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Merry Christmas Everybody!

Friday, December 25, 2009

From every Brits favorite Christmas rock tune! ;)



Body Fat: Where I Started, Where I Am Now

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Calculating my body fat percentage this morning disappointed me. It was not where I wanted nor expected to be. I still have a lot of work left to do. I will probably not make my goal weight with the body fat percentage that I expected.

Thanks to some advice on the Iron Maiden team from IndustrialTape, it looks like I'll need to continue trimming fat before I can add muscle to reach the body composition I desire. This means I'll need to trim down to about 110 pounds and maintain my muscle, before I can add about 5.83 lbs of additional muscle.

This is shocking. Now instead of being 10 pounds from my goal, I'm 20 pounds away! Arg!

However, I'm feeling better after comparing my current stats to my starting stats. I don't have my original measurements, but I know what pant size I used to wear, and what I used to weigh. From that, I estimate that I had 42% body fat when I weighed 160 lbs with size 14 pants.

Starting Weight: 160lbs
Waist: Approx 34in
Hips: Approx 44in
Body Fat Percentage: 42%
Lbs Body Fat: 67.2
Lbs Lean mass: 92.8

Current Weight: 131 lbs
Waist: 30in
Hips: 39in
Body Fat Percentage: 33%
Lbs Body Fat: 43.23
Lbs Lean mass: 87.77

Net Loss:
Weight: -29lbs
Waist: -4in
Hips: -5in
Body Fat Percentage: -9%
Lbs Body Fat: -23.97
Lbs Lean Mass: -5.03

Looks like I've lost 17% muscle out of my total 29 lbs. I'm going to have to do a better job during this last stretch. But 23.97 pounds of fat lost! Yay!

I think I did well overall, and I'm feeling a lot better about my progress.

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VHALKYRIE 1/3/2010 11:31PM

    FISHING88: Thanks for the encouragement! It was disappointing at first, but it's a good thing to know where I stand. If I could make it this far, then I can make it a little further!


Comment edited on: 1/3/2010 11:32:01 PM

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FISHING88 12/27/2009 4:45PM

    I can understand your discouragement, but I also think you should be proud of your journey so far! You are well on your way and you have to feel and look better! Keep working and you will reach your goal!

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Disappointing Body Fat Measurements

Thursday, December 24, 2009

While I've come a long way, I'm reminded that I still have a long way to go. My overall measurements are down, which is great news! However, my body fat calculations are still far, far from where I want to be.


While I haven't had my caliper measurements taken yet, tape measurements are usually close enough to estimate. I've had professional measurements taken before, then found a tape measurement formula that closely matched it. So I know it's in the ballpark. As of this morning, I still have about 33% body fat.

Crap, crap, crap.

Roughly, my body composition is about as follows:
Weight: 131 lbs
Body Fat: 43.23 lbs (33%)
Lean Mass: 87.77 lbs
Waist: 30in
Hip: 39in

Weight: 120 lbs
Body Fat: 26.4 lbs (22%)
Lean Mass: 93.6 lbs
Waist: 25 in
Hip: 35 in

Net Change Required for Goal:
Weight: -11 lbs
Body Fat: -16.83 lbs
Lean Mass: +5.83 lbs
Waist: -5 in
Hip: -4 in

So while I "only" have 10-11 pounds left to lose, I still have my work cut out for me.


I think while the winter months has me mostly home bound, I'm going to focus more on strength training and increasing muscle mass. Almost 6 lbs of muscle is tough for women to do. That's what I'm most worried about.

At the start of the new year, I may have to invest in a personal trainer again to help me build mass.

While this is bad news on a couple of fronts, at least I know where I stand for the new year. At least I have some goals to shoot for.

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VHALKYRIE 12/25/2009 12:44AM

    Thanks the perspective, Kayotic.

Normally these things don't bother me, but I really expected to break 30%. I was really disappointed when it didn't work out that way.

I have a tendency to convince myself that bad news can't really be happening when it comes to my weight. When I was 160 lbs, I convinced myself that the scale was wrong, and I was 150 (like that was any better).

I checked, rechecked and checked the numbers again with the body fat measurement until I just had to tell myself, "It's correct. Time to deal with it."

This falls quite short of my goals, and I simply cannot be satisfied with it. So I'm going to change things. There are some targets that we get close to, but just don't hit. I can do better than this. I will do better than this. But I can't say this is 'close enough'. It is still far too outside the range.

What I did do was go back and remind myself of where I started from. I've still managed to come a long way, and have kept moving in the right direction. I'm happy with myself for that. I'm not done yet though. There's still more work to be done.

22% is pretty darn fit, and I may not be able to do the work required to get there. I'll reassess if necessary. 24-25%, I could probably be fine with, realistically. But the 30s, no way. They gotta go!!

Comment edited on: 12/25/2009 12:51:18 AM

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KAYOTIC 12/24/2009 10:22PM

    My trainer has this fancy schmancy body fat scale, and at one point I think I was close to 22% on that sucker. Which was fine. Last time I hopped on, I was near 25%. Thought I'd be much lower, since I was working my butt off, but I realized that it shouldn't matter that much, and I was letting it take over. I felt fine before I stepped on that scale, and saw that number, so why did I let it (a number on a scale) make me feel like a failure? I decided to try to stop putting that kind of pressure on myself, and try to be happy with how I feel, look, and what other gains I'm making.

I'm not trying to say you should do that, and if this goal is really important to you, I hope you get there, but just thought I'd add that perspective, in case it rings true for you too.

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Conquering the Stairmaster

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am the elliptical master. I'm rather proud that at my gym, I'm working out on the highest incline, with near highest resistance. Meanwhile, people 10 years younger than me are working with much lower resistance while reading a gossip magazine. I see them peeking over at my resistance level, try to increase theirs, and then give up and drop to an easier stride.

Last night, I decided I wanted to do something different. I went to the stair step machine. I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of the stair step machines. Last time I used them, it really kicked my butt. I avoided them in favor of the ellipticals and arc trainers.

It kicked my butt again. In the first 2 minutes, I thought to myself, "Maybe this was a mistake. This is too hard. Maybe I'll stop and go back to the elliptical."

I ignored myself. I stayed on it. It was hard. My leg muscles strained in protest. My knee complained. Everything was saying, "Give up, you can't do this".

At minute 5, something weird happened.

I felt fine. All the excuses about it being too hard disappeared. My muscles warmed up, got used to the exercise, and stopped complaining. I don't care about sweating or if my muscles were being challenged - I'll ignore my inner voice complaints about those. If my knee continued to bother me, though, I was going to stop. It felt fine after my muscles warmed up.

I thought to myself, "This is challenging, but I can do this."

The last five minutes, similar excuses started appearing in my head. "This is tough. I've done a good workout. Maybe this is long enough for this session. I'll work longer next time."

I've learned that when these voices start speaking to me, I need to do the opposite. I ignored them, and kept stepping. I completed my 30 minute workout as I originally intended, stepping the whole time. At the end, I completed climbing 90 floors according to the machine. Next time, I will do 100.

Right now, the voices are telling me that the stair step machine is hard, and it's not my favorite machine. Therefore, I'm going to be doing a lot more work on the stair climber because it's a challenge.

I will never progress if I continue to work only on the things I like to do, and that are easy for me. I like the elliptical, and using high intensity interval training makes it a great calorie burn, but I need to step out of my familiar. I need to step out of my comfort zone. I will never make my goal if I continue to walk the path I'm comfortable with.

A challenge is exactly that. Something that I can't do well. The first time I tried scuba diving, I freaked out when I tried to take a breath underwater. I never would have seen the vast and beautiful life in the oceans if I hadn't tried again.

The first time I tried skiing, I veered out of control, screaming and flailing all the way into a snow bank. It was embarrassing. I never would have seen the incredible beauty from the top of a snow covered mountain if I didn't stand up again.

This morning my buns and quads are sore, which means they are being worked in a different way than my normal routine. This is a good thing. It means progress. It is an exercise that I currently don't find easy. Therefore, the stair stepper is a machine that I will have to conquer.

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GIANT-STEPS 12/23/2009 3:37PM

  Not a fan of elliptical trainers. I have to keep up such a high cadence to get and keep my heart rate high that it is maddening to me.

I like the stepper much better. At my Y everyone loves the stair mills and the old lever steppers go unused so I hop on these because there is never a wait.

90 floors in 30 minutes is good. My hardest workouts are 95 floors in 40 minutes which is a bit slower.

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ALEXSGIRL1 12/23/2009 2:20PM

    i love how you challenge yourself and win . i love the elliptical also. but tuesday i forced my self to walk one hour on the treadmill. i will mix it up and try the bike next. it is good to use new muscles and test yourself. if i did 30 minutes on stair stepper i would be dead my best is ten but i will try again.have a happy and healthy holiday. emoticon

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VHALKYRIE 12/23/2009 2:11PM

    Thanks, Darcey! It was a 30 minute workout, sorry I wasn't clear. 90 floors in 10 minutes?! Oh my gosh...well, maybe someday!


Stair step machines are a killer!

Comment edited on: 12/23/2009 2:18:35 PM

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DARCEYOH 12/23/2009 2:02PM

    that's fantastic! I wish I had an elliptical, but I have a stair step machine. I hate that machine. And I can only do about 3 minutes on it. That's great you're able to do 10 minutes!

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Resisting the Xmas Cookie

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I was trying to avoid eating any more Christmas cookies, but this pretty much sums up what happened next:

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ALEXSGIRL1 12/23/2009 7:22AM

    loved this and done this have a happy and healthy and merry christmas. emoticon

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SHEENANASH1 12/22/2009 3:02PM

    sounds VERY familiar!

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DARCEYOH 12/22/2009 1:25PM

    hahaha. That's sums it up for me too!

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