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Bouncing back!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bouncing back after an emotional day sure feels good. Yesterday, my youngest daughter spread her wings and left home for the first time on her own. I'm really thrilled that she had the courage. She is my home body, who likes to spend time with her family. Stepping outside her comfort zone was a hard thing for her to do. She embarked on a 3 month trip to Australia, no short trip down the street for this girl. If she was going to step out of her comfort zone, she was planning on doing it big! The only thing that makes it much easier for me, is that fact that she was traveling with a friend and they are meeting up with three other friends and traveling Australia together, working when they need to and taking in all the thrills.
Almost managed to hold the tears back completely at the airport, but a few slipped out with the hug goodbye. The two of us quickly parted as we both knew if Mom started so would she. So today, I anxiously await an email to let me know all is well.
I am proud of myself none the less that an old habit of emotional eating, despite trying to put in an appearance, was not completely successful. Yes, I did go over my calories, but not by much and what I did choose to eat was actually pretty good. I began to get annoyed with myself, as I looked at my chart, but then I realized that I was only looking at what was immediately in front of me( one day). When I looked at the big picture(the whole week) and saw that the day before I had been way under, it all averaged out. Then I began thinking about my food choices and realized that there was no potato chips, no pop, no junk food period in amongst any of the choices I had made. What a long ways I have come already in a very short time. Has the habit of emotional eating been beaten...I don't know, but I do know that I am now in control of it. So, GO ME, WOO HOO.
With this one success, I will continue to build a stronger healthier me. I am looking forward to my daughter's arrival back home when I can hold up a sign at the airport that says "Shy...this is your MOM". I intend to reach my goal of a 50 pound weight elimination by Christmas and her arrival home.

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GOIN490 9/21/2007 1:56AM

    Good job on tackling the emotional eating! Your daughter is going to love Australia. We visited a friend there many years ago, and traveled for 6 weeks, the trip of a lifetime! It is such an awesome place, lucky girl!

Take care!
Vicki J

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KSNICKER 9/20/2007 9:17PM

    I say WOO HOO to you too! WTG... on being in control. Don' t it feel good. I know that I'm giving it my best shot here. I want to be in control and really think I am...that is until the internet goes out (twice today) and I need to track my food and then the panick starts...lol But I got through it...lol The second time it did was when I was trying to comment on your last blog. I was just about to hit post comment and the electric and cable all went at once. grrrrrr...I don't like these tropical depressions we're having at all...lol
Hey Mom you did great with baby girl leaving the nest. I'm sure she will stay in contact with you all the time. Her trip sounds awesome. Ah to be young again and traveling... lol
Hang in there mom...we're here if you need a shoulder...
(((HUGS))) for Wanda...


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Monday, September 17, 2007

These past few days since last Thursday have been rather low on the scale of energy. I am sticking to my nutrition tracker, have been doing my strength exercises and getting a tad extra walking in during the day but still feeling a bit blaa! I think my body and my mind are rebelling against the lack of usual activity. I have been taking this body to the pool for an hours aquasizes 2x a week now for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go last Thursday and there have been no classes since then...I find it fascinating how quickly one makes the transition from a basic couch potato to someone who now feels deprived because I have not been able to participate in my aquasizes. I feel like a small child pouting because I can't have something I not only want, but obviously my body now requires. Today, my body and mind have started to gear up in anticipation of Tuesday....AQUASIZES....yippee! Maintenance will also be done on the 2nd pool we have in town and I will then be able to go an extra 2x a week. I can now go Tues, Wed, Thurs and Saturday. Me! excited about exercising! Wow! I am beginning to feel like a child waiting for Christmas morning. The more I write about the up coming classes the more my energy field lifts and the more the anticipation builds. Funny how "positive" thoughts can so quickly changes one's moods.
Once again the Law of Attraction holds true. Positive energy attracts positive, negative attracts negative. We have the power to change our own thinking and feelings. I can hardly wait for tomorrow.
Yep, must definitely talk to hubby about buying a place with an indoor pool. LOL

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KSNICKER 9/20/2007 9:26PM

    Hey there Wanda...I know what you mean about missing the pool. It's been raining here for a couple days and that means No Pool...:( So yesterday I decided to try out the ol Treadmill...yeah right! I did 30 minutes of walking and today I can hardly walk! I WANT MY POOL! LOL I never thought I'd be praying for a hot and sunny day so that I could get in the pool to exercise...lol
I need to start looking for a indoor pool for when it gets to cool.

Good Luck on getting that indoor pool... Hope your hubby is nicer than mine...lol I told him I wanted our next home to have an inground pool so I could actully do laps and arobics in the deep end... you should hear the blah blah blah story I got...lol Oh well... Someday!
see ya out there...

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NJMATTICE 9/18/2007 11:37AM

    Aquasize. . .helps me get in touch with the glamorous Mermaid that I know I was born to be. The water has magic bouyancy that transforms my sizeable frame into a delicate little frothy bubble of a thing. It's magic I tell ya! Fortunately most areas have a program. When my water gets too cool I'll be finding my nearest YMCA. Water exercise is the best thing going for a plus size girl like me. No injuries. I'll try to jog on these knees when I'm about 92 pounds lighter. Until then AQUASIZE soul sisters!
-Nancy Jane

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MARLA7 9/18/2007 4:49AM

    Oh, I'd give about anything to have a pool. How nice you have one close by that you can "aquasize" there. It feels so good in the water & you hardly know you're exercising. I only get to swim when we're on vacation because I always make sure to book a hotel with a pool. That's only twice a year. : ( Well, I'm happy for you. Enjoy your aquasize classes. Sounds like wonderful fun to me. I enjoyed reading your blog. -MARLA

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MEYCHEY 9/17/2007 10:07PM

    Wanda, How true. Our bodies really do want to be healthy, we just have to train them to want the right things. The rest is easy; they just kind of tug you along behind like a puppy on a leash (bad analogy but I hope you get my meaning.) When my husband moved our family to deep south Texas, I held out for a swimming pool. What does yours want as a trade-off, hmmm?

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Life's lessons...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Today has been a reflective day in alot of ways. Today it's been a year since I took over doing a good friend and co-workers job as once again she faced a battle for her life. This is the 3rd time in 4 years that cancer has raised its ugly head in her life. This time, the doctors have told her that there is nothing more they can do for her, she is now a palative care patient. If she had made different choices earlier in her life, would this have made the difference between life and death? Only God knows. She is one of most amazing women it is my blessing to know. Why has God brought her into my life, only to have to say goodbye, even if it is only for awhile? Why have I been the one to have to watch and care for my parents as first my father was diagnosed as terminal and then the guardianship of my mother became mine as she progressed through Alzheimer's disease?These questions and more I have asked myself as I reflected. I know that God never gives us more than we can handle, and He has been there for me through years of caring and then the deaths. As I thought about these things, these answers became very clear to me. First : If these people had not come into my life and shown me courage, strength and perserverence, I would not have been inspired to grab this chance at a new lifestyle. 2) I have the opportunity to change my present life for a healthier one, it's not too late 3) I owe it to myself and to them to not make the same mistakes or choices as they did.(I know Alzheimers is not a choice, but being a prescription junkie and over medicating oneself is, allowing one's self to be a victim is a choice, smoking is a choice, eating unhealthy, drinking, not taking care of oneself and on and on are all choices).
I am grateful that I have been blessed with these souls in my life, I have learned to not give up, to make better health choices, to be the best that I can be, they are my inspiration and encouragement as well as all the great people on SP. I will not allow myself to be a victim of poor choices, I will honor them by honoring myself.

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NJMATTICE 9/17/2007 3:45PM

    Thanks for your thoughtful examination. You're a great student in the big classroom.

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KSNICKER 9/16/2007 10:12AM

    Well said my friend...

(((((((HUGS))))))) to you.


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MEYCHEY 9/14/2007 11:33PM

    Honor to you as well, Wanda. We all get tough choices in our lives and we learn and grow or not. You have chosen to learn and grow and to do so with humor and honesty. Thank you for your kind and humorous posts on the 50+ message boards. I enjoy reading them.

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Exercise...to do or not to do, that is the question

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is the first time that I can recall, when I have contemplated a weight elimination plan that I have actually looked forward to exercising. Wow, who am I becoming? Maybe it is the idea that this is NOT a diet, maybe I am finally at a stage in my life where I am truly ready to make a lasting change, or maybe, just maybe, it is a combination of both with the knowledge that God lead me here for a purpose thrown in. I do not believe that anything happens by chance...I believe there is a purpose behind everything that occurs...what we do with that purpose is our choice. Do I ignore the desire to exercise in hopes that it will go away and I can remain status quo...or do I seize the opportunity to grow and learn and improve the body and health as it was created to be. My choice...what do I do? Well, I've chosen to grab on with both hands and enjoy the ride and the thrill of victory. I will make this a positive statement of my life, I will be successful, healthy and an encouragement to others.

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KSNICKER 9/14/2007 7:01PM

    Hi there WandaWomen...
Isn't it wonderful that we are finally looking at this exercise thing differently now. Just a little more than a month ago I was dreading exercising and now today, I like you, was looking forward to it. I've even decided to up the number of days I'm doing it. Well, to be honest...today it was go help hubby clean another rental (the one where the piggy's were living, gag...lol) or go to the pool and do my walking/arobics. Well, I chose what I needed to do for me. I'm hanging on and enjoying the ride too and praying that it will last this time.
I'm looking at it like I do my quitting of smoking...I'm choosing this and No Excuse, I will do it, because I WANT it.


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FLUFF-N-STUFF 9/14/2007 10:51AM

    Love your view. Love your self powering motivation. Heck, you motivated me as well. Thanks. I strength train M W F i am adding a bit of cardio on Tues this week.....baby steps. I know I failed every diet plan in the past because I got greedy. You are so right, this is not a diet, but a life style change. So I do 5 minutes of strength and am up to a whopping 6.33 minutes of cardio. And I feel it! I know I have no excuse ever for something that is so small a period of my day.

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NJMATTICE 9/11/2007 10:45PM

    Amen, Sister! I'm motivated! Keep it up!
-Nancy Jane

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Elimination may be hard...just not impossible.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Weigh-in day today...not as much fear as last week, but still found that I kept delaying getting on the scales. Finally sat myself down and talked to myself about all the positive things I had done this week, tracked my nutrition and stayed within my goals...even did more exercise this past week than the week before, drank lots and lots of water...so the worst that could happen would be that I stayed the same...so march right in there and step on that scale...the world is not going to end, you will not be struck by lightening and you might just be surprised! SURPRISED, YES. I eliminated 4 pounds, woo hoo, go me! What an awesome way to head into a weekend. I am so motivated to keep on going, what a great day! Interesting how I do not miss the pop or the potato chips at all. I do think about them every once in awhile, but the trade off is just not worth it to indulge. I found drinking water very easy, as that is about all I drink anyway, now I just make sure I drink more. Exercise has never been my strong suit until now...I just feel so much better when I am active, now I am planning each day how I can get more in...who is this strange person that now inhabits my body?? All I can say is welcome and stick around 'cause I rather like you.

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NJMATTICE 9/8/2007 11:57PM

    First and foremost. . .WOO HOO! It's funny that we expect the worst. Because we haven't "suffered" enough. It's not the same old deprivation. But I've been meaning to talk to your public "elimination". Conjures up all sorts of images for me. Just read that title. . .elimination may be hard. I say "Girl. . .you need more fiber!" Love ya Wanda. Just couldn't resist some nonsense.

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KSNICKER 9/8/2007 8:53AM

    I rather like you too...lol

Good Morning and boy am I glad I decided to read your blog. You are such an inspiration.
Congratulations to you on your successful Elimination this week.

Have a great weekend...


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