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Monday, May 26, 2008

A cool, breezy day outside today. Just perfect for walking!
Despite a long day at work, I managed to get in two rather nice long walks today. One right after work and one after supper.
Needed to counteract the meal I ate at supper time! Every once in awhile you just have to eat because you want to not just because you need to. Today was one of those days. I'm happy to say that they come around seldom.

Nothing much to report today, a busy day at work, but Mondays usually are. We have a retirement luncheon for a co-worker this Friday and another one coming up in July for another. Both are long time employees whom we will be sad to see go.

Weather report for this evening say "frost". I'm debating about bring my plant back inside or just covering it up for the night. I will probably cover it as it is big and heavy.

My eldest as I've most likely mentioned, has one semester left at University before graduating. She has just found out that she is eligible to apply for field school in Greece! It will not only give her the work experience she wants, but it will give her all the credits she will need to graduate. She has just couriered her paperwork off this evening and hopes to know in the next few days/weeks whether she is in or not. What a wonderful place to be during the winter! Keep her in your prayers please that all works out in her favor.

Must run for the evening, my eyes are tired from looking at a computer screen all day and I need to do some stretching exercises.

Have a wonderful evening all.
Quote for the day:

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.
Brian Tracy

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARLA7 5/27/2008 5:35AM

    Wanda - Well, did your plant survive? It's muggy here....60's this early in the morning.

Wow. Greece? That'd be an adventure for your daughter. I'll say some prayers for her that she gets it. Is she excited?

Sorry you're losing a couple of co-workers but I'll bet they're glad to be going into retirement. Bittersweet for all of you.

Hope you got that walk in or whatever physical thing you were gonna do. Keep moving!

((((((Hugs))))))) Marla

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ALFREDIA 5/26/2008 9:59PM

  We all understand that eating thing. I ate too much today and as I said I'm not even going to apologize just get back on the track. It is sad to see employees go. When I worked we went through not one but two mergers and each time there was down sizing. I know it's progress and personally I can't complain I had good benefits etc. and able to keep a position but it was like tearing a family apart.

Great opportunity for your daughter. Will keep her in my prayers.


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KSNICKER 5/26/2008 9:31PM

I can relate to the wanting to eat today... I hate it when I get into this mode, but hope it will pass again soon... like tonight/tomorrow. lol But today was a holiday for us here in the states... So we BBQ and make things we normally don't eat all the time...

It's always sad to see a co-worker go that you've worked with for a long time. It won't be the same without them, but you wish them all the best. Bitter sweet...

I think a trip to Greece would be wonderful for your daughter. How exciting... I will say a prayer... and keep my fingers and toes crossed too. LOL

Oh and I agree with what you said about my back. While it may still pain me... if I'm careful and not overdo to much... the pain doesn't last as long. But this is not the same pain as I hurt it last time... This is muscle screaming because I was bending and such. lol So yes... I'm praying that when I do something like working in the yard... its doesn't set me back like before... Unfortunately this back is fragile... lol But I won't give up... gotta keep on going. Right!

Enjoy your evening and your stretches too.



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DHARBBY 5/26/2008 9:20PM

    It seems funny to read someone was at work today! I keep forgetting your in Canada. Today was a holiday here. Memorial Day and of course everyone was off; well, most people!
That's great news about your daughter. What a terrific opportuntiy for her! She will definitely be in all our prayers.
I agree about just having to have that certain something. The last time I did it, I lost weight! LOL So I'm now a definite believer in just going for it once in a while.
Well, you have a good stretching session and a great evening.
Talk to you tomorrow. Hugs.

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I'm taking a breather....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm taking a breather and doing some sparking instead. We have been measuring and trying to do a floor plan of our kitchen so that we can at least go and price things out at IKEA. Note to self...don't do this with your husband! EVER! His idea of what he wants in the kitchen is totally different from mine. He wants to be able to watch TV from the kitchen, I want a kitchen that is functional and has counter space!

Bonus time!, my eldest just phoned and she is at Tim Horton's and wanted to know if we wanted Timmy's coffees....YES!

What a day already...you really have to laugh about how crazy life is. We will all take deep breathes and we will start again later....much later, when it's just the girls and I! LOL.

Yesterday was a great day, I planted some seeds for some trees that I want to grow. Eventually they will be able to with stand our northern winters (-40 degrees). The best part is they will flower and produce eatable fruit. One is a Dwarf Mountain Goji and the other is a Roselow. They will provide some nutrition for us as well as the birds and other little critters in the winter. I'm very excited about them and hope that they sprout. I should have planted them a couple of months ago in order to transplant them outside this year, but hey, maybe I'll have some nice trees growing indoors this winter!
I moved my sad Finger walking Philodendron(?sp) outside yesterday also. Funny how when I walked out a few minutes later onto the deck, that wonderful plant had perked up and was loving being outside. I have had that tree now for 30 years and it has traveled all over Western Canada with us. I do need to find a new pot for it though, the base on the one it's in is leaking. It has such wonderful energy and I am so glad that weather has warmed up enough to put it outside. It takes up so much room when it's in the house as it is quite big. Garry keeps wanting me to find it a new home, and I keep resisting. I've told him what we really need is a year round sun room and then all my plants can reside there! LOL.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day, now that I have connected for a bit on SP and taken some deep breathes, my day is already much brighter! Thanks for listening.

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ALFREDIA 5/25/2008 7:37PM

  I understand about your kitchen dilema. I do have to say Bob pretty well stayed out of it. Our biggest differences were when we built this house. lol There were two things we disagreed on. I won. The truth is after a few months of living here he was right. It took me 10 years before I would tell him though. ROTFLOL

I have to go look up these trees. I'm like Kathy I haven't heard of them either.


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MARLA7 5/25/2008 3:00PM

    Wanda.... Nice reading your blog. I'm glad someone got to blog! LOL SP won't let me. I've tried several times yesterday & today. Just won't let me do it. Feel like giving up.

I sure wish I could have a kitchen remodel but alas, we don't own this home so we're stuck for now. Good luck on finding a happy medium between you & Garry. Ummmm, I'm on your side..... I think the Lady of the house should always have say so over the kitchen... but we won't tell Kevin or Garry... OK? LOL

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Do you celebrate Memorial Day up yonder?
(((((((Hugs)))))))) Marla

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KSNICKER 5/25/2008 2:50PM

    Hee hee... too funny... Your house sounds like mine... hubby and I rarely agree on those types of things. It took me over ten years to hang the curtains that I wanted to hang because we couldn't agree on them... And of course I finally hung that ones I wanted! LOL

Your new kitchen sounds wonderful though... We really need new cabinets and counter tops too... I noticed that SOMEONE (lol) was hitting the big ice tray on the corner of the counter top and now it is all jagged and broken... lol So I really need to do something... But I will leave most of it to him... just to avoid and problems. lol I pick my battles... LOL

I love it that you are able to put your plants out now... I've got two of those Philodendrons in my front yard... They love it out there. I used to have a lot of plants on my back porch. But now it's split into two different porches... DH took half of one of the porches for wine making area... lol YAY no more messed in my kitchen... lol So I really don't mind. I just have a couple shelves with my orchids and another one with violets on it... All they other plants I moved to out hot tub room/porch. They are on top of the hot tub right now... lol oh well it wasn't working anyway... lol

I'm glad that you stopped by to share some of your day with us...

Have a great afternoon...


PS... turn on the TV and hand him the remote and then you can go back and finish the measuring... LOL

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Well another Friday has arrived...

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been a short work week, but seems like it's been a long one.
We have been very busy at work the past couple of days. Makes the days go by quickly.
Today there were some new work stations being installed in our department. Because there was a great deal of off gassing from the materials, I ended up out the door at 2pm today. I have very sever allergies to chemicals and chemical smells. So by the time I got away, I was pretty stuffed up, my eyes are still sore and swollen and I have hives....although I must admit, the hives could very well be due to the three huge strawberries that I ate today! I love strawberries, but alas I am allergic to them. Every year when the new crops arrive in the stores, I am unable to resist temptation and I buy some, knowing full well that I will have a reaction. But they are so worth it...I have my 3 or 4 big ones and then I am good until next year! ...excuse me, while I itch!
There I'm back.
Shy has gone off to a wedding this evening of a friend and Kaeli has gone into the city to visit with friends. Garry is still at work, and I am catching up on SP friends. Sounds like a great evening.

Sun shine today, although it is now starting to cloud over and we will have rain again tomorrow, but sunshine again on Sunday. Not such a bad weekend. I have managed to get all my laundry done already, so other than some house cleaning, I have a free day tomorrow. I am going to try and head out to the indoor walking track and get some walking in first thing in the morning.
Then perhaps drag Garry out to visit some local green houses and admire all the lovely plants and dream about all the work we have to tackle in the back yard.

Not much going on right now on my end, so I will post this and head off to see what exciting and wonderful things you have all been up to.

My positives today...
It's Friday, end of another work week and time off for a couple of days.
My laundry is complete.
I got off work early today.
I got to sample my lovely tasty strawberries.
I have a great book to read this weekend.
The sun was shining today.
The cats behaved themselves today, they lazed in the sun I'm sure for the greater part of the day.
I just had a call from my son, he's fishing and thrilled to be back doing it.

Remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Accept what comes your way with a heart that is willing to learn and embrace the occurrences. Live life with gratitude and servitude. It is when we serves others that we ourselves are truly blessed.
Have a wonderful evening.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ALFREDIA 5/24/2008 11:20AM

  Your weekend sounds like it is off to a great start. Sorry about the itching go a little more to the left. LOL I love strawberries too and am grateful I don't have food allergies. If I did maybe I wouldn't have as much of this weight to lose. LOL Just kidding I'd make up for it with something I could eat. Happy flower hunting. You have a full day tomorrow so I hope you enjoyed your alone time.


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MARLA7 5/24/2008 7:39AM

    Wanda - I feel for you. I'm highly sensitive to perfumes, chemicals, etc.... I get very sick and/or break out in hives. Now, I love strawberries & am glad I'm not sensitive to them as you are. I'm allergic to pineapples though. So I stay away.

It's good that your kids are out there in the world enjoying themselves. I'm glad your son is back to fishing. Kevin has had to resort to fishing from the bank lately. When he uses his waders it's very hard on his back (excellent exercise walking in the water though) but his back can't take it anymore. He needs a boat.

I hope you got that nice walk in today at the indoor track and you & Garry got to go to the greenhouse. I feel so much at home at a nursery.

Take care. Enjoy that book. Have some Wanda time! Love ya.
(((((((Hugs)))))) Marla

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KSNICKER 5/23/2008 10:24PM

I moved over and made room for you right next to Marie in the swang. LOL But with all the talk about chili and pool bubbles and gassing and itching... I don't' know... LOL
Oh and I just love eating weeds... lol

I love strawberries too, but I'm not sure I could go through that with the inching and hives... I hope it doesn't last long... ouch...

Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned... I just love shopping for flowers... Enjoy your time with Garry.
I hope that shy is enjoying her new shoes and the wedding too...

Have a great weekend...



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Trying this again!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Okay, I'm trying to blog again tonight. Last night I had my blog all done and posted it, only to have it disappear into cyber space somewhere! Of course, I had forgotten to copy it, just in case that happened. I looked at the screen as not so complimentary thoughts roared through my head, and decided I was too tired to do it all over again, so I just went to bed!
Tonight I will remember to copy it before I post, just in case.

Raining all day today, it's been so good for the fire situation around here. The grass has turned a beautiful shade of green and the leaves are all out in their glory now! What a difference a bit of rain makes. The air smells so fresh and the the winter dust has now made it's way down the street drains.
Had to pick Shy up from work and go into the city to shoe shop for her. She has a wedding to attend tomorrow evening and needed shoes to go with her dress. It has been crazy trying to find shoes to fit her. She has such a tiny foot and of course didn't want to pay and arm and leg for her shoes. So I did what any good Mom would do....I prayed for a quick find, perfect fit and a great price on a pair of shoes that she would love. First store we walked into that we thought might have shoes, didn't, so we went across the street to the "really expensive" shoe store, guided by sheer hope.
Guess what...she found her shoes! She got an beautiful pair of shoes that fit great, she loves and they were on sale for 1/2 price! Thank you Lord for answered prayer. We actually made the shortest trip we have done in a very long time to the city.

It was my turn to plan our Mother/Daughter annual weekend get together this year. Seeing a both girls are a little stretched for money this year (one just got back at Christmas from Australia and one has another semester of University to save up for) the decision was made that we wouldn't do a weekend get away, but rather a day long event this year. I made arrangement for us to have an all day spa treatment locally. Something enjoyable and which we can afford seeing as we won't have to travel anywhere and we won't have the expense for hotels or meals. Next year, it's Shy's turn to plan and I think she is already planning a for us to go away somewhere for a weekend. Possibly to somewhere in the states.
We decided that seeing as everyone is now grown up and going in different directions that we needed to have one weekend a year that we re-connect with each other. No one else is invited...this is our time. We had our first one last year...and traveled to Victoria, BC. We had a wonderful time, no schedules, we just had fun and lots of laughter. I'm thrilled that the girls look forward to this time together also.
Maybe we are going to have to plan something similar with all our positive blogger companions???? Pick a central spot and all meet???Food for thought, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, my day was filled with so many blessings, from the rain to shoe shopping, to just being. Hope your day was also.

My quote for the day:

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.
Jim Rohn

Thought if rather said it all!
Have a great evening, let all your stresses go, believe in miracles.

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KSNICKER 5/23/2008 9:35AM

    Good Morning Wanda,

Another fine positive blog you have shared with us. I envy the wonderful times you share with your children. And I am hopeful that someday I will have that as well. Enjoy your spa time. That sounds great!

And I also agree that it would be great to meet up with all our positive bloggers too. I'm not sure how it would work out, but it's a wonderful idea... And something to think about.

Have a wonderful day my friend...



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ALFREDIA 5/22/2008 11:34PM

It makes me smile inside when I hear about an answer to prayer. The daily talks ,telling our needs and including him in our everyday activities. To me it's not just the life threatening or earth shattering events when we need him he wants to be summoned. It's that day to day sharing. How awesome it feels to know we are loved. I'm sure he smiled when you found your bargain.... Just as we are with our children when they get excited .

Your bonding experience with your daughters is wonderful. We don't plan yearly get aways but we have gone on some weekends together. I really like your idea. Now to figure out about spending quality time with my son. That may be a little harder LOL. Especially now. I think we have a girlfriend in the picture.
Would love to meet all of you face to face. Better hope the gas prices go down. They are really escalating here in the states.


Comment edited on: 5/22/2008 11:33:18 PM

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DEUCE119 5/22/2008 10:10PM

    Your day , has made my day. What a great way to end my puter time tonight. i have been in a snit most of the day and reading about you and your daughters just hit a spot that needed soothed. Thanks for writing so lovingly about your daughters.

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Busy day...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A busy day today. Tuesday after a holiday Monday are a bit on the crazy side at work, but I enjoy being busy, so not a negative for me.
Sun shone most of the day, now it's clouding over and we are in for rain for the rest of the week apparently. A good thing as the ground is very dry here and there are presently 13 forest and grass fires burning around us. One of the fires is only about 40 minutes away and last week was threatening the town of Bruderheim. Only one house on an acreage was lost, but several barns and out buildings on other acreages. It's under control now, but with the ground being so dry some of the fire has gone underground and they are worried about the predicted winds stirring it up again. Most of the fires are under control now, but a nice steady rain will go a long way to helping out. Amazing to thing that with all the snow we got this winter, how dry the ground still is. Oh well, I'm not worried about the fires as I figure there are lots worse things that could happen.
I registered for a training class at IKEA to learn how to use their computers in the kitchen design center. We are wanting to redo our kitchen and what to start costing things out so we know what kind of a budget we are going to need to work towards. I drove into the city to IKEA tonight and was all prepared to learn something...wondered why nothing was happening, then I spotted a sign advertising the training session....it's next Tuesday evening! LOL. I was just a tad early! Too funny. I decided that seeing as I was already there, I might as well play around on the computer and see if I could figure it out myself....I did pretty good. Now I will go back next week and take all the exact measurements of our kitchen with me and I'm ahead of the game. See, everything happens for a reason!

Positives in my day.
- busy at work, so much better than the day dragging by.
- sun shine most of the day.
- rain in the forecast, nice breeze blowing now, so great for sleeping tonight, not hot!
- I'm ahead of the game at IKEA! LOL
- Got an invite to a family get together in July, a surprise anniversary celebration.
- made arrangements today with the RCMP to come and review our safety procedures at work. (I'm the safety Coordinator at work)
- read some wonderful blogs filled with positive attitudes and so many blessings...always a treat.

Have a great evening all, I'm off to bed shortly, just a couple more blogs to check out and then dreamland and I have an appointment!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ALFREDIA 5/22/2008 12:00AM

You never did say what holiday you are celebrating. Those days after a holiday sure do fly you always have to do double time. LOl I always preferred being busy at work it made the day go by so much quicker. Sure hope some rain comes to help put out those fires.

We put in new cabinets about 3 years ago. They were expensive but I love them. All my shelves pull out and we put in a small pantry with pull out shelves for canned goods. Love the lazy susans in my corner cabinets. I don't have to crawl on the floor to pull things out anymore although maybe I'm missing that exercise LOL. Better early than late.


Comment edited on: 5/21/2008 11:58:42 PM

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MARLA7 5/21/2008 5:14AM

    Wanda - I hope you get some rain up there for those wildfires. That's all we're getting is rain here! I'll send ya some..

That's too funny about you & IKEA! Oh well, better early than late? LOL I love IKEA. We have one about 40 min. away. Of course, I can't afford anything though!!!

I'm so glad you got us blogging our positives of the day. I'm enjoying it immensely & hope it continues.
(((((((Hugs))))))) Marla

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KSNICKER 5/20/2008 11:51PM

We've got wildfires going all over the state right now too... They said today that, I think it was 36,000 acre were on fire in the Everglades in south Florida... And about and hour away along the coast has been burning too... And it's so dry... not much rain so far... They caught the guy that was setting the fires on the east coast, a few days ago... Not sure what started the one in south florida... But when that ocean breeze gets going it blows that smoke all the way to the middle of the state to my house... cough cough lol

Ok now... I live about 15 minutes away from Disney World... lol Mickey and Minnie are our neighbors... And yes I would visit you if you come this far... lol... you bet ya!
I think there should be a Sparkfamily Reunion at Disney World... Wouldn't that be great? LOL

Have a great evening... Thanks for sharing your positives...


Oh in case you're wondering about my new avatar... It was the Dancing with the Stars Grand finale... Bitter sweet... Yay we have a winner... Boo, no more DWTS until next year... lol I love that show!

Comment edited on: 5/20/2008 11:52:22 PM

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