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Ch 5, Day 5

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hmmm. The Day of 5. It must be a sign.

I could walk 5 miles
Eat 5 meals
Eat 5 servings of veggies
Make 5 phone calls
Use stationery bike for 5 minutes

or not.


1) I am positively "pumped" for the Fall season re fitness and health!

2) I achieved my goals yesterday!

3) Streak, Day 1! (got to celebrate all successes!)

4) Zumba Gold is a providing a fun way to keep moving....so glad I tried something new.

5) I believe in Fall Season POWER 5 (God! You! Me! Goals! Action! )


1) Eat a healthy 1,300 max calories

2) Go after achieving the week's goal of 1,780 calories burned through exercise....this means I am going after 2 extra miles today.

3) Walk (shooting for 5 miles....gotta have a little fun with the POWER of 5!)

4) Complete 5 household tasks.

5) Farmer's Market

Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

1,240 total calories.
Stuck on "5s" I decided to walk a 5K (6.2 miles).
Ate 5 servings of vegetables
Dusted 5 rooms today.
Enjoyed the sights of all of the fresh fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market, followed by coffee and nice conversation with a friend.

Met my week's goals:
-stayed under 10,885 calories
-walked at least 21 miles
-burned off more than 1,780 calories from cardio


Ch 5, Day 4

Friday, September 23, 2011

Greetings, Autumn Season!

With the beginning of the new season, I feel a sense of hope, excitement, and enthusiasm. And, I feel inspired by my spark friend, whose success in meeting her goals gives me hope that I can find that daily strength too.


I feel grateful for your inspiration and encouragement. Thank you, Spark Friend!

I am thankful for my enthusiasm over this new season.

Happy to embrace today, this day, to create an On Plan day.


Eat a healthy 1,300 max calories.


Client work

Go through closet and put together some clothes for donation


Wishing you a healthy, blessed, and joyful season my friend.

1,239 total calories
Walked 3 miles
Zumba Gold 40 minutes

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JENJEN1004 9/24/2011 6:30AM

    You walk 3 miles AND do 40 minutes of Zumba??? Yikes! I feel like an Olympian when I can manage to do 4 miles (I normally do 2). You are CRAZY motivated!! What a strong start to a new challenge.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JULIA_211 9/24/2011 6:23AM

    emoticon You did it! emoticon

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NJMATTICE 9/23/2011 10:56AM

    Happy Fall! Perhaps the autumnal equinox (I'm attempting to use fancy language here, perhaps, like Miss Maleprop, I will wind up making a fool of myself) has been the cause for the paradigm shift in my "program". Cooler temps, sights and sounds of the season (attending that football game) and a rhythm to life that feels "like home." I do love the fall. I always believe it's because I was born in this season.
Today is going to be a great day. Your goals are set. You are focused and ready to take life by the horns! I look forward to the happy report.

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RSSSLHB 9/23/2011 7:08AM

    emoticonhave a emoticonday emoticon

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Ch 5, Day 3

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Kept those snacking urges at bay last night emoticon

My friend and I picked some apples off the tree at DS1's home. It was nice to have some time to chat with him, too.

Enjoyed some nice conversation and coffee with my friend. She gave the Pillsbury Splenda Devils Food Cake with Splenda Fudge Frosting two thumbs up, too.

Had a successful day yesterday (I never know until the morning after, since night time snacking is my biggest issue).

Hello, new opportunities this day!


Eat a healthy 1,500 max calories.


10 min. of exercise, my choice

Client work

Let's fill today with smart choices toward fitness and health....a last test run before the new season begins! Have a great day, friend.

1,896 total calories -- evening snacking
Walked 4 miles
If not at my desk doing client work, on my feet doing house hold tasks all day.

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NJMATTICE 9/22/2011 10:11AM

    Congratulations on making yesterday a successful one. I enjoyed my successes of the day as well. No evening snack attack! Have another good day and get your streak going!
Happy Thursday.

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Ch 5, Day 2

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

False start to yesterday. Today I really, really mean it.

I feel like a 5 year old in an old person's body: "really, really."

Coming up with a solid plan is one thing. I came up with a good one, I think. Following through on it sure is another matter. The thing that gets me, is, when I popped that popcorn in the microwave and sat down with it late yesterday afternoon, I KNEW it was the wrong thing to do. So why did I do it? And on DAY 1 of all things.

And, I knew when I sat down with the low fat cookies after a full meal that it was also the wrong thing to do. So, why, did I?

I have nothing but excuses, and none of them reasonable, logical, or sound. And, I really hated to post my calorie update for Day 1. But accountable, I am. Transparent, I am. No cover up. We both know this is a really hard journey and some days we find it impossible for no good reason. What to do?

Get back on the horse. Make this day count. I hope you don't mind my hopping back on track with you today if you are already there. And, if you're not already there, care to join me?

So if you are like me and need a lift, here's one from me to you to help you get back on that horse of fitness and good health TODAY. We can do it! Let's both keep our guard up at all times and be strong today.

I was tempted to write "really, really strong today" but I'm going for better behavior today than what I would expect of a 5 year old. emoticon

1,495 total calories. emoticon
Walked 4 miles.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TEXASFILLY 9/21/2011 8:41PM

    Honey, it's like the Good Book says~ the spirit is willing yet the flesh is weak (paraphrased but you get my drift). The thing to do is to just keep working it until that "click" (just like Nancy said) goes off in our heads and we finally "get it!" YAY! I'm with ya, sis, so don't feel alone. *hugs* BB~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NJMATTICE 9/21/2011 12:12PM

    Something will click as long as you keep on trying. As I wrote that, I heard Yoda's voice in my head, "There is no try, only do." So keep doing!

As it turned out, I never flew over your head yesterday. There were delays to Cleveland, so the young man at the counter re-routed my flight to Washington DC and then on to Houston. So I got to see the Washington Monument and Capital building instead of your house. And most importantly, I got home safely.

Have a good day. Encourage that 5 year old to do the right thing. She will build her self esteem and that is most important for her. My five year old has started her day out with a smile because she is learning that when you make healthy choices it makes you feel happy. Take that girl by the hand and help her grow big and strong. (figuratively speaking)

Glad to be back in your cyber presence.

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JULIA_211 9/21/2011 9:51AM

    It doesn't matter how slowly you go-so long as you do not stop.- Confucius
That's all that matters! emoticon I'm rooting for you today! Focus on today alone, one meal at a time! Think of this sign emoticonWhenever you're tempted to eat the wrong things. Do you have a bowl of fruit? Put it on your coffee table when you watch TV tonight. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Chapter 5 - 100 Days of Accountability

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here I go again. Another chapter. Am I sick of same old, same old? Heck, no. Every journey has been different as I try out new plans to try to create a healthier and fit life. Creating Chapters of 100 days does some really important things for me:

-Makes me accountable, for both good and less good behaviors that I can contribute to, or inhibit my progress towards, specific goals.

-Helps me to keep the big picture uppermost in my mind.

-Assists me with being more deliberate about my day.

-Gives me context and depth for understanding my own evolution.

-Facilitates the management of my body weight.

CHAPTER 5 - What's new?

1) Tackle my biggest issue: snacking (yes, Vicki, it IS time)
-Use of fruits and vegetables to combat snacking any time of day
-Make sure a treat follows a meal, when I am full (as much as possible)

2) Add a bank of 10,885 calories weekly to draw from as another measurement tool as I begin to prepare myself for "maintenance."

3) Add 10 minutes of additional exercise daily, my choice, at least 2/3 of the time.

4) Show by my example that
To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. (Chinese Proverb) is a truism that will be effective for me.

5) Prove that Ch 4 was a springboard for Ch 5s results.

Ready, set, ACTION!

Have a terrific Tuesday, my friend!

1,862 total calories.
You are probably wondering if I held to my new rules. No. I ate buttered popcorn mid day for a snack. And, I ate too many low cal cookies with a full meal. Lousy start to Day 1. My evil twin won this round....but "it ain't over yet."

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NJMATTICE 9/20/2011 3:14PM

    Enjoy the next chapter! I'll wave at ya as I fly over tonight. I'm flying to Cleveland at 7 pm and then on to Houston. It was a great trip. I look forward to sharing about it in the coming days.

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JULIA_211 9/20/2011 6:59AM

    What an excellent post! I am excited for you! Although it's the same goal of being accountable, you managed to make it different with all your sub-goals. I love this! I wish you, all the best on this new 100 days-journey. emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/20/2011 6:59:24 AM

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