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How I Visual Myself at the End of BLC23

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Vision of Myself at the End of BLC23

How do I see myself at the end of BLC23?

I see myself better educated in healthy eating and in exercise techniques. That is something I am working on so hard this round.

I have too often jumped into healthy living without doing my homework, and have wondered my results were not as good as I expected.

I am losing slowly this round, and slowly is good for me. But more important to me is what I have been learning.

So what is my vision of myself at the end of this BLC? To be more learned in healthy eating and in exercise techniques, and to have lost weight slowly and steadily.

Denise emoticon

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LETHA_ 11/11/2013 9:19PM

    Great vision!

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68ANNE 11/11/2013 8:10PM

    That is the way to go! I am slowly learning this too.

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STILLWATERSSB 11/11/2013 5:55PM

    The learning portion has been so valuable! I've learned way more than what I've lost in poundage and hopefully the weight will come with it eventually!

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CATLOVER110 11/11/2013 3:11PM

    Sounds great! Good for you!

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My Goals for BLC23

Friday, October 04, 2013

My Goals and Rewards for BLC23

emoticon Friends/Family/Support Goals:

See my sister once every two weeks and speak with her on the phone twice a week. This will boost my self-esteem. Reward will be giving her the gift of a jar candle at the end of BLC23.

Continue to keep in touch with parents daily.

Get together with exercise partner twice a week to accompany me to the gym or go for a minimum 3 mile walk.

Continue to meet with dietician or nurse once a week to discuss healthy lifestyle. Reward will be a bottle of Bath and Bodyworks lotion at the end of BLC23.

emoticon Physical Goals:

Exercise at 20 minutes every day. Reward will be new exercise outfit at the end of BLC23.

Do 20 minutes of yoga twice a week to increase flexibility.

Participate in all BLC23 Challenges. Reward will be Bath and Bodyworks body spray at the end of BLC23.

Lose 10 pounds by the end of BLC23. Reward will be a pedicure.

emoticon Nutrition Goals:

Continue to track every bite, lick, taste every day.

Every Sunday, prepare healthy snacks for the week. Reward will be a favorite fruit every week.

emoticon Mental Goals:

Re-read three books:
1. You on a Diet – The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management by Michael F. Roizen, MD and Mahmet C. Oz, MD;
2. The Spark – The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life by Chris Downie; and
3.The Beck Diet Solution- Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research.

Reward will be two new bookmarks at the end of BLC 23.

15 minutes of organizing every day, including cleaning out car and purse every Friday. Reward will be a new jar candle at the end of BLC.

emoticon Spiritual Goals:

Read Bible every day.

Meditate 15 minutes per day.

emoticon Financial Goal:

Put aside $20 per week during BLC23. Reward will be some new clothing at the end of BLC23.


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68ANNE 10/5/2013 9:26PM

    that is a great set of goals. I think I may borrow a few. Awesome!

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FUNLOVEN 10/5/2013 7:35AM

    I like how you set up your goals AND rewards. I am always short on meaningful rewards for myself because everything I think of is expensive. Thanks for some ideas.

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    emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Audra

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POETLKNG2LOSE 10/4/2013 1:12PM

    Great goals Denise i like the rewards you set out too. I need to get back to doing more strength exercise like i said i would have slacked off the last 2 days. Was too tired and sore after work on Wednesday and yesterday i did the TNT plus some back exercises. I am trying to read one book but then i put it down and start on another one. I like your organizing one too i am totally disorganized and messy as is the house!

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BELLSES 10/4/2013 12:01PM

    Great goals. I especially love your rewards.

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FANCYSIMAGES 10/4/2013 10:49AM


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Friday, July 19, 2013

Blogging my Thursday Tighten and Tone (TNT) for full points!

Here’s what I did, not necessarily in order:

Warm-up – Stretches, Treadmill

Upper Body:
Modified pushups 1 set of 10
Wall pushups 2 sets of 10
Dumbell curves 3 sets of 10
Chest fly 3 sets of 10

Crunches with ball – 2 sets of 10
Bridges – 2 sets of 10
Dumbell side bends 3 sets of 10

Lower Body:
Lying abduction – 3 sets of 10
Forward lunges – 2 sets of 10
Wall squats – 3 sets of 10
Hamstring flexion with ball 3 sets of 10
Calf raises – 3 sets of 10

Cool down – 10 minutes – yoga (downward dog, tree pose, cat/cow, ending with child’s pose.

I felt so good after this I went on a 3 mile walk with my little dog!

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ZIGGY122 8/1/2013 7:46PM


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WINDSONG~ 7/21/2013 3:31AM


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FUNLOVEN 7/20/2013 8:48AM

    Not sure what Dumbell curves are, but sounds like a great workout. emoticon

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    Good job !!

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JLEMUS1 7/19/2013 1:09PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JAMBABY0 7/19/2013 11:00AM

    Wow doing great, keep it up

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Monday, July 01, 2013


Me, 5 years from now - BLC22 Week 4 Assignment:

Look at me! Would you just look at me! The me 5 years from now has achieved and maintained her weight loss goal!

She had to undergo a tummy tuck to take care of all the loose skin from losing so much weight (about 60 pounds, actually).

She’ll never be considered “slender”. That wasn’t her goal. Her goal was to be healthy, and that is what she is. According to the BMI she is still a little over-weight. But this is the weight at which she feels comfortable. She’s not the least bit concerned with that extra 10 pounds the BMI thinks she should lose.

She is glowing with health, she exudes a positive energy that is a blessing not only to herself, but those around her. She has so much more energy than she had at this point 5 years ago.

Physically, she looks good, real good. She feels great right where she is, and is staying at maintenance level. She exercises 3-5 times a week, and this included walking, water aerobics, challenging DVDs. She does strength training twice a week, and yoga 5 days a week before going to work. She wants to stay strong and flexible.

Emotionally, her confidence is right through the roof! At 52 she feels as good as when she was in her 20’s. The self-sabotaging thoughts seldom enter her mind, and when they do, she is quick to answer back with something positive.

She is proud of who she is and very confident in the way she looks.

She takes so much better care of herself not than she did 5 years ago - she knows the importance of “me time” and schedules it in just like any other appointment. She know she is worth it!

Getting dressed for work in the morning is a breeze! All the clothes in her closet are her size, not a few sizes too big and a few sizes too small; nope, they all left a while ago. She may not have an extravagant wardrobe, but she has quality pieces that mix and match well together. She never looks thrown together - the looks polished.

All this confidence has, of course, been noticed by her supervisor, who is now lobbying for her to have extra hours at work. Because she such confidence in herself, she has been tackling more and more difficult projects, and doing very well with them. She is working above and beyond the scope of her duties, and that is being noticed not only by her supervisor but by the board members.

Eating right is a learned habit - a life-long habit - and she has learned it. She eats a healthy, well-balanced diet. She does treat herself occasionally. No food is actually “off limits” - just enjoyed in moderation. She still tracks every bite, lick and taste religiously. She knows this was a great tool to her success and that it is just as important in maintenance.

She continues to be active in the Spark community. She is especially active in the BLC’s. She feels there on her maintenance track and is vital to keeping her motivated. She loves her SparkFriends and Teammates.

With the BLC's she has learned about weight loss, eating right, but perhaps most importantly, she has learned how to respect herself and be kind to herself.

She knows she would not have gotten to this point without the encouragement and support of her BLC team members. Now that she is in maintenance, she hopes she can be a great motivation to others on her team and support them as much as they supported her.



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PAULAAUTUMN 7/5/2013 7:03AM

    Great vision and emoticon nothing is going to stop you

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FUNLOVEN 7/3/2013 9:59AM

    OMG ! This was such an awesome blog that I thought it was already a reality emoticon

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COOKIE_AT_51 7/2/2013 7:07AM

    Love it emoticon You will get there to this point! We should all set a reminder to come back and read the posts we made in 5 years! emoticon

~ Cookie

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WINDSONG~ 7/2/2013 3:46AM


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STEVIEBEE569 7/2/2013 3:10AM

    emoticon emoticon

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MLJSPARK 7/2/2013 2:32AM

    Love this! Can't wait to see you as a master of maintenance in future BLCs! emoticon

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    WoW ! ! A great vision of your future self. I am so very proud of YOU !! I know for sure that emoticon YOU can achieve your goal/ your vision.

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HAWTGRANNY2014 7/1/2013 9:10PM

    Great vision make it come true. I have faith in you.

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CATLOVER110 7/1/2013 8:29PM

    Wow, great vision! emoticon

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Imagine . . .

Friday, June 21, 2013

Imagine . . .

This is my Future Self, at the end of BLC22, answering this all-important question:

"Denise, you have met your goals for BLC22! How do you feel and how did you do it?"

My ultimate goal for BLC22 was to lose 11.8 pounds. I have reached my goal! My baby steps to achieve this goal, as previously stated, were:
1. Mindful Eating and Tracking.
2. Sleep 7 Hours per Night
3. Incorporate More Music into my Daily Life
4. 64 oz of Water Daily

So, how do I feel after I have lost the 11.8 pounds from BLC22? I feel more confident. My self-esteem is at an all-time high! I even feel sexy! I feel a freedom that is hard to put into words.

I have dropped a size. This means I am out of the "big girl" section and can shop in stores I have not been able to shop in for years! I need new jeans, as the ones I have are very loose. Unless you have had to shop in the "big girl" section for years, there is no way you can understand what this feels like! I'm like a kid in a candy store with a nickel to spend on a piece of candy, and so many choices it's dazzling!

I am revved up to continue losing weight. I am that much closer to my ultimate goal. I want to continue with my four steps that got me this far. I feel so successful. I can't wait to set new goals, knowing I am going to meet them, too.

Having tracked my food for 12 weeks, it has become a natural thing for me to do. I believe it will be a life-long habit. That was the goal here. To eat healthy and exercise for 12 weeks, and having done this for 12 weeks, to make it a life-time change.

During the last 2 BLC's, I practiced mindful eating. I have stayed with it right up to the present time. I think that is going to be a big part of me reaching my goal.

I only eat sitting down. No television, no distractions. I concentrate on my food. I can see a clock from where I sit. I eat slowly, savoring every bite. If I feel like I want a second helping of anything, I make sure 20 minutes have passed, so my "full button" can engage. This strategy works well. I have not gone back for seconds for weeks! I eat what I intend to eat, and that is it.

My family and friends think I've gone off the deep end. Whenever we have a family dinner or go out to eat, I put my eating utensil down between bites to remind myself to practice mindful eating, to remind me to savor every bite.

Family dinners were always a downfall for me. They aren't now. I bring my own healthy food if none is to be provided. My family is really starting to respect my new eating habits.

My family notices my weight loss and they are proud of me for what I have achieved, but they are quick to remind me I have a ways to go. No kidding, as if I didn't know! Whatever. They can't possibly understand, and I forgive them for their lack of tactfulness.

This is not a quick process. This is a life-time change. It may be a slow process, but it is worth it. No miracle potions or starving myself. No quick weight loss only to be regained shortly thereafter. Nope, not this time. This time I am doing it right. And I know I am doing it right.

For BLC22, I wanted to do more exercise. I am doing more now than I have been doing in the past. I know I can do more. Still a work in progress here.

I have reached my goal of more music in my life, and that has created the stage for more spontaneous exercise, and more fun with intentional exercise. Now that I enjoy exercise more, I am doing more.

Since I have made it half way to my goal weight, I am motivated more than ever to exercise and continue mindful eating.

For meeting my goal of 64 ounces of water, I have developed a fool-proof plan that has been very successful. Each morning I fill up two 32 ounce bottles. The first bottle has to be gone by noon, the second bottle has to be done before day's end. This system works well for me.

I have been going to bed earlier. I now get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I wake up once to go to the bathroom, then I go right back to sleep. Sometimes my little dog, Liberty, has to go out around 5 a.m. Again, I am able to go right back to sleep. I am less tired and cranking during the day. I feel like I have more energy.

As I have met all my goals for BLC22, I am very proud of myself. I will not be happy when BLC22 ends, because I am on a roll and I want to keep going. I hope so much that there is a "bridging the gap" group like we had after BLC21. I want to stay accountable. I want to stay on track. I want to stay successful.

After reaching my BLC22 goals, I am even more motivated to help others reach their goals. I want to be as supportive to my teammates as they have been for me.

We Fabulous Feisty Foxes have a terrific supportive and motivational team, and I thank you all for your encouragement and friendship. Without all of you and your daily support, I don't think I would have met my goals. And I am so proud of how you all met your goals, too! We are all on the same path to healthy living, we are all moving forward to our next baby-step goals, ever reaching closer to our healthy weight goal. It has been an honor to be a part of this team! I am glad we were able to help one another along this road. We rock!

Looking forward to BLC23!



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POETLKNG2LOSE 6/24/2013 12:59PM

    Wonderful blog Denise! It is inspiring and motivating to all of us. Especially remembering the rest of your teammates as well. Thanks for taking us on your journey and it will be a great day when you finally get to your goal. emoticon

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HAWTGRANNY2014 6/23/2013 9:46PM

    Your background page reminds me that we are all in this together. It looks like the one fox is taking care of the little one. No matter the size or the nationality, we are one. We are all connected and live for a better world. Let's remember no fox left behind. Thanks for the great blog and keep on going. You are awesome. Pam

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PAULAAUTUMN 6/22/2013 6:53AM

    Great progress emoticon you are a real inspiration.

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WINDSONG~ 6/22/2013 3:01AM


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CICI510 6/21/2013 9:39PM


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COOKIE_AT_51 6/21/2013 8:49PM

    emoticon So exciting! Thank you for thinking of your fellow foxes too emoticon emoticon

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DAYSPRING-STAR 6/21/2013 4:16PM

    Ah Denise! Awesome blog and it is coming to reality for you! I love how you imagined all of us meeting our goals also! Thank you!

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    By the way, love your kissy-face foxes.

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    It truly is a natural "HIGH" when we can honestly say, "I have done what I set out to do. AND, I know I will continue on this new road. If perchance I should encounter a detour, I now know how to find my way back to MY path quickly and with assurance."

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MARYDSAN 6/21/2013 2:01PM

    Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! Keep up the good work!

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