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Toughen Up !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quickie! It's already 10pm arrgh!

Workout tonight I chose one from Marianne over at myomytv.com ! It had lots of kettlebell in it and even the opportunity to do pullups! The more i see at myomy - the more i am really liking. She is one tough cookie... seriously. The workout consisted of 3 sets. I chopped it down to 2 sets which had 10 rounds, 15s rest and 45s effort. At the end of both sets, there was a pullup max-out. Hardly a max out when you can just about manage one! :P

Workout - www.myomytv.com/toughen-up-kettlebel

My scores~ (with 14kg kettlebell)
Set 1)
Golbet squat - 18-16
Two-sumo squat + burpee - 8-8
Left arm KB row - 14-13
Right arm KB row - 15-13
2 handed KB swing - 30-28
-Pullups to finish?= 1 !!!
Set 2)
Goblet hold reverse lunge- 15-16
Dynamic squat + diagonal touch- 31-27
Left KB push press - 5-5
Right KB push press - 7-8
KB alternate swing - 25-28
-Pullups to finish?= 2 !

This was really hard. The kettlebell REALLY tires me out... like super-fast. I didn't even think i was going to manage to push and presses but somehow managed to ignore myself and push for another. I saw a lot of difference in the strength in my right arm compared to my left. The left was a lot weaker and even a little unstable in comparison. The swings are great to start with, but the heavy weight really does me in. Same with the squats, the weight of the KB makes them so hard.

I'm really glad i bought the kettlebell, even though i can't really tell you that i 'like it' at the moment... hahaha. My Dad called round for some internet advice and i showed him my kettlebell. This was 2 hours after my workout so i was able to show him the moves i'd been doing for my workout. He was WELL impressed with the push and press, and talked about him in the old days using a weight and doing clean and presses - which i then showed him. I felt proud and all of a sudden not so intimidated by the 'bell...

I need to get to bed! I changed the colours around on my Sparkpage and was about to actually update the info and writing, and then bam was stopped... i'm so out of date!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITJEANS 10/16/2011 4:58PM

    Coolness, def Touphend up because i havent been on here in months. Your work out reps and exercise have def increased and, expand. It shows your commitment to being a stronger an better you!

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GEMINIGEM6 10/12/2011 9:28PM

    Girl you are working it!!!

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MANDYDE 10/12/2011 4:37AM

    Sounds like you are doing a great job with your kettlebell - well done!!

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VYVIENN 10/12/2011 3:06AM

    Look at you go, emoticon Wish I could get my dad to be even interested in what I do for fitness... sigh. It's cool that yours shares all that with you.

Well, shnooks, I hope you had a restful night. Enjoy today, 'cuz it's HUMP DAY (weekend, here...we...come!!!) emoticon

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FEED_ME_SHOES 10/12/2011 1:59AM

    Is she tougher than Zuzana though haaaah joke (lets not go there!). I think Kettleballs is probably the only thing i would never try as i have issues with my back. But check you out sister first pullups now kettleballs. Hardcore my friend!

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GIANTMICROBE 10/11/2011 6:10PM

    Sounds fun! I am intimidated by a kettlebell. But maybe I'll give it a shot when I get bored with Bodyrocking! emoticon

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I'm A Lumberjack!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Monday!

I was looking for a short workout on arrival home today. I settled on a new one from SULFABABY - found here - www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_jo
or HERE - sulfababy.tumblr.com/post/1110920155
which was actually 30 mins, so i halved it to have a nice lil 15 minute workout. Did i say 'nice lil'? Yeah... maybe shorter than it shouldn't be but i was REALLY feeling it in the final round and tiring fast!

I didn't do any kettlebell tonight - or pullups. I should do pullups again tomorrow night. Start week -1 day 1 i think. Hopefully i'll surprise myself and find my strength has improved with the rest from pullups!

Ack, i've also forgotten to do my Prague photo blog... (Thanks Vyv! :P) - i will do it soon, promise. Like TOMORROW. Yeah, there's a challenge for myself. Post Prague blog tomorrow night. I have also left on the sidelines my weightloss in pictures blog... I'll try and sort that out this weekend. The good news in that i have most of the pics i want to use all neatly organised in their own folders etc. Woop!

Oh oh and i forgot to mention. A friend and I have purchased 10 classes of 'Hot Yoga' , it was a cheap deal and i kind of talked her into it - for something different, and i don't feel confident to go alone! So we bought them and now we just have to book our first session, woohoo! What the heck do i wear?! The closest things to 'yoga pants' i have are maybe 3/4 length bottoms, but they're grey and my bum will look majorly wet from the sweat... disaster!

I can't stop yawning, need to get to bed pronto!

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FITJEANS 10/11/2011 1:32PM

    The lumber jack video was awesome, that single glute leg on the table looked mighty dangerous , and lots of fun! love your blogs its so positve and informative. Yoga is awesome, def love me some yoga. I love how it uses the body. So calming and strengthening at the same time.

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ESBELL 10/11/2011 10:15AM

    Most folks in hot yoga opt for shorts and a light shirt - you are sweating so much the pants start sticking and feeling really gross!

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DAVEYSHADOW 10/11/2011 10:01AM

    anything loose and comfortable for yoga, and with hot yoga everyone sweats! I do a body balance class once a week incorporating yoga, pilates and tai chi and it is great. Everything is put back in place and I have so much more energy the next day.

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VYVIENN 10/11/2011 2:20AM

    I don't think hot yoga is for me; it's that whole "sweating for no reason other than someone turned up the heat" thing... emoticon Looking forward to hearing about your experience with it, though. I hear it's great for flexibility because your muscles are superheated, anyway.

Don't think you'll have to worry about a sweaty bum. Everyone else will be too busy keeping the sweat out of their eyes to notice.

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JOANNA202 10/10/2011 5:23PM

    Ah, that answers my questions about the yoga!

Looking forward to photo blogs very much...

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ADEWYN 10/10/2011 3:50PM

    anything that is comfortable to sit bend twist into a preztel will work... Hot yoga... good luck.. let me know what you think I took it a few years ago :)

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More Playing Hard

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ahhh. T'is Sunday evening. I had a nice day at work, got home and was feeling a bit tired.. until i started my workout. I planned to do a HIIT based on skipping. I've seen some friends suggest this link ( www.shapefit.com/exercise/jump-rope-
) (Hello Feed_Me_Shoes! ;) ) and i think i had it recommended to me a while back as it's been in my bookmarks. Wells, i used this workout and did the following. I put my numbers next to 'em too.

20 rounds - 10s rest - 50s effort. (20 mins)
Jump rope - didn't count, was a challenge to keep the rope going LOL.
Mountain climbers-76
jump rope
bicycle crunch-65
jump rope
Prisoner squat-27
jump rope
jump rope
Plank hold
jump rope
Regular crunches-28
jump rope
Reverse lunge-22
jump rope
Squat thrust-24
jump rope
Side planks
jump rope
Reverse crunch-30.

Tired myself out typing it now! Early night needed i think. So afterwards, i had a while to wait still whilst the DH was preparing my roast dinner... so i added a couplet...
6 rounds 15s rest - 45s effort.
KB double hand swing-30-22-21
KB Goblet Squat-16-15-11

THEN because i wanted to add up to 30 mins, i skipped for 4 mins. That was a lot for me? lol.

Satisfied now and feeling good about myself. Enjoyed a nice big roast dinner and am nice and cosy. :D I must say - the new kettlebell is... a mixture of me looking at it and liking it, and looking at it and glaring at it. I'm still a bit afraid of it. It kills me.... heh, it really takes SO much effort and i'm struggling. I realise this is what i wanted (i've said this haven't i?) so this is the beginning... of getting stronger. You can't get strong by not being challenged, so i am half embracing these new struggles with open arms.

Also. I didn't know whether to write about this. I feel i don't have the energy to.(I'll share the links incase you're interested) I was checking out more of myomytv.com and did want to find some areas where BodyRock is mentioned, and what's the word on the street. To cut a long story short, i ended up reading and reading and reading, for over an hour. This link over at myomytv is very interesting - www.myomytv.com/bodyrock-tv-exposed-
. Marianne has pointed out a problem with Zuzana's sandbag swing. The page is so interesting to read the arguments both agreeing and disagreeing - which i have both agreed and disagreed with myself! There is also another very interesting article over at this page - www.huffingtonpost.com/charlotte-hil

The way i feel coming out of my reading, and mainly reading peoples comments... is, i feel a bit more 'educated'. I have a love in my heart for BodyRock.tv - and for Zuzana. She may not be perfect, her advice may not be the best or safest, her videos might be a bit raunchy or sexy to some... but i don't care. I like it and i use my common sense or my own judgement as to whether i'm going to follow advice etc, but i don't think i am a 'sheep' by wanting to call myself a BodyRocker. Nor do i think that if i stick with the workouts and diet, that i'll look like Zuzana as the end result - because i know i won't. Reading up on all this has helped me to take in information and learn more about myself. I'm really liking myomytv and Marianne, and i am open to read or use any advice people are offering about bettering yourself for your health and fitness.

I took a look in the mirror after my workout earlier. (and after my interesting reading) and i smiled. I thought, well, i might not be perfect, but i'm not too bad either? I might have that poofy belly, and jiggle here and there, but this is me and i like me. If i'm stuck like this always then that's ok. I'm enjoying working out and i'm enjoying eating healthy - but then having a good ol' pig out session. It struck me that i don't need to strive to be perfect, just make sure i am happy and content.

I'm sorry if this isn't making much sense - i'm really tired now and i have lots of words going around in my head. This is where i feel a bit stupid, and very far from smart, because i know what i'm thinking but i can't put it into words for other people to understand. It's just like a mi-match of word-vomit.

Anyways, i'm droaning on now. I'm going to keep doing what i'm doing. I haven't weighed in yet. So i haven't weighed in a good few weeks? That's ok... i will, soon, have a peak.

Always learning! :)

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SULFABABY 10/10/2011 2:52PM

    Nice job lately with the workouts! I enjoy reading about your kettlebell work.

I'll always love Bodyrock. Zuzana is the one who looked straight at me (well, okay, straight at the camera but she was talking to ME!!! LOL) and told me I could do it. To do my best, to make sure it was intense for me, and that I'd get better and fitter. And I did. She is absolutely encouraging and her attitude towards others is very positive. And she comes up with some really fun exercises.

But when I read Marianne's opinion on her, something really hit home. I was already feeling really down on myself. (And what for? Because I indulged over the weekend? Because I didn't work out at 100% effort for one day?) And I was already coming to the conclusion that the images of the female body in the media bombard me with unrealistic (and often unhealthy) expectations of what *I* "should" look like. It all pisses me off so, so very much. I know that to get mentally and emotionally healthy again, I need to stop watching images of sexualized, unrealistic bodies. Especially when such a body is attached to a mouth that talks on and on about fat loss and her own dissatisfaction with her body. Especially when members of her community notice every single little tiny ounce of a weight fluctuation and ask if she's gained weight or if she's pregnant.

Marianne did a video where she talks about "orthorexia". I cried watching it because I've been there, and because I know so many girls who have been there too.


Maybe one day I'll be strong and confident enough in myself where I can revisit Bodyrock.tv and not be affected so. Until then, Zuzana still has my utmost respect and gratitude for starting me on this journey towards health.

^Eek! That was long! Sorry about the rambling. :)

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FITJEANS 10/10/2011 2:30PM

    So happy for you taking the next step to getting stonger, it really motivates me to take the next step as well. Its so easy get lost in being comfortable or stuck in that zone but, seeing this was motivation that i needed. To see you making that effort and putting your best foot forward despite those lil whispers that come in our head that says , you can skip out on the awesome workout tonite and sit on the couch. so love , love it that your standing up to fears,dounbts, holdbacks and ne thing that hold ya back from that killer body your going to get. Have a great day chica!

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FEED_ME_SHOES 10/10/2011 1:58PM

    Hi VW_STEPH : )
I didn't bother reading through all the comments on the other blog, im not a fan of others speaking negatively about others. Thats what i like about Zuzanas blog, a lot of positivity, and she doesnt waste her time bashing anyone. I respect her for what she does, and her commitment and dedication to her fitness and diet, because i could never be that disciplined or obsessive. I do the workouts and im grateful for her providing that service, but i ignore all her diet advice because its not for me. I dont agree with the whole earning carbs thing.

By the way i too like to round up my fitness minutes, no way am i ending on 27 mins haaaaaah

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VYVIENN 10/10/2011 2:11AM

    Makes perfect sense to me! And I agree with you: we are always free to accept or dismiss someone else's advice, which is good, because there couldn't possibly be the ONE perfect solution for everyone.

My main beef with BodyRocking -the Community, is that a lot of those hardcore fans sound like recent religious converts. I have noticed, though, that Zuz has recently been making an effort to really take time and be more beginner-friendly, showing more mods and encouraging people to try their best, even if they don't think it's much. I'm with GiantMicrobe on the carbs, though. Then again, most of us won't be able to whittle our way to tininess in a healthful fashion. emoticon

Thanks for the links, you've given me new, interesting reading material! Also, are you friend with Fathin? That jump rope workout should be right up her alley.. might have to point her your way.

Have a fab Monday!! emoticon

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GIANTMICROBE 10/9/2011 5:08PM

    The sandbag swings feel weird to me. I thought I wasn't doing them right.
I briefly read the article... I actually don't want to look like Zuzana at all. Not even a little bit- while I find her body very fit and I admire the hard work she put into it... I want more meat than she has, actually. I want to look like Chrissy. Who works out hard.
I don't consider myself a hardcore "Bodyrocker" or part of an elite club or anything. I just dig the workouts, you know? This is the longest I have ever stuck with a strength-building program and I can tell it's working for me.
And I pretty much ignore her diet advice... like how she says to only eat carbs within 2 hours after you work out. Nope. I'm gonna eat carbs whenever I feel like eating carbs, kthx.

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My O MY!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Well yipes! I tried my first myomytv.com workout on arrival home tonight. I so did not want to workout hah, but i had copied it out into my workout file.... and y'know, i'm not sure if this was karma biting me on the bum or owt, but the workout i'd chosen was called "Work hard - play hard" - and i have had a MONSTER of a day to put it nicely. So i figured i couldn't not do this workout with a name like that after the day i've had!!

Link! www.myomytv.com/do-you-work-hard-to-

I did some practice moves and decided to cut it short. It should have been 6 rounds of 20 seconds rest and 40 seconds effort. With a bunch of 4 couplets. I'm new to these but really enjoyed them. Anyways i fiddled with the numbers and did 4 rounds of 15s rest and 45s effort, for each couplet.
It looked like this-
Jump rope - (didn't count!!)
Super girl pushup - 8-8

Kettlebell goblet squat-21-18
Kettlebell alt clean & press-5.5-6

Renegade Row-23-19

Alt KB swing - 25-27
Dynamic squats- 25-27

It doesn't look much at al - but it was 16 minutes and woah. Woah. Woah. I invested in the 14kgs kettlebell to be more of a challenge. I have 4.9kgs dumbells so figured i was lifting 10 with those, so opted for the 14. Well, i have given myself some challenge indeed. I'm glad i cut the workout down a bit... that kettlebell NEARLY killed me. Hah. It's GOOD though because i really have to PUSH and work hard for it... and this is what i wanted... isn't it? ISN'T IT?!

Hehe! So what an introduction to myomytv that was. That girl is hardcore. Can't wait to do more now! I have so many options now to pick workouts from, BodyRock, Sulfababy and myomy! No excuses! Yahoo!

I had pizza for dinner but it's fine. I had Chinese last night too and that's ok too. Balanced!

On to normal life, i can't wait for this weekend to be over. Today was such a nightmare... i had to deal with 2 staff not turning in, covering for one of them ALL day long and finding cover for the other... then some other little problems arose so i had to deal with those too. It's all good experience for me though. We don't grow to be wise without having obstacles put in front of us and testing us.

Here comes Sunday! :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITMOMMYFORLIFE 10/10/2011 11:37AM

    Great work with that myomy workout!!! I've gone to her site a few times through links and everytime I'm absolutely intimidated by her workouts! lol! That girl is BA with a kettlebell!!! =D

That's so awesome you pushed yourself HARD! That the whole point of it, afterall, right? =p

Sounds like you had a rocking weekend! Keep up the awesome work!!! =D

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DAVEYSHADOW 10/9/2011 3:15PM

    Sounds like a great workout, hope today was better, we had sun again, managed a run on the sea front some cycling a family badminton game. Then home cooked roast beef with loads of healthy veg!

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FEED_ME_SHOES 10/9/2011 7:21AM

    She is hardcore, i've subscribed to her workouts. I also like her diet approach. Dont think she thinks much of zuzana though haaaaaaaaaah.

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VYVIENN 10/9/2011 1:26AM

    I'm so bookmarking that site! (hrph, I've said it before, but I forgot...) what a workout! So, do you notice a difference handling the KB?

Sure hope there's no work in today's plan, so you can enjoy your Sunday. emoticon

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Grand Theft Your Booty!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

It's true to everyone that sometimes, when the body is telling the mind no or when that little voice in your head is persuading you to eat that extra portion, eat that extra snack, overindulge on whatever, skip that workout, quit that workout... you really just gotta get a hold of yourself and GRAND THEFT YO' BOOTAY! ;)

Heh. Inspiration from today's BodyRock workout. Grand Theft Booty + Counter Strike workout mash up! www.bodyrock.tv/2011/01/17/workout-m

Fun fun. And it looks really simple on paper... but it's one of those that haves you sweating right from the start and thinking "oh jeez, i'm never gonna underestimate a bodyrock workout again!"... yet we still do. :P Had a bunch of fun with this and felt myself improving on the one leg and pistol squats. They're not all the way-butt-to-the-floor low but ya know, the improvement is there. :)

I currently have a load of veggies roasting in the oven and i wish i could post a sniff link! Its smelling pretty amazing right now!! It's reminding me a little of pizza... but i'm not having pizza, i might just add some ketchup to make me think i am. Hah, the veggies will be amazing alone!

Yesterday i did BodyRock's Quantum of Sweat workout. It went well and i enjoyed it, apart from wanting to cry with whipping myself with my skipping rope. I'm still new to using the actual rope on skipping parts... and with the limited space i use in my living room, i am skipping but trying to keep the trail narrow so as not to catch the couch, or radiator, or keep it low enough not to wrap around a light...it's quite a task! I kept whipping my left hand for some reason... and really, during the second part of the workout i wanted to just drop to my knees and cry. My poor handy! I took a picture (lol) 0

Doesn't really looks so bad but i tell ya... the paaaaaiin ... *sobs*

Ok it's almost Friday. Woop? No 'woop's for me - i am working all weekend long... pffft... so have to wait until next weekend for some fun time off. It's all good - another day another dollar! (Or pound, for me. :P)

Veggies & bath tonight! Happy Thursday peeps! :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JENNYD97 10/10/2011 4:05PM

    Have you tried to not actually use the jump rope and just go through the motions, that is what I do when I do something with a jump rope since I don't have one :)
Hope your hand feels better.

I just watched the link OMG! that looks so tough but she has a rockin body! I have bookmarked that one! Thanks!

Comment edited on: 10/10/2011 4:20:40 PM

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GEMINIGEM6 10/8/2011 4:06PM

    Your poor hand!! Ouch! That looks like it hurt. Bless you heart. But you are working it girl!! And the veggies sound delightful. I want to make some soon as well. :)

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-POOKIE- 10/7/2011 9:13AM

    smear some with some tomato paste before roasted next time, "water" it down with a little worcestshire sauce, or orange juice.... so tasty!

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PENFOLDROCKS 10/7/2011 8:52AM

    I am LOVING the manicure! Wish I wasn't a nail biter :(

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FEED_ME_SHOES 10/7/2011 1:52AM

    Who are you kidding, that looks angry! Roasted vegetables are great. I love how we constantly underestimate BR workouts, i do it quite a lot, thinking oh this looks easy man, and then curse myself mid workout for falling into that trap of thinking. Hah, you'd think we know better!

Oh i am totally obsessed with nail polish, just bought some yesterday. Im making a collection of every colour!

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VYVIENN 10/6/2011 3:01PM

    Veggies sound great, bath sounds enjoyable, hand looks bad! It's really the reason I haven't tried jumping indoors with the jump rope, I just KNOW I'm gonna hurt myself!

Speaking of hurt... started P90X today. Am now too weak to post blog, but will tomorrow. Have a good night, luv!

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