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A journey....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A journey......
Your day starts off with the fact that you opened your eyes and have a whole day before you to create what ever you want. Do you take the opportunity, or do you dredge up all the crap from by gone days and focus on how miserable you are?
Life is all about choices. You are always in control of how you react to what ever comes your way. You are the person steering your life course. Are you steering all over the place, jumping from one thing to the next and never taking the time to appreciate where you are going or where you have come from? Are you allowing "road rage" to consume you, or are you enjoying the trip? You choose how you react to the bumps along the way. Do you try to speed over them, hoping that the road will smooth out ahead, or do you ease your way over the bump? If you are speeding over, you are likely to have some damage done, easing over at least will minimize any damage and you will be more in control of how you land on the other side of those bumps. When you rush recklessly ahead, you miss all the beauty that surrounds you. You just plain miss opportunities. Besides, where exactly are you rushing to?
Life is going to happen no matter what, so why not make it the best life that you can. Choose to keep your eyes open and ready to spot those positive moments. Choose to be a winner not a victim. Choose to embrace life as an opportunity to be all you can be no matter your circumstances. Choose to be happy within yourself. Be the creator of your own reality. Make your life what you want it to be, sometimes it takes thought and hard work, but if it is really what you desire, it is possible.
You know all the sayings....they all have truth in them.
1. You can be anything you want to be, if you want it badly enough.
2. Life is too short to be miserable.
3. Nobody likes a sour puss.
3. Cry and you cry alone, smile and the world smiles with you.
4. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
5. Material things don't make the man.
6. It is better to give than to receive. For when you give of yourself, you receive much back.

There are so many more, I'm sure you could add abundantly to this list. The point is, take the opportunity to enjoy your life, to find pleasure in each moment. Yesterday is the past, tomorrow hasn't come yet, you have only today to create. Make it a wonderful creation.

Today, I created an opportunity to laugh with my co-workers, to appreciate the sun shine, to sit and cuddle with the cats, to make a meal for my family, to read the blogs that so inspire me, to share a conversation with my husband, to walk outdoors and this evening to spend time with friends at a stampin' up party.

What did you create today?

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KSNICKER 4/29/2008 10:21PM

Great blog as usual. And so true. These days I try live my life as the one enjoying the journey. It does take some practice to change the old habits. But I feel as though I've come a long way with this. Things do come along to trip us up, and we have to work through them... But I alway strive to continue on...even if I'm limping a bit at first...
Thanks for sharing your thoughs on A Positive Journey...

Enjoy your evening...


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MARLA7 4/29/2008 8:16PM

    Wanda.... very nice blog. Thank you. I often wonder why people fly past me like I'm standing still when I'm going down the highway doing the speed limit. The looks I get... geez. You'd think it was against the law to do the speed limit! Why are people always in such a hurry? When you rush around, you don't enjoy the journey. I've slowed things way down around me... I intend on enjoying my journey through life. I'm glad you do too.
(What is a stampin' up party?) Never heard of it before.
(((((Hugs))))) Marla

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ALFREDIA 4/29/2008 8:14PM

I really liked your blog. Each day is a journey and we are faced with so many choices of which road to take. You always take the positives and give them as well. Thank you for adding me as a friend.

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Celebrating summer today...cause by Wednesday....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Today has been a super fantastic day.
Not only has the sun been shining and the temperature sitting at +18, it's supposed to be like this tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather will change drastically by Wednesday and snow is once again in the forecast! How bizarre!

Saw a co-worker today that retired last year. I haven't seen her since her retirement party...when I said hello, she did a double take, and an "oh my God, you'll look fantastic". Made my day to say the least. It was such a boost to the morale. I shared with her Sparkpeople and tooted their horn, because without SP, I wouldn't have gotten the reaction I did. Thank you SP.

Got home early enough from work today to get outside and have a wonderful long walk. A big plus, walking in the sunshine.

Had a great laugh at some pictures a friend had posted on facebook. They had gone to Disneyland with their grandchildren and obviously had a great time. I'm thinking that she probably did the log ride, as one of the pictures showed her looking pretty wet! Nothing like a good giggle to round off a day.

Hope your evening is filled with smiles, laughs and lots of fun.

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KSNICKER 4/29/2008 9:54AM


Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog... I know that you are right. I'll get through it. ((HUGS))

But now about your blog... How wonderful it must have felt to have that former co-worker do the double take and give you such positive feedback... I agree that SP has changed us all... just some faster than others... lol

I'm so happy for you that you are having a few nice Spring days with Sunshine too... lol I know that you will enjoy them to the fullest, before Wednesday comes... lol

I hope today is just as nice a day for you as yesterday was...



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MARLA7 4/28/2008 9:26PM

    Oh Wanda... You sure had a good day! I love the fact that your former co-worker did a double take! Such a boost to your morale! All your hard work is paying off not only with better health but the fringe benefits of compliments. I know you're not the type who has to have people notice or anything... but what a rush, huh?

It's good that you had a super fantastic day today! Still always finding positives in all you do. You're very amazing! So glad we've 'met' on here. ((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))) Marla

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Marla...you started it!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marla you started it....just remember that. LOL

Okay, this is just too much fun and as my brain needs to be kept active and alert, I am going to follow Marla's example and make my second 100 item list!
PS...just so you know...I have copied and pasted your lists to a saved file on my computer so that in a year we can review them and see how much we have accomplished.

1. To keep my mind active and alert.
2. To sit in the Red Wood Forest and just enjoy the moment.
3. To be more connected to the earth.
4. To learn sign language (sorry Marla...yours reminded me!)
5. To let my family know how much I appreciate them.
6. To be more intuitive.
7. To remember that I am only responsible for my own actions and reactions.
8. To sing, regardless of what others might think.
9. To always find the pleasure in the simple things in life.
10. To wear size 10 clothes because they fit.
11. To encourage others on their spiritual walk.
12. To celebrate with Marla as she receives her new kidney.
13. To swim with Kathy at a aquasize class.
14. To rejoice with Dive as she proudly shows off her new teeth.
15. Live closer to nature (no tents though, I do like my comforts!)
16. Find laughter everyday.
17. Spend more time with my husband.
18. To find inspiration through the world around me.
19. To let go of things I can not change and let God handle them.
20. To lend a helping hand.
21. To learn to receive without feeling guilty.
22. To have a laptop computer so that I am able to be connected to family and friends where ever I am.
23. To smile at someone everyday, not only to brighten my day, but hopefully brighten theirs.
24. To make baby blankets and donate them to an orphanage in another country that really needs the support.
25. To pray always.
26. To have a zen garden.
27. To have a spiritual centre in my home. A special place to meditate and to become centered each day.
28. To have a solarium/conservatory in my home to grow plants.
29. To teach others about the importance of Choices.
30. To be a good listener.
31. To have empathy for others, not judgement.
32. To learn always from whatever life brings my way.
33. To allow my inner child out to play on a regular basis.
34. To live in a houseboat.
35. To remember that I am a work in progress, continually evolving and learning.
36.To buy a dress that I look fantastic in and feel comfortable wearing it. ( I haven't worn a dress for years!)
37. To set a goal everyday and strive to meet it.
38. To not beat myself up if I don't reach the goal that day, tomorrow is a new day.
39. To embrace change.
40. To have a yearly Girls only weekend with my daughters and one day a future daughter in law.
41. To have a wonderful relationship with my children's future spouses.
42. Learn that it's okay to say "no", to not overload myself.
43. To get my basement cleaned out.
44. To unclutter my life even more.
45. Be a minimalist with possessions. We all tend to load ourselves down with "things".
46. Be more ruthless with getting rid of those items we no longer need.
47. Ask questions more often, don't assume.
48. To make a positive difference as a consumer.
49. Don't save things for a special occasion, make each day a special occasion (thanks for the reminder Redchicks)
50. Have neighbors that are a blessing to live next door to, but be okay with the ones we have!
51. Buy a Wii and donate it to a seniors home.
52. Plant a tree outside my front door that is a "troubles tree". A place to hang your troubles before entering the home.
53. Have red door for a front door.
54. To review my lists every year and amaze myself with what has been accomplished.
55. Cross off the things on my list that have been accomplished and add new items.
56. Challenge my family to make their own lists.
57. To tell my family each day that I love them.
58. To always be accepting of others beliefs, they have their own spiritual path to walk and their own lessons to learn.
59. Remember that to change anything, it has to start from within.
60. To visit San Diego.
61. To have a family reunion.
62. To create a home that others feel at peace and at home in.
63. To give always.
64. To be a positive role model.
65. Live so that I owe no one anything. (live debt free)
66. Volunteer at a hospice.
67. Volunteer at a neo-natal hospital as a "rocker".
68. To ask God's guidence before I respond to things that irritate or anger me.
69. Always have room at our table for one more and trust that there will be enough.
70. Learn to play an instrument.
71. Take all our pictures and organize them. (could take me a lifetime!)
72. Keep adding to my creativity box.
73. Make an "intention" board and hang it up.
74. Attend a "Choices" workshop.
75. Help to make a dream come true for someone.
76. Attend a spiritual retreat.
77. Go door to door singing Christmas carols.
78. Make my own bread again.
79. Fill a stocking at Christmas for someone in need.
80. Be willing to try new things, even if they are out of my comfort zone. (must be legal!!!! lol)
81. Don't put off til tomorrow what can be accomplished today.
82. Write letters more often, even if they are on the computer.
83. Be proud of who I am and the journey I am walking.
84. Trust...others may let me down, but God never does.
85. Learn to speak Ukrainan better so I can carry on a conversation with my husband relatives.
86. Write my own biography.
87. Find the answer to the how my grandparents met.
88. Remember at the end of the day to cleanse my mind of all the negative energy that comes has my way. Find the positive in each day.
89. Remember that the more I give the more blessed I become.
90. Reach out everyday to someone.
91. Have a picnic indoors in the middle of winter.
92. Play games more often.
93. Build a doll house.
94. Grow tomatoes successfully.
95. Read always.
96. Take a road trip with no destination in mind.
97. Own a scooter! (just saw the price of gas again today!)
98. Always view my life as the glass being half full.
99. Enjoy to the fullest the challenges placed before me.
100. Giggle, cause I finished my 2nd 100 item list!

Thanks Marla for a fun day! We'll set the world on a blaze with fun. Life is too long to live it miserably.

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KSNICKER 4/27/2008 9:28PM

    Ok I go Fishing and look what happens... You and Marla are at it again... LOL
I'm gonna pass on the new list for now... But I did ask Marla if I could just copy hers... LOL Hey you both have just great list... LOL

Oh and I wrote my original list and saved it to file and then copied it to SP... That way I can look back at it... and see what I've accomplished...
So I get to check gone fishing off my list... LOL And getting out of my house for a day... LOL Woo Hoo... I'm liking this...LOL

Good night my friend...


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MARLA7 4/27/2008 2:43PM

    Wanda - I love it! Nice list! Great goals! Let's do it! I love the idea of copying & pasting our lists so we can review them a year from now. I believe I'll do that also. Thanks for the suggestion!

It wasn't hard coming up with a second list of things we want to do, was it? I rather enjoyed it. It keeps the positives flowing too & I will find it quite challenging to try to accomplish them all. Thanks for sharing your goals Wanda. (((((Hugs))))) Marla.... P.S. You're something else, have I ever told you that? Love you!

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It's been years...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's been years since I could fit into a pair of size 12 pants....woo hoo! today I bought a pair and they are button up to boot!

More positives...the sun has been shining all day, the snow is melting. I went for a walk early this morning and the sidewalks weren't too bad. I like walking in the early morning, before the traffic starts in earnest and the noise pollution takes over.
Did I tell you I bought a pair of size 12 pants??? LOL.
I've had people accept the challenge of blogging their 100 item lists and boy are there ever some great ambitions out there. In fact, I just might borrow some of the ideas and start a second list.
Thanks for the super reading all.
It's been so nice out today that I have been able to have the windows open for most of the day...love that nice clean fresh air scent after a winter of being closed up tight.
We went into the city and had coffee and a visit with our son. He is working a job in the city for the next couple of weeks. They are tracking and mapping old pipelines that have been buried underground for years and never been mapped. Some of them run straight down the center of streets, so they will be working very late at night and very early in the mornings to avoid as much of the traffic as possible. Q is so looking forward to getting back up north and doing his fish guiding. He'll leave the end of May or first week of June depending on ice break up.
Just plain and simple, a very wonderful day today...the sun just brings out the best in people.

Hope your day was fantastic too. Keep smiling, keep moving towards your goals and be thankful for all that you have.

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MEYCHEY 4/27/2008 8:58AM

    Wanda, how wonderful!

Don't you just feel like preening? Wearing those pants and just strutting (in a ladylike manner of course) to show off the result of all of the hard work you've done?

I feel like that weverytime I wear my new slim fitting clothes. Woo Hoo for us!


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DIVEGODDESS 4/26/2008 10:06PM

    Great for you Wandah! I'm back in my size 12's too. Kids size 12, LOL! But I have the height of a 10 year old. I know some 10 year olds that are much taller than me. My arms are getting too big to fit into a size 12 though.
I'm planning on working on my 100 list later tonight. I need to get off my but and get some things done and get off the computer!

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MARLA7 4/26/2008 9:26PM

    Wanda - Yeah on the size 12's!!! What a rush!!!!! I can't wait for the day to come for me to say I'm in 12's too. So very proud of you!

I really enjoyed your challenge of the 100 list. It was fun! I could make another easily, I'm sure. So many good & fun things I still want to do in my lifetime.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Try to do something fun. That's what we're doing on the daily chat!
((((Hugs)))) Marla

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KSNICKER 4/26/2008 8:02PM

How wonderful that you can get into those size 12 pants... YAY! What and accomplishment! You are doing so well with your new journey... Oh did I say YAY!!! Congratulations WTG!!! Size 12... lol I'm so happy for you...
It's so nice that Q likes what he does... The fishing guide... What a wonderful job that must be... I know that you will miss him, but He's probably check in as much as he can with you mom...

I'm so excited for you that you got to open those windows up for a while today... Fresh air... Nice... It's already to muggy here to keep them open much... lol

Oh and I heard that a little later there will be a Hot tub party at my place... please come join in the fun... lol

Talk to you later...



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POLLY20 4/26/2008 7:55PM

    Wanda, Now that a great part of your success.. I'm so happy & you sound estatic.. I'm sure that you are doing a great new dance in you smaller pants.. WTG! The fresh air feels so wonderful.. It's nice to be able to be able to feel the gentle breezes instead of the billowing cold.. What a nice day is right & a visit with your son..
He's making a mark for himself in his career.. Good for him..
Thanks for sharing your joy with us.. Love & Hugs, Always Polly
I really enjoyed putting the 1oo list together & reading all of the others.. I had my MRI this afternoon.. Now just waiting for some results. It really wasn't as bad as I anticipated. The Valium helped!

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My "100" list

Thursday, April 24, 2008

One of our challenges this week is to make a list of 100 things we want to do/accomplish in our life time. I decided to blog mine as not only am I then putting my intentions in writing, I am really putting them out there in the Universe.

1. To personally meet with each one of my Spark friends.
2. To live a healthy lifestyle for life.
3. To see my children reach their fullest potential.
4. To go on a world cruise.
5. To retire by age 60.
6. To travel from coast to coast in Canada, dipping my feet in both oceans.
7. To go spelunking.
8. To continue to grow spiritually.
9. To become the best person that I can be.
10. To become proficient at living life in the now.
11. To travel to New Zealand.
12 To travel to Sydney, Australia.
13. To have my mortgage paid off.
14. To re-vist all the places I have lived, especially in Northern Canada.
15. To travel Scotland. (Yep, traveling is big on my list!)
16. To leave this world with no regrets or unfinished business.
17. To master the VCR so that one day I can progress to mastering the DVD player! (okay, so I'm technically challenged!)
18. To walk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
19. To go to Disney World and Six flags.
20. To visit all the major museums in the world.
21. To attend a session with Char Margolis and James Van Praagh.
22. To ride a camel.
23. To travel to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
24. To finally trace my Father's Great-grandparents.
25. To swim in the Dead Sea.
26. To learn to salsa dance.
27. To complete the scrapbooks that I have begun for each of my children.
28. To live by an ocean. (or at least overlooking an ocean)
29. To live each day as if it was my last.
30. To take a balloon ride.
31. To learn to speak Spanish.
32. To better understand Quantum Physics!
33. To trace my husbands family tree.
34. To dance at my grandchild's(grandchildren's) wedding.
35. To appreciate daily the gift of health.
36. To have nice nails.
37. To go on a shopping spree and not have to be concerned about the cost.
38. To spend a night at the Waldorf hotel in New York.
39. To walk the Great wall of China.
40. Learn to scuba dive.
41. Learn how to use a cell phone... told you I am technically challenged!
42. Swim with the dolphins.
43. To find more ways to live "green".
44. To write a children's book.
45. Go on a water slide, a really tall one!
46. Learn photography.
47. Go on a week's horse back trail ride.
48. Learn to knit mittens and socks.
49. To volunteer with Habitat Humanity.
50. To learn how to do carpentry.
51. Spend a day at a spa partaking of spa treatments.
52. Have a vegetable garden.
53. Learn to be a good gardener.
54. Complete a New York Times crossword puzzle.
55. Learn to kayak.
56. White water rafting.
57. To visit a butterfly garden.
58. Be an audience member of a live taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show.
59. Meet Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover.
60. Visit Petra.
61. Meet Doreen Virtue.
62. See one of the Crystal skulls in real life. Find them fascinating.
63. Knit a 100 scarves and donate them to a homeless shelter.
64. Be a life-long learner.
65. Learn to do Yoga.
66. Hold or even just touch a Koala bear.
67. Visit Greenland and Iceland.
68. Be physically active every day.
69. Find something to laugh about every day.
70. Keep a journal of favorite sayings, quotes etc.
71. Help others to recognize the joy there is in each day.
72. Go tobogganing with my grandchild/ren.
73. Keep the philosophy ....God gave me a healthy brain and a healthy body, now it's my job to keep them healthy.
74. Take a road trip where you are only allowed to make right turns.
75. Take a road trip where you are only allowed to make left turns.
76. Attend an ethnic food festival.
77. Spend time meditating and renewing my spirit each day.
78. Attend a drumming session.
79. Be always open to God's direction in my life.
80. Take time to smell the flowers.
81, Worry less, trust more.
82. Learn to crochet.
83. Remind myself to have fun in life, it's not meant to be dreary.
84. Have date nights more often with my husband. (we tend to get busy and forget about "our" nights.)
85. Continue to develop the gift of discernment.
86. To be confident in who I am. A spiritual being having a human experience.
87. Help others who need a helping hand.
88. This is a long list, and I'm struggling to find things to add!
89. Read, read, and read some more.
90. Be a great wife, Mother, Grandmother and Mother-in-law.
91. Be a positive person.
92. Learn to accept that others may not reach my expectations, but they are where they are at and have lessons to learn also in this life.
93. I want to learn to say the Alphabet backwards.
94. I want to do random kindnesses each day, where no one knows who I am.
95. I want to learn to enjoy housecleaning! I do it, it's just not my favorite pasttime.
96. To be creative.
97. To leave a small carbon footprint.
98. To love others unconditional.
99. To be open to receiving.
100. To have impacted others lives in positive ways.

There I'm done, boy it was harder than I thought to come up with 100 things. I challenge you all to do the same.
Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.

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DIVEGODDESS 4/26/2008 7:47AM

    Wonderful list, I might get a few ideas from you! Hey when you meet your goal to meet your spark friends and meet me, I'll teach you yoga (Only money is deterring me from getting my teacher's certification) as well as Scuba diving and kayaking so you can cross those off your list! I can probably take you swimming with dolphins and help you with your Spanish as well! Quantum physics? Gee, you are ambitious! Oh, we also have two waterparks here with awesome water slides, I live next door to one! Not next door, there's a hotel in between my condo and the waterpark. So I guess you'll have to come visit me, you'll be able to cross a bunch of things off from your list!

When you put them in the Universe, the universe will conspire to make them happen! (read my quote)

Comment edited on: 4/26/2008 7:52:50 AM

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SPORTZFAN25 4/25/2008 1:32PM

    Lol. Awesome! Hopefully mine will be up either tonight or tomorrow!

A few q's/comments for ya:

Where is the dead sea?

I love # 34!!!

You make me laugh with your technology :) (or should I say un-technology)

I've never heard of the Crystal Skulls... ?

#74 and #75 are kind of awesome! Where did you come up with that idea!!!

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POLLY20 4/25/2008 9:33AM

    Wanda Dearest, Nothing is impossible, everything is atainable
just keep following your heart & you'll find the way.. Love all of you favorites to do's on your list.. Keep reaching for your dreams
Love & Hgus, Always Polly

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MARLA7 4/25/2008 7:51AM

    Wanda... I love your challenge... and your list!
What on earth is splunking? LOL I couldn't figure that one out.

I love James Van Praagh. I also love Sylvia Brown.

You sure have #100 down pat.... To have impacted others lives in positive ways. Yep, that's you!

I'm taking your challenge so look out! LOL
(((((Hugs))))) Marla
Oh, thanks for blogging this challenge of yours. It makes you really think deep!

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REDCHICK5 4/25/2008 6:32AM

    One word: WOW!!!

Great list - i'm still working on mine!

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*MADHU* 4/25/2008 3:10AM

    emoticon emoticonThat list looks awesome !

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POLLY20 4/25/2008 1:14AM

    What a Wonderful list you came up with.. I am going to read it again in the morning when my eyes might be more wide opened.
I guess that you completed your Challenge.. Always stay on top of the game.. Life plays all of the cards, & we're here to make it all happen.. Love & Hugs, Always Polly

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KSNICKER 4/24/2008 9:42PM

    WOW!!! That was wonderful... What a list that is...
What a Challenge... I'm not sure there is 100 things I could put on a list... I'll have to think on this one and let you know... lol

I'll work on it tomorrow...

Thanks for sharing your challenges with us... I can just feel the growth I will have by doing this one... That is if I can come up with 100 things... lol

BTW - I have a friend that it a physicist. He tried to explain Quanthan theories to me... I followed for a while but then lost it... lol Good luck with that one...

Have a good evening my friend...



Comment edited on: 4/24/2008 10:38:17 PM

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DHARBBY 4/24/2008 9:24PM

    Wanda, that was brilliant!! I don't know if I could come up with 100, but I just can't resist a challenge!! And your last challenge did a body good! LOL YOU'RE ON!!!!
The part about learning and accepting others as they are, reminded me of something I heard so many many years ago on an episode of "All In The Family". Archie had a slightly retareded man doing odd jobs around the house for him and of course he thought he was so smart and doing this "dummy" as he called him this huge favor. Well, one day Archie couldn't get the "plane" ( a tool ) to work right cause he was trying to shave his front door down a little and couldn't do it, so the other man was there and he took the plane from Archie and simply turned it around and handed it back to him. Archie had it in backwards, and as he handed it back the man/boy told Archie, "No man is my superior in that I cannot learn from him." I must have seen that episode twenty years ago or more and I've never forgotten it. It really has a lot of insight and makes you remember to be more humble and not to treat people differently because of a handicap.
Well, I'm going to get some ideas about that 100 things list going and as soon as I have it, I'll blog it and share it.
Thanks for another wonderful idea. You're terrific.
Have a wonderful night.

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CAGRULES 4/24/2008 9:16PM

    Nice work on your list!!! I still have to finish mine-it is harder than it looks :) I agree putting it in writing makes it more real and sharing it with the universe makes us more accountable. Best wishes on your accomplishments! I might be "borrowing" some of yours as they are wonderful!!!

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