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Two pounds is two pounds.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anyone else ever get discouraged by a small weight loss? Although my goal for this week was to lose 2 pounds, and I did, I still can't help but think, 'why only 2?' I met my goal so why isn't that good enough? You know what? It is... although I tend to feel like enough is never enough, I'm going to tell myself, "Self, you met your goal and that's something to feel good about."

And you know something else? It is.

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ILOVELIFE2012 7/28/2012 8:44AM

    I can relate! I started losing in April (12 weeks ago). I've lost 15 lbs. in that time. Going through it is slow but now, I'm feeling pretty good about it. Congrats on your progress so far!

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SINDY01 7/28/2012 8:35AM

  healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds so don't be discouraged.... you are living a healthy lifestyle:)

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Friday, July 20, 2012

I picked up my mostly empty journal from my nightstand drawer tonight... thought maybe I'd try to start journaling again. The first entry was from August 10th, 2010, and I'd written my weight was 178. WhooOOOOAAAAHHH. What the hell has happened? I'm sure as hell not 178 now... or even in the same hundreds range. I feel safe saying I completely gave up. Like my last blog entry mentioned, I turned 40 and the weight began creeping back on. The more weight I gained, the more I gave up. I'm 41 now and will be 42 in January... that's a long stretch of half-assing it and giving up.

I hate this and I hate that I gave up but I keep telling myself, "Love yourself no matter what your weight." Partly true... I do need to love myself regardless, but I need to love myself enough to also give myself better health. But that's harder, and I've gotten lazy. What's the expression here... um, self-defeating behavior?



I'm Going in Reverse

Sunday, January 08, 2012

If my goal was to gain weight, I'd be "Winning!" As it's not, I feel like a big, fat failure. I lost 81 pounds, turned 40 and then everything stopped working. Despite my continued workout and diet routine, the pounds began creeping back on. After months and months of continued effort and failure, I just kind of gave up and began just doing a workout here and there, being less strict on my eating and now here I am. Almost 50 pounds heavier. This past week and a half, I've REALLY been trying... I began with 30 minute daily cardio workouts and conscious efforts to keep the crap out of my mouth but despite that, I'VE GAINED 7 POUNDS. The one thing I should probably blame are the margaritas... Those have been such a yummy part of a few evenings, but really? Can they be entirely to blame? Otherwise, except for maybe three cookies, everything else has been calorie controlled, one serving size portions. Maybe I'll just stop eating for a week and see how much I gain then. (Not really, but UGH!) emoticon

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VOODOOHUNY 1/8/2012 11:46AM

    Yes, my nutritional tracker is pretty empty because a little under a year ago when the weight kept creeping up, I just kind of gave up on tracking although I continued eating as I always had. I've had many women tell me that when they got to the 40 age range, their bodies changed and weight loss became more difficult. I was prepared for the loss to become more difficult but not for it to begin reversing. I'm going to continue my 30 minute daily cardio for the next few days and then increase it to 45 minutes daily for a while and then increase from there. I also know I have to begin doing strength training so I'm going to try to add it in when I bump up to the 45 minute daily cardio. I've also told myself that I'm going to have to get back into the habit of tracking my meals on here so I can see if I actually have been eating correctly. I'm also going to have to cut out the margaritas or switch to the skinny margaritas when I decide to imbibe.

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    Hard to say, I don't see anything in your nutritional tracker, so it's hard to do any troubleshooting here. Losing weight is about diet, almost exclusively. I'd focus like a laser on that, develop a good tracking habit and work on ways to avoid junk.

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Help! I have an addiction!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

I have decided I have an addictive personality. If it's not cupcakes, it's glazed walnuts. If it's not diet vanilla Pepsi, it's Twizzlers. At this point, it's cookie dough. Chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, butterscotch chip, oatmeal...all preferred doughs of choice right now. I love baking, that's just me, but for the past month, I love to bake cookies just so I can eat the dough. And I don't mean a few nibbles, I mean by the fingerful...repeatedly. It's just so sweet and creamy and it tastes so good! More telling, I think, is that if feels so good. Until I step on the scale. NOT GOOD! Let's just say the numbers for my weight loss goal have gone up and not down. Help!

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VOODOOHUNY 4/3/2011 1:44PM

    Even now, sitting here knowing I don't need the cookie dough, shouldn't have the cookie dough, I still WANT the cookie dough. I can actually feel the dough in my mouth and taste its creamy goodness on my tongue...ARGH!!! I'm going to start chanting, "Hell no to cookie dough! Hell no to cookie dough!" It might not help but it sure can't hurt.

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KELLIE02 4/3/2011 10:56AM

  I understand this...lol.. I thought I was the only one who did something like this, I really never thought of food as an addiction, until reading your blog. When I know I will eat something I mean all of whatever it is I don't buy it. Or I buy it when I know there will be people over to share it.

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I'm Not Impressed

Sunday, January 02, 2011

So yesterday marked my two year anniversary. 1/1/09 was the start date for my healthier lifestyle and I started at 257 pounds. Two years later, I should be at my goal weight of 155, right? WRONG. I'm not impressed.

Have I never indulged in yummy sweets or pizza? No. Have I always exercised every day religiously? No. Have I consistently made good nutrition choices and stayed active? YES. On a daily basis, almost every day, I obsess about what I put into my mouth. (Hmmm, do I want a piece of wheat toast with my oatmeal for 35 calories or do I want to save those 35 calories for a few extra green beans at dinner.)

I got down to 176, 81 pounds lost, four or five months ago. Now, I'm at 190 with no idea why I'm back up to that point and I've yo-yo'd with the same 10 pounds for MONTHS. I've done my exercising, my healthy eating, blah blah and FOR WHAT?? I only lost 13 pounds last year and while I should be excited that it was a loss, I'm not impressed. I feel like quitting. I feel like throwing myself on the floor while kicking, screaming and pounding my fists in frustration. What am I supposed to do? How do I lose the last 35 pounds when I can't manage to lose even 5 pounds? hELP! Do I try Weight Watchers? Rob a bank for the money to hire a trainer and nutritionist? I wonder how much an arm weighs and do I really need two of them? ARRRRGH!!

I'm SO not impressed.

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VOODOOHUNY 1/2/2011 10:23AM

    I'm religious about getting in 8-10 cups of water a day and do track all food and exercise. There have been days when I may not have gotten every bite recorded, but even if I didn't track it online, I know that I have to add XX amount of calories onto my tracked total. ~sigh~ I wonder if my age has anything to do with the ease, (or lack thereof,) of my weight loss. I know the middle aged body probably has different needs in regard to nutrition and exercise than the body of, say, a twenty-year-old. (I'm turning 40 in about 19 days.) Anyway, thank you, JohnnieGirl for your comment. Any advice at this point is welcomed.

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JOHNNIEGIRL0612 1/2/2011 10:05AM

    I can feel your frustration coming right out of my computer! Are you getting in all your water? Tracking all your food and exercise? If so, I would email one of the coaches and ask them to take a look at what you're doing and see if they can figure it out. Maybe you do need a short stint at WW or TOPS just to get on a path. I know Sparkpeople supports nearly every type of weight loss program. Good luck to you. I truly hope you figure it out. I'm sorry I don't know the answer.

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