening...



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A blessed day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kaeli, looking out to sea. What a magnificent view!

Today was my monthly massage day. Once a month I get to go for a theraputic massage. Oh, how I love being able to do it. Thankfully, I can have one once a month as it is covered under Garry's medical plan through work! I haven't been since June as my therapist was away on holidays and then we went to the reunion and she was booked, so today was so relaxing!

Got home to a message from our Nancy to say that they had come through hurricane Ike with no major damage. Thank you Lord. After seeing all the pictures of the damage that was done, it was a relief to know that she and her family at least were okay.

Had a nice chat with my girl. I called her today in Greece, what an interesting experience. Their telephone numbers are so long! She is doing well, missing the sound of her families voices, but enjoying herself. They start at the dig next week, which she is really excited about. She really likes the little village they are in, she says the locals are so friendly and have been told that the students are learning Greek. Even though most speak some English, they are encouraging the students to speak Greek. By the time Kaeli gets back home, she'll have another language to add to her list of languages. What a great way to learn it, by being immersed in it.

My Positives:

Heard from Nancy and they are okay. Thank you Lord.
Talked to Kaeli today, was so nice to hear her voice.
Finally figured out how to get my pictures on to SP site. I had a bit of hard time trying to get them to upload, it kept shutting down, but perservence paid off....it worked!
My wonderful massage.
Laundry all done.
Meet Shy's new friend, he seems very gentlemanly and is very tall. Shy comes to his elbow!
Sun was shining today and we reached a balmy 14 c (57 F).
The leaves on the trees are rapidly turning from green to red/rust to yellow, but so far most are still clinging to the tree branches. I will miss my ocean sounds when they eventually drop to the ground.
My wonderful, fabulous and inspirational group of friends on the Positive Bloggers team who have all joined in so willingly and contribute.

There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.
David Burns, Intimate Connections

Have a wonderful evening,

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NJMATTICE 9/14/2008 11:34AM

    Nice long list!

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WANDAH3 9/14/2008 10:01AM

    This was a picture that I'm assuming one Kaeli's classmates took of Kaeli as she is looking out to sea. More beautiful views from Greece.
She speaks French, some Spanish, some Ukrainian, English of course, some German and now is learning Greek. When I say some, she can manage to make herself understood, not necessarily fluent as she isn't using it daily.

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MARLA7 9/14/2008 7:30AM

    Wanda - What a beautiful picture of Kaeli. It looks so professional. Did you take it? Or is that a picture of her in Greece? I don't know any foreign languages so I think it's wonderful that she's learning. I guess she has not much choice but to learn if she's going to be there for awhile. A dig huh? I can feel her excitement!

I, too, am glad our Nancy is fine. Worried about her.

Glad you got your message & it felt good. Glad you started this positive blogging. Glad you started this new team. Glad I met you!
Love you, Marla

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ALFREDIA 9/13/2008 11:36PM

  Wonderful positives..........the one that caught my eye was that our Nancy had survived with mimimal damage. The news I've seen has shown a lot of devastation.

How many languages does Kaeli know and does she speak all fluently?

How neat you get a massage they are so relaxxxxxxxxxxing.

Your fall is approaching much quicker than ours. It was hot and muggy here but temperatures are supposed to fall again.


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MOMMA_BEAR_69 9/13/2008 10:38PM

    Wanda, Your very own therapist and a message...heavenly. So glad that Kaeli is having a great time and learning Greek first hand. Praise God that Nancy and all are ok. I have seen some of the pictures and they are terrifying. You are doing a wonderful job and your positives are great!!! Keep them coming. Your pictures are awesome and your children are beautiful and handsome, respectfully. You have every right to be a proud mama.
God bless you.

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GERRYD8784 9/13/2008 9:57PM

    What a lovely day! I've never had a massage, but you make it sound awfully inviting!

Hope you can continue to enjoy your "beach" for a bit longer. My favorite spot this time of year is out back by my pond, listening to the waterfall. That's where I'll go for my Serenity Sunday! emoticon

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KSNICKER 9/13/2008 9:33PM

It truly was a blessed day... A massage ( ahhhhh) and you got to talk to your daughter.
I also went and checked out your photo gallery... You put some new pictures in it. What a beautiful family you have... And Garry sure got some big fish... lol

I love the picture of Kaeli looking out to the sea too... Wow that must be so awesome to be there and to be learning the language too...

Sorry that you will soon be loosing your ocean sounds... maybe you should invest in one of those cd's that plays ocean sounds... Then you'd have the real thing... Oh and if we average your 57 degrees and my 95 or whatever it was today together we'd both have the perfect weather... lol

Brrrrr 57 already... lol

Enjoy your evening my friend...



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oh what a day it's been!

Friday, September 12, 2008

What a interesting day it has been. Yesterday I phoned my SIL and invited her to meet me for lunch. That in itself was a big step, cause I usually try to limit my time with her due to always having to listen to all her illnesses. We had a great afternoon, I spent most of the time talking, she didn't have much of a chance. lol. Actually, I had prayed before meeting with her that I would be able to share with her things that have been happening in my life with God's directing and how cultivating a positive attitude has done wonders. I even shared with her about the Positive Bloggers. That really sparked (sorry for the pun) her interest. We talked all the way through lunch and then for 2 hours after lunch. We shared stories and everytime she would vear off about being sick, I was able to lead her back to more positive talk. I must admit, I actually enjoyed the time spent with her today! I'm trusting that some seeds have been planted today.

I did miss a call from Kaeli today though. Sigggghhhhh! She called around noon and I had already left to my lunch date. Just hearing her voice was great though. Hope to touch base with her possibly tomorrow. She is really enjoying being in Greece and they have already begun their lessons in conversational Greek. She says the residents of the small fishing village where they are are really great. They know all about the students and are encouraging them to speak Greek. The picture on my blog tonight is looking off of her balcony where she is staying. Greece is on my Life to do list too, and now more than ever! lol

My positives today:
All my fabulous friends.
Lunch date with my SIL
Planting positive seeds.
Although I missed Kaeli's call, she still left a message!
Figured out how to download pictures from my camera to the computer...I'm putting some on my page for you to look at.
Still riding high from a lovely phone call from Nancy last night. I'm just so blessed!

"The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being." "Lech Walesa (1943-____) Polish labor activist, politician"

Have a wonderful evening tonight.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NJMATTICE 9/14/2008 12:01PM

    Just stopped by as I am catching up on my "positive" reading.

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MARLA7 9/13/2008 12:41PM

    Wanda - You, my friend, are touching so many lives... more than you'll ever know with your positive outlook on life! You've really given your SIL something to think about & that's great. We should all follow your example & try to reach out to the grumps in the world!

I'm sure Kaeli will call her Mama back. I'll bet you miss her. Christmas will be here before you know it though.

I'm going to check your spark page out. Thanks for being you Wanda & thanks for creating our new awesome Positive Team!
Love ya, Marla

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ALFREDIA 9/12/2008 10:39PM


Just look at you. Downloading pictures to the computer. I'm just happy I found a way to put one on my blog. LOL

Sorry you missed your daughter's call. We mothers always like hearing from them.

What a marvelous thing to do with your SIL. Looks like you may have given her something to think about. Hope she benefits from the conversation.


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KSNICKER 9/12/2008 9:59PM

    Wanda... So happy that you were able to have a nice visit with your SIL... And keeping it all on a positive note too... Woo Hoo... I'm sure she will remember it as a positive and enjoyable time too...

Sorry you missed Kaeli call again... but you will touch base soon with her... I love the picture and proud that you got it uploaded to share with us... lol Good for you... lol

Have a great evening my friend...



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POLLY20 9/12/2008 9:19PM

    Wanda, When we are feeling so much Positive all around us, anything else is just so much harder to listen too.. Sorry that you missed your call but I'm sure that you'll enjoy it so much more when the both of you finally speak.. It's so good to look into the Heart of a person that is so happy go lucky & feel their Joy.. I had such a great time tonight all the fun & not one somber note from anyone around me tonight.. I made darn sure of that.. I think that I brought my family to tears because I was just having fun with it all & laughed like I neve had before since I was a Kid.. lol
We blew up balloons & I let mine make the squeaky horribly irritating sound & the more that My Sister told me to stop, the more I did it.. What a Positive brat I was & it felt good & everyone loved how excited I got when I knew I was being a little anoying..
Just for fun.. We laughed even harder when I finished, because they felt my happiness & positive just flowing everywhere.. Thanks Wanda, for helping me to release the me that I used to be.
Love Ya Polly

Comment edited on: 9/12/2008 9:18:00 PM

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