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Be Gone

Monday, December 05, 2011

Be gone, oh evil lazy bad streak! Be gone forever!

*Wish i knew a Harry Potter spell......... or something*

I made Monday a good day. Yes, *i* did. Because we have the power to do that for ourselves, don't we? We just so conveniently forget, or lose faith and belief in ourselves. My diet plan has been on track today and then i had the urge to do SOMEthing so i picked out a BodyRock workout that hopefully wouldn't break my spirit and did this one -

Glad i did because i got through it at a steady pace, and now i feel good. Got those endorphins-a-pumpin' :)

On top of that good news, I have acquired a treadmill for a short while. I am 'babysitting' my Mums treadmill over the Christmas period so she can sort the house out for all the family coming around and have the extra space. I'm more than happy to babysit because it gives me the opportunity to put it to good use! I did day 1 of week 1 of C25K tonight, so yay! This should really help with my... levels :P

I've been in quite a bad place to be honest. And the nightmares i have had in the past week.... woah. To cut a long story short, I had some stresses in work that i wasn't stressed on the surface about, but in my subconscious. And I've been really sad. But I don't want to fill my blog with that, because it's on the up, and I have broken the bad streak i was stuck in, atleast to start the week and I plan to carry that on now and take action to live happily and do the things that make me happy.

Oh and my diet plan has been spot on all week - except for Saturday dinner and Sunday dinner. Chinese happened on both of those nights. :-/ They will NOT be happening this week though. And i am down 1.5 lbs. Would have been much more without the Chinese i know, so that, plus exercise, i should be quids in. Or pounds down, whichever would be good. :P

Let's go December !

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FEED_ME_SHOES 12/6/2011 3:37PM

    Way to go, for starting the week so positively! Also, nice one with the treadmill, should be clocking a few extra fitness minutes there

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DAVEYSHADOW 12/6/2011 3:15PM

    emoticon hope the stresses are all left behind now!

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FITJEANS 12/6/2011 1:44PM

    Rockin blog, love when you said i made monday a good day yes, because we have the power to do that! love that attitude and, i sure harry potter feels the same way lol! Hope all has been well for ya, missed ya this pass week certainly got buisy. Thanx for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate the encouragment becuz you have been with me from the start, and couldnt have made it this far without ya. Hope u have an amazing week steph

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-POOKIE- 12/6/2011 11:17AM

    go for it!

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GIANTMICROBE 12/5/2011 6:26PM

    I have not tried that workout yet, but it sounds good!

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NEWNAC304 12/5/2011 3:40PM

    I love your positive attitude! What a great way to start your week!

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HEEEYBOOBOO 12/5/2011 3:00PM

  Love your positive attitude as always!

That's awesome that you've acquired a treadmill! I wish I had one at home. It's too dark to run both before or after work. Poo poo. Oh well. Keep it going sista!

You Body-Rockin-Evil-Stomping-Couch-25K
-ing speed demon! :)

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UMBILICAL 12/5/2011 2:50PM

  Be gone evil spirits.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I like the saying that goes something like "Just like everything else, this too shall pass"
It's the "This too shall pass" which is the important part. Like any bad times we go through, they will pass and we will eventually get through them. I'm thinking of the correct saying as a tattoo someday.

Jeeez.... honestly i wish this present time and struggle i'm having would just HURRY UP AND PASS! Leave me alone PLEASE! :(

I just can't find it. I can't find the oomph, the need, the want, my mojo.

This is not good.

I totally failed on the BodyRock workout i attempted tonight. I liked how it was a nice mixture of exercises, with some good cardios through it too. www.bodyrock.tv/2011/11/28/it-will-r
I knew 10 was too many rounds for me, so i thought i'd go with the "BEGINNER SUGGESTION" of 5 rounds. Pfft... well 3rd round and i was done. DONE. Wiped. Finished. That's sad. Awful. I'm not supposed to be a beginner. :( LESS than a beginner can do better than that.

I've tried lightening the situation up with ... I didn't totally fail because i DID attempt it and i did manage to do at least a stupid 19 minute workout.

Doesn't make me feel any better though.

I'm super snappy with my husband, and i know it's only because i'm super frustrated with myself. I'm so hungry.... but it's NOT real hunger, it's just greed and illusion. I was so not working out tonight and he got all stern and mean with me. Ordering me to go and change so i would workout. There was nearly even an argument over it. I've asked him to help me and push me all he can.

I'm sorry. :(


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ADEWYN 12/3/2011 7:34PM

    When i get home from work I still have a few hours before my classes.. I come home and just change into my clothes for my workout.. my mind is now set (no matter how tired i am)I am ready to go to the gym and do my workout when the time is right.. end of story no excuses... try it :) It does work :)

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FITJEANS 11/30/2011 12:00PM

    Definitely a moment. i had a similiar moment yesterday. Where i doubted myself and was down. My hubby kept trying to cheer me up but it didnt work. Today is a new day and i am at a all time high. I finally got to 130 lbs and did a 45 min yoga core workout. No matter the moment or the things we go through. we can always redeem our selves and complete our goals. You can do this steph. I believe in you.

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-POOKIE- 11/30/2011 11:28AM


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BAZNCAZ 11/30/2011 3:18AM

    THIS IS NOT YOU STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>We know that you can do this, come on girl.

YOU WILL DO IT. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FEED_ME_SHOES 11/30/2011 2:07AM

    'Its just a moment, this time will pass' This has been my mantra for everything lately. Anytime i feel like i have underperformed or, things are not going well, or im real pi$$ed at something (which isnt taking much these days!), I remind myself its just a temporary phase. Its currently the soundtrack to my life at the moment, haaaaaaaaaah weird that! I get the whole feeling like you failed for not completing the BR workouts, but honestly i looked at '10 rounds', and i thought OK whatever. Even those olympic athletes fail on the first time round. Its no big deal, i bet next time you will own the workout x

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GIANTMICROBE 11/29/2011 4:17PM

    Aw, I'm sorry. I've quit a couple Bodyrocks... sometimes you just aren't feeling it. It's okay!!!

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PENFOLDROCKS 11/29/2011 2:50PM

    Poor you. And you didn't fail - maybe picked the wrong workout to start back! It was a killer. And you did more than you would've done with a regular BR workout if you think they're normally around 12 minutes.
Glad your hubby is supporting you. And it's not hunger! I went to bed early last night because I wanted to eat, just for the sake of eating. Think about how you'll feel in the morning.
Big big hugs xx
PS - curry and lager for me tonight :( (fail)

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Very Early Night

Monday, November 28, 2011

Soooo tired tonight.

I didn't workout. Will it be ok? A workout plan was what i didn't make.

In good news, i stuck to my plan all day and even managed to say "no" quite a few times when offered very tempting foods. I like the challenge of being totally strict with myself.

I weighed in tonight and have set a new goal. I'm following a 14 day plan from the Scarsdale Diet. I did it a long long time ago and remember it working well.... so will be glad of some weightloss and also will be a reminder on the sensible eating front - which my brain disposed of somewhere.

I need to go to sleep really soon... and then definitely work out tomorrow, no excuse. I did do 100 lunges today quickfiring! And i also did my first 4 minute morning ... to kick start the day and is like a mega-mini workout. I'm following them from a Bodyrocker whose site is found here. It's called "You As A Machine"

I'm sure one or two of you will be familiar with the site or may have seen it before.

So g'night. And please tell me i'm not doomed for deciding not to work out tonight? :P

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FEED_ME_SHOES 11/30/2011 2:26AM

    I havent seen the site before, will have to check it out. I think you can count the lunges as a workout : P

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LIOCORO 11/29/2011 11:36AM

    The fat-fairy will come and sprinkle little new fat cells all over your body! emoticon Oh well, maybe not.
I didn't know about the 4-minute mornings but they sound tempting, as I am everything but a morning person and am always in the need of a kickstart for the new day!
I feel you for the eating front, it's my nemesis these days, too, as I spend so much time away from home and just coming home for ~ half an hour at noon sometimes. So your diet sounds really interesting! Hope it'll provide you with what you want ;)


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PENFOLDROCKS 11/28/2011 3:32PM

    you're doomed! Only joking. Well done on the plans and hopefully you'll be super-refreshed tomorrow. That site is v interesting, not seen it before. I like the mini-stretches as well as the morning thing, which I might try tomorrow. Is the scarsdale diet a low carb variant? Hope tomorrow is good for you too, I agree super-strict is the way to go.

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New Hair Do Again !

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Argh. I'm here. I miss everybody... and feel awful for being away. I want my friends to know I'm here and thinking about them, and I'm gonna be keeping up a bit better... I have been thinking of everyone, I just think of how I'm no good for people when I'm in the frame of mind i've been in, so it's best to stay on the side lines. It's not being a good friend by coming here to everyone who is doing such a wonderful job, eating things their bodies are thriving from and taking in goodness from, and treating their bodies right and exercising well, getting fitter and leaner and stronger... and i'm like "Well yeah i had McDonalds for breakfast with an extra hash brown, lots of coffee with dunking biscuits, then a large portion of junk food for lunch, then a huge pizza plus the husbands leftovers for dinner, then some packets of crisps and biscuits before bed"... I mean come on that is ridiculous right?

I want to be honest and show where it's at.

I weighed myself this morning. I didn't want to but thought, I might as well see what the damage is. I weighed in at 11 stone 2.5 lbs. - 156.5 lbs. Ouchies! This is motivating for me because i do NOT want to hit those 160s again. Also, I'm not happy in the 150s. This is a good thing though? Because it shows i need to start kicking my ass again. Stop slacking and being carefree, and feeding my body with such CRAP.

Having being quite large, my body still has the fat cells, because once you grow them, then your body keeps them forever, waiting to fill them with lovely fat one day again.... right??


Monday is a fresh start for both me and my husband. He's also lacking on the diet approach... i mean, he's diabetic (type 2) so needs to be taking care of himself.... and for fricks sake, if i'm not doing this for me, i should be doing this to take care of HIM!

I got my hair cut yesterday. I've wanted to have some shaved parts for a while now, but only just gathered up the courage. I was sooooo so excited and i'm HELLA pleased with the results. Might as well show you hey?

Back view

And side

Honestly? I LOVE it! It may not be anybody's cup of tea but wahh... I've never been SO happy with a hairstyle and you know what?? This feels like ME. I've always wanted a short cut, hell I've always wanted to shave my head and have spikey parts i can play with... and eeeeek i'm so excited with this!! It may even be a little masculine but you know what? I'm masculine anyway. LOL.

I'm gonna go try and catch up with everyone now.

I love my BodyRocking, i do. Love it love it. I don't mind having different hosts there either, although my heart is with Zuzana always, i don't mind. BUT. Y'know... i love seeing guys with some muscle... and just big guys in general often 'do it' for me (don't tell the hubby!:P) but.... meh, I am just not digging Sean, Freddy's brother, both doing the workouts ... aaaand also the workout tag shots. Like close up of Sean's chest. :-/ I feel awful and i'm sorry, but maybe it's because he's just put right infront of my eyes, I'm just not digging him very much.

Anywho's ... my face is full of spots. Part hormonal but really, it's got to be all the crap i've been eating. My face is screaming out like "PLEASE FEED YOURSELF RIGHT!!"

Oh and i did mention BodyRock for an actual reason. I'm thinking that it's not enough for me, as much as i don't like to admit it, i need more physical activity for those times when i do overindulge. The good news is that my Hot Yoga friend is back from Las Vegas in a week and a half, to continue our hot yoga AND get started with zumba classes. So that's gotta be some motivation right there.

Oh and over the past couple of weeks i bought two fancy dresses. Exciting stuff? lol, i really like 'em anyways. Probably wear them around xmas time. They're both dark colours and i didn't even realise!

Ok and to finish, a picture of me rocking my new 'do.

Monday is the day!!

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CAZ-LEWIS 11/28/2011 7:29AM

    Steph, like the new 'hair do' really suits you, you actually look a different person from when I first met you on here and you sound so full of zest for life now....well done. You have achieved so much over the time you should feel very proud of youself, and you 'kick ass' if that what it takes to get you motivated again lol, emoticon


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ADEWYN 11/28/2011 5:19AM

    I LOVE THE HAIR!!!! You rock it !!! Something I would do!!! OMG That is fantastic... and so you fell off the wagon... so what.. you have a new kicking do to go with your kicking attitude.. lets get back on the bodyrock and rock it!!! you go girl youu look fab!

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PENFOLDROCKS 11/28/2011 5:07AM

    You look great. I'm slightly biased though as my hair is quite similar to yours - I have a kind of mohican thing going on.
I agree, Sean looks kind of 'unwholesome' as my Mum would say; he looks like he needs a good wash. Although, I don't feel any less motivated as I never really watch the videos in their entirety, I just have a quick look to make sure I understand the moves. Plus, I was getting a bit fed up of Zuzana and her super-skinniness and 'sexing up' of everything - I think that may be from doing a few myomyTV workouts, where it's more about the workouts and no sexy photos etc etc.
Anyway, welcome back chica - and sorry to have hogged your blog!

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FEED_ME_SHOES 11/28/2011 2:23AM

    Wow Steph. So glad you are pleased with it! Its really edgy and suits you. Love it on you! I'm not really digging Sean either, no matter how ripped and naked he is front of the screen, just doesnt do it for me. I actually would prefer it if he put it away haaaaaaaah. I miss Zuzy, i dont know why but i felt more motivated with her. I did like (is it kara/kaya?) though, i prefer her to Jess.

Looking good steph!

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JOANNA202 11/27/2011 2:17PM

    emoticon Bring on Monday!

Great that you've been brave and gone for the haircut you want. I particularly think the star earing looks fantastic with it!

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LYNN-LOVESLIFE7 11/27/2011 11:38AM

    ROCK IT OUT GIRL... I'm agree with Katiekat- Goodness.. This looks so good on you. Gives you this sweet punk rock edge.
EEEEEEEEEE.. Lady Bug...

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GIANTMICROBE 11/27/2011 8:25AM

    Awesome new hair! I actually like Sean, it's Freddy that kinda gets on my nerves a little bit. I like seeing a guy doing the workouts. I like how they're showing it's NOT a girly workout, that it's for everybody. Plus I appreciate strong healthy bodies of either gender and find them equally motivating. I miss Z though, too, I think everyone does. I miss her cute accent the most!

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BAZNCAZ 11/27/2011 2:02AM

    Cool HAIR do.
Thanks for the GOODIE.
BODY ROCK ON STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YESKATIECAN 11/26/2011 6:43PM

    Holy $h*t! I LOOOOVE your hair! (Sorry for the curse, I literally said that out loud when I saw the pics!) You look awesome girlie!!!

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Aches & Blah

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm having different aches each day. It's a bit weird. :-/

My knees seem to be feeling a bit weak (in turns) when i decide to use a springin my step. My right shoulder (the one that hurts during certain exercises) was really sore and felt hot on Sunday night. I'd hurt my other shoulder last week a bit.

Hmmm. It's not normal for me to get little aches or... what feel like sprains in places. I'm torn between two ideas. The first is that my body is falling apart, i.e punishing me for not having worked out for a week. (Although i'm glad to see it's ONLY been a week, PHEW) The other idea is that maybe i'm coming down with something and my body needs to rest............

Heh, let's not go making excuses.

The people here are beyond amazing.

I'm not on board yet....... but it won't be long. I just feel a bit.... lazy.

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ADEWYN 11/23/2011 11:50AM

    hugs... dont be to hard on your self

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-POOKIE- 11/23/2011 9:59AM


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PENFOLDROCKS 11/23/2011 4:38AM

    I would agree. Have a couple more days off and start when you're ready - you're more likely to stick at it then.

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NEWNAC304 11/22/2011 3:36PM

    It sounds like you need to give your body a rest and a chance to heal. I hope you feel better soon.

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JOANNA202 11/22/2011 3:13PM

    Maybe you could allow yourself another few days off to rest - see if you come down with something and if not you'll be rested and can jump back to it with a spring in your step.

Whatever you do, we're here for ya! Keep on checking in and don't beat yourself (or your poor body) up!

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