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Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'm back into the frame of mind i wanted to be in and should be in. Woo!

Haven't worked out as much as i'd have liked to... but have eaten quite well.... and wow, what a workout this afternoon... i had a few beads of sweat and i really went for it. I have actually felt fitter in my workouts though... so i can feel my past hard work is getting me places.

It would be fantastic to lose weight this week- but i don't think that's gonna happen...i think i'll have been working off what i put on last weekend. It could be worse!

So, back to it. =)


Not Quite As Planned...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

*very red embarrassed face*

I am starting June again, today. And i am refreshing myself.

Last night didn't go to plan. I didn't workout. I talked myself into being too tired... and to top it off I had Indian food. Woop? No! So... today is the day.

I will rid myself of guilt now and hold my head up and look past my stupidity. I only do worse by dwelling on it. So there, it's out and it's finished and it's time for a fresh start now. Again. A positive, fresh start.

I have already done some quickfiring this morning and some star jumps to kick start my day. By tonight, after my workout, when i'm sweating and lifting weights, i'll be saying... "I'm back on track baby!"

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LYNN-LOVESLIFE7 6/3/2010 1:22AM

    U can do it.. I believe in you. We all have slip ups, and we all need someone to jump start our mission to healhy again. Thank you for helping me.. Jump start mines.. Every now and then. I need a little push, and I can always find it. Always, and today. I found that extra push to move onward in you, family, and friends.. Thank you.. Great Attitude, btw.. This is what we do. We dust off and we keep truckin.. I would not call it starting over.. I myself. Call it a jump start.. U already done started.. U just need to fire up again, and you will, because you already won so much....

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    The guilt train has left the station and you are NOT on it! Keep up the positive attitude and get moving today. You will feel SO much better after you work out. It will affirm that you really are on track and that you really CAN do it. Have a great day! emoticon

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AAKROYD 6/2/2010 5:54AM

    Keep up the positive attitude!

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DAVEYSHADOW 6/2/2010 5:00AM

    emoticon emoticon

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LOVE_KRISTIN 6/2/2010 4:28AM

  Great attitude!! We'll both get there, at least we're not giving up! It just takes time and determination!! Good luck starting over =)

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And Then The Guilt...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I had a great weekend. I ate almost anything and everything i wanted. Almost, thinking about it, i could have been a lot worse. I am proud of the few moments i ate for my health instead of my eyes. I still feel bad though. Really bad.

I don't want the guilt to get to me... argh, because i've felt so crap today. I feel crap and bloated and FAT. I really feel fat. I looked at myself in the mirror and i somehow look different.... i look fat to me at the moment. I didn't look fat this time last week, i felt great. I am wearing the same work pants and top as i was when i felt great... isn't it funny how the brain thinks things are, just by the mood?

I'm working out tonight and working away the guilt and bad feelings. I don't feel like working out but i have to. That's what i'm scared of - the guilt putting me into a slump and then banishing my motivation. This cannot happen. I got to 12 stone before my weekend away. I weighed yesterday and i was 12.6.... BIG MISTAKE. I know already not to weigh more than once a week but i couldn't help it - and now look what happened?!

Stupid Steph!!!

I'm gonna sort myself out tonight, work out and then get high from the good endomorphs and all that... and then remember WHY i'm doing this.

I annoy myself so much sometimes!!! *Kicks own butt*

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CAPTNSHORTBOB 6/1/2010 12:02PM

    A very dear person once told me, "Guilt is a train to nowhere. If it stops in front of you, just don't get on it." So now when I hear the guilt train coming for me, I just tell myself over and over, "don't get on!" Sometimes I have to repeat this several times and it took a LOT of practice, but self talk really works. You know what you did wrong and that is enough. Just pick up where you left off before you got off track and chalk it up to experience. You now know how you will feel if it happens again, so use that feeling as motivation to not do it in the future. You can do this! Just get off that train and get back on the right track. You can do it! emoticon

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DAVEYSHADOW 6/1/2010 10:39AM

    emoticon drink loads of water as well today to help clear out your system, also try green tea if you don't drink it already, helps with getting rid of the bloated feeling LOL!

Must admit I weakened a bit at the weekend, but did get in some extra exercise so I don't think I have gone too far!

Just get back up on the wagon, you will so much better tomorrow after your workout tonight emoticon

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Just 2 Days

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another weekend away happened... with work lol.

Soooooooo i've been really good the past week, not a lot of exercise due to being busy with wedding invitations and stuffles..... but i've been eating really well. I've come away and i won't be able to weigh in on Sunday so i weighed Thursday night... i had lost another 3.25lbs eek! I don't know if i'll be able to keep that off while i'm away but we'll see. I am in shock about being down to 12 stone!!!!

I did some strength training a little earlier so hey, better than nothing. Lots of walking today too exploring... so maybe more exercise than i thought. =)

All is well for now !

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LOVE_KRISTIN 5/30/2010 6:32AM

  You're doing awesome... keep it up!!!

emoticon emoticon

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What a Weekend!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I didn't get to go to my spinning class i had booked because we decided to make use of the beautiful weather we were having and went to Wales and stayed in Mum's caravan. Happy we did too. We took the bikes and i vowed i would get some good exercise in!
Saturday we found the local bike track and used that, Ste had a problem with his tyre so we turned back after a short time. Came back and i had a strength training session. Upper & core, in the heat. It felt great! After logging our cycle on the fantastic fitness maps, we had done just under 3 miles.

Sunday, we planned to go on a ride, and a big ride we did go on!
We cycled from Towyn, for miles, up and down major hills and made it to Rhos on Sea. It was awesome!!! We got back and i had a good stretch. The heat is still full on now and has been all weekend, we are both burned a little too. Registered our route and we couldn't believe the distance we'd covered!! Our total round route was over 18 miles!!!! I'm so so happy with that, we covered it in just over 2 hours, so i'm feeling fit and well at the moment.

To top the great weekend off, i lost 3.25 lbs! Woohoo! Taking me to 171.5lbs... and 12 stone 3.5! I am in major shock that in a short time i could actually be under 12 stone and looking at the 11s! This would just be unbelievably amazing.... i never in my wildest dreams thought i would get this far.

So i end my Sunday to begin my new week - in happiness. =D

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LOVE_KRISTIN 5/23/2010 7:18PM

  You are doing awesome keep up the great work!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend... 18 miles - WOW!! Congrats on the 3.25lbs lost. It's amazing what working day by day adds up to, i never thought i would of made it this far either - but check us out we're kickin some butt - haha! You should be proud, you are such an inspiration!! =)

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