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Manage Your THOUGHTS

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Positive Thinking, Positive Results. ( Helpful Habits by Weight Watchers)

Your mind can make a big difference. It Helps your efforts when you trade in negative thoughts for positive ones.

Manage Your Thoughts Means:

~ Recognizing negative thoughts when they run through your mind, and understanding how that kind of thinking can harm your efforts.

~Replacing those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Accept that it takes time to change the habits of a lifetime.

~Reflecting on what you CAN DO, instead of on what you can't do.

* I had to use Positive Self-Talking to turn my thoughts around.
This is a good Example for me, " I used to think I'll never lose weight, but then again there's nothing going on that can stop me."

When I gained Weight, I'd tell myself "I'm not going to stop."
It's a long process, I Look at the positive side:

I have lost weight and I'm still losing. This has helped me to keep going.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HICALGAL 8/18/2009 10:50PM


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GIRL*IN*MOTION 8/18/2009 2:42PM

  Mind of matter and the power of positive thinking is key! :) great blog, thanks for the reminder! :)

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FOXYLOSE30 8/18/2009 2:24PM

    Positive mind is essential.

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SNOW2010 8/18/2009 2:04PM

    You are so right on with how our thoughts can either push on to victory or hold us back.

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SHANNONSTILLS 8/18/2009 2:00PM

  mind over matter.....if you don't mind it don't matter

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August Walk Challenge

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Aug.1-power walk 9 miles + run 2 miles + steps x 2 sets (1,340) = 11 Miles
Aug.2-power walk Downtown area and Back + track 5 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)= 12 Miles
Aug.3-power walk 10 miles + steps x 2 sets (1,340)
Aug.4-power walk 8 miles + Run 2 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug.5-power walk 6 miles+ Run 5 miles + steps x 4 sets (2,680)
Aug 6-power 7 miles + Run 3 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug. 7-power walk 7 miles + Run 4 miles + steps x 4 sets (2,680)
Aug.8-power walk 7 miles + Run 3 miles
Aug.9-power walk 10 miles + steps x2 sets(1,340)
Aug. 10-power 10 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug.11-power walk 9 miles + Run 3 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug.12-power walk 6 miles + Run 5 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug.13-power walk 8 miles + Run 2 miles + steps x 4 sets(2,680)
Aug 14.-power walk 6 miles + run 5 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug.15-Run/Treadmill 6 milles + Stairstepper 20 mins.
Aug. 16-power walk 4 miles + Run 6 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug.17-power walk 6 miles + Run 5 miles + steps x 3 sets(2,010)
Aug. 18-power walk 9 miles + Run 2 miles + steps x 3 sets(2,010)
Aug.19-power walk 9 miles + Run 3 miles + steps x 8 sets(5,360)
Aug. 20-power walk 7 miles + Run 3 miles + steps x 6 sets(4,020)
Aug.21-power walk 7 miles + Run 3 miles + Steps x 6 sets(4,020)
Aug.27-power walk 4 miles + Run 6 miles + steps x 4 sets(2,680)
Aug. 28-power walk 6 miles + Run 13 miles + steps x 4 sets (2,680)
Aug. 29-power walk 9 miles + Run 2 miles + steps x 4 sets(2,680)

Aug.22-power walk 10 miles + steps x 6 sets(4,020)
Aug.23-power walk 7 miles + Run 3 miles + steps x 2 sets(1,340)
Aug. 24-power walk 7 miles + Run 3 miles + steps x 6 sets(4,020)
Aug.25-power walk 11 miles+ steps x 8 sets(5,360)
Aug.26-power walk 9 miles + 1 Run mile + steps x 6 sets(4,020)
Aug. 27-power walk 4 miles + Run 6 miles + steps x 4 sets(2,680)
Aug. 28-power walk 6 miles + Run 13 miles +steps x 4 sets(2,680)
Aug. 29-power walk 9 miles + Run 2 miles + steps x 4 sets(2,680)
Aug.30-power walk 10 miles + steps x 4 sets(2,680)
Aug. 31- Rain / Rest = (0)

Total Miles For Aug. = 311

Walk = 226
Run = 85

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HLGRACE 8/10/2009 11:07AM

    Awesome job and keep up the great work!

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FOXYLOSE30 8/6/2009 8:52AM

    How motivating!! I will subscribe.

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BEAUTIFUL_BABY 8/1/2009 5:27PM

    You can do it and will I know you can and will!!!

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Maintaining My Weight

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

People who are successful at maintaing their weight loss over time do as much or more physical activity than they did while losing weight.

Maintenance mode:

~Check your weight frequently (at least weekly) make changes to your nutrition and workouts as needed if their is a significant gain( or loss) for 2 weeks in a row.

~ Track your daily calorie intake- at least for a little awhile.
It's a good to double check yourself for awhile just to make sure you are counting everything, estimating portions accurately, and covering all nutrition needs.

~Make changes one at a time, and in small increments.
you want to be able to see changes if you do too much too soon. Give yourself a chance to see what works.

~Maintain your social Network
I Agree Totally here Sparkfriends help keep me Going.
Helping others do what I have done is one of the best ways to help myself maintain my Achievements.

*Remember that Exercising for weight management is NOT about the big Calorie burns you get from an Intense Workout Session- It's about WALKING a few extra steps everytime you can, a few JUMPING JACKS during commercial breaks, and taking the STAIRS instead of the elevator.
-doing things the Old Fashioned Way.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

4A-HEALTHY-BMI 7/31/2009 8:11AM

    Those are all really good pieces of advice. I've been reading the scientific literature on obesity and weight maintenance after losing and there's a really good paper here on that topic:

ically the bottom line is that you have to keep as vigilant for 5 years after losing the weight as you were DURING losing the weight, in order to have a reasonable chance statistically of keeping it off. When I get there I'm going to start a countdown to 60 months, as if it were like cancer.

We've been collecting information and literature about this over at our regional spark team:

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DONNAEDA 7/28/2009 6:07PM

    excellent advice. thanks so much

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KEEPSAKES66 7/28/2009 12:23PM

    Love it! i was dancing to the music in my sons PBS cartoon today- my boys thought I was crazy! Like you said to park furthur away, walk all the way around the inside of the store befroe you go pay. Those little steps certainly add up - when you wear a pedometer you see that!!! You are such an awsome example! I know you will be able to keep on maintaining!!!! emoticon

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7 Miles Non-Stop

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Jogged 28 x around High School Track This Morning For The First time, Thats 7 Miles Non-stop

Looking Back On A Previous Blog Entry The Max I have Ever Done Was 16 x =4 miles.

WOO-HOO ! 7 Miles

I Didn't Keep Up With The Miles, Just The Laps
Before I Knew It Lap 28 Came To An End
I Power walked The last 3 Miles, Total miles 10

I remember Saying " The More I Walk, The Better I Feel"
same Rule Now I can Say "The More I Run, The Better I Feel"

I Had Many Supporter Cheering Me On.
There was this Lady That said " she thought she was on the wrong Track until she saw me..... lol

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NO_SNOW_BODY 7/15/2009 10:53AM

    Wow, that is great. I want to run someday, but for now walking will have to do.

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HICALGAL 7/14/2009 3:34AM

    i am cheering you on too. great run/workout!! emoticon emoticon

spark emoticon


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MACGIRRL 7/13/2009 8:24PM

    Amazing and Inspiring! emoticon

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MILLER32807 7/9/2009 5:47PM

    WOW that is so awesome. Keep up the great work, you are doing amazing!!!

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KEEPITMOVING 7/9/2009 10:48AM

    awesome progress! what incredible, personal efforts you're putting forth! i LOVE your positive attitude! it's surely a winner. you're such an inspiration to me! with your forward-thinking self! do it up, jog, and walk on! best regards, nancy

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MOMOF6BOYS 7/9/2009 8:29AM

    WOW!! Amazing!!! I can't wait to be like you...but I am just a babe in training....

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LHALL25 7/8/2009 9:31PM

    Wow that is amazing!! I'm still trying to get the running thing. I never thought I could get my body moving to run 1 sec, but I'm doing 2 min jogs on the treadmill, then a walk for 2 mins. I know it's not a lot, but I'm working my way up to the 7 mile runs like you. tee hee



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TIGHTENINUP 7/8/2009 9:21PM

    emoticon,U rock hun! I have been trying to get into the jogging, my endurance is getting better since I went to bootcamp.

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DONNAEDA 7/8/2009 7:25PM

    I am duly impressed............28 times. My goodness girl, you'll be ready for a 26K in no time. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

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HLGRACE 7/8/2009 6:47PM

    That is so awesome! I will be going for a run tonight of 8 miles and I am really looking forward to it. I know it sounds crazy, but like you said, the more I run, the better I feel!

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WEEZIETEE 7/8/2009 5:47PM

    My personal fave: "The more I run, the more I can."

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10 Miles & Counting...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Had All The Intentions Of Just Power Walking My last 10 Miles For the Week.
I decided To Get in A Few Jog Miles(2 ) You Know For GP

Another Lady Jogged Up beside Me And Ask " If I Mind Her Joining Me"
I Was Already On Mile 1 When she Joined Me. I Continued Until She Got In Her 1 Mile, Which Was Mile 2 for Me. She Was Thankful because She usually Jogs half Mile. I'm Glad I Took Her Around 1 Complete Mile Non-stop.

Just Knowing I Had that Effect To Help Carry Someone Around The Track Was A Pat On The Back !

I Usually Don't Take Credit Where Credit Is Due.
Jusk Doing My Normal Job Is How I Look At It.

I Was Full Of Energy To Hit The Large Set Of Bleechers x 2 Sets.

I Jogged Another 3 Miles, power walked another 3 miles and Finally 1 Mile Kool Down.

4x around = 1 Mile

I got in 48x around track = 12 Total Miles For today.

I Have Power walked 10 Miles Everyday since Last Thursday (June 18th.) With a few More added Jogged Miles Included.

Total Miles Finished = 72 Miles


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HLGRACE 6/29/2009 4:06PM

    You have inspired me to do 10 miles a day for the month of July! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work! emoticon

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MOMOF6BOYS 6/26/2009 7:58AM

    WOW! Amazing...Way to stay committed!

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DONNAEDA 6/26/2009 12:55AM

    awesome exercise day. I got tired just reading about what you did.

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GIRL*IN*MOTION 6/25/2009 12:28PM

  WOW!! That is a lot of miles way to go friend! That's definatley worth patting yourself on the back for!

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Y_RFAN1 6/25/2009 11:29AM

    WOW!!!! That is amazing!!! You are doing some serious walking...Good Job!!

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