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one more thing before bed

Monday, January 05, 2009

no, I didn't get around to exercising today. Hopefully I'll feel alert enough to do 10 min. in the morning, or at least when I get home from work.

The thing I wanted to add was that I've started making bento lunches as a form of portion control. You can see my lunches at


doing OK so far

Sunday, January 04, 2009


-a slice of dried mango
-1 serving of home made oatmeal (1/2 cup raw oats and 3/4 cup milk) with 1 tsp of honey and a few yellow raisins

lunch (AKA grazing time):

-2 handfuls of tortilla chips
-a handful of sunflower seeds
-more dried mango
-a handful of dry roasted soy beans
-a carmel

-a few cubes of cheese
-almost-one-egg mushroom and onion mini-omelet (made 5 of them with 4 eggs)
-whole wheat crust, spinach and cottage cheese pie
-a few broccoli florets
-an apple

-20 min. of walking outside (lame, I know, but it was only 20 degrees F)
-if I'm not too tired, I'll do a 10 minute workout video in 1/2 an hour, I just finished dinner/making tomorrow's lunches and munching on what didn't fit (the broccoli and cheese cubes)


I'm baaaaaack

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Good news: I have a REAL job! I'm working in Denver as a contract paralegal for the US government. I'm on the good guys side: environmental enforcement!

Bad news: the 10-15 pounds I lost in my first 2 months on sparkpeople are back. And they've duplicated themselves onto my partner too.

The plan: we joined a gym! I even signed up for a Thursday night class (starting next week) and we've made a commitment to each other to go on a "gym date" every Sunday. We're also contemplating hiring a personal trainer to share so that we can learn how to use more of the equipment in the gym.

Other good news: we got cable and a tivo now that we have 2 incomes, that means I don't have to watch TV curled up with my computer and can tape things off of fitTV (not that I've watched/used most of them yet), and I can take a belly dancing class that's at the same time Gray's Anatomy is on. Genius!


no bloging for a while, oops

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Right after I lost that job, I had the rest of that week and the following week to recover. Then, late on a Friday afternoon, I got a call from the same agency. Now, I'm working for a credit card processing company. I work with contract enforcement between the co. I work for and merchants. It's OK. I get paid and that's what matters.

Last week I left to go home for Passover on Thursday morning. It was kinda a mess. I had turned down the volume on my alarm clock because it had been giving me a little mini-panic in the mornings and I'd apparently made it SILENT. Oops. I woke up 5 minutes before my bus was to leave, so BKS had to drive me out ot Broomfield to catch the bus. Too bad he was only 1/2 awake and then didn't open the trunk to let me get my suitcase out. So, I left him to take the bus back to Boulder and I drove to the airport. It cost $45 to get the car out last night. Boo.

Weight wise, I don't know where I'm at, but clothing wise I'm EXACTLY the same size I was summer 2005. I looked smokin' for Passover with my family. I wore a silk top that my mom's custom seamstress made for me for my second senior recital and a skirt from the Macy's clearance rack and some FMPs. Everyone loved the skirt, it had pretty embroidery on it and it was swirly, plus, they've never seen me totally non-frumpy before. Even the little black dress and heels I wore last year were kinda subdued.

It's passover, so I had to blitz shop last night for a "new kitchen." BKS didn't kasher anything before sealing up the cabinets, so we needs meat cooking utensils, meat and dairy pot and pan (1 of each in red and black), dishes for eating dairy off of and eating utensils for both sets. Luckily we had a set of meat dishes already. Oh, and some tin pans for the oven and a new can opener. All total. I spent $90 at Ross and BKS spent $25 at Albertons. I think it's a bit excessive, but it makes him not cranky, so I'll learn to deal with it. I bought the cheapest version of everything I could that wasn't totally hideous.

We landed around 7 last night and didn't get home until 9, so I'm staying home today because I have an interview in about 2 hours with the DOJ and need to make up 2 midterm exams.

Wish me luck!


ISO work... again

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was working for a shoe company that makes ugly, plastic shoes with holes in them that you can stick colorful doodads in (that they also sell). I got fired. I was REALLY sick but needed the hours so I took some cold medicine and apparently did 2 days worth of data entry incorrectly. I'm sure that cost them a few hours of other people having to go in a fix my mistakes. Oops. So, no more job for me. Oh well, it's not as if data entry/incoming sales was an exciting job anyway. But it does suck getting canned when your sick.

I'm feeling better now!

I haven't posted in a while 'cause I was sick and busy and to be honest minorly freaked out. I thought I'd found a lump in my lower abdomen (just below the wasitband on my panties). I went to the Dr. and it's apparently scar tissue from being fat. As it's healing it is tender (like the scar on my thumb) and will become less tender and noticeable over time. It's not noticeable unless you squish my belly fat, but it was VERY disconcerting. I thought it had something to do with my female bits, since that's what it's over (my ovaries are somewhere under there, right?). I dunno, it was a little freaky for a few days, but really I'm just a slowly-slimming-tub-o-lard.

I'm going to attempt to make whole wheat hamentashen now, there's a recipe on EPICURIOUS,COM. I'm going to fill most with cream cheese mini-chocolate chip filling (since I can't eat chocolate) and some with apricot lekvar (pureed preserves) for me. The traditional fillings are prune and poppyseed but the dude hates dried fruit and any sort of seed (other than pine nuts).

I haven't really been thinking much about what I was eating since I was sick and was just lucky to not feel like garbage after eating, so no blogs on that. I'll start diary-ing again after Purim is over and after Lady's birthday party tomorrow night. We got the VIP room at a new club (Elixer) and a free bottel of vodka! SWEET!


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