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Vacation Ready

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My summer is too busy for routines, but I still find time to eat too much but not enough time to exercise. Time for a strategy session. Next week comes vacation with its own unique challenges--usually it's easier to avoid snacking, but last vacation we spent too much time driving instead of outdoors hiking and having fun.

Vacation goal #1: For every decision, choose the option that gives us more time playing outdoors instead of stuck in our seats driving. Walk, jog around, or stretch every day before we start, whenever we stop, and as soon as we arrive.

Vacation goal #2: Be prepared with entertainment for driving, so we are less tempted to eat away our boredom. Audio books, music CDs, occasional family games/challenges (make up a story, a song, 20 questions, etc). Plan ahead what we're going to do and see at each destination.

Vacation goal #3: Stop at local farmstands whenever we can to enjoy produce at its peak, and try to serve big salads or cooked veggies at least one meal every day (cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, peppers..) Stock up every few days on lots of fruit and vegetables that store well, like melons, cabbage carrots. Use beans, fish, and meats rather than cheese, peanut butter, and other dense rich foods. Use canned vegetables and meat, too. Don't over-rely on breads, cheeses, dried fruit, rich nuts, or sweet and salty snacks. For road snacks, pass out treats of fresh fruits and keep napkins handy for cleanup. Embrace perishable, nutritious foods whenever we can! Save the crackers and peanut butter for emergencies...

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CONSISTENCY2014 7/21/2014 2:58PM

    these are GREAT goals- really inspired me too. Thanks! WE CAN DO IT!

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Don't obsess! Tomorrow is Ten Day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm not at all focused. On eating, that is. I'm very focused on trying to clean my house and keep up with my garden. Even obsessed. I see a need for more balance in my day. My current challenge is to work hard without being obsessed by my current focus. I can feel the burnout nipping at my heels. Since I don't live alone, the house will never be perfectly clean and I need to stick with goals that still allow me to care for myself and enjoy my family.

Tomorrow's goals: Spend morning doing something fun with my kids.
Prepare something for DH's birthday
Spend one hour sorting paper piles in office ("business")
Harvest the garden produce
Scrub the kitchen floor
Cook 2 of our 3 meals tomorrow

Health goal: Do 10x of something tomorrow (swim laps, minutes of Pilats, pushups, stairs, anything at all that strikes my fancy). BUT I have to choose something that sounds fun.

Drink 10 cups of water, coffee, tea and veggie juice (it's hot!)
Eat 10 servings of fruit and veggies

Weight loss goal: Lose 10% of my weight this year (17 pounds). 1 pound per week, that would be 17 weeks, and there are more weeks than that til 2015. Sounds reasonable. That would that be exciting.


I want that walk!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Family vacation mode. First family vacation frustrating, so much time driving and visiting, only found enough time to take a decent walk 3 out of 10 days. I like visiting BUT I can't live like this, because I have no exercise/fitness reserve and lost more than I gained. I was hoping this time "off' would help me ease back on track. I was so depressed by the end of my vacation, I couldn't honestly tell anyone it was a good vacation, just a few good days. I guess I shouldn't dump on whoever is asking how it went, they can't help it.

SO what to do? I squeezed a couple of short walks in yesterday and a hike today. Thank you God! I love walks. My mood is lifted on a hike even if I'm winded, I don't care. I'm so happy to be out in nature! It's hard to understand why it's so hard to make time for walks, that is, time for myself.

Every goal I've set for myself in the past year, big or small, I've only kept for about a week before it's interrupted. Often, the interruption/s lasts several days, then I'm not only discouraged about failing my goal, but I'm also "behind" on other work, and miss even more days of exercise trying to catch up on housekeeping and other commitments. As much as I wish I could stick to a routine 5 days a week like I used to before kids, my role as mother and wife doesn't seem to allow it. And then when I get time, my energy is so far gone I don't use my time well.

Continued failing fitness is not an acceptable price to pay. I love walking and some sports and have many interests, but the price of failing to consistently make time for myself is that I get more winded now than I did when I was 8 months pregnant and weighed 20 pounds more.

"I need to be flexible," has been my mantra. But I need a better mantra. I need to be less flexible. Just as I'm inflexible about eating every day, about cleaning the stove top or feeding the pets, I need to be inflexible about exercising. If that means we visit fewer people and don't travel as far, so be it. If that means assigning my family more chores so I can take a hike, or insisting that my youngest child bicycle alongside me whether she wants to or not, so be it. I already know what happens when I allow my needs to slide--I lose fitness. I get depressed. I get mad at myself and resent others. I lose interest and enthusiasm for my interests. I get less done, and I enjoy life less. On the other hand, when I take good care of myself, I reverse all that for the better, I love life, and I'm filled with enthusiasm for others and my work. Now I have moments of that; but I remember times of much more energy and enthusiasm. I know that it is possible.

I have a date to keep. With myself. I need to ask, even insist, for my family and friends to help me take time to take care of myself. Exactly what I do for exercise and when I do it is negotiable; what is not negotiable is whether I do it. This is not impossible.

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BA5454 7/1/2014 7:15AM

    Great self-affirming blog. You're worth taking some time for yourself ;-). P.S. I feel the same way about hiking--give me the great outdoors anytime for a pick-me-up.

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Monday, June 09, 2014

I kept my resolution for 8 days, and it felt great. Then I got "too busy" and after one more week, I feel bloated and sleepy. Hmm, so how will I stay on track better next week? And all summer?

In the meantime, in the busyness of last week and all the end-of-school celebrating, two of my kids have ailing stomachs. They're not sick, they just feel off and their guts are off. Their diet has been worse than usual--more sugar, lots of bread, less veggies and meat. After a long talk with my DS, and observations of my DD, I am reluctantly facing up to the fact that they are probably suffering from yeast overgrowth, and that to help them, I will need to be prepared and consistent not just in avoiding sugar, but in cutting way back on the convenience of bread, sandwiches, pancakes, et. I'm not sure if my reluctance is from my own fondness of breads & flour stuff, or because it will be hard to steer my kids away from yeast-growing foods, or because I anticipate my DH will resist this change. I've suspected a gluten intolerance in my DD for years, but he has been unwilling to modify our family diet, preferring that she get separate, special food.

I have a list of healthy, good foods and menus. I have the knowledge about what and how to cook. It's the emotional battle I fear, of the things that other members of the family won't want to give up, the ever-present temptation of having "off-limits" food in the house and on the table. I don't like cooking separate meals; to me it belies lack of hospitality and inclusion, plus it's more work. I will need to pick my battles carefully to succeed in this. I may need to give up on my desire that we all eat the same food. The one new help is that my DS now understands the relationship between how he feels and what he eats and wants to try this for his own sake.

OK, back to my Pilates resolution tomorrow, and here's to making it a priority to cook and eat in a way that is healthy for my whole family. May God help me!

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ZRIE014 6/9/2014 12:40AM

  just remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life

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Ready, set, go.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I keep losing my way to my blog!

OK, now that I've found you, I've been formulating a new improved plan:

100 Day Challenge:
1) Do 20 minutes beginning Pilates tape for 30 days
Do 20 minutes intermediate Pilates tape for 30 days
Do 20 minutes advanced Pilates tape for 30 days (or revert to intermediate)
Do something fun & different for 10 days (swim, bicycle, row, weights, dance...anything!)
Come up with a new goal, or repeat this goal, for the next 100 days. Keep revisiting every 100 days incase a fresh goal would help keep my interest up.

2) For now, just track other goals (walks, more veggies, less sugar) but keep goal/focus on Pilates.

3) Print out table to track progress (check it off), for 30 days at a time.

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BILL60 5/28/2014 9:33AM

    Sounds like a plan.

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