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Sunday Check-In

Sunday, June 03, 2012

All's good - I hope to catch up with everybody later. :)

I had a long lie in this morning and then started my day around noon after breakfast with an old skool BodyRock workout. I used the site brilliantly set up by a fellow Bodyrocker called litealloy.com where you can search through every old Zuzana workout - plus the new Zuzka workouts. Fantastic!

I did this workout - www.bodyrock.tv/2010/05/19/sexy-body

Sexy Body Beater - LOL. It looked like this~~
15R 10sRest 1:00MinEffort.
-Pause-on-up Pushups + Side Step - 13-10-10
-Tuck Abs (Or Fly Crunches!) - 28-27-26
-Forward Lunge + Side Lunge Alternating - 11-11-12
-Assisted Pullups, Pause-on-way-up - 11-12-12
-Dancing Frog Squat - 19-17-18

Very nice little workout indeed.

Now I need to sit down and write out a plan for next week with various workouts. I'll do the same as last week and blog it up! :)

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BAZNCAZ 6/4/2012 1:56AM

You ROCK STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LIBELULITA 6/3/2012 9:32PM

    emoticon emoticon Well done hun....that's one serious workout.I'm in awe!! emoticon

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HEEEYBOOBOO 6/3/2012 6:22PM

  Awesome Steph! You go chica!

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DAVEYSHADOW 6/3/2012 1:22PM

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on, enjoy the weekend

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Jacked Up Check-In!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

How quickly is time going?! Especially right-now. This is super fast, I have to shower and go pick up my buddy, all in 50 mins, and I haven't a clue what I'm wearing yet with this unpredictable weather!!!!

Less blabbing!!!

Rest day yesterday. Well it was either Friday or Saturday, wasn't it? So I took Friday, as my arms were still killing me. Gots my workout in for Saturday first thing this morning. I didn't do the Kettlebell workout from my list just yet - as I think that's going to be a big one. So I chose an old skool BodyRock workout with Zuzanna. Jacked Up Chick. Looks like this~

1) 6R 10s30s
Vertical Leaps - 17-14-13-14-13-15
2) Time Challenge
5 x Left One Armed Press
5 x Right One Armed Press
10 x Reverse Pullup + Kick up
Time = 5:01
3) 12R10s30s
High Knees - 82-83-81-73-80-81
Bicycle Crunch - 29-28-31-30-28-31

Woo! Feeling good. Looking to start planning next weeks workouts tonight or tomorrow.
Ciao! Have a nice weekend peoples!

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CAROLIAN 6/2/2012 2:38PM

    emoticon Going Great Well done emoticon

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JOANNA202 6/2/2012 1:01PM

    Ooh, looking forward to next week's plan! You realise you're required to continue these daily blogs next week as well? Don't worry, I'll let you off in 3 weeks :-)

Hope you had a lovely day shopping!

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    Way to go girl! Those are some AWESOME scores!!! I LOVE oldschool bodyrocks =D I'm going to be doing a "June Challenge" with a sparkfriend 2BFIT7 that she put together primarily of older bodyrocks! I'm super excited for that! =]

OH and btw i did that Rose Among Thorns workout yesterday because of you, and OH MY GOD. My poor arms today! Even typing makes them feel ouchie! hahaha I'm glad your soreness has finally gone away!

Have a great weekend! Lots of love to ya girl!

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BAREFOOTTAY 6/2/2012 10:05AM

    good for you! Gotta love the old school bodyrocks always a good thing to go back to :)

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BAZNCAZ 6/2/2012 4:33AM

    YOU ROCK STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO - HOO.

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DAVEYSHADOW 6/2/2012 4:21AM

    emoticon understand the arms, did our circuits class last night and we had to do forfeits in the middle - 5 mins of holding press ups / planks and there are loads of press ups in the circuit as wel! Hope you have a good day emoticon

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ALBAUGHMO 6/2/2012 4:21AM

  sounds like you have a really strenuous workout. emoticon emoticon impressive

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Check-In Day Four! :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012


If you'd have known how I've felt all day, you know this blog means a lot. GOSH my arms have been SO SORE. Soooo so sore. I have not been this sore in... A long ouchie time! I thought some combat would loosen me up and get some oxygen to my muscles... But I'm thinking it helped to work my arms even more?..... lol.


It feels good to be this sore. My forearms feel fab, and tight!

Anyways - I very nearly took a rest day today. I felt I needed it. BUT - I hadn't planned a workout with arms so... I'm fine, right?! Work the legs girl!

So I was talking to my workout-class buddy today, she's also my workmate. She's also distantly related to me but that's too long a story to go into - lol. Well... I don't tell many people I know about BodyRock. Don't ask me why, I can be very paranoid and silly, and it's just something I don't share with 'anyone', lol. I told Jennie all about BodyRock today. I did a back log to Freddy & Zuzana (lol) and explained about this style of workout and yada yada yada. Anyways, long story short she checked out the site, and wanted to do something. So I told her I was doing Transform Your Booty and so many up a little thing for her to try with simply high knee's and squats involved - and also no proper timer.

So she's gonna let me know how that went - AND she also pushed me to do my workout too then, so happy days, I was motivated and pushed into doing it, hehe. It looked like this~
18R 10s rest 50s work
High Knee's - 80-82-81-82-80-82-80-81-73
Squats (Regular) - 16-17-16-16-17-16-17-17-17

Well I tell ya, simple it looks, I was SWEATING. And my arms loosened up nicely with my body being warm. They're slowly tightening back up again like.... haha. But I'm going for a bath now.

See ya tomorrow!

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HEEEYBOOBOO 6/1/2012 12:04PM

  Way to spread the good health and accountability! That's awesome and you gained something from it too!

I was hesitant about sharing BR back w/ Zuz only because of how it appears at first glance. But I shared anyway and I just gave them fair warning LOL.

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PENFOLDROCKS 6/1/2012 4:54AM

    Yay! Well done lovely - and revel in the pain!

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    How did I miss all this blogging you're doing! ?!?!?!?! Going to check the rest out right after this!

WAY TO GO GIRL spreading the bodyrock love! The first time I told someone about bodyrock I felt so on top of the world, like I was sharing the best secret ever! Rock on! And way to go with that workout! I may just have to try that one now! =D =D

Keep it up!

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JOANNA202 5/31/2012 6:54PM

    Checking you out! So glad to see you so pumped up, and it doesn't even matter if someone had to push you to do it. Proud of you! :-)

I feel pretty good about my numbers now, but I also know that the 16/17 squats was pushing just beyond what I can do. I have a challenge on my hands to match you now though!

1 more day to push through , the it's rest day...

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LIBELULITA 5/31/2012 6:31PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DAVEYSHADOW 5/31/2012 4:34PM

    emoticon 4 DAYS IN A ROW - LOOK AT YOU!

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On it!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yep, am still on it! :)

Checking in for Wednesday this morning - I was home at around 8:30pm from a Body Blitz class (Mainly Combo) and then did a 6min abs session to finish my night. I then had to eat and shower so needed to stay away from the computer, lol.

Arms were starting to feel the lovingfit.com workout yesterday... Then went to Body Blitz and warmed up, I was a bit knackered at first and was thinking I could do with a break... But then half way through the class, I have no idea where my energy came from but I was blasting through everything and the knees were super high on the high knee running, lol.

Toward the end, the instructor asked us if we prefered to go straight to the floor routines, or hit one more track?? And I was at the back and didn't think before saying "Yeah one more track! Why not?!" and the WHOLE class turned around to look at me and groan. LOL. Yeah, I'm not sure I was everyone's favourite person at that moment, ha.

I got home and I did have a BodyRock planned - but when I did my plan I wasn't sure whether I'd have a class on the Wednesday or the Thursday, so I swapped it around and did abs last night and keeping the BodyRock for tonight. I was zapped completely last night.

And speaking of being zapped completely, I have total arm death today, ha. Oh yes, SORE! I'll be resting those today though and my workout later is lower body - high knee's and squats so I should be fine.

Wondering whether I should be taking Friday as a rest day... Or save it until Saturday. Meh. I'm going to Birmingham early Saturday morning to pick up a part for my car... So doubt there'll be time for a workout - then I'll be shopping all day. And y'know, shopping with a friend can easily turn into a restaurant visit and then wine... So actually, yeah I'm probably best saving my rest day until Saturday.

Onto Thursday we go! (Does anyone else feel like it should be Friday RIGHTNOW?! lol)

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    Ahhh ARM DEATH ! I love it AND hate it! (Especially when picking up/carrying around my 35lb toddler! lol!!!) I'll have to go check out that loving-fit workout!

And way to go perking up in that class! Hahaha I bet they were all CURSING you, but seriously, WHY ELSE BE THERE unless you're going to give it your all and sweat push and sweat some more! =D Way to be a SHINING STAR and pushing everyone else! Booyah lady!

Keep it up! =D

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LIBELULITA 5/31/2012 10:52AM

    Gosh...I haven't been to Birmingham shopping for over 10 years. I doubt I'd recognise my hometown anymore! I WISH it was Friday. No wait....I wish it was Saturday 2pm which is when I'm finally free for the weekend! I'm so frikkin tired I can't wait to be able to put my feet up! Well done with all the exercise chica....you're doing a great job emoticon emoticon

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HEEEYBOOBOO 5/31/2012 7:49AM

  Right on with this blog! I love those random second winds that happen in the middle of a grueling workout. I've only experienced that a handful of times, but it's incredible! How awesome that you've got so much energy!

And yes I agree - it should totally be FRIDAY!!

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DAVEYSHADOW 5/31/2012 7:21AM

    Yes it does feel like it should be Friday, but at least we have a long weekend ahead of us. Enjoy the workout today

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BAZNCAZ 5/31/2012 3:51AM

STEPHS BACK. emoticon

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KASEYCOFF 5/31/2012 3:05AM

    You're doing fantastic - keep it going, hon!!!

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PENFOLDROCKS 5/31/2012 2:48AM

    Well done you! Sounds like a fun class. I'm going to check out which lovingfit workout you did for the 'arm death' - may do it today!

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Sweaty Check-In Day Two

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Woah! Well the GOOD news is... I'M STILL ON BOARD! (lol)

And the BAD news? What bad news?! There is no bad news, woohoo!

Okay so my wrists are a little sore from all the wrist action in the workout I just did, but wow, I haven't sweated like that in a -long- time, and it felt absolutely amazing. I'm trembling and I have no more to give, ha, what's better than that?!

So I did a workout from lovingfit.com (Again, Thank YOU Nina!) called 'Rose Among Thorns'.
3 Rounds (2 parts in each round)
Part 1 : 6 rounds 15s rest, 1 min work)
-Oblique Staggered Pushups - 13-12-12
-Slow Pull Down - 6-6-4
-Scoop it Up (5kg) - 16-14-14
-Push-Back Pushups - 11-9-8
-Controlled Foldups - 14-14-12
-Incline Mountain Climbers - 30-32-33 (I did from stairs, as opposed to a wall.)
Part 2 : 6 x Slowly down Diamond Pushups
50 x Crab Toe Touches
2:24, 2:12, 2:21.

What a workout. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was so so hard... I loved the variation of the pushups, the oblique staggered pushups were fun and the push-back pushups were so different, but good at the same time. Very enjoyable.

So today is a success. I have to go make my own crustless quiche now - to take in to work for my workmate and mine lunch. Phew!

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    Mmmmm quiche =] I'm hungry, can you tell? dinner is almost ready THANK GOD!

And that workout looked like a total killer! I definitely watched the video.. may have to go write it down now and do it JUST FOR YOU! =D

Love ya girl! Keep it up! =D

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PENFOLDROCKS 5/31/2012 2:49AM

    Gonna check out this workout - sounds a goodie - i LOVE pushups!
and how was the quiche? x

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LIBELULITA 5/30/2012 2:51PM

    Great to see you're back on track emoticon emoticon

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HEEEYBOOBOO 5/30/2012 10:44AM

  Superb stats! I'll have to check that site out.

Also share that quiche recipe!

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ADEWYN 5/30/2012 6:26AM

    nice!!! gonna have to look up the oblique one ...lol miss ya!

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DAVEYSHADOW 5/30/2012 4:07AM

    emoticon workout!

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JOANNA202 5/29/2012 5:10PM

    Glad to see you enjoyed day 2 as well as got it done. Remember that!!

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