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Starting Week 3 Tomorrow

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've been AWOL for the week. :-S

I was hungover Sunday and Monday. That totally messed me up. I used to be able to drink so well... now... yikes. That was the worst hangover in the world.

Monday I was still seriously rough and recovering and could just about get myself to work and function correctly... so I took the EASY way out and didn't work out. This was probably my worst mistake.

Tuesday & Wednesday were family birthdays, so after work time was taken up with visiting people time, meaning home really late and eating crap because it's so late.

Thursday and Friday... I worked late both days, aaaand I wouldn't always let it persuade me, but I decided it was too late when I got home to workout. And like, when it's Friday & Saturday and you haven't done anything constructive all week... it's much easier to say "BACK TO IT MONDAY, DUDE!"..............

So along with that decision, I've had a major blowout in the food department and ate a whole bunch of junk.

I spent Saturday in a bit of a daze. Wonder. Confused. Sad. Unsure. I saw Zuzana Light has her own workout channel now. I've thought quite a lot about it, about my ... love, my loyalties... Sorry, I forget I'm not on a blogging site here - ha. I want to remain loyal to BodyRock AND Zuzka. So for now I know I'm finishing the 30 Day Challenge and also can't wait to see what Zuzka has in store for her... adoring public, lol.

Just go with the flow! :)

Also, I miss everybody! I haven't spent any time online at all this week and feel so behind!

I'll see YOU during the week! :P

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FEED_ME_SHOES 1/23/2012 1:53AM

    My weeks seem to be like that alot! Glad to have you back, we were missing our dose of steph! I know you will totally kick some booty this week. I also will be doing both Bodyrock and Zuzka workouts. More choice for us!

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JOANNA202 1/22/2012 6:20PM

    Guess you had a good night on Saturday then?! Glad I'm not the only one who has to come on here and confess hangovers :-p

Here's to a new week! emoticon

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    We all have off weeks! Good for you for fessing up to it! ;-)

I'm happy that Zuzka is BACK also, but I wonder what is in store for "all of us"! lol.. I'm going to continue doing bodyrock and Zuzana workouts, but I'm doing the older bodyrock workouts for now, so I'm still technically doing ZUZANA all the time =p=p And honestly I feel a bit -bad- for freddy and others with Zuzana going "rogue" (as Freddy himself said it) especially since he DIDN'T KNOW she was planning on going off and doing her own thing =/ sad.. I hope that this doesn't make it so that he removes her completely from the bodyrock.tv site though! that would be terrible!

ANYWAY, glad to see you back! =]=]

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Week 2 Day 5 - BodyRock. Saturday!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I had a nice lie in until 9:30am this morning then got up to BodyRock.

Today's workout -

BodyRockers SparkTeam -
Today's workout was a time challenge of 600 reps. It looked like this -
100 High Knee Skips
100 Lunge kicks (50 each leg) (10kg)
100 High Knee Skips
100 squats (10kg)
100 High Knee Skips
25 Straight Abs
25 V Abs Left
25 V Abs Right
25 Bicycle Abs

Whew! Was gutted that I messed up with my timer. That'll teach me to use touch screen on my phone hey?? Think I'll try to use the Gymboss from now on. So I don't have an official time... Hubby called it at 10-15mins lol, so that's all I have.

Next was Sean's weighted workout. Thank God it wasn't as killer as his usually are.
3 mins of maximum Bicep Curls (10kg) = 55
3 mins of maximum Bent Over Rows (10kg) = 55

I lowered my weight today, tiring too fast.

Chuffed to have gotten my workouts in! Oh and then I did 14 burpee's for January 14th. Post-workout again hehe. It's getting harder!

Had a brunch of spinach and mushroom omelette with a little ketchup. Very tasty indeed. I'm tired now hah, might have a nap sometime, before going out tonight. Lazy day off today.

Oh and one last night - I joined Graze this week. Graze is a UK thing, I'd seen it a few times and thought about joining. They send out some healthy snacks in great portions to save you having to go out and buy everything and put it together. Check out www.graze.com/ if you're interested and would like to know more. I'm loving it so far, the snacks are perfect for me for mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and they're there set up right infront of me, instead of having to buy all these ingredients (expensive!) and decide what to do with them - they're ready made up punnets of lots of fun little snacks! So far I think it's quite reasonable too on cost.
This was my first delivery -

Can be seen better here -

And my second delivery here -

Again, seen bigger and better at this link -

They're funky little things! :) So if you're interested ... I have some FREE box codes (which yeah, I can get a price reduction if I give out) if you'd like to try. I was happy to try for free! :D
Sooo if you'd like a free try, check out this link which has my code in already which gives you your free box -
(The code is TBQKFNN if the link doesn't take your straight to it)
I'm not good at explaining things but the site explains all, they do different types of boxes depending on your diet etc.

Sooo... happy Saturday Sparkers!

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FITJEANS 1/21/2012 10:36AM

    This looks fantastic, one of my friends on fb gets her snacks delivered too and, it works well for her. Really Loe your workout plan, its AWESOME!!! gLAD to see that you are still doing fab-u-lous!

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FEED_ME_SHOES 1/15/2012 5:39AM

    I almost tried this out last year, i saw a coupon for it in the paper. But then i lost the coupon. I will need to check it out again! It might be a bit of a bugger if there is no one home to take the delivery though!

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FATHINSN 1/15/2012 5:37AM

    A combo of Lisa's 12-min and Sean's Weighted AND Jump Rope, means deeper, longer sleep if no interruption from alarm clock! Can't wait to finish Week 2, I only completed Week 2 Day 1 yesterday.

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    That Graze thing is a really cool idea! Especially if it's moderately priced!

And I can totally feel ya with the timer thing! After a timed workout the other day I accidently flung my gymboss and cleared the time when I picked it up! SHOOT! I was pissed haha but luckily my hubby talked me down =] And i had checked the timer about 2/3 of the way through haha.. still! Frustrating! you want a time you can go back and BEAT! =p

Keep up the awesome work! You're doing killer with all these challenges!

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-POOKIE- 1/14/2012 3:30PM

    Ive seen those where I used to work, always looked nice :)

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JOANNA202 1/14/2012 11:19AM

    I'd be interested to know how you go with Graze. Some people at my work had them for a while and I didn't look too carefully, but I kept seeing chocolate-covered this and salted-that. Not a problem in small quantities but would be interested to see what you think

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GIANTMICROBE 1/14/2012 9:03AM

    Graze is a neat idea! I like it! Cute name too.

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ADEWYN 1/14/2012 8:52AM

    awesome blossom!!!

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Week 2 Day 4 BodyRock Challenge

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey yo!

Friday night! :)

No drinkies tonight. I'm off it at the moment. I had one beer last weekend, and that's all I've drank in the new year. Good for me! ;) It won't stay so ... sober though, oops. I'm meeting a friend tomorrow night and there will be drinks. It's a (very) long story but she's my best friend in the world and we haven't spoken or seen each other for over 3 years... I couldn't take it anymore and sent her a card. Now we're meeting up and I'm so excited... I feel like I'm going on a date, I have butterflies and everything!

Moving on!

Gosh I can't wait for 2 rest days this week... I am soooo ready for them. Aching for them! Hah, that'll teach me to bloody run and skip on one of my rest days haha! There was no sly naps tonight, just straight into workout. So happy it was only the short 12 minute workout without Sean's add ons. I dread Sean's. I couldn't have coped with a Sean workout tonight.

So here is today's workout -

And here's how it went -
Burpee + Tuck - 10-7-7
Star Single Toe Touch - 19-21-21
Sit Squat + Jump w/ 10kg - 18-20-18 (dropped the weight when tired)
10 M'tain Climbers + 10 Toe Touch - 3.6mcs-3.4mcs-3.10mcs

(Yes more burpee's, grr!) - I did today's 13 burpee's as a warmup, as I was mega tired doing them post workout yesterday.

I also (also!) then went straight into the JUMP ROPE challenge.
(Jump Rope Sparkteam - www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/groups_i
) 500 jump jack skips.
Jump rope went well this time. *Thumbs up* My first 100 skips went so smoothly I was ready to trip over in shock after them! I did them in bouts of 100 and finished in 8:37. Big smiles for this time .... okay I just looked at my first time, where I tripped lots and whipped myself to death... yet it was a quicker time of 8:03?! What?? I'm aware I skipped slower and steady tonight but I thought I'd well beaten my first time! Pfffft well there's my bubble burst!!

I had a lovely lunch today from a little gem of a cafe I'd spotted in the city centre, and got to pop into today. It's called "SkinniMalinx" and it's a healthy-foods-only cafe. Inside they have all their foods on offer, sandwiches, pastas, salads, panini's, toasties, coffee's, smoothies! and a specials list. The list is endless really, but all their foods come with labels of the nutritional info - and also weightwatchers and slimmers world info! How cool is that?! They cater for everyone who is either eating healthy, eating to lose weight, eating to gain muscle etc, I was amazed, it's fab!! I walked out with a "Protein Salad" which was full of tuna, eggs and chicken, salad leaves, peppers, onion, coleslaw and a sprinkle of what I think was soy sauce. The whole thing was only 208 calories BUT the protein was like 34.5g ! And a low of 9g carbs too. Very pleased with this! I'll be interested to visit again, although the salad was 4, I'd be willing to pay more if I know I'm getting something that isn't going to ruin my day nutritionally!

Dinner tonight was spaghetti bolognese. Lovely jubbly, I served my own portion and it ended up around 600 cals, which is cool as I'm still pretty low for today.

And now time has jumped to 9:40pm and I rrrreally need to sleep. Late night tomorrow night likely! Totally don't know what to wear yet. Ack!

Have a great weekend!

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FEED_ME_SHOES 1/15/2012 5:35AM

    Cafe sounds great as does that protein salad! Dont know how you can still jump rope after a BR workout. Fierce.

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FATHINSN 1/15/2012 5:35AM

    Hmm, maybe you jumped as much as you can vigorously for the first day compare to this second day. But I think you probably had more steady grip with the second day, less tripping, right? Perhaps second day, you jumped slower, get more coordinated :D

I love the idea of a cafe that have a list of nutritional info for the meals, it can help us to choose much wiser or get balanced diet :D And hopefully, the facts aren't false, haha. However, so far, here, places that I know have those nutritonal info, online or hardcopy, are a sushi place, McD and Pizza Hut!

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JOANNA202 1/14/2012 11:27AM

    That cafe sounds amazing. I can see you're doing really well on the eating at the moment, though hopefully there's room for a little lapse on your 'date' tonight? And you get all the excitement of a real date without any of the 'does he like me?' angst!

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KATTYA1 1/13/2012 10:43PM

    That sounds so lovely -- have a wonderful time with your friend!

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GIANTMICROBE 1/13/2012 6:05PM

    I had a fight with my best friend a few months ago, and I couldn't stay away for more than about 6 weeks. Good luck on your date :)

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Day 9 or Week 2 Day 3 BodyRock - Wiped!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm so wiped out! Returning from work lately I have been soooo tired. I'm wondering if sticking to my workouts every day is having an affect on my tiredness... Hmmm.

This is a true story. I got home today and changed to work out, wrote down the workout and then I watch the vid through... My eyes were straining to stay open whilst watching the vid.... So I just lay my head to the side on a pillow and actually fell asleep for about 10 mins! Weird?! I woke up with a black screen as the vid had finished, but I'm determined to stay with the challenge, so I just went back to a part I could remember, watched the rest and started the workout - like the sleep didn't happen, LOL.

Workout can be found on BodyRock here -

And the fab BodyRockers SparkTeam is here -

And this is the workout and the scores on the doors ~
Clean + Press (14kg) - 12-11
Squat Leaps - 23-21
3 Tier Pushups - 15-15
Reverse Pullups - 17-16
Squat + Press - 13-12
Switch Lunges - 23-27

I feel my numbers are quite low, but am just happy that I did the workout, rather than performed exceptionally... if you know what I mean.

Sean's weighted workout looked like this - (Subbed sandbag with my Kettlebell & Dumbells)
3 Rounds of the following ~
KB Swing x 15 (14kg)
KB Up Right Row x 15 (14kg)
DB Squat Jump Press x 15 (10kg) (No likey!)
DB Lunge Press Side Turn x 15 (10kg) (These are major hard, but enjoyable also in a torture way)


And now I'm pooped.

Did my 12 burpee's for the 12th day too. That wasn't too easy, whilst the arms were burning! It was a good feeling though, having a sheen of sweat on the skin, breathing heavy, and arms and shoulders giving out a heat I could feel against my face.

Eating is still in check. *thumbs up*

I really need to hurry up and eat and go to bed... try and sort my sleepiness out.

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-POOKIE- 1/13/2012 8:50AM

    Way to go!

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FEED_ME_SHOES 1/13/2012 1:26AM

    BR workouts are intense, and now you are doing two of them. And the jump rope challenge. That can tire out your body and it will require more rest, so more sleep! Well done for waking up and pretending that little nap didnt happen!! Haaaaah!

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FATHINSN 1/12/2012 6:41PM

    After a bodyrock workout, need to get proper rest, really good heavy sweating workout and make our sleep much deeper :D Dunno about you but if I don't have Bodyrock o any other high-intensity exercises in my workout routine, normally I don't have too much issue with 5hrs sleep but now, even 6hrs still not enough!

Keep on Bodyrockin'!

By the way, do you always keep pillows beside your computer? hehe

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ADEWYN 1/12/2012 5:33PM

    awesome job.... that is how i have been after work... i work 6 days next week and 5 of those days i get out 1/2 hr before my workouts :( and i miss my saturday class next week because of work...sighs... i am never gonna loe this last 203-30 pounds lol... keep at girl you are doing great.. motivate me to sleep thru i mean work thru this lol:D

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SPRINGHAZE 1/12/2012 4:03PM

    wow! I would've been a goner as soon as my head hit the pillow! This is the workout I have to do when I get home from work. Aiyiyi. I have a feeling that after the day I've had it's gonna be tough!

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    Serious kudos to you for not giving in to the sleep monster! I dont know how you can muster up that energy late at night like that! Oh wait.. you don't have kids =p=p=p=p

But seriously, taking a 10 minute nap and then busting ass with a bodyrock?! YOU'RE A ROCKSTAR! I would have totally given in to the sleep lol..

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PENFOLDROCKS 1/12/2012 3:36PM

    well done for not giving into the sleep! Any chance you can work out in the mornings?

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Day 8 and 9 of BodyRock 30 Day Challenge. THINK!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phew! Happy... Wednesday?

Ah, I was all prepared to blog yesterday and then my home internet went off. This NEVER happens! Oh well, I was utterly pooped after yesterdays double BodyRock workouts so I took myself to bed instead.

Week 2 Day 1 (or Day 8) can be found here -

And the workout and my scores looked like this ~
Burpee+Tuckx2 + 10 Straight Punches - 3.2-3.1-3
Burpee+Tuckx2 + 10 Hook Punches - 3.1-3-3
Burpee+Tuckx2 + 10(2xStr2xHook)- 3-3-3
2Mid Abs+ 2 High Touch Abs - 6-6-6

After this, I did not want to see or hear anything about bloody burpee's ever again. I'd done my 10 burpee's for the 10th of January before the workout and gosh was I glad.

I was over the moon that I got to complete my first Sean weight workout. Sean's looked like this -
50 skips
15 Pushups with alternating raised legs
50 skips
15 wide pushups + 15 star pushups (meant to go wide/star, but i had to seperate after half, so tiring jumping between the two)
50 skips
15 one armed press (Did these from standing, and could only use 14kg KB for first 5 reps then continued with 5kg dumbell)
50 skips
15 one armed press with opposite arm
50 skips
15 tricep dips
50 skips

I completed this in 13:42 and was hella proud. That was until I read that lots of people had actually done THREE rounds of this ?! And could still do it in less than 20 mins? So yeah, I was just like "whaaaat?" ....

Keeping check for the 30 Day Challenge over at the wonderful BODYROCKERS SPARKTEAM which can be found here --

MOVING ONTO TODAY ------------------------------------------

Okay today. Really pumped. Feeling really good. My arms just feel so tight today, but that's because of the work. Starting to feel some aches in the triceps toward the end of the day, and my calves have been really tight. Darn burpee's, hehe! Was very excited about today's workout, found on BodyRock here ---

I didn't get home from work until late, and seriously I could just about keep my eyes open. Sooo tired. BUT. I thought hell no, I'm not skipping a workout, I am NOT falling into that deep hole! So I got home and had a nap (it was needed), woke up and napped a little longer, than got up and ready to rock!

I didn't perform at my best, and I think I'm still feeling yesterday's effort, but I'm so glad I got the workout in and didn't skip. Yay! Wasn't too bummed over my scores -

Box Jump + 1/2 Burpee - 10.5-8
Lunge & Swing (14kg) - 20-20
3 Point Jump R+L Knee Elbow - 9-8
Tricep Dip + Knee Tuck - 8-7
Side Leap w/ 2x5kgDBs - 19-29 (Second reps without weight)
Walking Pike Pushup - 5-5.5 (1 = 1pike1push)

Finished the workout and showered. Feeling really good now and supping up my water. Remembered my 11 daily burpee's only just before, so got them done before the day is over. They were harder than any of the other days so far, and I still haven't timed them!!

Ah, okay so through another day. Lisa-Marie talked about how week 2 would be the hardest week for everyone - and I truly believe it is. We've got week 1 in the bag and feel good about it, we've been strict and kept on track. Week 2... it's so easy to think we need a reward, or just think that slacking a little bit won't matter. Or skipping a workout! But no, week 2 is where you need to STAY STRONG and keep the habit we've started.

Apparently Week 3 and 4 will be much easier. I can see the logic. I have felt the toughness of week 2 already but I know I just have to fight to get through this and I'll be fine.

Eating has been spot on so I'm really happy about that. So many people were trying to feed me bad foods today... what's that all about? I politely declined all of them - almost caved on a lunch offer of noodles, but decided not to take the easy option. I want something fresh and raw. So I went out and bought a salad. Score!

I'm a bit scared for another double workout tomorrow... but hey, the hard part is pressing the beep on the timer and then it's go-go-go JUST DO IT. So here we go! :)

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KATTYA1 1/12/2012 11:14AM

    You know you can always count the bodyrocking burpees as your burpee-challenge burpees if you're so inclined... But, wow, very impressive!!

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    I think it's just ALL HARD! Lol!!! Good job not giving in to the work temptations! That must be difficult, but similar to my husband temptations =p (that guy can snack like a mother! lol)

AWESOME job with those workouts!! I'm super excited for day 2 of this week =]=] My upper body is pretty freaking sore from week 2 day 1's workout though.. ahh! all those burpees and push ups! And I did the full three rounds of sean's and i was TOTALLY WORKED! I'm glad I watched till thevery very end of the video where he mentions to go through three times, since they didn't post anything saying that on the site (FAIL! lol) I even surpassed my hubby! he gave up after doing one round of dips =D BOOYAH!

I'm really feeling my endurance pick up, but at the same time, those burpees during the workout yesterday were fatiguing me like no other! i'm glad I wasn't the only one having issues! hah

Gosh you just ROCK! I'm super proud of you for stickin to your guns! Keep up the awesome work!

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-POOKIE- 1/12/2012 9:07AM

    *nods* when I have to work an hour extra to cover lunches at work, Im going 7 until 2 without eating and the rest of the staff are being nice in offering me food, but I really dont need to eat big piles of mash, or beef/lamb mince/chili... its too much!

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PENFOLDROCKS 1/12/2012 3:49AM

    Well done on the foods front! I'm actually finding it pretty easy - I made the decision of no sugar January, so there's no decision to be made, no argument - job done! Mind you, won't be so easy on Friday when we're out for dinner with friends - already paid for 6 courses plus cocktail on Groupon - I will see if they can make me a non-alcoholic cocktail and cheese rather than dessert - it will be heartbreaking, but has to be done!
I'm SORE! Have been since yesterday. It's inside my shoulder blades and all down the sides of my spine. So this week is kind of pleasure/pain - I am pumped to keep going, but it's tough!
Keep it up - glad happy Steph is here!
N x

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FATHINSN 1/11/2012 7:10PM

    I think I see the point. Everyone will feel so pump up on week 1, maybe because it's new challenge. Into week 2, some of that high spirit might be run down the hill so fast! And if survived week 2, week 3 and 4 should be easier as it becomes a something that we started to feel natural. But I think into week 5, if can't find something to help stick to the motivation, might be down hill again, which is what we call plateau, hehe.

Can't wait to get into wokouts Week 2, especially after reading what you did! Week 2 sounds like easier to follow exercises (not too complex like Week 1 Day 1 & 2!) but Week 2 also sounds more intense!

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