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June 10

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's NOT raining (yet)! We are supposed to be done with the rain at least for the next 3 days...let's see how true that is. lol

Today is Garry's eldest sister's birthday, so must remember to pop her off an email yet this morning.

I ended up coming home from work about 12:30 yesterday. I moved funny in my chair and ended up with a "charlie horse" of all things in my right back muscle that just wouldn't let loose. The longer I sat the worse it got. Came home and got my wheat heating pad out and lay on that for about an hour until it was time to head out the door for the dentists. Came home again and used it again for the rest of the evening. It eventually let loose. I'm taking my wheat bag to work with me this morning just as a percaution. Very strange, I've never had something like occur before.
Got my impressions all done at the dentists for my night guard. I go on the 22 to pick it up. Yay! I'm hoping that it doesn't take too long to get used to wearing it at night.

My positives:
The "charlie horse" in my back let loose finally...what a relief that is.
Impressions for my night guard are all done.
It's not raining this morning. I'm hoping that some sitting in the sun after work might be in order!
It's Friday tomorrow...woo hoo. My favorite day of the week. lol
No major yard work planned for the weekend. Just general gardening after a week of rain.
Family and friends.
A warm and snug bed to crawl into each night, a roof over our heads and food upon on table...how blessed we are.

Have a wonderful day. Make someone else's day with a random act of kindness.




Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's a frosty one out this morning. Only 8 degrees out there! Where is summer???

I can't believe that we still have the furnace running to keep the house warm in June! More rain predicted for every day this week. But the plus...we are supposed to get sunshine and warmer for Saturday and Sunday! Woo Hoo. Perhaps I'll be able to sit out on my deck and enjoy it. Oh well, if we didn't have this yucky weather, what would most of us have to talk about. lol.

This is a big birthday/anniversary month in our family. My SIL and nephew had birthdays on the 4 & 5. Today is Garry's youngest sisters birthday, tomorrow is his oldest sisters birthday as well as his aunt and uncles anniversary. The 15th is another SIL birthday, then the 17th is another of Garry's brothers birthday as well as his nieces. The 24th is Garry's eldest brothers anniversay and then the 26th is friends anniversary. Yep, it's a great month of celebrations! Don't even get me started on July!lol

My Positives:
All this rain is doing the earth some good. It's nice to see the rain soaking in and not running off and down the drains.
The weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny.
I get to go to the dentist's today and have the impressions taken for a night guard. Hopefully it will help to keep me from grinding my teeth at night.
I have a warm home to reside in and a warm vehicle to get me back and forth to work.
Being able to go to the dentist and have my teeth taken care of.
Massage Saturday coming up this weekend...yay!
Finished another book in the Amish series that I'm reading...it really brings home the need to live a more simplified life and that our strength comes through our faith and community.
Life...when we open ourselves to really appreciate all the blessings that come our way each day...we truly become the people we are meant to be.

Have an awesome day. Keep your focus on the positives things happening in your life, then the negatives don't seem so bad.


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JAE_HENNINGTON 6/9/2010 11:06AM

  thanks for the postives... it really does all come down to just looking for them in our life instead of dwelling on the bad stuff... thank you for being a positive force in the world

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NANAPATTYB 6/9/2010 7:37AM

    I hear you about the weather. It went down to 3 last night. I am sick of this cold weather. Will summer never get here.

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 6/9/2010 7:14AM

    8 degrees? In June? That stinks!

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It's raining, it's pouring....

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It started raining in earnest about mid morning yesterday and it hasn't quit yet! Although, sleeping when it's raining seems so much more relaxing. I had a great sleep last night despite all the dreams I was having. Very strange dreams, I'll have to do some thinking on them as it was a continuation type dream. I'd wake up some what and then fall back to sleep and continue on with the dream.
Very odd.

I had a great day yesterday, got some chores done in the house...couldn't do anything in the garden due to the rain...and that's okay...a forced relaxation day! lol
Went for groceries, ended up buying more than I had originally intended as they had a sale going on, so was able to get some good deals. Came home with the groceries to discover that Garry had come home for lunch...yay...help carrying in the groceries! Lots of fresh veggies and fruit now fill the fridge.

It's back to work today and I've got my attitude all ready, I'm raring to go.

My Positives:
A great email for Quin yesterday morning to say that he has arrived safe and sound. The lake is low though, which is a scary thought...Lake Athabasca is a huge lake and for it to be dropping doesn't sit well. It's interesting that the ice was off the lake a month earlier this year too.
A great day of relaxing yesterday...something I need to really do more often. I always say I'm going to relax and then get busy doing things.
Much needed rain for the ground and my garden. My tomatoes and potatoes are really starting to grow now! Funny how they seem to prefer natural rain watering to water coming out of a hose.
Eating healthy.
Finished one good book (Life by Design by Tom Ferry), now it's time to find another.
Being open to receiving what ever blessings come my way each day.

Have a fantatstic day....remember it's your choice!


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  Your positives out weigh any negatives

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Motivation Monday, and what am I doing?

Monday, June 07, 2010

It's Motivation Monday in the Positive Bloggers world and what have I got on my agenda for today?

First...I did my body some good by giving it the extra rest it needed last night. I have today off work, so I slept in for an extra couple of hours. That felt good.
After all the the gardening, yard work and hauling of yet more quarry stone this weekend, I have muscle that are a bit on the "use me gently" side! So today I will do some gentle stretches and forget about any strenuous exercising. Instead I will tackle the chores that I didn't get done in the house, such as finishing the laundry and vaccuming.
I managed to catch a bit more sun that I would have liked yesterday, so today I will also take care of the largest organ on my body...my skin! I will tend to it gently and with lots of moisture. Not a bad sun burn, but it is still pink.

I had a lovely day yesterday, spending time with Garry and accomplishing so many of those little projects that we needed to get done. Today, I will take more time for me.

My Positives:
Many little outdoor projects now done.
My new cedar flower box looks wonderful and it finishes the one end of the raised garden bed perfectly. The pansies that I planted in honor of my Dad are beautiful...lovely deep purple ones...my favorites.
A surprise phone call from a favorite uncle last evening. He will be turning 85 this July and we are hoping to make it out to BC to help celebrate with all the family.
A day for me. Time to choose a good book for this week's challenge.
Life. I woke up this morning ...what a blessing to know that I still have work to accomplish.

Have a fantastic day. Count your blessings.


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YOYONOMORE1 6/7/2010 6:25PM

    You have been a very busy lady at work and home, enjoy your day off. I had a headache free day, the rain was gone and low temp, low humidity, my kind of weather, I feel like yesterday was a total loss, but it happens sometimes. It's been a very nice day and can you believe it my internet is working right, well for the time being anyway, lol. I loved the responses to Serenity Sunday post. Hope you have a great week.


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Serenity Sunday!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

June's first Serenity Sunday and I'm going to try and make it one of relaxation and just being (providing I can get Garry to slow down some on the yard work! lol)

Yesterday we got a huge amount of yard work done. We both headed outside around 8:30 am and didn't really stop until late afternoon.
I have muscles today, that I didn't even know existed in my body! I pulled weeds in the yard, I got my lettuce, green onions and pepper plants planted, I hauled yet more dirt. With Kaeli's help, we dug some holes, screwed lattice work up on the fence and planted my three passion flower plants. They are still looking a little shell shocked this morning, so hoping that they recover from the trama of being transplanted. The grass is mowed in the back yard now.
Garry finished building one of the planters and today we will install it and finishe off that end of the raised garden bed. Now he wants to build a stone edged garden bed around where Kaeli and I planted the passion flowers. We have some quarry stone left over and it would look nice there, but I'm trying to persaude him that he needs a day off too!
I was going to tackle the laundry and house cleaning today, but seeing as I have tomorrow off work, I'm saving those delightful tasks until tomorrow.

My positives:
The yard is starting to take shape nicely. We are very pleased with all our hard work.
My passion flowers are now planted and I'm feeling better about their chance of survival.
Lettuce, green onions and my 2 pepper plants are all planted. I planted the lettuce and green onions from seed...I'm believing that they will successfully grow! lol
Kaeli is going to help me get my doll collection all photographed and listed on ebay. Anyone out there that collection porcelain dolls....give me a shout. I have a beautiful collection but they have been packed away for the past almost 10 years and it's time to let them go.
I bought a huge tray of mixed fresh fruit on Friday from Costco and now I have fruit to eat that is all ready and prepared. I love sitting down with a bowl of mixed fruit as a snack.

Have a wonderful Serenity Sunday. Take time to recharge your body, your mind and your spirit.


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LADYANDREA2012 6/6/2010 7:29PM

    Thank for such a beautiful Blog. Serenity Sunday if what I have done today.

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NJMATTICE 6/6/2010 3:02PM

    When I read "Serenity Sunday" I said to myself "I wonder why Wanda is writing a day ahead?" I'm not completely here. Peter leaves this evening for Navy boot camp. I'm a bit of an emotional heap here, but I'm hanging in there. It's been busy and a bit crazy but its been okay too. Lots going on. Entertaining season is upon us. Company in and out starting next week. Time to get my healthy tools worked into the not so normal routines as well. Love you. Miss you. I'll be in touch after Pete gets "shipped out".

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KNAUGHT61 6/6/2010 1:06PM

    Your yard and garden sound beautiful! In the northern regions, when summer and the growing season are so short and precious...we have to "make hay while the sun shines" and get those gardens going! I have a simple garden, all shaded by trees, so just some woodland plants and rhubarb that are well established. Makes it easy on me, but I often wish for a sunny patch where I could grow tomatoes.

Have a splendid, serene Sunday. Hugs, Kathleen

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FUZZY1TOO 6/6/2010 12:03PM

    Thanks for reminding me to take some time to sit and relax. Everyone needs to do it, but not everyone does. Myself included. Maybe today'll be my day, too.

Have a wonderful Sunday and give lots of love to those passion flowers and I'm sure they'll do fine.


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