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wasting the day away

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So I heard a rumor that my girls pediatrician left to work for the hospital full time and is gone from his practice . I called today to find out because i need to get them in for well child visits and shots . the doctor is no longer there I was told and they are trying to get the girls in with someone else . So here i sit waiting for the phone call when i could be doing other things . I'm not feeling very productive today can you tell ? On top of that i have to get my oldest in so that i can take her to preschool round up . I called today and found out it's in April sometime but they are not sure when yet . I have to call back and they only have 16 openings . great now i have to wait on that and wait on the doctors office . I am not a patient woman . LOL

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BLUEFISH2 3/12/2008 4:44PM

    Trust me, yesterday was just a very unproductive day :-)

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LANC92 3/12/2008 4:11PM

    Hmmmm, sounds like the big guy upstairs is trying to teach you to be patient LOL!

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getting back on track

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I finally have a machine that i enjoy using go figure . I trotted the stupid treadmill straight out to the trashcan where it belongs ! I tried on some summer clothes to see what i need when the weather gets nice . I was really surprised to see that I may need a lot more than I thought . I had a bunch of shorts that I was sure would fit by summer only to find out they are too big now . Not that I'm complaining . LOL This may be the first summer in a long time where my poor legs may see the sun every now and again . I can't wait . I have a serious case of the winter blues going on . I suspect everyone else who's been stuck in the land of snow does too.

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LANC92 3/3/2008 9:57AM

    YAY for a new wardrobe! You deserve it.

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MFGREEN 3/2/2008 8:41PM

    Sarah -- you rock! Now I guess you need to go to the thrift stores (like my mom).

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miserable mood

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's been an awful week . My stomach is in knots . I've had 2 major arguments with hubby this week ( oh I forgot apparently I shouldn't call him that because that's a term of affection he says I never show ) . My week started off having to call my boss about an employee that decided not to show up for work all week or bother with contacting the neccessary people to let them know when she would and would not be in . In a nutshell this hasn't been my first run in with the same ole situation and i was told to write her up not once but twice and the reasons why and to quote" cut her hours down to nothing ." So............ now the fun begins since i'm shorthanded at work I have to deliver this write up with no witness . With my luck she'll hit me or something . To top it all off this kinda thing always seems to happen when I'm not in so it makes me look incompetent when my boss receives phone calls about it . I'm a little angry and frustrated with the whole deal . I feel like I'm being punished for a bad emplyees lousy work record by taking up extra hours and her being allowed to remain in employ there .
Now the other part of the story . I had an appt at the health department with my girls today for WIC . The enitire time I'm there my 3 yr. old is trying to escape down the hall and the baby was touching everything in between alternating trying to wriggle free of mommys lap . while all the chaos is going on ( I went alone hubby had plans with friends ) the nurse is basically harping on me about the weight of my older daughter and she wants me to go to another dietician about her . I have already been this route . My inlaws watch my girls and they feed her everything I ask them not to during the day . They are great with the girls just not great at following directions . I work 40 hours plus a week . I have no idea what my girls eat when I'm not here . I came home and told hubby how frustrated I was with the visit . His solution was don't go anymore and it's in the jeans ( I took that to mean she's heavy because I was heavy ) . He said we have one like me and one like you . UGH !!! Am I wrong to take offense to that ? Never mind she eats dang chips at night with daddy after I've said no . But now it's my fault ?!
Now we are currently arguing because he said he was going out just as I was finishing up dinner . So he's angry because he says he never gets his time alone and I always say that . This of course turned into a your not affectionate at all towards me and i don't think you should refer to me as your hubby because that implies your affectionate and your not . And he is going camping this weekend with friends and says you won't miss me at all because you could care less about me . Now he's tired of me and wants to know why we don't just end it while he's young and can find someone else ? All this because I was upset because he was taking off again five minutes before dinner was done .
Know wonder I feel nuts . My life is a mess . The people I could always talk to when I felt alone were my parents and they are gone . The family I have left I don't talk to . I have a husband who seems to hate me except when he's hungry or needs his laundry done , two active toddlers and i work alot in a place that's equally stressful . I don't sleep at night I pass out from exhaustion and mental fatique . Now ask me why I don't find time to excersize and eat right ? LOL Ok I got that outta my sytem . I feel better now ( kind of ) . I was going to make this blog private but since I always seem to be MIA even while attempting to post in my boards maybe this will explain my current state of craziness .

Ok I just reread what I typed and I sound totally crazy LOL but I'm posting it anyway .

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EDIE82 10/21/2007 1:21PM

    BEAT THE RAT BASTARD!!!! I'll hold him down you take the baseball bat to his butt!!!! What a jerk!! Men are all alike! We do all the work, have the babies, take out the trash, cook the meals, clean the house and pay the bills and they're off fishing and camping while we're at home changing poopy diapers and cleaning up puke. I think you should shave him bald while he's sleeping!!! Hang in there girl, we're all rootin' for ya!!!!

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TABETHA2005 10/16/2007 12:16PM

    I just ran across your blog and wanted to say that I hope things get better for you. I can't say much more than everyone else said in their comments to this, but I hope at least on of us said something to help. And I also hope that you can talk to all of us here on Sparkpeople if you really need someone to talk to. We're all here for you!! Hope today is a better day!

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BLUEFISH2 10/11/2007 12:42PM

    Sarah (((Hug))) I am so sorry you are feeling alone with all this drama and stress around you. It is a lot to handle and it's not you that's crazy. I agree with Helen and think you just need to flat out tell anyone that is feeding your daughter junk that they are jepordizing her health. It's not cute and it's not in the genes an it's not okay just because she is a kid, it's damaging and that is the end of it. It does sound like hubby knows he's not doing the right thing and taking it out on you. It is not you. Its hard to affectionate when you're not getting the support you need. Hang in there!

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CALIGIRL33 10/11/2007 11:25AM

    Sarah - I don't have much to add to the previous replies, just wanted to let you know that I'll be thinking about you and I hope you figure out a way to get things back on track. You're such a sweet person and it really sucks that you have to deal with all of this.

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LANC92 10/11/2007 10:18AM

    Listen up girlie, we've all had times when our plates were so full of drama there was no room for anything else. It's amazing to me that you're handling it at all! One thing you need to do is tell your in-laws and your hsuband straight out that if your daughter doesn't start eating better the doctor is going to make her go on a diet. I do not know anyone who wants to see a child go on a diet. Secondly, it sounds like to me that hubby has some issues of his own, You are not wrong to want him to stay home or to want him to participate in a family dinner. Often times when people know they are behaving badly, they try to place the blame elsewhere. Do not let him do that to you. Hang in there hon and remember you can always "talk" to me via Spark Mail.

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HUNGRYBIGGIRL 10/10/2007 9:30PM

    You don't sound crazy just real. And I'm sorry things are so hectic for you right now. But keep things in perspective, especially the things you can control. Don't stress about your job, because when your not there it's not your responsibility what happens unless you own the place. The employee who needs to be fired, should have a good talking to with you and the boss both in person. This should be her last chance, if she's not getting fired this time. I understand needing employee's, but if there not a good help they're more a henderance then anything else. And the kiddies and the hubby that's a hard one, how about you sit down with the in-laws and explain gentle as possible the health implications of your children not eating healthy and possibly provide them with healthy food for lunch and snacks for the kids for when there with them. And your honey and you maybe it's been along time since the two of you have had alone time. It would be great if the two of you could have date night and have a whole day and night to rekindle the fires that brought the two of you together. I hope my advice helps, take it all in stride, take it one day at a time. Take some deep breaths and do some stretching exercising to calm and destress yourself. :O)

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Cardio challenge

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So I hate my treadmill . I know nice way to start out my blog right ? I am doing the biggest loser part 3 challenge right now and this weeks inner team challenge is to log cardio minutes . Wow I wish I had lots of uninterupted time to go walking outside . I do but it's at 11 at night and the kids are in bed . Who wants to get eaten by mosquitos , so I get on my stupid cheap manual treadmill everynight after work and sweat and complain for 20 minutes . Which is honestly pushing it for me . I think I've been such a slacker excersize wise that it's killing me now that I'm actually doing it every day . That and I'm a smoker . Not a heavy smoker but it makes a huge difference . I know I have quit many many times over . This time I decided to wait til I hit my goal weight and then give up the cigarettes . I figure I've been unhealthy this dang long so what's a little longer . I absolutely can not do both at once I just know myself all to well .

Wish me luck . I'm trying very hard . I'm stuck at a plateau again I think . Maybe this will give me the boost I need . I needed the motivation . Challenges help me alot .

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CENTAURI 7/19/2007 2:21AM

    Sarah I think you dread exercise because you hate the treadmill you have. That would make me not want to use it. I bought my Gazelle off the Home Shopping Network on the flex payment plan so that I could afford to buy it. I really like it. I think you just need to find something you enjoy doing. That way exercise is not such a chore...ya know?

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BLUEEYES5959 7/18/2007 11:24PM

    Sounds like you're having a tough day and you have lots of things going on in your life. Good job on getting that cardio in everyday. It's great, too, that you know yourself well enough to know how many goals you can put on yourself. Good luck :)

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Off track

Friday, June 08, 2007

I am going to start tracking my food and excersize again to get back on track . I am such a liar especially to myself . I haven't excersized in a while besides the occasional walk . and yesterday I started off good then ate pie and went out to eat . You don't even wanna know what i ate at the restaurant all the while telling myself it was fine . LOL It was not fine . I do not wanna see 200 pounds again . AND if I keep this up I will . SO......... starting today I'll be tracking again to make myself accountable .

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CENTAURI 7/11/2007 6:43PM

    Hi Sarah!

Don't be so hard on yourself. We all get a lil off track some days. Right now I am up about 4-5 lbs because of having surgery. I haven't been able to go potty since the surgery. Ya So I am all plugged up I think. *ugh* I do know Vicodin can cause constipation, so hubby said if I don't go by tomorrow he will stop by the store and get me something to help. Just what I wanted eh? *lol*

I have a confession too! On my daughter's birthday I ate a piece of cookies & cream ice cream pie. And had another pie the following day!

I am loving all the new energy on our team! I think we are really going to step it up this round! I have total faith in you gf! You always come through! Hang in there!


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