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My Rant Regarding the Blog; ARE WE HYPOCRITES?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is sickening! We are a society of hippocrates with such skewed values that it is "expected" that when one becomes a celebrity.....they have to make the transformation from civilian to celebrity LITERALLY! "Celebrity" is no longer just a reference to notariety & lifestyle, but an actual physicality! Every now & then there is an "up & comer" who's always been comfortable, confident, possibly vows to be a champion for the "Real Person"! The public/media cheer, support, & idolize their "Bravery" for willing to be themself. No sooner than they make it big, it's a near certainty that BOTH the public & media turn! It's like a game. The weight starts to drop, haircolor changes, a new nose, and/or cup size magically increases! Uh-oh...now it's open season! The support turns to degradation, criticism, malicious name-calling & finger pointing.
How is anyone supposed to be able to handle that kind of blatant cruelty? I can't imagine being in that position. I don't doubt that many of these people begin with good intentions, but how is it possible to stay true to oneself while surrounded by, (& competing for work etc. with) a population of "perfection", as well as the ENTIRE WORLD picking apart, tearing you down for the slightest mistake/bad day/unflattering angle/etc.!!!
I feel for them, yet at the same time....I am guilty myself! I've participated in the collective gasping as a photo/video is released depicting "some"(by "some", I mean almost non-existent on a normal person!), bulge, cellulite, or an entirely visible skeleton! Instantly, I feel awful & remember how one bad camera angle/shadow/etc. could potentially endager someone's life! Think about the worldwide tidal wave of backlash, catty/passive-aggressive "helpful hints" from agents, "friends", industry professonals, only concerned with the celeb target's personal & professional well-being..."Hollywood Syndrome". The next week, has the formerly "chubby" star, emaciated & beaming while soaking up the compliments from every photographer, reporter, fan, friend & media outlet. That is, of course until there's a shortage of scandal, a health emergency, rehab, or perhaps another backlash from the public alleging poor role model/celebrity influence on the downfall of civilization!
It's such a sad, horrible cycle that we perpetuate by buying into the idolization of celebrity, as a way to escape reality, but ultimately the line has become so blurred! Today's children are under so much pressure to look, act, & dress to follow the extreme celebrity culture we're all so obsessed with! We have many more important ways to utilize our collective energy, & perhaps point the fingers where they ought to be....right at ourselves! Let's focus on OUR OWN health/well-being, & the hundreds of other immediate problems we face everyday! Sure there's nothing wrong with "escaping" for a little bit & imagining life as one of the rich & famous, but we need to break this obsession! It's unhealthy for EVERYONE!

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    Incredibly apt rant! Couldn't agree more and I too am just as guilty. All we can do is aspire to shove aside the values and wicked thinking we're indoctrinated with from birth and try and rise above.

(Hi! I'm back!)

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LIL.TALA 10/16/2008 12:10PM

    great rant! we do need to focus on healthy not skeletal

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Weekly Horoscope for: 10/6/08 - 10/12/08

Monday, October 06, 2008

August 23-September 22

This week you will focus on your family life and household activities. You realize that life is short so live life the best way and as per your caring and loving nature you will play role of perfect son or daughter, perfect spouse and perfect parent to your kid. You will try your best to complete all the needs and responsibility of your family. Ganesha wishes you best of luck for this. The deepest form of communication keeps on coming and yields the clarity of who you are more than you ever dreamed possible. Saturnís journey through your sign means itís time to redefine your Self, and all your hard work this past year is paying off in a big way. Despite the fact that at least one significant other is playing a big role in this process, never forget that itís all about you. This is by far the hardest thing for any Virgo to grasp. Keep your focus on your Self and family. Itís your own reflection youíre finding in the mirror of that partner youíre riveted to. If you can recognize that, then your journey toward true self-realization has begun. A new sense of self -worth forms the basis for a whole new set of experiences, previously unknown to you. This is only the beginning.
You may be looking to deepen your knowledge of an esoteric subject that has, to date, been just a hobby. You might have not felt you were capable of devoting the necessary time to study or indeed had the necessary readies to pay for such tuition. Moreover family may not have been supportive of your endeavours as your interest escalated. With the Sun and Mercury now uniting however, as Mercury transits backwards, you could feel you have identified the source of any problems and are ready to re-organize your life accordingly. With Saturn in your sign you are ready to commit yourself to hard work and might now be ready to spell out to family members your intentions. Taking a realistic approach is essential as cosmic indicators this week smack of a little over-optimism, but by the end of the week partners could surprise you with their encouraging words. Expect to be spellbound by a charismatic person this weekend. The Moon in mystical Pisces is moving through your 7th House of Partnership allowing you to drop your skepticism and open your heart. Still, whoever is stirring your imagination may not be all he or she appears to be, so don't lose your head completely.

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    I am gemini

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Help Your Favorite Animal Shelter Win a $25,000 Grant! FOR FREE!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Hi Everyone!

Vote for us at www.theanimalrescuesite.com and we could win $25,000 to help pets in need.

The Animal Rescue Site is hosting a special challenge for eligible Petfinder.com member shelter and rescue groups. The grand prize is a $25,000 grant, and they will be awarding many other grants to rescue groups with the most votes ó a total of $100,000 in grants for animal welfare organizations.

Think how many animals we could help for $25,000!

Help us win! All you have to do is click to help rescued animals, and then vote in The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge. Both of these actions are absolutely free! You can vote once a day, every day, from September 29 through December 14, 2008. Every time you vote, or tell a friend to vote, you are making a huge difference for us.

Vote today!

Visit: www.theanimalrescuesite.com

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GINITONIC 10/5/2008 9:33PM

    Thanks for that link. I already went to it and sent a couple e-cards to some friends.

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    thanks for sharing

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ZORAHGAIL 10/3/2008 4:47PM

    Thanks for sharing. I'll be clicking away!

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Weekly Horoscope for: 9/29/2008 - 10/5/2008

Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekly Horoscope for: 9/29/2008 - 10/5/2008
August 23-September 22

You are just as happy to have some work put off this week until someone else solves a major problem for you. This is a problem that has been hanging around for a while so you are delighted to finally be able to make some headway with your work as solutions are presented to you. People are anxious and nervous this week but you easily find your way around them. Back off from making decisions you can not correct later when you have a clearer mind. Join in with others who have the same interests as you on the 16th and make it a party. Friend or a loved one that has been ill lately it is recovering nicely so try to comfort them the best you can. They need you now more than ever. Finding that appliance or furniture you have been looking for might prove to be a problem this week, and maybe it be better put off until next week. Take time to show your spouse a little extra love this week as they have been doing a lot for you and deserve a little extra appreciation.
While the recognition, support and validation you get from others is important, especially when itís in the form of financial recognition, the only real validation that counts is the one that comes from within. With 2009 set to be an extremely lucky year for job opportunities, it is what you believe you're capable of achieving or what you give yourself permission to dream of achieving, that will determine your reality. The only glass ceiling hanging over your head is the one that you put there yourself. How forcefully you push to break through, will be determined by how much you believe you deserve whatís on the other side. Itís not present or future employers you need to impress, but you.
Now more than ever, with Uranus starting to come under pressure in your relationship sector and Jupiter, starting to bring even bigger romantic opportunities, itís important that you give your heart a voice. When your heart has a voice and you are willing to listen to that voice, no challenge or obstacle is big enough that it canít be solved and no romantic opportunity becomes inaccessible. It is what you believe you can achieve from love that becomes your reality, with the need to realise that you canít control love or other people, but you can control your attitudes and beliefs. Even if you donít yet have the confidence to believe what your heart is telling you, at the very least be prepared to fake it till you make it.


PLEASE Show Some Love

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I will be participating in the 2008 MSPCA Walk for Animals.
This event is crucial for more than just the charity aspect.
The walk takes place on the 6 year anniversary of my accident, and although my pain has worsened, I take this as a personal challenge to get out there and push myself for such a deserving cause. Our efforts will help make a big difference in the lives of over 250,000 animals that the MSPCA-Angell cares for each year!

You who know me and my girls understand that there is nothing more important to me than the health and safety of nature's little gifts...(particularly those of the feline persuasion!) I'm committing to get off my rear and LIMP AROUND BOSTON for this cause, I would truly appreciate some support!
ROCK ON!!!!!
XOXOXO, emoticon
Lisa & "The Girls"(Thatchlina, Moose, and Barnacle)

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