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Thursday, May 03, 2012

To stop making excuses.

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CAT609 5/3/2012 6:52AM

    Woohoo! I agree! I must do the same. Good luck to us! emoticon emoticon

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Today Feels Like a Good Day to Start Over

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I re-created my weight goals today. I've been hovering at 187 for a while now and with the amount I'm exercising I really want to put in that effort of eating better and get the amazing body I deserve! Today is my weight-in day. Meaning that from now on I will be weighing myself on Wednesday mornings. This works well because it's halfway between the weekends and I always feel that I need a day or two to recover from weekend eating. Not that I binge, I just eat thing I don't normally eat.

So, 17 lbs. by June 7th. That is 12 daye before my 27th birthday. Wow, it would be nice to hit this goal before I turn 27!

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DLDROST 4/25/2012 7:20AM


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DEMIGIRLIE 4/25/2012 7:12AM

    I'm starting over today too! Good luck to you!!

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Stressed Out but Strong

Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Monday! Well, up here it's rainy and cold and Monday - pretty much the perfect start for the week. I say this because it means Friday will be nice! Which is essential since I have my second 5K on Sunday! I ran one Friday and my time was 27:15, pretty impressive for my first race. To me it means that I am a competitor and I'm actually kind of good at this which is nice since I've got two more races this year!

But onto more serious matters. I've been feeling extremely off balance. And this morning as I was dong my yoga I was wonder why this is so. And how do I get my balance back? I've been training pretty hard so I suppose my body is little more fatigued. However, I would like to think I eat well. BUT, I also know I've been increasing my calories to the point where I work out, burn it off and just eat it again. And this is not somewhere I want to be. I work hard and I want the body of the athlete I am. And I know the eating is because I'm stressed. So, how do I change this behavior? Essentially I just need to stop eating emotionally. But, what do I do instead? Am I tired and therefore should make an effort to get a lot of extra sleep this week? I already exercise to release stress, so that's out. I suppose maybe making an effort to make a journal entry and 30 min of leisure reading. OK - I think that sounds like a plan I haven't tried yet.

Every night this week I will go to bed at 9:00 p.m. Write a journal entry about my day, emphasizing emotional stresses and how they made me feel and how to deal with them, and then I will read for 30 min. from a book that has nothing to do with school.

My a.m. yoga is an important part of my day. It allows me to warm up my body after the crazy workouts I've been doing. I also need to acknowledge that this is my last week of serious training. Monday next week starts a new workout program for the month of May. One that is a little less intense. So, I just need to push myself through this last bit of work and then next week I will be tapering.

I suppose other than that life is OK. My ex and I talked on the phone last night and that was stressful. lol I guess in general I am just stressed! And I am taking it out on food.

With awareness comes power. I am aware of my behavior and now need to work to correct it.

I am not perfect, and I do not want to be. Being perfect is not interesting. It's important to remember this because I often feel that I try very hard to be perfect just to lose it all in a "gray area" when I think everything is just "black and white".



Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh boy, it has been two crazy weeks! A new course started and it's turning out to be more intense than I had anticipated. As a result, I realized last week that I was stress eating! First, I'm proud I actually identified this behavior. I realized it on Thurs, and on Fri went to yoga which has helped a little bit. But everything is just intense and stressful !!!

As such, I have decided that it is probably best to lay out a plan for myself. I have a 5k in two weeks. Therefore this weeks and next week include training runs. But in addition I would like to try two weight workouts. This Friday I might not be able to attend my yoga class due to work. I want to keep within my caloric range each day, just one treat in the evening. Drink tea if have a craving.

I really just need to get some form of control back in my life. Or if nothing else find a way to compromise and work through and with this crazy period.

I broke up with my bf and now he's petty and snide and negative and it drives me nuts. It's emotionally stressful. He's accusatory and mean and I just should write him out of my life (what's stopping me?).

I'm hoping to gain some clarity this week. Maybe I'll write an entry a day?



Friday, March 23, 2012

Wow, weeks flown by. I spent a lot of the week working outside in this great weather. The blogging has allowed me to see some things that I didn't want to see before. I also know now that exercise is part of my life, and I will make sure I include it everyday ( I ran outside yesterday). Also that a.m. yoga makes my day that much better. And that I need to break up with my boyfriend. Maybe not something to broadcast but there it is. And I know it will be a tough breakup but I will be better and healthier afterwards.

Today, I'll be inside all day doing online training, and only one break to go outside to do some mending. I'm honestly looking forward to a dull, slow day. But by 1000 I'll probably want to rip my hair out. Hope you all are going to have a great Friday!

Oh, and I'm going to the gym and gonna attempt a weight workout.


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